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Rectal thermometer & suppository story

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Part 1

Well, this is it. A while now i was thinking of writing a story, and i guess that time is now.
I post my story here, and not in the blog. Due to the fact that is’t a true story, it happend to me a few years ago… over 15 to be exact…but i still remeber it as if it happend yesterday. One last thing, if you’r not into medical stuff, you probably won't get much of a kick out of it, but for those out there who do, just like me, here it is…

When i was 19 years old, i was going to nursing school to become a ‘male nurse’… or what's the proper term for it (an orderly maybe?). Anyway… where i was going to school you got to go 2 weeks to school and then 2 weeks internship in some hospital, every internship to another department. At this time i was on the pediatric department (sick c***dren) and (luckaly) it was very slow, the department was almost empty… what could not be said of the other departments of the hospital, there it was pretty busy. These facts made possible what i was about to experience (for the first time in my life). See, what they do in most hospitals is, when it’s busy on one department or floor, they put people who need little attention on other department and so it was that they put a young girl in my ‘hallway’.
She was in for ‘daycare’, She would enter in the morning and going home in the evening. She had to have her tonsils removed. She came in at about 9 in the morning and the operation was planned at 10. The head nurse called me to the briefing room and asked me if i could take care of this; ‘Sure, no problem’ i said. I got a registration form and off i went to room 3. A room with 2 beds, but single for her, like you now, it was very slow at my department. She was sitting on the bed as i entered the room, and with her was standing her mother. I said hello, introduced myself and told her i needed to check some things for the administration. We filled in the form and while i was doing it i could check her out a little bit.
She was slim build, cute, but not overly hot… more of the ‘girl next door’ type. She had long light brown hair, reaching halfway her back, green eyes and a very sweet smile. She looked kinda shy, the silent type. For what i could see, she must have pretty breast to, not overly big, the hand full, perfectly matching her frame. Overall a pretty girl without beeing ‘over the top hot’. As we filled in the form i got to know her name… i call her Amber now (you never know on the net, right). She had just turned 18. She had been sick and complaining of a sore throat and since she was sick to many times her doctor decided to remove her tonsils.
A told her to get comfortable and i would come to see her again when it was time to go to the OC.
When the time was there i went to her room, and as i entered she was telling her mom goodby, and when she left we got started. I gave her the hospital gown, told her she had to undress, put on the gown, opening in the back, remove al juwelry and than to go lay in bed. ‘do i have to be completly naked?’ she asked. ‘You can leave your panty’s on’ i said. ‘but no other close onder the gown’ ‘Oke’ she replied and i left the room so she could do her thing.
When i came back in, she was laying on the bed under the covers. I asked her if she had to go to the toilet one last time, couse ones she had her pre anesthetic medication, she had to stay in bed. ‘oh, them i gonna go one more time real fast’ she said. She when out of the bed and as she did, i could just see a little part of her panty’s as she flipped her legs to get out… for 1 second i got to look straight into her crotch… she was wearing a pink cotton panty… ‘yep, it’s the kind of underware you expact with this ‘kind’ of girl’ popt up in my head. she had not noticed me ‘peeking’ and happy with my little treat i waited until she came back. She went back to bed, covered herself up and of we went to the OC. I admit i was a little disapoited i was not the one to give her the pre operational medicine (a shot in the butt); then i would have seen her… butt naked. But wel, no such luck. We talked a little bit on the way to the hospital OC,... if she was scared, if she was looking forward to all that ice cream she was going to eat the days to come… She thanked me for the help and the talk, i rolled her in the anesthetic room and told her i would pick her up real soon. And i left the OC and returned to my department.
Until here it was all kinda standerd, and i guess this was what i got from my day, …and pretty Amber… but there was more to come, a lot more

