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How my wife became a Crack Whore

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Shelly and I got married when we were both 22 years old. We both liked to party a lot and seeing how it was the 80’s, the cocaine and alcohol were in abundance at every party. Both Shelly and I liked to snort a little coke and have a drink or two. We were both young with no responsibilities so neither of us saw it as a problem. After snorting coke for about a year, Shelly started complaining about the coke tearing up her nasal passages. I told her that she might have to stop but she said that it wasn’t an option. One of Shelly’s friends introduced her to shooting coke at a party and that’s when things started to go south.
Shelly went from being a casual cocaine user to a fucking addict; she was shooting the stuff all the time. Shelly started to get some ugly marks on her arm and I finally told her that if she didn’t stop shooting then I was going to leave her. Shelly said fine but she would miss getting high and told me that I shouldn’t get high anymore if she couldn’t. We both agree that we would stop and we did for about three days.

Shelly and I had been clean for three days and it really sucked we weren’t having sex like we used to and we were both kind of irritable. One day Shelly came in all excited and told me that she had something for me to try. She said that it was cocaine that you smoked and everyone was saying it was the best thing in the world. She told me that she tried some with her friend from work and it was the best high that she ever had. I asked her what it was called and she said “crack.” I was really excited about smoking it because it had been a few days since I got high and I really needed a pick me up. Shelly got the stuff ready and showed me how to smoke it. When I lit it up and inhaled, I knew that this was like nothing that I ever tried before. I was in heaven and Shelly was too. My dick immediately started growing in my pants and Shelly took notice. She was getting horny; I could tell because her nipples were getting hard and poking out underneath her tight pink tank top. Shelly had nice 34 DD tits on a 130 pound body with a nice round ass. Shelly started rubbing my dick through my pants until it started to ache. She finally unzipped them and let my cock get some air. Shelly started to stroke my cock with her right hand while using her left to massage my tightening balls. Her hand felt so good that my dick was throbbing anticipating the feeling of her warm wet mouth. Shelly began to devilishly tease the tip of my dick with her tongue. My heart was pounding out of my chest from the crack and sexual excitement; I couldn’t believe how good it felt. When I looked down into Shelly’s eyes, I saw a look that I had never seen before; she looked like a woman possessed. She started to talk to me in a way that she never had before while still teasing my dick with her tongue. “You want me to suck this hard cock baby”, Shelly whispered while tightly gripping the base of my dick. All I could muster was “yes.” Shelly looked lustfully into my eyes and said “yes what.” “Yes I want you to suck my cock”, by now my dick felt like it was going to explode. Shelly looked at me with a little smirk on her face, “yes you want me to suck your cock what?” I knew she wanted me to beg for it and I was too hot to refuse. “Please suck my cock baby please” I blurted out as I pushed her head toward it. As soon as I felt her soft lips on the head of my dick, I felt like I was going to shoot all over the place. Shelly was sucking my dick with a feverish pace like never before; it was like this d**g had taken over her body and allowed her to suck my dick like a machine. I felt my body begin to stiffen and my muscles begin to contract; I knew I was about to cum soon so I yelled to Shelly so she could take her mouth of before I came. I knew she hated it when I came in her mouth and I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Shelly must not have heard me because she didn’t stop for a second; she just kept sucking it faster and faster; it felt like she was sucking the cum directly from my balls. My cock exploded in her mouth shooting stream after stream of sticky semen deep in my beautiful wife’s throat. Shelly gagged for a second and continued to suck my dick while swallowing my cum. I felt my cock begin to tingle as it started to get soft. Shelly still wasn’t stopping; she just kept sucking and teasing my pee hole with her tongue. I was taping her on her shoulder to tell her that she could stop but it was like she was oblivious to the world around her. Shelly was worshiping my cock in a way that she had never done before. When my cock was completely soft and shriveled, Shelly finally stopped sucking and came up for air. She looked me in the eyes and leaned in for a kiss. I didn’t want to be rude because she had just giving me the best orgasm that I had ever had in my life so I politely pecked her on the lips. Needless to say after that moment we were both hooked.

Over the next couple of months, Shelly and I would go downtown several times a day to cop (get d**gs). We would bring the dope back to our apartment and fuck like rabbits. We weren’t the least bit uncomfortable with the neighborhood that we had to go to for d**gs. In hind sight I think we were both so strung out that we didn’t even notice that we were the only to sub-urban white k**s in a black ghetto. To be honest, in the past I had been nervous around blacks but the need for a hit took away all my inhibitions and made me pretty fearless. When we went to get d**gs I could always see the guys in the neighborhood eyeing Shelly like a pack of wild wolves. They looked at her like she was a fresh piece of meat at supper time. Shelly noticed it too but like I said we needed to get high and that was all that mattered at the time. Even with the crack habit Shelly still looked really good with curves in all of the right place and an ass that any man (especially a black one) would kill for. Her long blonde hair and porcelain white skin made her look like and angle against the bleak backdrop of rundown buildings and beat up old abandoned cars.
We had both been smoking heavily for a while and money was now nonexistent. Every dollar we had went into getting crack and keeping a roof over our heads. Shelly and I both lost our jobs due to missed days and dirty piss test. We pawned everything we owned and stole things from family and friends. My mom reported some stuff that took from her as stolen so Shelly and I had a hard time trying to pawn anything after that. Both of us were really in need of a hit and had no money to get one. Shelly devised a plan to scam some d**gs from one of the dealers and in my desperate state it seemed like a good idea. Shelly figured sense most of the dealers weren’t very educated we could fool them into thinking that we had already paid and just take the crack and run (like I said we were desperate).

