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My Daughter's Panties.

Part 1.
"Good-bye, Sandy! Hope you do well on your test today!" I said to my
18 year old daughter as she stepped through the threshold of the front
door. "I will, Daddy. I studied hard for it last night!"
She leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek and started down the
sidewalk toward the bus stop, her long brown hair dancing in the early
morning breeze. I admired the small sliver of tanned skin that showed
between her shirt and the top of her shorts as she walked. And it was
especially gratifying to see the outline of her white bikini panties
covering her tight backside. A stirring in my pants told me that I
would have to relieve myself again this morning before starting in on
the day's work. Sandy suddenly paused and spun in her tracks.
"I left you something under the pillow, daddy. I love you so much!"
She smiled that innocent smile that melts my heart every time. What a
sweet girl, I thought. Ever since her mother died last year she's
done everything she can to help us both get over our loss. That
included leaving me little notes under her pillow telling me to have a
great day and reminding me of how much she loves me. Her constant
attention had gone a long way to help me get past the sudden
loneliness and sense of loss that Kate's death has caused. I'm a
lucky guy to have a loving daughter like this.....

I wandered back into the house after seeing Sandy's yellow school bus
roll out of site down the street. My thoughts turned toward the day
ahead of me. This would be another day spent in front of the computer
screen wrestling with my latest client's ad campaign proposal. I
really needed to clear my mind and get down to the task at hand. But,
first; I knew that I would have to take care of the stirrings that I'd
felt as Sandy was leaving this morning. The image of her tight ass
encased in her tiny panties kept going through my mind. Plus, I knew
that yesterday she'd worn one of my favorite pairs of panties. They'd
be somewhere near the top of her laundry basket now; still wet with
her young sweet-smelling love juices. My cock ached at the thought of
the feel of them wrapped around it.....and the inevitable release of
my seed into the wet crotch. A wave of guilt briefly overcame me.
How could I even think of doing such a thing with my own daughter's
panties? Surely, I'm one very sick father to even THINK about doing
this let alone go through with it. But long ago I'd given into the
longings and had made it part of my daily routine to pleasure myself
in her underwear. The scent and feel of her freshly worn panties
drove me to fantasize about things that a father should never do with
his daughter......especially a father that loved his innocent and
devoted girl the way I love mine.

I dashed up the stairs and stepped into Sandy's room. As usual, it
was neat as a pin. No arguing with my daughter about cleaning her
room! She was an absolute angel about keeping things clean, often
doing most of the household chores without any prompting. As I stepped
toward the hamper by the foot of her bed, I thought to myself again
how lucky I was to have her and what a terrible person I was to have
the wanton cravings that I had.

Lifting the lid of the hamper, I could feel my cock was in a state of
total arrousal. It was time to love on Sandy's panties again... something that
I HAD to do everyday. On top of the pile lay her t-shirt and shorts from yesterday.
Carefully, I lifted them up to find the damp panties that would be underneath.
To my dismay, they weren't to be found. I inspected her shorts to see if she'd
left them inside, but to no avail. Pausing to think, I closed the lid to her hamper
and stepped toward the bathroom. They'll be on the bathroom floor.....that's it!
She left them in there when she undressed to shower. Confidentally, I
pushed the door open and was instantly crestfallen: The bathroom was
spotless as usual.....not one thing out of place and not articles of clothing
strewn about.

Damn! She must have worn the same panties again today I thought.
Well, that's good news and bad news. The good news is that on the
rare occasions that she wore the same underwear two days in a row, I
got a real treat the next day. The stained gusset was scented beyond
my wildest imagination with her p*****n pussy secretions. The
outline of her developing lips; barely visible most days, would be
clearly impressed into the fabric. That would make for one of those
very "special" panty-loving sessions that many erotic fantasies came
from tomorrow.

The bad news was that I had a swollen cock in need of release right
now.....the kind of release that I knew that only Sandy's panties
could provide.

I sighed out loud and walked back into her bedroom and started out
down the hall to my office. Remembering that she'd left me something
under her pillow, I turned back into her room to retrieve the note
that would be there. At least I could get the pleasure of reading a
sweet little note from her I thought to myself. And besides, using my
hand today would be good enough. Tomorrow promised to be a really fun
morning session with her panties.