part 2

At about 10.30 i got a phonecall from the OC that i could pick up Amber. So i went on my way. I had to take her pyjamas with me, so she could change in the recovery room. When they brought her out i asked her if everything was oke. Her throat was hurting, but furthermore she was oke she said. I rolled her back to her room and let her sleep for a while. She was still kinda sleepy from the anesthetic.
Around 11.15 - 11.30, it was time for me to start the checkup round; it’s when you go to every patient and check there vitals. Room number 3 was the last room on my round. i knocked on the door and went in. ‘Hello, how are you feeling’ i asked. ‘My throat is realy hurting’ she said,’ can i have something for the pain?’ ‘Please, it realy hurts’. She replied. ‘I see what i can give you, i’ll go ask the doctor’ i said; But i’m going to check your pulse and temperaure first; I took her pulse and wrote down the result on her chart. Then i got a thermometer from the little trolley with suplies we use ‘on round’. And then it happend…
All out of the blue, she looks at the thermometer, on pediatry we used glass mercury thermometers in that time (but the european ‘bigger’ ones, not the very small ones they use in the USA). ‘I guess i have to turn over now?’ She asked me. I almost dropped the thermometer… ‘excuse me?’ i replied. ‘Where you gonna put that? Thats one … well… for your butt is it not?’ I could not belive what i was hearing… my heart started to bounce like crazy in my chest… I fantasized about this a 1000 times, and now she literaly offered me the chance to actualy take a girls rectal temperature… for the first time in my life! For a moment i chickend out, Thats how we do it here, you know, your on pediatric’ i stambled ‘but if you look up to it i guess i can take it under your arm’ i said, while in my mind i screamed to myself ‘shut up you idiot!!!’ ‘what are you doing you stupid f*ck, dont spoile it now!!!’; She hassitated a few seconds… ‘I can’t take it under your tongue due to the operation’ i rambled on, starting to wish myself to the deepest pits of hell for trowing away the maybe one chance ever… ‘No, it’s oke, it’s very sweet of you, but if thats the right way here, i gess its oke’ ‘It’s not going to hurt?’ Inside i went nuts, time to keep my cool now ‘they do it to litte c***dren, i’m sure you survive’ i joked. She smiled back… and said ‘oh yeah, right’. She even started to blush a little bit.
I took the bottle of ether to desinfect the thermometer and put some on a cottonball. I ‘cleaned’ the thermometer. The smell of ether always kinde turned me on, for you know that the smell i associate with ‘temperature taking’. You smell it flothing in the air just before you can use the thermometer. My heart was still pounding for crazy. One part for what i was about to experience, Exitement in the purest form; the other part out of fear! If one of my supervisors would come in, or she would tell someone of the staff, i was in big… big trouble. But this chance i just had to take… no matter what!
I placed the thermometer back down on the trolley. Then i closet the curtains around the bed, due to the fact the room was empty, i had to make sure no one could see what was going on. If it was only to ‘protect’ myself, i’m sure it gave some kind of privacy feeling for Amber as wel… there’s always the chance someone comes in the room unexpected.
While i was closing the curtains i noticed Amber reaching for a glas of water on the nightsstand and when she took a sip i could realy see the pain on her face.
I got over to the bed and pulled down the sheets in the harmonica way we had learned and uncovered the white and small pink striped pyjamas wearing Amber. Than i lowered the headend of the bed. ‘You have to keep your head up’, i said. ‘If you can, support on your ellbows, i help you with your pants’ i said, trying to act like i do this all the time. ‘Oke’ she said. I pulled her pyjamas bottem down until just under her knies. She cooperated by lifting her butt in the air, so i could pull her pants down quite easy. The little pink cotton panty smiled to me, while i dit my best not to stare to long to her crotch, but man, what was this hard to do!!! I could clearly see the form of her pussylips in her panty’s, and the small line of pubes on her little lovehill. Some of them peeped through her panty’s. I got the hardest time to struggle not getting an erection… luckaly my uniform top covers my pants, and with al the stuff in my pockets, i could cover the most of it, but still… ‘you can roll over now’ i said. ‘But remeber to keep your head up’ i said.
