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Perfect Leather Stud

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Chris woke knowing that today was going to be the day he would finally be able to satisfy his yearning to enter “The Tank” and experience the full leather bar scene. Today was his twenty-first birthday and he would spend the day preparing himself for his entry into the world of leather, dominant studs and fantasy sex. Chris had been on the edge of this world since pre-puberty when he had discovered how sensual a pair of his mother’s unlined leather dress gloves had felt on his young hands. Later he had masturbated for the first time with those same tight black gloves. There were a number of leather jackets during his high school years and, of course, there were the skin-tight riding leathers and long boots that he got along with his first motorcycle.

Though Chris had known he was gay since middle school he had never actually had sex with another guy. There had been mutual masturbation sessions and even a couple oral encounters with other guys his age but he had never, other than with a finger or dildo, experienced anal sex. Tonight Chris planned to, at last, find the perfect leather-clad stud and experience, for the first time, the delights of man to man sex.

In preparation for this evening Chris had been ordering leather on the internet for nearly a year until he had assembled a costume that he felt would display his smooth, youthful, teen-boy look to its best advantage. The basis for Chris’ costume was a pair of glossy, black leather, zip around boot/tights that slipped onto his feet and lower legs like tall-heeled boots and then formed to him from knee to waist like a smooth glossy second skin. There was a broad side-buckled belt that rode on his slim, leather clad hips and a thin, open, black leather vest that displayed his hard boy-tits and ringed, bullet like nipples to perfection. Tissue thin, black k** gloves would encase his hands tightly and then flare out into long cuffs ending nearly at his elbows. Black leather bands that matched the chrome buckled choker at his neck would encircle his upper arms. Finishing the costume would be a leather cock ring around the base of his smooth cock behind his completely shaved balls.

After the customary visit to his parents for a birthday dinner Chris returned to his apartment and prepared for the evening. He showered and, with a wet razor, cleaned even the minutest vestige of hair from his smooth, young boy’s body. Then, as the warm water of the shower splashed over his body, he inserted an enema nozzle into his tight anus and cleansed himself. Once cleansed, Chris pushed the applicator of a tube of Slik-Lube into his hole and lubricated himself – for whoever would be his lover tonight. After toweling dry, he dressed slowly - relishing the feel of the smooth, glossy, black leather encasing his feet and legs and pressing against his erect leather ringed cock. The feel of the smooth leather vest against his tits made his nipples hard and erect like his cock and Chris began to pant softly as he buckled the broad leather belt around his leather encased hips. By the time he had worked the gloves onto his hands the inside of his leather boot/tights was becoming slick with precum. Chris was ready!

The big Suzuki pulled into “The Tank’s” dimly lit parking lot and Chris slowly dismounted – swinging his leather-clad leg over the seat and firmly planting his tall, hard, leather boot heel on the asphalt with an audible click. Chris’ cock was still erect and pushing against its leather encasement. Man, this will show me off great!” he thought as he slipped off his helmet and leather jacket and stowed them in the saddlebags. The smooth glossy leather encasing Chris’ legs seemed to glow in the dim light, the bulge of his hard cock was obvious as he slipped his gloved hands over his crotch fondling and then adjusting himself. He turned and began to stride toward the entrance of “The Tank” the heels of his boots clicking on the hard pavement.

Suddenly Chris was jerked to a stop by a tightly gloved hand on is arm. “Wha…?” he exclaimed as he felt a second hand clasp his tight leather encased ass. The leather covered hand on Chris’ arm pulled back and he spun around almost loosing his footing. “Where you going – Boy?” “Uh! Inside.” Was all Chris was able to answer when he saw the gorgeous leather clad hunk facing him. “Now, a twink like you can’t go in there alone! They’ll have your tight little leather covered ass for a snack!” The leather-hooded stud’s dark eyes seemed to pierce Chris’ entire consciousness. Chris was unsure of what to do; he turned trying to pull himself from the stranger’s grip. “Do you have protection in there?” the stud panted,” Or, are you looking?” Chris, again, tried to back away. The tightly gloved hand clamped on his arm, “Answer me – Boy!”

The stud’s upper body was as smooth as Chris’ and it was wrapped in the studded leather straps and chrome rings of a body harness. Hard nipples protruded from firm man tits that were pressed upward by the harness straps – nipples that Chris could kill to suck. A long strap dropped down from the central ring of the harness and disappeared inside the waist of a pair of black leather codpiece tights - suggesting a cock ring around the hard member that was bulging out the studded pouch. Chris finally managed to stammer an answer to the stud’s question; “I guess I’m looking!” he gasped as he let the gorgeous stud draw him forward. “Do you like to lick boots – Boy?” Glossy black boots encased the stud’s legs from his toes to his bulging crotch and Chris’ mouth was watering to lick their long tapered then squared toes. “Uh! Yeah!” “Then lick mine” the leather stud commanded “Suck my fucking boots!” Chris didn’t even take the time to respond, he fell to his knees and his mouth was on the toe of the first boot almost before the command was over. “Yes! That’s it. Lick that fucking glossy leather – all the way up to my cock!” Chris was eager to comply.