I strode over to her bed and pulled down the covers. She'd carefully
made the bed as she did each day......even on the days that she'd
leave me notes. My heart swelled with pride over both her neatness
and her thoughtfulness.

I lifted first one pillow and found nothing underneath. Reaching

over, I lifted the other pillow and my heart almost jumped into my
throat......Her panties were laying there with the cotton crotch panel
turned inside out so that the wet stain was clearly visible. With
shaking hands, I tenderly lifted them up. Underneath was a neatly
folded note. Relcutantly dropping her panties, I opened it up and
read it.


I hope you like my little surprise! I know you like playing with my
panties. I saw you with another pair of them Monday afternoon. Maybe
I can help you play with them and squirt your stuff in them when I get
home from school.
I love you soooooo much daddy!


Sudden waves of fear passed through my body as I remembered back to
Monday. Just before Sandy was due home, I'd decided to stroke-off one
more time in her panties. They'd been especially welll-scented that
day and I'd cum into the stained crotch twice that morning. I was
sure that I'd have time for one more quick panty-licking and jerk-off
session before she'd arrive home. I thought I'd barely finished in
time as I heard a noise in the hallway just as I'd finished gushing
into them. Looking back now, I remember that she'd acted a little
funny that day and had given me several VERY tight loving hugs and

Laying down on her bed, I read the note over and over again as I
clutched her panties in my other hand. The scent from the damp crotch
soon wafted over to my nostrils and my fears and guilt were soon
overcome with raw arrousal. Pulling down my pants, my erect cock
popped out, already drooling pre-cum. Bringing her panties to my face,
I placed the wet cotton panel up to my nose and drank in the musky
girl-juice smell. Unable to resist, I slid them down to my mouth and
with flattened tongue began to lick and suck the incredibly erotic
wetness. My other hand firmly grasped my engorged cock and began
stroking. As I lapped lovingly on her panties, my own load began
welling out of my swollen balls. Quickly, I brought her panties down
and carefully wrapped them around my cock; making sure that the head
was firmly encased in the wet gusset. Slowly, I began to stroke again,
feeling the soft, wet cotton around my shaft. Erotic thoughts of
entering my daughters's pussy played through mind. And then, the
thought of the words of her note......She WANTS to love me with her
panties......I groaned out loud and exploded into the wet material.
Gush after gush of hot sperm spewed into the crotch until I was spent
and drained. I layed on her bed, her panties still wrapped around my
cock and thought to myself:

"What am I going to say to her when she gets home? How can I tell her
that what I was doing was all wrong? What will say to her about what
she saw me doing with her panties?"

This was going to be an interesting day.

Part 2.
"Hi daddy, I'm home!" Sandy's cheerful voice shattered the quiet of the house.
The sound of the door being slammed shut behind her and footsteps running
up the stairs soon followed. "Hey, sweetheart! I'm here in the study!" I replied,
trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice.
Sandy pushed open the door to the room and entered with a big smile and
rushed over to hug me. My heart pounded at her touch and I squeezed her
taut little waste tightly and pecked her on the cheek. "How was school today?"
I asked calmly."It was okay, but I really wanted to be here with you!" She replied.
"I wanted to see how you liked my surprise for you" I looked up and quickly
tudied her face. Sandy was smiling innocently but her face was flushed
with obvious excitement. "Ummmmm, well; errrrrr.. I sorta need to talk with
you about that, baby" I stammered, trying to sound in control. At this
rate, I knew I wasn't going to get nominated for an Academy Award, but I
wanted to act like her panty gift hadn't had any effect on me.

