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Wow… it has been so long that I have written… and I apologize for that. If you were all taking enemas along with me, you were holding yours in for years waiting for the conclusion to this explosive narrative. ( And you can thank “little-gothic-slut” for motivating me to start writing again…LOL)

Where I last left off, k**dies, I was being carried to the king-sized bed where Mistress Sylvia, my very own personal tormentress was laying comfortably totally naked on her back, her gorgeous long legs spread wide open and her glistening clean shaven pink pussy vise just waiting to entrap me! That pussy had the strongest Kegel muscles I have ever experienced, my fellow pervies, resulting in in a velvet grip on my rigid pee-pee up and down and milk me without either of us moving at all.

Her long blond hair fanned out on the pillow, her sea-blue eyes narrowing as an evil smile started to spread across her deep red lips. Sylvia was tan all over with just a few sexy freckles on her nose, suggesting a fresh-faced youngster, but Sylvia, at this point a mature and wily 35 year old with natural 35 D breasts, an athletically toned 5’7” frame and mind bursting with sin and kinky thoughts!

To me, she was a wet dream cum true. She loved to make me cum. especially at her direction. She would tease me, tell me to jerk off to her, or to Maya or some other inspiration, watch me, take Polaroids of me… Sometimes she would take me over her lap, positioning my sensitive cock between her strong, tanned thighs (or even when she wore silk hosiery… wow, that felt REALLY good!) and crossing her legs, holding me down while she gave me an erotic spanking in front of a large mirror so we could both see this live porn show. She encouraged me to fuck her legs while her sexy, little girl voice said the dirtiest things to me! I was in naughty boy heaven and she loved making me cum like that, with my white, salty goo dripping down into the bowl down on the floor beneath me. (She would collect the cum and freeze it for my “Saturday Mind-Fuck Sessions.” )

Well, getting back to the situation that brought us here… Maya (a native of Paraguay, with Chinese and Indian lineage, had light brown skin and mid-length straight brown hair with sweet bangs, standing 5’5 inches and a ripped dancer’s body) and Rosemarie (A redhead, 5’4” with hazel eyes, white skin and perfect ‘C’ cup silicone boobs) Sylvia’s gorgeous friends and apprentices, carried me over to Sylvia, placed me in position and lubed up the very special and sinister Bardex double balloon nozzle to the enema tube.

Above the bed was a translucent two-quart silicone enema bag, bulging full of a 50/50 mix of cheap red wine and very warm water. Considering that a “conventional enema” would be administered with the bag no higher than about 18 inches above the “patient,” to keep the flow of the fluid relatively easy to tolerate, this bag was 4 feet over my ass! That meant that this half-gallon of steamy liquid intoxicant was going to rush down into my helpless tushy, and into my lower innards at 3 times the force and pressure!

Fiends, if you don’t know what a wine enema does, look it up. It is an almost instant drunk! Within minutes, you well get tipsy and shortly thereafter, silly, wacko, over-the-top walls spinning drunk. (CAUTION! can be very dangerous, due to the fact that the alcohol, instead of going through the stomach and the normal digestive tract, goes right into the bloodstream through the absorptive large colon. Alcohol poisoning, not good. Half wine/half water/ NO WHISKEY!)

Sorry about that. I am very concerned about healthy and safe kink and fetish play.

So, here was little slave Mikey (me) totally shaved all over as usual (I was not permitted body hair ever) with my penis and testicles bound in a sinister leather and metal harness that stretched my balls away from my cock about three inches and separated each of them. Between my bulging balls, the divider strap had a D’Ring and a long leather leash was clipped to that. This leash was handed to Goddess Sylvia and she took it, drawing up the slack, pulling my tightly tethered nut sack up along my taint between my lower ass cheeks. The other part of the strap functioned to trap the blood in my veinous flesh tube so that my erection was insanely powerful and throbbing with my every heart beat! Then they put not one, not two, but THREE condoms on my red penis! Why? To delay my orgasm until Goddess Sylvia was SATISFIED!

Soft, yet strong female hands guided my missile into her hot wet cunt. The feeling was overwhelmingly so pleasurable that it was borderline painful as well! Slowly as I settled in on top of her, she wrapped her silk stocking-clad legs around and over my thighs, her sharp stiletto heels coming to rest gently on my calves. Making me nervous because they were sharp. and she knew how to use them.

The girls then attached vibrating clamps onto each of my really, really sensitive small pink nipples and tightened them down sufficiently to cause significant pressure, but not sharp pain as of yet. I gasped, becoming more nervous and apprehensive… but not in a bad way, just fear of where this was all going to “take me” physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally.

Silvia kissed me very gently as my eyes glistened with tears, I have never felt so vulnerable in my life! And she was smart enough to know that in order for me to take on this journey, I would need to be emotionally reassured. So she gently stroked my back and gave me such gentle, tiny soft “mommy” kisses all over my face.