As Chris’ tongue slid over the smooth leather encasing his legs the stud began to moan and rub the cock filed, studded leather pouch between his legs with both gloved hands. By the time Chris’ tongue was on the tight leather of his thigh the stud had popped open the snaps holding the codpiece and exposed his magnificent hard cock. The rigid, leather ringed member was clutched in a tightly gloved hand and was glazed with oozing precum that had begun to dribble onto Chris’ face. “Suck it!” the stud groaned grasping Chris’ long dark hair in his free hand and guiding his mouth to onto the swollen cockhead. Chris began to suck and his mouth instantly filled with the clear slick, salty juices oozing from the stud’s prod. Chris’ cock was pushing against the leather of his boot/tights, they were almost drenched with precum and an obvious wet stain was spreading over the thin glossy leather encasing his swollen cock. Chris began to rub himself as he worked his head back and fourth on the stud’s stiff member - his groin making involuntary thrusts against the gloved hand sliding over it. Again, the stud grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled – this time upward. Chris staggered to his feet until he was facing the stud with his head tilted back. A hand slid between his open legs and he could feel its palm pressing against the bulge of his wet cock. “Am I your master?” the stud gasped, “Are you going to be my twink tonight?” Chris had no choice; he wanted to feel the hot juicy cock he had just tasted spew its nectar deep inside of him. “Yes! Oh Fuck! Yes - Master!” The master’s mouth pressed against Chris’ and his tongue slithered deep inside.

When the long tongue kiss ended the master’s mouth was filled and smeared with his own precum and Chris’ saliva. The gloved hand between Chris’ legs found his zipper and tugged it open – splitting the crotch of the boot/tights. Chris’ suddenly freed cock yielded a huge glob of precum into the stud’s leather encased palm, which was immediately smeared between Chris’ tight anal cheeks. Chris knew that he was soon going to experience what he had waited so long for and readily yielded to the guiding hand that turned him and pushed him down onto the leather seat of a nearby bike with his exposed ass raised and his hard drooling cock pressed against the side of the cushion. Chris heard the tearing of foil and the snap of latex as it was rolled onto the stud’s swollen member.

Gloved hands were now spreading Chris - opening him for the cock that would soon be filling him. Something wet and slick was dribbling onto his hole. It was the precum stored in the stud’s mouth! Chris cried out and held on to the pegs of the bike beneath him as he felt the stud’s tongue begin to work the slick juices into his, already lubricated, hole. Then, the tongue was gone and the full-length of two gloved fingers replaced it, pushing into Chris as he writhed against them crying out for more. The fingers slipped out and onto Rob’s buns spreading him until he was open enough for the stiff, latex sheathed cock that was now pressing against his puckering hole. “Are you ready, boy.” “Yes! Oh God! Yes!” Chris moaned. A long slow push brought the cock inside him and he gasped in both the pain and pleasure of having his ass filled.

Each thrust into Chris’ hole opened him more and soon he was writhing and rotating his ass in unison with the thrusts into it. His cock was pressing against the leather of the seat and leaving it slick with precum. Nothing had ever felt so good! The stud master had now become lover as he passionately kissed and licked Chris’ face and neck and slid his gloved hands under the open leather vest to squeeze his boy tits and roll their erect, ringed nipples between leather-encased fingers. Chris could feel the hot breaths on his neck between kisses and knew that soon he would feel the surge of hot jism spewing into him.

A sudden deep thrust of the studs prod against his prostate caused Chris’ cock began to dance in orgasm. Chris cried, “Oh! Fuck! I’m cummmming” and began to gush his juices over the leather seat beneath him. There was a grunt from the stud as the pressure of Chris’ orgasmic spasms brought his lover to climax and then both moaned in ecstasy as streams of hot spunk flowed into Chris’ tight - no longer virgin – ass. Chris turned his head and they kissed, letting their tongues dance while the last of their juices spewed.

Chris felt almost as though he would pass out from the intensity of his climax but managed to shakily stand after his lover withdrew from him. Both were sated and still panting out of breath from their lovemaking. The Stud turned Chris to face him and drew him against his hard leather clad body then pressed his open mouth against Chris’. Chris no longer needed to go inside “The Tank” to find his he was here in front of him encircling him with his strong arms, holding Chris’ young leather clad body to his as they kissed.

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