"You mean you didn't like my panties, daddy?" she pouted. "Well, it's
not that.. it's just that panties aren't something that a young girl should
be leaving for her daddy." "But, I saw you making your thing feel good
with them one afternoon this week. I wanted to surprise you and
make you feel all good with them. She looked genuinely saddened.
"I love you, daddy. I liked seeing you rub yourself with my panties
and shooting your feel-good juice in them. I'm sorry if I made you mad."
Her directness surprised me. But, trying to remain in control; I
explained to her: "That was my sperm, Sandy. It's what makes babies."
"You said that you were 'cumming' when it came out of your thing. What's that?" "People call it cum. That's a word you shouldn't use except with me." "Did it feel good when you shot your cum on my panties, daddy?" She looked at me with total innocence when she asked this, completely destroying any remaining control I had in this situation. "Uhhhhh, well; yes. But I'm ashamed of doing that. Daddies aren't supposed to cum on their daughter's panties, Sandy." "Why not?" She asked, with a puzzled look. "It made you feel so good. Don't
you like cumming on my panties?" "Errrrrrrr, yesssss; but it's not right for me to be doing that" Sandy moved closer to where I was sitting in my chair, her tiny little body leaning lightly against me. She looked me right in the eye and then floored me with her next question. "What about licking my panties, daddy? I KNOW you liked that. You said so when you were playing with them!" Shit! I hadn't realized she'd seen that. I get totally lost in lust when I have her panties; frequently kissing, licking and sucking them before shooting my load into them. She must have seen the whole thing. Now, how was I going to explain THIS? I paused to give this some thought, giving her
another opening.

"Would you like me to take my panties off and make you feel good with
them?" she asked, almost begging. "I'll let you kiss them and lick them if you want. Oh, daddy please let me make you cum on my panties! It makes me feel all tingly when I think about it!" Trying to regain my composure and some sense of control, I replied: "Sandy, we can't do that. It was very wrong for me to use your panties that way." "But daddy, I KNOW you want to! Your getting all hard like you were the other day!" Sandy boldy reached down and brushed her hand over the obvious bulge in my pants sending a huge surge of arrousal through my loins. "Sweetie, I don't think......." My voice trailed off as I watched her step just away from me and unbutton her pants and open them up. She grabbed the elastic waistband of her white bikini panties and looked at me with an expression that I'd never seen on my daughter's face before: one of lust and passion.

"Look at my panties, daddy. I want you to lick my panties and then
let me make you cum on them. I promise to make you feel real good, daddy. Please?" In one swift motion, she pushed her shorts down below her knees and let them fall around her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Sandy was now standing before me wearing only her light midriff t-shirt and her tight little white cotton bikini panties. She lewdly spread her legs and rubbed her hand between her legs. "Look daddy! They're wet, just the way you like them. Would you like to smell my panties, daddy?" "Ohhhhhhhh, Sandy! We can't be doing this. Please....." I tried to sound convincing, but knew I had lost the battle. Keeping her eyes locked with mine, Sandy slowly rolled her panties down over her thighs, exposing her cute little mound. The first few wisps of cunt hairs were beginning to grow on it, like a soft down at the top and around her already swelling lips. Bending down, she pulled her panties off one foot and then the other and unrolled them. Turning the gusset inside out, she held it up in front of me and smiled. "Look daddy, they're wet just for you! Don't you want to play with them?"

I was unable to speak. With glazed eyes, she held stepped toward me
and sat on my lap. I could see that the soft cotton crotch was soaked and lightly stained with her young pussy juices. She must have known what she was doing to me! My own daughter wanted to make me cum on her panties and I knew I couldn't stop myself. "Here, daddy. Smell my panties." She brought them up to my nose and pressed the gusset against my nostrils. "Do you like smelling my panties, daddy?" She shifted on my lap and I felt her small hand on my engorged cock, lightly
squeezing it through the fabric. "That makes your cock feel good, doesn't it daddy? You love to smell my panties, don't you?" Hearing her say the word 'cock' both shocked me and arroused me further. Weakly I said: "Nooooooo, Sandy......we can't be doing this......" I deeply inhaled her scent......and scent I'd smelled and enjoyed so may
times before. I didn't resist at all as her hand fumbled with the
snap of my pants and then unzipped me. She deftly pulled my underwear down and freed my raging hardon. "Yes, daddy! I'm going to make you feel good with my panties. Lick them just like you did the other day. Please, daddy!" She moved them down over my mouth, carefully ensuring that the wet crotch was firmly over my lips. Unable to stop myself, I probed them with my tongue; lapping the musky taste into my mouth. A deep moan welled up from me, letting her know that I approved. "Lick my panties, daddy. That's it.....Does it make you feel good?" "Mmmmmmmm... God, yessssss!" I mumbled. The feel of her little hand rubbing over my hardness was beginning to take a toll. I shifted around to give her better access to my shaft. She must have sensed that I was close to cumming, because she pulled her panties away from my mouth and got
down from my lap. Kneeling before me, she took the erotic material and
placed it over my cock. Then, with both hands; she pulled my pants down to mid-thigh leaving my cock and balls exposed to the air.