She rolled on to her stomach while leaning on her elbows, sticking her butt in the air. I placed my fingers under the elastic of the pinkster and pulled her panty’s from her butt… very slowly, savering the moment… now not only my heart was trobbing, if you know what i main. I lowered her panty until halfway her upper legs and got to see a nice round, firm pair of cheeks, property of Amber the sweet. I took one of the pillows and placed it under her butt, as i did, i felt her pubes tickling my arm. ‘You can rest on the pillow’ i said. She lowered her tush on the pillow and i turned around to grab the thermometer from the trolley. I held the thermometer under the bottle with lubrication (with a pushpump top) and let the lube drip untop of the thermometer.
I turned back to Amber ‘ready’ i askted. ‘I guess’ she said and than ‘be carefull!’ ‘Dont worry, i’ll be gentle’ i replied. Planning to take as much time for me to enjoy this as possible. I placed my hand on her butt and spread her cheeks appart with my fingers. Then i’ll held the tip of the thermometer just above her little asshole until 1 drop of lube was dengeling under the mercury tip. I places the tip of the thermometer against her rectum ‘Cold!’ she shouded… and then i pushed it in, first the small tip, then the wider glass tube, deeper, and deeper until it was a little over the half in her tush. She moaned for a second when i was sliding it in, for me the sign it was in as deep as she could take it. ‘i’ll have to leave it there for a few minutes’ i told her, ’is it hurting you?’ I askted. ‘No, it’s oke… i think’ she replied. ‘I’ll go see the doctor new to ask what i can give you to lift the pain a bit’. ‘do you think you can swallow a pill,’ i askted. ‘It hurts when i drink’ she said ‘is there somthing else you can give me?’ … ‘But no needles please’ se added directly. ‘i’m teryfide of needles’ ‘they already gave me a shot in the OC’ ‘i dont want that oke?’ ‘You dont leave much options’ i’ll told her ‘i tell the doctor your not a fan of shots’ ‘thanks’ she said (while i was staring at that shiny glass instrument up her butt, and she talking like it was not even there) ‘i’ll be right back, dont let it slip out, then i have to start all over’ i told her joking… ‘i wont’ she said and i went out the door, leaving Amber in her room, pants and panty’s pulled down, butt in the air with a thermometer sticking out of her ass… well, most part of it was inside her butt, but you got the picture. Why i dit not stay in there the entire time? I just could not stay much longer in the room without arousing suspicion, i got to check my colleague, and try to act as ‘profesionel’ as possible to Amber. I went to the briefing room, the head nurse was talking to some parents and went into the room with them. I called the doctor, explained and he offerd me the second gift off the day. If she dit not take a shot, and was not able to swallow a pill, than the only way left was …. A suppository!!! Was this all realy happening? ‘I’ll order her some for home’, he said, ‘you come pick them up later’; ‘do you have any left over there?’ ‘yes, but there for c***dren’ i replied. ‘give her 2, thats fine’ and he hung up. I’ll took the pack of suppository’s and rushed back to room 3. I went back in, and found Amber in the same position i left her, and with her, my erection!!! ‘I’ll talked to the doctor’ i said, while i pulled the thermometer a little back out of her butt to see if it was still rising. ‘one more minut’ i said and pushed it back in a littke deeper… a complete lie, but hey, what would you do? ‘He sugested i’ll give you a shot with some painkiller, if it’s not possible for you to swallow’ i lied… to work my way up to it. ‘no, no shot… please?’ she replied. ‘The only other option is that i give you a suppository’ i said. ‘and thats not that much fun’. ‘anything better than a needle’ she said. ‘i’m already in the position’ she smiled at me. I looked at her face and the shy girl dit not looked that shy to me anymore… was she playing me? Dit she ‘liked’ this kind of stuff? I wondered. It must be, but still, i could all be a coincidence and me just beeing the happy ‘victim of sircumstances’! ‘it’s your choice’ i said and reached over to pull the thermometer out of her butt… very, very slow i pulled it out, looked at the mercury line and wrote it down on the chart.

