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this story was writen by a lady from Iowa and sent to me a couple of years ago, and hope others here will enjoy, and personnely would love to have a lady do this to me someday

This one is BDSM more then anything but I like feeling taken sometimes. Just one of my moods.
Debra had no idea anyone was behind her when suddenly two hands quickly tied a blindfold around her eyes, then a hand held a cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggled against it for a minute then went limp.
When she came to she was tied spread eagle on a bed, completely naked and her hands handcuffed above her head. There were candles lite all around her. Rex came in the room and saw she was awake.
“I’m glad you woke up, I was about to start anyway. Now you won’t miss anything.” Rex reached over and pinched her nipples until she was squirming under his hands. He reached between her spread legs and fingered her pussy. Debra strained against her ropes with her legs. Rex spanked the inside of her thighs with his hand and told her to settle down.
“I’m going to do all kinds of things to you tonight. Some you will like, some you might not. The more you try to resist the worse I will make it. I’m going to touch you anywhere I want, how I want, when I want. And you will call me Master and do as your told. Understand!”
“Yes” Debra said
Rex pulled out a 9-Tails riding crop and whipped the inside of Debra’s legs. One hard whip on the inside of each leg.
“Yes what” Rex said as he whipped Debra’s thighs again.
“Yes Master” Debra replied
“Here’s to help you remember” Rex said. He whipped the inside of Debra’s legs tell they were red. He worked his whip up her body whipping her stomach and breasts. Then he landed the last one on her pussy. Debra winced as the strips of leather came down across her exposed vagina. Rex turned the cropping whip around and pushed a few inches of it up Debra’s pussy. He did this 3 times each time a little rougher and a little deeper. He pulled the crop out of Debra and laid it down as he crossed the room, coming back with some of the candles that had been lite around the room.
“I want you to watch this” he said as he untied her blindfold.
Rex picked up one of the candles and started dripping the hot melted wax on Debra. When the first drop touched Debra’s skin she arched and bucked against her ropes. It landed to the right of her belly button. The second drop touched Debra’s inner thigh and caused her to flail against the momentary searing. It was so hot, but just for a second, then it was cool. She was more prepared for the 3rd and 4th drops which landed on her shoulder and chest. Her nipples got hard and erect
Rex saw this and said
“Oh you like that huh”
Rex felt like Debra could handle the hotness followed by coolness, and she was shocked when she felt the sting of an ice cube on her pelvic bone. It touched just briefly and was pulled away only to return to her belly button.
The 3rd assult was on Debra’s left nipple, where Rex held the ice for a minute as cold puddles snaked down her breast pooling in her belly button. Bracing herself for more ice, she was surprised as drops of hot wax splashed on her right nipple. Again Debra bucked, but Rex stroked her long hair soothingly. Then another puddle of hot wax landed on my stomach as Rex glided the ice cube over my clit, slipping between my labia Rex inserted the ice cube in my pussy. The excruciating sensations were very erotic and pleasurable. Rex removed the ice after only a minute, but it was all I could take.
He picked up a new candle and dripped it down her stomach stopping just above her shaved mound. Rex continued dripping wax on her legs and feet. He worked his way back up her body stopping at her pussy. He spread her pussy lips with his thumb and middle finger and dropped a drop of hot melted wax on her clit. Her clit immediately turned red and swelled up. Rex laughed and dropped a few more drops all at once. Debra screamed out and Rex looked at her grinning and said
“What’s the matter don’t you like that now”
“No it’s too much.” Debra said.
“No it’s not”Rex said.
By now the melted wax had hardened on Debra’s nipples and Rex tried to pull the wax off her tit. It had made a little mold of her nipple. Rex was going to make a wax mold of Debra’s pussy. With her being the mold.
Rex untied Debra’s legs and repositioned them. He pushed her legs up to her chest and spread them to each side as far as they would go, then a little bit farther, and retied them.
Even though Debra’s pussy was completely open from her splayed legs Rex put a lip spreader on Debra’s labia spreading her pussy lips wide open. By now the burning candles had made more puddles of melted wax in each one of them. He turned to look at Debra and picked up a candle. He tipped the candle with its hot wax over her open pussy. She flinched in anticipation of the hot drop and it missed its mark!
“I’ll take care of this” Rex said. He got up and put the blindfold back on Debra so she couldn’t see when the drops were going to hit her and she wouldn’t flinch until they made contact with their mark. The wax on her pussy had already hardened so Rex peeled it off to start over. Stopping to stick his fingers in Debra’s slit to see if she was wet. She was wet enough for him to rub some of her juice on her engorged, hot clit. He snaked his tongue around her spread lips but didn’t touch her clit. He purposely teased her mercilessly with his tongue and fingers. Never touching her nub, just all around it. Working her up to a frenzy until she was moaning and begging him to touch her clit . He stuck a finger in her and she about creamed his hand. He worked his finger in and out of her still not touching her clit. Rex stuck his finger in and felt for her G- spot. He found it easily and massaged her clit from the inside making her clit get so erect it looked like a little mountain. That’s what Rex wanted. Her clit as swollen as it could get without orgasaming so the mold would have her clit swollen in it. Debra didn’t know it was coming as Rex tipped the hot wax over her swollen raw clit. It hit and Debra screamed.
“If I have to stop to come up there and gag you I will pull this wax off again and start all over”
“Yes Master” Debra managed to squeak out.