"I'm going to make you cum on my panties, daddy. I'll make it feel
real good, I promise!" Taking the white, wet panties in one hand, she began softly rubbing them over my entire length and even over my swollen balls. I moaned as she moved them over my sensitive skin. Then, like she'd been doing it all her young life, she wrapped the wet crotch over the head of my cock and bunched the rest of the material around my shaft and began slowly stroking my foreskin up and down. "Does that feel good, daddy? Am I doing it right? Does that make you want to
cum all over my panties?" "Oh, Sandy.... that's sooooooooo good.... Please don't stop. I'm going to cum... yessssss... just like that... yes... yes... YESSSSS!!!!" I could feel my balls drawing up and my load entered my shaft. Sandy must have been able to feel the knot of cum as it traveled toward my tip. "Yes, daddy! Cum on my panties. Shoot your cum all over my panties and feel all good. I want you to cum on them for me. Cum on my panties daddy!" That was all it took. My daughter imploring me to cum all over her soft, wet panties was more than I could handle. I looked down at her tugging them up and down my cock and saw the pleading look in her eyes. I let get with gush after gush of thick, sticky semen right into the cotton panel of her bikini panties.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Sand-yyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I'm cumming on your panties!"
She milked me until all of my fatherly love juices had flowed out and
were drooling down my shaft. Removing her panties from my cock, she
examined the cum I'd deposited there and smiled up at me. "Did I do it right, daddy? Did it feel good when you got to cum on my panties?"
"That was incredible baby....I don't know what to say...." I pulled
her close to me and gave her a huge hug and kiss. "You don't need to say anything daddy! Just promise that you'll let me sleep with you tonight. We can play with my panties again if you want to!"

Teasingly, she balled-up her semen coated panties and rubbed them over
my still hardened cock. Smiling, she reached down and stepped back into

them and pulled them up over her waist; my cum oozing out of the legbands. "We'll have LOTS of fun with my panties tonight, daddy!"

Part 3.
"Is it bedtime yet, daddy?" Sandy asked with a mischevious glint in
her eyes. "Now's as good a time as any!" I replied. Actually, as aroused as I was, we could have gone up to the bedroom hours ago and it would have been fine with me. Thoughts from earlier in the day when Sandy had masturbated me with her panties had cycled over and over through my mind. To make things worse, this evening, she had cavorted around in a long t-shirt with powder blue panties on underneath making sure that I got good looks at them from time-to-time. Sitting across the room from me during a commercial break one time, she'd even caught my eye and slowly spread her legs to give me a full view of the fabric stretched tautly over her mound. And then, just to tease me I'm sure;
she'd smiled innocently at me and ran her hand between over her crotch
and said: "I sure can't wait till bedtime daddy, can you?" So, I was certainly ready for bed now even though it was only 8:30 PM! I ducked into the bathroom to remove all but my shirt while Sandy snugged into the covers of my bed. When I came out, she was sitting up against one
of the pillows looking at me crossing the room towards her. I made no
attempt to hide my hard-on poking out from underneath my shirttail. She
smiled when her eyes focused in on it-a very knowing smile. Laying on the bed, I pulled the covers up over me and reached over the turn off the light. "No, daddy! Leave the light on so we can see for a few minutes. Besides, I wanted to ask you a favor." "What's that, sweetie?" I asked, giving her a little peck on the cheek. "Can I stay home from school tomorrow please?" She asked, with an almost pouty look on her face.

"Now, Sandy; I don't want us to start into any bad habits. You need to
be in school everyday!" "But, daddy! I'm on the honor roll and there's no tests tomorrow. We could get a fun start on the weekend!" Indeed, tomorrow was Friday. I considered for a moment and then took on a
fatherly tone and said: "You need to be in school, baby. I'm sorry"
She stared directly at me and pushed the covers down and raised
herself onto her knees. Still looking at me, she pressed me down with both of her small hands, making me lie back on the bed. Walking on her knees, she placed her legs on either side of my face and straddled me. Her powder blue panties were now directly above me and I had a view inches away from me of her little mound stretching the cotton panel of the crotch. "Are you SURE, daddy?" Mustering up my resolve I replied: "Ummmmm, yes I'm sure." With a wicked grin, she started to press her pantied mound down onto my nose and lips. The sensation of the soft fabric on my face and the vaguely musky odor of her little girl pussy made me want to explode right then and there. "Are you REALLY sure, daddy? I could just stop rubbing my panties on you if you are...."
Oh, man! My little twelve year old girl was blackmailing me
shamelessly! I had to stay in control somehow. "But, you really need to be in school, Sandy." I replied weakly. "Oh, okay." She replied. "I guess you don't want me to make you feel good with my panties tonight after all." My beautiful daughter started to slowly climb off of me with a sad look on her face. But, by now the aroma of her pussy juices through her panties had intoxicated me to where I could no longer resist her charms. And, she KNEW it!