part 3

There i was in room 3 where i just took my first girls rectal temperature, and her being a real natural beauty to top it. but the treat was far from over; I was standing with my back towards the bed and Amber in it, pulling the box of suppo’s out of my pocket and placing the on the trolley, while opening a drawer from the trolley, so she could think i just pulled the box out there. Yep, i was on a roll now! I grabed a latex glove out of the box on top of the trolley and put it on, ‘smacking’ the rubber band of the glove would have been pushing it. Then i took out two suppository’s, placed my right middlefinger under the lube pump at lube’ed it up. Meanwhile talking to Amber, trying to sceam my way out… ‘I’ll guess you wil get some medication to take home with you’ i said. ‘they will probably give you suppository’s too, if you’r not able to swallow pills’ i think the doctor will make that same conclusion. ‘mmhmm’ she just moaned. Oke, i was safe! ‘I have to give you two now, these are for small c***dren;’ ‘You’ll get some for adults to take home’. ‘You bring them over?’ she askted. ‘As soon i can pick them up’ i replied… and then whent over to the bed, a rubber glove with a lubed finger on the right hand, two suppo’s in the left. I opend the first wrap and pulled down the plastic half way, so i’ll could take the suppository. ‘can you lift your butt just a little bit higher?’ i askted. She dit. Providing me a better look off her ass en pussy; Then i’ll spreaded her buttocks completly with my left hand; robbed my middlefinger with the lube against her little star, lubing it up. I took the suppository out of the wrap, placed the tip in the middle of her rectum and started to push it in, slowly, enjoying every second. When it was almost completly in i pushed a little harder, slipping it in and let my finger follow the suppository, in one smooth flow. Amber pushed her pussy down into the pillow,clenching her butt, a normal reaction i guess when someone puts his finger in your ass; but then relaxed and just lied down on the pillow under her. Awathing Ambers reaction i held my finger in her butt, all the way in, but dit not hold her buttcheeks open. i noticed it felt really warm inside, and i felt her rectum pushing against my finger as it triedto close up. ‘Your oke?’ i askted ‘mmm mmm’ she replied. I pulled my finger out until the top part. Then pushed it back in, slipped it back out for 2/3th end pushed it in one more time. Then i lost the nurve to continue; afterall, it all was part of the job here. She was not a toy to play with. ‘i’ll wait a minute’ i said ‘then it’s the second one and then it’s all over’ She just smiled, but blushed again… was she into this stuff? ‘Oke, ready for the last one,’ i askted her. ‘Yes’ she said ‘is it normal you kinde feel it?’ ‘like you have to go to the toilet?’ ‘yes, very normal’ ‘but you cannot go’ i joked. ‘The feeling will be gone in a minute’ i added. I opend the wrap of the second suppository, same as the first and Amber already lifted her butt. Inside my head i was starting to lose it, it was like someone has read my fantasy script and now played the movie. I spread her cheeks again with my left hand and took the second suppository. I placed the tip in her rectum center and start pushing in the second one. Almost at the end i pushed in my finger, a little slower now, for the fun was almost over for me. This time Amber dit not lowerd her butt, at the opposit, she was pushing herself on to my finger. I pushed my finger in as deep as i could, then let go of her cheeks, alowing them to close. Even like this, i got a pretty nice vieuw of her ass and pussy and my rubber finger all the way up her ass. I pulled it out, slowly, and then pushed it back in, with a litte more speed and power… witch made Amber react bij moving forward a little bit, but she pushed right back ‘in position’. One more time i pulled my finger back and pushed it back in. Then i pulled it out and said ‘all done’. ‘thank you’ she said. I pulled off the rubber glove, threw it in the garbidge bag. Then i pulled the pillow from under her. Amber rolled over on her side and went to sit on the side of the bed end got up, giving me the chance to see her pussy full frontal. It was trimmed, and bikini shaved, ones more, like you would picture it when you would pass 'her type' in the street. She pulled up her slip and her pyjamas bottem, and got to sit back on the bedside. I pulled back up the headend of the bed and she got back in and covered herself up.’ I see you later when your medication is here’, i said, opend the curtains end left the room with the trolly; went to the stockroom and just stayed there. Would this erection ever go down again? Man, dit this realy happend…. Yes, YES IT DID!!! And i would keep a memento to, i took the thermometer, placed it in his case and put it in my pocket, went to the briefing room and put it in my backpack. Yes, i’m a thief, maybe, but it was stronger than me, i had to have it, forever! That and the memory of Amber.
They would not miss it, we had a hole case of them on the trolley and every week two of them would not survive it… So why the hell not keep this ‘special’ one for myself?

