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Well it was the summer of my senior year in High School. The day started out like the rest, I got up early, my uncle sitting at dining room table drinking his coffee all dress in his suit and tie. My aunt at the stove making Breakfast for her and I, in her hunter green Housecoat. My mind wandered to think what she had on underneath. The moment was spoiled by my uncle asking me if I could go down to the garden and pick some vegetables for supper, I said sure not a problem.

He got up from the table must have been 7:45, cause he kissed his wife's cheek made his way down stairs to garage, as he was about to leave, he hollered up, "Hun there will be a guy coming over at 1pm to look at that pop-up camper I am selling.

"Hun, you know how I feel about having you have these men come over when you're not here!" She snapped back.

To that he answered, "Brian is here, your so paranoid."

"Whatever!" was her answer.

I walked over gave my aunt peck on the cheek, "Everything will be cool, don't worry." We hugged and both sat down to pancakes sausage breakfast. Just some idol chit-chat filled our morning.

After breakfast, she went to start dishes and laundry as I went outside to play with the dogs for a bit. It was a hot muggy morning, felt like could get some thunderstorms in afternoon, my aunt hated thunderstorms, always freaked her out. So the day passes by we ended up for about half-hour making out together on the couch, just kissing and cuddling. She wanted to take a shower, I told her I wanted to shoot some hoops outside before it began to rain, we kissed again. "I am glad your hear today, Bri, I feel better now about this guy coming over."

"You'll be fine I am here if something should happen which I doubt, but if it makes you feel better, then so be it." I said. We kissed as I watched her glide down the hallway to her bedroom and shut the door. With that I grabbed the basketball and worked on my game, the whole time though thinking of her in the shower.

"Hey, You Suck today!" I looked around and here it was my aunt in her window, riding me with every miss, and being sarcastic with every make. "I can still take you though." I said "yeah well you being 6'3 and me only 5'7 you'd have advantage, maybe we'll "play" later as she closed the window. I finished up and decided to head in for a bit too cool off.

At around 1pm, a car came down the driveway, told my aunt that dude was here, she said ok and went outside to meet him. I was in my room at the time, with window closed to keep it cool. I saw them shake hands and walked around the camper, I can see him asking her questions, then they went inside. So with that I went and was messing with the dogs.

After awhile I decided to go back to my window, and noticed this dudes car still there, I thought to myself man, should not take that long to show a pop-up. With my heart racing, I grabbed the ball and walked around the house to the paved court. I snuck over to the camper, to my astonishment I heard these whimpered moans coming from within, I dropped my ball and was stunned I couldn't move. "YES!, Baby that's it suck it, take it all the way in your Mouth, Bitch!

Suck My Fucking Cock, Whore! The more this man degraded my aunt with his language, the louder her moans became. "Make, me cum, you slut!" He screamed. I tried hard to peek inside to see if he was forcing her into this, if so I was ready to bust in a belt this guy, real quick. but all the windows were zipped shut so I just knelt down by back tire and listened, I took my cock and started to masturbate listening to them fuck my aunt's mouth.

"Keep it going, Bitch! You Suck real good, Cunt!" My aunt then finally spoke up, "Not in my mouth, on my tits." He was screaming so loud luckily we lived in the country or neighbors would have easily heard this Guy, as he must have came hard and fast all over her tits. I know I came myself. Once I got my senses back, I quickly grabbed the ball ran back to the court, and began to shoot hoops. Soon afterward they both came out my aunt trying to fix her hair, I just smiled and looked away. Then I peeked over my shoulder, to see them give each other handshake and he drove up the driveway to the road turned and disappeared.

She came strolling over to me as I asked her, if was "interested buyer" says he'll think about it and talk to his wife when he got home, again I dropped the ball. She scooped it up and ran in made a lay-up. "In your face, as she stuffed the ball into my abdomen, knocking wind out of me. By now dark skies appeared overhead distant sound of thunder clapped over the horizon. We both decided to head in as we did arm-in arm the phone rang I ran in grabbed it, it was my uncle. I turned it over to her and went back to sunroom to watch the darkening skies.