Grasping her small, firm thighs; I held her back from pulling away.
"Alright! You win! You can stay home this time. But, we can't make
a habit of this." "Thank you sooooo much daddy!" She smiled and paused reflectively. "Daddy, I can make you do anything with my panties, can't I?" I didn't respond, in part because I knew she was completely correct. The other reason was because she lowered her panty-covered crotch onto my lips. "Suck my panties, daddy! Lick them and suck them and let me make you feel all good again!" I probed her with my tongue and lips. She began rocking her small hips back and forth over my mouth and nose in rhythm. A heavenly wetness was seaping through the gusset of her panties and began coating my tongue. My little girl was getting turned on! I could see her tight little tummy begin heaving and could hear her breathing getting coarser. "Oh, daddy yesssssssss! Suck my panties. Tongue them and get my pussy all wet! It feels so good down there when you do that.....lick my panties daddy!" I felt her lean back and fumble with the bottom of my t-shirt, pulling it up to expose my throbbing cock. A tiny, warm hand wrapped itself around my engorged shaft and began milking it slowly. She was pressing down with full
weight on my face now, obscenely rubbing her crotch up and down over
me. Her juices and mine had entirely soaked the gusset. Sandy was grinding her pubic mound onto my face and seemed completely lost in her lust. "Yes, daddy! Just like that! It feels all tingly down there... please keep doing that daddy.... suck my panties and make me feel good! Yes! Oh, daddy! Don't stop... lick me all over down there!" Her breathing was now completely erratic and she was pushing hard against my mouth. Suddenly, there was a sharp intake of breath and I knew she
was cumming. My own daughter was cumming through her panties onto my
mouth! "Yesssss, daddy! It feels so good when you lick my panties!"

Her thrusts against my face slowly subsided and she smiled contentedly
down at me. My cock was ready to let go with a stream of hot semen and
Sandy seemed to sense it. She quickly lifted off of my face and rolled her panties down her thighs. Deftly, she wrapped them around my cock, taking care to make certain that the wet crotch was directly over my tip. Sitting cross-legged between my thighs, she began jacking me off with them with a huge smile on her lovely little girl face. "Does daddy want to cum on my panties again? Do you want me to make you feel all good on them? Daddy likes sucking my panties, doesn't he? That was all it took. My controlling daughter had me just where she wanted me and I had to cum for her again. "Oh, baby yesssssss! I'm going to cum on your panties. Please don't stop rubbing me with them... I need your panties, Sandy. Yessssss! I'm going to cum now baby!" With that, I released a torrent of hot semen into my daughter's panties. Gush after gush of hot cum shot into the wet material as she expertly milked my cock. All the while, she was begging me to shoot it out. "Yes, daddy! Shoot your cum on my panties. Make your thing feel all good in them. I want your cum all over my panties!"

When we were finished, she slowly pulled her panties off of my still
enlarged cock and looked at the deposit I'd left there. Smiling, she brought them up to her face and breathed in the scent. "Oh, daddy! Our love juices smell so good together! We're going to have LOTS more fun tomorrow!"

Part 4.
Over the next several days, Sandy and I fell into a routine of sorts. Each night, she curled-up next to me in OUR bed at night. That's right. It became an unspoken agreement that we would sleep together. Her bed went untouched. Not a word was said... but neither of us would have it any other way.