Meanwhile, Rosemarie lubed up my pink rosebud, using her blue nitrile gloved fingers to probe and relax my sphincter muscles. I always loved this kind of penetration. It was so stimulating and exciting! At the same time, Maya massaged my hairless baby-boy ass cheeks, kneading and soothing them, even patting them ever so cogently. That alone was heavenly to my psyche, for sure.

Then I felt the nozzle going in. It was a little push, the first uninflated balloon pushing past the first sphincter and now, beyond the inner ring muscle, right up against my very sensitive prostate gland. The second balloon on Bardex enema device nestled comfortably on the outside of my asshole.

Rosemarie then inflated the nozzle balloons to their full, “golf ball” size, sealing my ass-hole inside and out, preventing any expulsion or leakage until this nefarious coven was done with their evil machinations! LOL. And my prostate was being pressured as well.

Sylvia nibbled on my left ear and whispered softly, "Are you ready, my little submissive baby boy? Mommy wants to be fucked. Long and hard, baby. Long and hard.” Her tongue darted in and out of my aural canal. “And Mommy wants to fuck you up in the most fantastic way, sweetheart. You know. You know what I can do, right honey?” My already hardened prick felt so engorged, the skin was at it’s maximum stretch. She continued as I felt the warm solution slowly making its way into my defenseless body.

“You belong to me, and you love me, right? And you trust me right, my sweet obedient sissy, right?” I was shaking now, as I forced my words past my trembling lips, “Yes Mommy. I love you…” And I DID trust her, even though I was in awe of her and what she was capable of. Nervous. And I was comfortable BEING nervous. Giving over control and letting HER put me in my place, taking me to places I either never imagined or hoped WOULD happen. I can't tell the difference. But never having the courage or encouragement to cross over into that dark world of uncontrollable lust and gratifying depravity.

The fluid was moving in more forcefully now. I was feeling the alcohol slightly. The girls were massaging my ass and legs. Now firmly. Sylvia started to grind on me. They girls pushed my ass forward and down to meet Sylvia’s rising pelvis. I felt her Kegel muscles start to grip and release the instrument of my divine enslavement. Slowly, up and down, and side to side, she ground on my pulsating pee-pee.

My tummy was staring to get full now, as the first quart was already in. I was staring to feel warm, a light sweat starting to develop. The wine was doing its thing. My lips were going numb and my head was starting to swim. The “free-fall” was beginning! Wow, this was amazing! Fuck!

Then the girls tightened the nipple clamps some more and THAT was fantastic! It made my hips thrust forward, down into my blond Goddess as she tightened her grip on my testicle leash, pulling my tightly bound and separated balls back up nearly touching the enema ballon nozzle. i was starting the spiral slide into blissful insanity. Loving every second of it!

Sylvia was French kissing me violently now, her tongue “r****g” my mouth, biting my lips… Her fingers pulling on my earlobes. Her fucking action was getting stronger, I felt like I was a puppet, grasped tightly by her powerful legs and being swung back and forth, up and down!

By now, I was so fucking blitzed, I was flying! Totally drunk, with two quarts of intoxicant trapped in my bulging gut, getting fucked silly!

The girls started slapping my ass now, hard, stinging slaps! And that just made me hornier! Even through the three condoms, I could feel an orgasm beginning to form. But Sylvia wasn’t waiting! She had a massive cum, wracking her hips violently, and thrashing me around like a rag doll. I could feel her hot cunt gush around my stiff sex tool!

The girls pushed me deeper into her and Sylvia responded, “Beat his fucking ass, the little fuck boy! This slut is MINE! You hear me, you little shit? You are mine!” My head was in an echo chamber where all I heard was this roaring of lust and HER voice! “I own you! I will make you into a mindless, obedient slave, teach you to use all of your holes to please all of my friends! ALL of them, you understand?”

I was starting to get the message, even though I was so disconnected to reality by this point. I was fucking in Cloud Nine, drunk out of my mind and feeling and orgasm of Tsunami proportions building.

“Im commmmmming again!” She shouted into my ear! My ass was on fire as the girls switched to leather straps! Her kegels gripped me so tight I thought my cock was going to burst! Her heels dug deeply into my ass now, the pain spurring me on to fuck her and fuck her deeply. “Commmmmming! Goddammmmmm you! You fucking little shit! Oh, Michael, Fuck Mommomy! Fuck your Mistress, Fuck Meeeee!

And it continued for who knows how long. I know the girls somehow reversed the flow of fluid back out through a drain tube onto a bucket as my tummy bulge subsided. I saw the video tape later, showing that they deftly removed the barred nozzle and replaced it with a inflatable vibrating butt plug. I fucked Sylvia and she turned me over and rode me for a mother ten minutes. Then I said I was cumming and she got off of my cock, took off the three condoms and deep throated me until I came in her mouth! Load after load!

Then she brought her mouth over mine and let all of my BOY CREAM drip down into my own mouth, and I swallowed greedily and gratefully as she kissed me all over. What a night!

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