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Horney Aunt - Day 02

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In the morning I felt something makes me happy. I thought it was a dream. I woke up. Then I saw my aunt sucking my cock. I was about to cum. I did it in her mouth. She sucked it all and looked at me. “good morning dear, do you like your morning blowjob?”. “yes I enjoyed it”. “great, lets go and have some breakfast”. I got off the bed and tried to walk to the bathroom. Suddenly I feel down. My legs were weak. I couldn't feel them. Aunt came to the bed room and helped me up. She said “you lost lot of your cum and didn't eat anything. Lets go to the living room”. She took me took me to the living room and sat me on the sofa. I waited there for about 30 mins. Then I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I came to the living room again. My aunt brought me my breakfast. After the breakfast my aunt climbed on me and said “do you feel ok now?”. I said “yes, better now”. I hugged her really tight. She hugged me too. Her heart was pounding so fast. Then I kissed her right tit and sucked the nipple. She was relaxing her self. Then we heard her phone ringing. It was next to us. She went to pick it up and came back to me. I started to suck her nipple again. I only heard what she said. “hello……..hi how are you………..i have one……….i don't know……….i will call you back……..ok bye”. She hanged up the phone and didn't speak anything. I didn't ask. I was busy with her tits. After some time she hugged me really tightly. I could feel her tits in my chest. She started to speak.

“can I ask you something.”

“sure. What is it?”

“do you like there threesomes?”

“I don't know. I haven't done a threesome”.

“do you want to?”.

“I don't know. Why are you asking me theses”.

“ok I got a friend. She wants to have sex with some one. So I told her that I have a man. So she wants to have sex with you”.

“what happened if I don't like her”.

“you will like her. Let me show you a photo”.

Oh my god she was more sexier than my aunt. She was wearing glasses. Her tits were really huge. I could not imagine how am I going to fuck her. I was looking at the photo really closely. She took her phone from my hand and said “I will let you to see them in real life. Are you ok now? I am telling her to come”. I said “ok”. Aunt got a call and said come to her house and the man said ok. I could not sit there and watch until aunts' friend arrive. I pushed my aunt and sat her on the sofa and spread her legs so I can eat her pussy. I started to lick her pussy. It was already wet. I added some fingers on her pussy and let her lick the fingers. Then I put the tongue as fa as could she started to shake and mumm. While I was licking her pussy I stated to add fingers in her pussy. The first. Finger in her ass made her mumm. The second finger made her no problem. But the third finger made her scream. I finger fucked her asshole and licked her pussy about 5 mins. I felt she is getting a climax. As she cum I lowers the speed and let her had her climax. She screamed with pleasure. Then she sucked. The three fingers in her asshole. Then we heard the door bell. Aunt got up and went to the door. She looked through the window and opened the door. I knew it was my next fuck. Then her friend came and closed the door. She hugged my naked aunt and looked. At my aunts tits. Aunts’ friend said “did you start without me” then aunt said “we started it yesterday. We didn't duck yet. Come in meet your fucker my nephew”. Aunts’ friend smiled at me and said “hi, I am Meera. You can call me M”. I said “ok M. show us what you have got”. Aunt sat next to me and we got ready to see thee show. She put her hand bag on the floor and came a bit closer. She was wearing a shirt and a short. She took her shirt off. She was not wearing a bra. Then I said “you are already to go aren't you?”. Then M said “I didn't came here for a pep talk”. Then we launched. I got up with my hard cock and went near her. She was like on fire. I went around her. She took from my cock and pulled me and Said “are you done exploring I want to get fucked now”. I liked her way. Then she pushed me to the sofa and climbed on me. I started to suck her nipple. She took hold of my head and pulled it. Her nipple went all the way into my mouth. Then I saw my aunt kneeled down on the sofa. Then I heard them kissing. I accidentally bite her nipple a bit hard. She stopped the kissing and said “slow down young man. I like that nipple. Go easy on it”. I said sorry while sucking her nipple. Then I saw my aunt sucking Ms’ other nipple. Then she screamed “ohhhh this is so good. Suck harder. Ohhhh my god. Why I didn't got you guys sooner”. I felt her nipple grow in my mouth. Then I stopped sucking. I gave her tit a bog kiss and told her “take off your short. I want to see it”. Then she said “but my nipples want to be sucked. Please suck them a bit more”. She was begging from me and aunt. Then aunt said “get naked we will suck more after that. We both are naked. It is not fair if you wear your shorts”. I agreed with my aunt. She stood in front of us and took her short off. It was a bold pussy. Wet and hungry for a cock. I saw it in her face too. She left her short on the floor and climbed on me. She took hold of head and pulled it. I went to her nipple and sucked it hard. She was not screaming. I thought she was not enjoying it. Then I entered a finger to her pussy and finger fucked her. She started screaming. “oh my god. This will make me cum. Finger my wet hot pussy”. She was right. It was wet and hot. I didn't felt that much wet in my aunts pussy. I thought she must be enjoying this very much. After about 10 mins she came. Her cum was all over me. Then we stopped. She fell on me and hugged me really tight. Her wet nipples pressed against my chest. She started shaking. Her pussy was leaking a lot of cum on my cock. After a short time she stood up. She was like a drunk. She went to fell. But my aunt caught her. She sat M on the sofa and went to take a glass of water. M put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. Her lips were dried. I sent my hand over her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. She was taking heavy breaths. Then my aunt came and gave her the glass. She drank all of it. Then my aunt sat on my lap and talked to her “I guess it pleased you very much”. Then M smiled and said in a week voice “I didn't know he could that to a women. It was too much to me”. I gave her a kiss in the forehead and said “you better get used to that”. She was not feeling well but I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I started to touch her tits. They were so soft. I couldn't help myself. Then my aunt said” leave her alone” I said “come on it was only a touch”. My aunt tried to say something but M interrupted it. She got up and said “I feel fine now”. Aunt said “are you sure?”. M said “yes, let's start it again”. Then my aunt and M looked at me. I got scared first but kneeling down both of them relaxed me.