Daytimes were spent lavishing playfull attention on one another. Not all of it was sexual, but Sandy was a major league tease and learned how to push each of my buttons. She knew, for example; that the mere sight of her panties would turn me on. To take advantage of that, she took to wearing short t-shirts and midriff shorts around the house while wearing her tight cotton bikini panties. In the impossible event that I wasn't taking notice, she would do things to get my attention. Like purposely dropping items in front of me and bending over slowing to pick them up. This was one of her favorite ploys and it led to views of her panties tautly stretched over her tight little slit. Most of the time, there was a very noticeable wet spot soaking the cotton crotch panel, so I knew it wasn't just me that was turned on.

Another favorite trick came when we were sitting in the living room watching TV together. There was always an electric feeling in the air when we were together like this. To enhance it, Sandy would slowly d**** one leg over the arm of the chair she was sitting in. Her shirt would be allowed to ride up on her waist and the resulting view put my heart into my throat and gave me a hardened cock like you wouldn't believe! The little tease would pretend to be oblivious to my glazed eye stare for a few minutes. Then, turning towards me; a coy smile would spread over her face. Holding my stare, she would slide her backside forward on the seat.. tightening the panties over her mound and often pushing some of the material into her moist little slit.

Sandy has never forgotten my perverted love for her dirty panties that was the catalyst to our eventual new father/daughter relationship. I never know for sure where her panties might show up. Sometimes I find them around the house d****d in places that she knows that I'll be. The kitchen and bathroom are favorites to find her little "treats" left for me. Without exception, the crotch has been left turned inside-out in plain sight. Unless you've been cumming in your own daughter's panties, you can't know what it does to have them purposely left on display!

Once, she really surprised me by placing a soiled pair onto my laptop bag just before I ran to the office for a presentation. This almost caused a huge embarassment when I opened the bag in the conference room where I was about to make a presentation. The still damp pair of pink cotton panties were stuffed down into the bag with the crotch laid carefully over the top of my computer. These were a pair that she used on me the previous night in a wild cum session. The scent of her sweet little juices mixed with my cum drifted into the room. It took me a moment to regain my senses and push them down into the bag. No one else seemed to notice the pungent odor.....or my raging hard-on.....during the meeting. Needless to say, the old expression "I had a hard day at work" took on a whole new meaning! That evening when I got home, I started to scold Sandy for her little indescretion: "You almost got me in trouble today, little one!" I said in as stern a voice as I could muster. "Oh? Whatever do you mean?" she asked in an innocent voice. A tiny smile crept into her features. "You know EXACTLY what I mean, Sandy!" I thundered. "Those undies in my laptop bag... that was a mean trick and very risky." "So that's where I put them! I couldn't find them anywhere this morning." She paused for a second and then, smiling broadly said: "Gee, daddy. I'm really sorry. I can't imagine how my panties got into your laptop bag! Is there anything I can do to make up for it?"

I watched in utter amazement as she held my eye and slowly pulled the elastic waistband of her shorts down to reveal the lace top of her panties to me. I started to respond, but couldn't. "There, there daddy. Is this better? You aren't mad at me, are you?" She pooched her lower lip out in a fake pout and continued exposing more of her panties to me. "Would it be nice of me to help relieve your stress?" Gulping, I asked a stupid question......a question that I already new the answer to.....or at least I hoped that I did. A question that was totally unnecessary based on the wet spot appearing on the crotch of the panties she was wearing. "What did you have in mind, Little One?"
"Let's go to our bedroom and I'll show you. Oh, and bring my panties that were in your laptop bag." With that, she leapt from the chair and pulled her shorts off. Spinning them in her hand, she smiled provocatively at me and started toward the bedroom. OUR bedroom. Needless to say, I could get her panties out of my laptop bag fast enough. With shaking hands, I fumbled around inside it until I felt the soft material and snatched them out. Forgotten was any idea of being mad at her. She had arroused me to the point of no return. Plus, I was curious why she wanted me to bring her soiled panties from yesterday along with me.