part 4

Later on the day i got the phonecall from the farmacy i could go and pick up the medication for that day. I went over there, picked it up and came back to my floor. While walking back i took a piek into the paper bag with the medication, looking for the suppository box for room 3. There it was, and these suppository’s where a little bigger in size then the one i used. Ah well, to bad, i had have enough luck for one day, what? For a year! I got back on my floor, dropped of the mediction and went over to see Amber. She was in bed looking tv, i gave her the box of suppo’s and asked if she needed anything. ‘i’m fine’ she said ‘they take good care of me here’ she smiled at me and blinked. ‘well’ ‘when you need anything, just ring’ i replied, winked back at her and left her alone.
It was almost time to start the second vital round, late in the afternoon. The last thing i had to do and than it was time to go home and call it the day. And what a day. I dit what i had to do, and just like earlier that day, i ended up at room 3 as the last one for my hallway. I knocked and got in. Amber was sitting there in the sofa, looking outside the window. She was fully dressed and packed, she smiled as i entered… ‘Temperature time?’ she asked. And bam, there was my ‘little Jonas growing up again’! ‘No’ i replied, ‘your ready to go home, there no more need for it’. (Never push your luck). ‘Well, i’m still in my room, and still in the hospital…’ ‘dit you got the doctor on the phone yet? Can i leave already?’ she asked with a serieus face. ‘No, not yet’ i said ‘but that mate be a matter of minutes’. ‘them i’m still a patient… i don’t want you to get in trouble for not doing your job’ ‘it’s oke… you know, i don’t mind’ She said ‘whats 10 minutes in your life right?’ she smiled. ‘a world of difference’ i thought. ‘Well, oke then, if it’s no problem for you’ i said. Now i was sure as hell! The sweet smile, the shyness… hell no, she played me all the time and i took it like a sucker! She loved this stuff for sure. ‘Well, lets get to it then’ i played along now. i’ll took her pulse, and wrote it on her chart. ‘you know what comes next right?’ i asked her. She just smiled and walked over to the bed. She loosend her belt and unbottend her jeans. Me reacting like a fool ‘sure you want it that way’ (i was sure, but still…). ‘I found a digital thermometer, i can take it under your arm’ (yeah right. If she wanted to play, lets play!) She pulled down her jeans, (oh surprise, she had changed underware, it was a white short now) she turned over to the bed, bending over, pushing her butt all the way back to me and without looking back she asked ‘is it oke like this?’ ignoring my question. ‘Fine’ i replied (damn horny girl!!!). I took one of the plastic covers out of a box in one of the drawers of the trolley, mainwhile asking her ‘do you want me to close the curtains?’ ‘no, thats oke;’ she said.(standing there with her like that was not enough, the chance of someone comming in the room to ‘cath’ her, must give this girl an even bigger thrill). I pulled the thermometer out of it’s plastic cage end placed it in the plastic cover, then i pulled the cover together with the thermometer out of it’s wrap. Like that you always got a ‘steril’… (well clean) thermometer. I pumped some lube on the tip of the cover end turned aroud towarts Amber. Man, the look of a young woman, with her jeans pulled down just under her knies and het firm butt in a short (like a spandex hotpants) like a second skin just waiting for you to pull it down… I went to stand behind her end pulled down her shorty. Just like it was not enough allready she spread her legs a bit, so i could see her butt en pussy; I pussed on the top of the digital thermometer end with a piep he replied and telling me he was ready to do his job. I placed the silver tip of the thermometer to her rectum en with the other hand i spread her cheeks. Then i pushed in the thermometer as deep as i could up her butt. She just exhailed diep and mumbeld something like ‘cold’. This time i kept her cheecks spread with my hand, and kept pushing slightly against the thermometer, creating a constant pressure up her ass. The sight was over the top for me, not in my wildest dreams i ever thought this could happen, and now i was living it! The only sad thing was that these digital ones only need a minute, some less, to read the temperature. And with a biep biep biep he let me know it was time to ‘wake up’. I pulled it out, removed the plastic cover and marked down her temperature. ‘A little higher then before’ i said. ‘But still oke’ ‘you’r gonna be just fine’. ‘You can dress yourself (you little slutty girl)’ i said. ‘do you need anything more?’ I asked her, ready to leave the room for the last time. She pulled up her short and than her jeans, looked at me and said ‘well… one more thing actualy’.’those suppository’s… when i put them in… like…’ she started to blush again (and i would not safe her this time, the game was still on) ‘well… do i have to stick my finger all the way in… i never dit that… i know how it feld when you dit it… but thats not the same’ there she was standing, with her pants unbottend, blushing, asking me to, to what actualy? Ah well, f*ck the game… ‘do you want me to watch you when you do it?’ (like there was any doubt, she loved it!!!)… ‘you don’t mind?’ She asked ‘all-in the job’ i replied.