Rex moved the lip spreader wide open and poured hot wax tell it filled the folds of Debra’s pussy. Debra tried to muffle her scream. Rex started fingering her pussy again hitting her spot on the inside making her clit swell again under the cooled but still soft wax. Rex watched in amazement as Debra’s clit swelled so much it pushed out on the soft wax making the mound even bigger. Rex took the lip spreader off her since the wax had cooled and hardened keeping her spread open. Now he had to get the top and sides of her pussy. He couldn’t pour the wax because it ran down the sides and didn’t stay where he needed it. So Rex had to do the outside of Debra’s pussy drip by drip. As the thickness of the wax built up the heat stayed in longer and longer. Debra started squirming and saying it was too much. Rex needed to let the wax cool a minute so he got up and told Debra he almost has it done and that it won’t be much longer and too just take it a little bit longer.
“Yes Master” Debra replies.
Rex then gags her and goes back down to her pussy where the wax has cooled enough he can continue. Debra tries to protest and say no but her words are muffled and fall on deaf ears. Rex gets the last layer on before he takes the gag out of Debra’s mouth and tells her to suck him off while the wax in her burning pussy cools.
“Yes Master” she says through tears.
Debra obediently takes Rex’s hard cock into her mouth and sucks her way through the burning pain between her legs.
After a few minutes Rex takes the cuffs off Debra’s wrist. With her legs still tied open he tells her to turn over, but be careful not to break the mold. Debra turns over on her stomach and Rex put a pillow under her hips allowing enough room for her tied, spread legs. He handcuffs her wrist to the bedposts and ties the gag back around her wet mouth. Rex then goes to examine her pussy mold. With her ass in the air the mold is hardening nicely. And her ass looks good to his throbbing cock. He dribbles some spit on her asshole and rubs his dick head up and down her ass. He stops and pokes at her asshole with his cock. It’s so tight it almost bends his dick in half trying to push it in. Finally it pushes in and her ass muscles contract squeezing his dick like a vice. He pushes his cock all the way in her tight ass inch by inch until he’s buried in her. Rex pulls his cock out slowly until just the head is in her, and in one powerful thrust forces his entire shaft up her ass. Debra screams through her gag and tries to shake him out of her. This excites Rex who starts spanking her ass while he pummels Debra with his dick. The heat from the cooling wax in her pussy feels good on his balls each time they slap her ass. Rex fucks her ass deep and hard. Soon the heat from their bodies has the cooled wax at the right stage to remove it. Rex pulls out of Debra’s ass and uncuffs her wrists and tells her to turn over again.
“Yes Master” she says as she carefully turns over.
Rex starts to pry and peel the mold off of Debra. It pulls a little bit here and there but finally Rex gets it off and turns it over.
“Perfect” Rex exclaims.
He turns to see what Debra’s pussy looks like after that. It is crimson red and swollen and he can feel the heat from her slit. How inviting he thinks, and plunges his cock into her sore pussy.
Its more then she can take. And out of reflex Debra tries to sit up. Rex holds her down and takes her arms and holds them above her head as he fucks her hard and fast. Rex lasts forever when he fucks and every time their bodies came together Debra winced in pain from the rawness and burning. But loved the feel of Rex’s cock filling her.
Rex shot his load deep in Debra. Then thrust a couple more times and held it there a second while his cock squirted a couple more times. He got up and untied Debra’s legs which had been tied for a couple hours and needed circulation. At first she couldn’t even straighten them they were so sore and stiff. But slowly the feeling in them started coming back. As she closed her legs her swollen pussy lips touched and she cringed a little. Rex saw it and asked if it really hurt that much.
“Yes Master”
“Lay back down” he said.
“Please no more Master” Debra started to cry.
Rex gently pinched her sore pussy lips just enough to make her bend over and said ”Don’t ever tell me no. Now lay down and spread your legs wide open for me.”
“Yes Master” Debra said obediently.
Rex knew Debra hadn’t orgasamed because her clit had been numb from the hot wax, but it should have its feeling back now. Rex was going to have to force her to orgasm to rub her love juice on her burned pussy. Kind of like homemade aloe vera. Debra spread her legs wide open for Rex as told. She wasn’t really burned she was just sore and red but Rex knew her cum would sooth the soreness.
“Make my dick hard sweetie” Rex said as he walked up to Debra’s face.
She took Rex’s cock in her mouth and licked and sucked for all she was worth. Soon Rex’s cock was hard and he told Debra to sit on the edge of the bed and lay back and spread her legs open as far as they would go. He inserted his cock and started to slowly work it in and out. Debra started moaning and arching her back.
“Play with yourself baby. Rub your clit while I fuck you” Rex said
“Yes Master” Debra replied as she reached down to play with herself.
She needed some lubrication for her fingers so she grabbed Rex’s cock as he was pulling back from a thrust in her pussy. She continued to stroke his cock with her hand as he fucked her until her hand was slippery, then she started rubbing her clit gently at first. As she got wetter from Rex’s cock fucking her deep and slow she picked up the pace and applied more pressure to her clit. Rex could feel her contractions every time she hit the head of her clit. Soon she was crying out his name as her body wracked in spasms as she orgasamed over and over again. The cum running down her ass. Rex pulled out and massaged her cum into her pussy lips and all over her aching cunt. Then he went back to her mouth and held her head in place while he fucked her mouth until he exploded. She swallowed every last drop. Like a good girl should.

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