"Well your uncle has meeting tonight won't be home till around 11.

"Well, that's cool. I didn't pick veggies yet from garden and looks like you're in for a storm."

"Sure looks that way, so it's just me and you sexy," she giggled.

I walked over to her and we kissed deeply holding each other close. "Bri, we have to go out make sure that pop-up is secured and windows all closed, so it doesn't get wet inside." She interrupted. I knew windows were closed, but who am I to argue. We went out wind was picking up and lightning flashed and thunder banged over us. The rain came down in sheets, we got in but we were bit wet. I held her with each firework sounding BOOOM!!

Holding I looked deep into her eyes, we both knew what we wanted I kissed her lips as we collapsed on the bed, to us everything seem to have stopped all our focus was now on each other, kissing fondling as I reached for her shirt and removed it tossing it to the floor, she slipped my shorts down and removed my tank top. Next were our unmentionables and now completely nude our bodies started to become one, I placed my hands on her breasts and felt the stickiness of the gentleman's fluid upon her ivory skin. I told her, I heard everything sweetheart, I knew what you were doing in here earlier." She looked at me with tears in her eyes, "are you disappointed in me, Bri?"

"Hell No, I think it was so hot, I masturbated to your antics."

"You Did?" she questioned.

"Yes! I Did hun, I heard you sucking his cock. Him calling you those dirty names."

"Bri, he had me so going, he wanted to fuck me, but told him no, I would give him blow job and that'll be it. He agreed." She finished.

I kissed her deep and for long time feeling my way down her stomach to her now slick pussy. "I want You, Cunt." I exclaimed, with that her eyes widened and she became even more wet than she was.

"Finger me you, Bastard!" She shot back. As I entered finger after finger the more i****t she became, calling out obscenities over and over. I finally got my whole hand into her, the way she likes at and felt like I could rip her insides right out. faster, harder...

"You fucking pervert, You like fucking your own Aunt, sick bastard!" She was now thrusting herself to meet my ever move, I don't know how many times she came but my hand was just coated with her juices. I couldn't take no more, I released my hand and replaced it with my cock. We fucked liked two crazed a****ls, the words Whore, Bastard, Cunt, Slut, Bitch, where used quite often, before I came inside her, I pulled out and buried my face between her thighs, before I could begin though, she yanked me by the hair, throw me off of her, grabbed my hand and led me outside.

By this time the main part of "THAT" storm passes, but another one beginning, and I don't mean one by Mother Nature either. This was hurricane Eileen and she was a monster of a storm. She led me outside and to a clearing where my uncle planted some tall pines, to where we have picnics in shade. The rain still fell but now more like a spring shower, she laid me down amidst the green damp grass and took me into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down over my shaft, never taking her eyes away from mine the whole time.

I had nothing to grab onto feeling this pleasure except for yanking some grass out by it's roots, I moved my hips to meet her mouth in unison. I felt the pressure starting to build deep inside of me, then as I yelled out her name the force was to much to bear, I released my load into her mouth, she choked trying to swallow it all, but she was determined to and she did.

Then without moment to waste I took her onto her back and began to work over her folds of that wet slick cunt of hers, paying close attention to that little area between her arse and pussy, flick and suckling that swollen clit. as I did that I placed a finger inside her at same time, she was orgasming like mad. Finally I started fuck her again, we would roll over on top of one another, our hair soaked are bodies covered in moisture and the mud from the rain, but we did not care we wee together that is all that mattered, finally climaxing together, I filled her pussy with all the fluid I had left in me. Spent we just lay there taking in as sun started to peak through the clouds and rain ended.

We scurried back to the camper, hoping no one would drive by to see us in that manner, grabbed our clothes and dashed it back to the House, to where we entered the shower...

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