part 5

She took the box of suppository’s and pulled out one of the plates with suppositories, she tore one of the pack and looked at it. ‘You have to pull the two flaps open.’ I said. She did and out came the white bullet. ‘And now?’ she askted. ‘you swallow it with some water’ i joked. She smiled, but still looked like she wanted a real answer. ‘Now you can stand or lay in any position you feel comfortable in.’ I said. She looked around in the room and walked back to the bed. ‘dont keep it to long in your hand.’ I said, ‘it melts.’ ‘oh right’ she replied. She placed the suppo on the bed and pulled her jeans and short down together, all the way down… standing there and looking kinda funny to me (i main, a girl with her pants down, pussy en butt naked,… not something you see every day… (… not even in a hospital). She turned to the bed, wanted to put a knie onto the bed and failed. Pulling down your pants is not a good idea if you want to stay ‘mobile’. She pulled her pants back up over her knies and clowled onto the bed, and laid on her side (butt end pussy facing me). ‘Now you put some lube on your finger.’ I said. ‘which one?’ she askted. ‘the one you like’ i replied. I took the bottle of lube from the trolley. ‘you want a glove?’ i askted. ‘No, thats oke’ she replied. I pushed in the pump and she lubed her finger. ‘Now you rub some… you know’ i said… and she replied by doing it. ‘Do i have to stick my finger in first?’ ‘like you want’ i said ‘you can lube it first or put it in right away, thats personal choice’ i said. ‘whatever you think is the most comfortable to you’. And so it was i saw Amber sticking her fingher up her ass, not deep at first, she pulled it out, pushed it back in a bit dieper, pulled it back just a bit and than pushed it all the way in. She pulled her fingher out, grabbed the suppository and placed it against her butt and pushed the suppo in. Then she started to move her finger in her ass, leaving the tip in, ‘fingering’ her asshole a while (like 7 times). Then pulled out her fingher, looked at me and asked ‘is it oke like this?’ ‘perfect! Good job’ i said and smiled. She smiled back, rolled on her back, lifted her pussy in the air and pulled up her underwair and jeans, came out of bed, buttond up and went into the bathroom to wash her hands. I rolled the trolley out onto the hallway. She came out the bathroom, smiled one more time and said ‘thanks for the help.’ ‘Your welcome’ i said; ‘Take care.’ ‘i will’ she said and i closed the door.
A little bit later i had to go to the stock to pick up some suplies, when i came back room 3 was open and Amber was gone. When i went to the briefing room at the end of my shift the head nurse said to me ‘i had to thank you from that young girl from ‘3’… she said she was really happy with the special care she got from you… Keep up the good work, it’s this kind of men whe need arount here!… I just smiled and left. Never to forget what happend to me that day… and with the trophy in my backpack i went home.

Until today i still got the thermometer, in a closet at home. Whenever i pick it up, i remember that day… until today 2 people know….


PS Sorry for any wrong spelling in the text, but i never got any english in school. I kinda learn it as i go ;-)

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