Aunt started to suck my cock. After min or two aunt made the way to M to come closer. Then she started to stroke. I got hard more than ever. The most beautiful women I have ever seen are sucking my cock. While M sucking my cock aunt started to suck my balls. I was in heaven. That was the quickest cum I ever had. I shot a load of cum in Ms’ mouth. She sucked it all. Then she turned to my aunt and spitted all the cum in aunts' mouth. That got me hard in a second. After that aunt took the cum in to her hand and divided it in to two. A half in her left hand and a half in right hand. Then she took her right hand and put the cum on Ms’ tits. Then aunt started to touch her tits from her left hand. M squeezed aunts tits and applied the cum all around aunts tits. Then aunt squeezed Ms’ tits. They started kissing each other. Then I pushed both of them to the floor. I pulled M closer and started to touch her pussy and lick it. Then aunt said “he ate my pussy last night it felt so good. He will do the same to you”. M said “I don't feel any difference it is normal to me”. I got so angry. I pushed my though as far as I could and inserted three fingers in her ass hole. She screamed and said

“ohh I fell it now. My god it is so good. Harder baby harder”.

My aunt said “stop screaming the neighbours will hear you”.

“how can I stop this fells sooo good ohhhhh”

“you talk too much”

My aunt sat on her face and pulled her head. I started to finger her asshole with four fingers. M pulled aunt down after I entered four finger. I saw aunt releasing her pleasure without screening. Then M took her hands up and squeezed aunts’ tits. She was screaming in inside. After about 15 mins M started to cum. Then I released her and came back a bit. Aunt came to the middle and started to lick her pussy juice. I started to fuck aunt in doggy style. Her tits started to swing forward and backward while I fuck. After about 10mins I changed my fuck to M. She was like a loaded pistol. I played with her pussy a bit and slowly started fucking her. She made a small mumm. With the increase of speed she started to make loud and long mumms. After a while then started to ride on me. Aunt mounted on me, I hold her tits and M started to suck my balls. I squeezed her tits hard and pulled her. She fell on me. I pushed her a bit and licked her tits. Sucked them and bit them. Aunt got fucked only for 10 mins. M talked to aunt and changed there positions. Now aunt sucking my balls and M getting fucked. After about 15 mins I wanted to cum so bad. I told both of them “I am going to cum”. Then M unmounted from me and kneeled down. Aunt did the same I got up and jurk off to shoot cum. Then aunt and M held my cock and started to jurk off. They sucked each ball. I was on the edge. They knew the right time. They left the balls and opened there mouths. I cum all over there faces. I sat on the sofa. They were licking each others faces. Then M came to me and sucked my cock. Then she went to bathroom. I was so tired I went to bedroom. I only remember I fell on the bed. Then I herd aunts’ phone ringing. It was about 8 pm then. I fall a sleep again.

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