The door to the bedroom was partially closed when I got down the hall. Pushing it open, I saw Sandy laying in the middle of the bed with her legs splayed open. Already, the scent of her most intimate juices were filling the room and I knew my little daughter was horny. "Come here, Daddy. And bring me those nasty panties." I layed on the bed beside her. Immediately, Sandy took over. She unclasped my belt and unbuckled my pants. Smiling, she asked: "Aren't those uncomfortable? Why don't you take them off?" In one motion, I wisked my pants and underwear down over my feet and tossed them onto the floor. My purple cocked bobbed in the cool air of our bedroom. Already, precum was dribbling down from the top. "Mmmmmmm... Looks like Daddy has a stiffy. I think I can do something about that!" she murmered. Reaching beside me, she tooked the wadded up panties that had been the center of our lovemaking the night before. Unfolding them and turning the cotton gusset out, she examined them briefly and then said: "Wow! These are really dirty, Daddy. Look, they're getting all crusty from your cum. Don't you think it would be a good idea to pre-soak them before washing?" Not at all sure where this was going, I nodded my head in agreement. "Sure. Sounds like a good idea to me." I said cautiously.

Rolling towards me, Sandy put her leg over mine and laid partially on top of me. Her panty clad mound pressed against my upper thigh and I could feel her wetness soaked through. Looking at me the entire time, she slowly brought the panty gusset toward my face. "Look Daddy, look at my dirty panties. You know why they're dirty, don't you? They have your cum all over them where you squirted it last night. What else made them dirty, Daddy?" Her eyes implored me to answer. A small footnote here: In our lovemaking to this point, I had been very careful to keep my language clean even at the height of arrousal. Sandy wanted me to tell her "what else made them dirty"... and I was at loss to find the words. She sensed my hesitation. "Come on Daddy. Tell me what else is on my panties that makes them dirty." "Ummmm, well, there's some of your stuff on them, I guess." "My 'stuff'? What stuff, Daddy? Go ahead and say it!" she exclaimed. "You know.....from down there between your legs." I stammered. "Say it, Daddy!" she commanded. "Uh, well; you know what I mean, don't you?" I answered weakly. Siezing the moment, Sandy boldy looked me in the eye and said: "You mean, my pussy juice, don't you Daddy?"

I almost shot my load right then and there. To hear your own daughter practically begging you to describe what is on her panties......and then to blurt out the filty words is a rush that every father ought to experience. Sensing my inability to respond, she continued: "Here Daddy, put my panties in your mouth and suck them. That'll help get that crusty stain off of them." With that, Sandy pressed the crotch of her panties into my mouth. The pungent taste of my cum from last night along with her pussy secretions filled my senses. Once she had the gusset firmly lodged in my mouth, she rolled the pink bikinis she was wearing down her legs and off. In the next instant, I once again began to feel the incredibly erotic feel of her soft cotton panties d****d over my throbbing shaft. A groan escaped my panty stuffed mouth as I sucked on the wonderful flavors. "There, there. Isn't that all better now, Daddy? Does it feel good when I put my panties on you like this?"
My muffled response must have satisfied her, because she nestled my cockhead into the crotch of her most intimate underthings and wrapped the rest of the soft material around my cock and began to stroke.
"That's good, isn't it Daddy? Do you like sucking my dirty panties? Mmmmmmm......Tastes good, doesn't it?"

So much for self-control. Hearing my very own daughter asking me if I liked sucking her dirty panties while stroking me with another pair was too much for any warm-blooded dad to endure. I grunted and thrust my pelvis into her soft pantied-hand. Sensing the sudden urgency, Sandy said: "That's it, Daddy! Shoot your cum. Suck my panties and squirt for me. It's so fucking good, isn't it Daddy? Cum......cum for me Daddy!"
As mentioned previously, nasty language hadn't been part of our routine up to this point. Imagine sucking the gusset of your own daughter's panties while she implored you to cum in another pair......and then saying the word "fucking". It was too much. Way too much. My stomach muscles tightened and I began shooting. "Oooooo, Daddy! That's sooooooo good, isn't it? Cum for me! Shoot your cum in my panties!" Sandy was a quick learner. Instead of automatically speeding up her strokes when I began cumming, she kept the same, steady pace. This had the effect of stretching out my mind-bending orgasm for what seemed like forever. Glancing down, I see see her panties pulse with each squirt of my cum. Long strings of it drooled down from the gusset and puddled in my pubic hair. Sandy's eyes were fixated on the site and she let out a little girl giggle of pleasure as I helpless thrashed on the bed. "Oh, wow... that was incredible, Sandy!" My chest heaved from exertion and she pulled her now cum-soaked panties away from my shaft. Sandy's eyes were glazed as she continued staring at the wet product of her efforts. "Is it MY turn now, Daddy?" she asked.

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