When we got down to the projects, Shelly picked out a pretty young dealer who looked especially dumb compared to the others. Just like Shelly said, the guy was going for the con. Shelly had unbuttoned her shirt so that her cleavage was exposed almost to the nipple on those big round titties. The black k** was so distracted by her tits that he could barely concentrate on what he was doing. The situation was made worse for the poor guy because Shelly had conveniently forgotten to put on a bra. The guy was trying to get his count straight in his head and Shelly kept interrupting him and shaking her tits in his face. The k** looked pretty flustered and ended up just giving Shelly the rocks. Shelly and I started to hurry off when she suddenly turned around and started yelling at the guy. “What the fuck is this?” “You didn’t give me all my shit.” I had never heard Shelly curse like that and I was confused as to way she was making a scene over stolen crack. I tried to grab Shelly by the arm but she shook me off and kept charging at the k**. The boy didn’t look like a d**g dealer anymore; he just looked like a scared k** that was in over his head. The boy didn’t even argue with Shelly, he just gave her another rock and started to walk away (I guess she knew how to pick em). Shelly smiled triumphantly as she walked back toward me and showed me four rocks in the palm of her hand. Just as my mind started to fantasize about Shelly and me getting high and fucking at our apartment, I saw Shelly’s eyes get as wide as saucers. When I started to ask her what her problem was, I felt a huge weight on my right shoulder followed by a deep booming voice. “You muthafuckas think you slick”, his voice sounded like the roar of the ocean. Shelly lost her tough attitude and looked really scared. I tried to turn around and explain the situation but as I turned he hit me with a gut wrenching in my stomach that caused me to double over. I found myself looking up at the biggest black man that I ever seen in my life. “Who you think you playin wit white boy?” I honestly considered answering his question until I saw the angry stare on his face and realized that he didn’t want an answer. The big black guy grabbed Shelly by the arm and told me that I better get up. I slowly got to my feet and followed them into an old building. Shelly looked really scared and I could see that the big guy had her really close to him and it looked like he had his hand on one of her tits. I wanted to tell him to get his hands off of my wife but I knew he would just beat the shit out of me and do whatever he wanted anyway.

The big guy took use to a room that looked like a make-shift office where a black guy with dreads was sitting behind a table that was acting as a desk. “ Are these the bitches that tried to get da lil homie?” I found it hard to understand exactly what he was saying but I assumed that he was asking if we were the ones that conned the k**. “Look I aint even gone fuck ya’ll up if you jus gimmie my rocks back and don’t eva bring yo white ass back here.” My heart dropped, I never felt so releaved in all my life. I wanted to shout; thank you God at the top of my lungs. Just as I was about to start breakdancing, Shelly said something that that felt like a punch in the face. “We didn’t do anything and we still need to get high, you can’t just take our rocks.” I couldn’t believe how stupid she was; I just wanted to choke her right there on the spot. I looked at Shelly like she was nuts. The dread head behind the table didn’t seem to be the least bit moved my Shelly’s plea “bitch if you want my rocks you gotta pay fo um.” Shelly looked at me for a second but turned before I could make eye contacted. “Please we don’t have any more money and we really need to get high come on be nice.” Shelly was really turning on the whole damsel in distress thing while shaking her double D’s in the guy’s face. The dealer was still unmoved “money or get the fuck out of my neighborhood be fo I change my mothafukin mine.” “Please let us have just two rocks please don’t be like this we buy here all the time.” At this point Shelly was on her knees begging the dread-head asshole that no doubt had less than a 6th grade education. I wanted to tell her to get up and stop embarrassing herself in front of these two idiots but I looked at the big guy behind me and decided to keep my mouth shut. “You got to pay to play bitch dis aint no muthafukin soup kitchen.” The guy behind the table was obviously getting off on making this pretty little white girl beg him. “I just told you that I don’t have any more money.” “Can’t we just pay you back?” When Shelly said that, we all looked at her like she was stupid. The dread head got a big smile on his face and I knew that he was going to something terrible. “Look shawty, let me suck one ah dim big ass titties and I’ll think about lettin ya’ll git you sumthin.” Shelly looked back at me as if she was waiting for me to say something and just as I was about to tell this guy to go fuck himself, I felt the big guy’s hand on my shoulder. When Shelly’s eyes looked in my direction, mine were looking at the floor. I just couldn’t look at her because I knew that if I said anything this big fucker behind me would beat me to a palp right in that dirty ass old building. “Well wat it do shawty?” The dealer behind the table seemed like he was starting to get a little impatient with the whole scene. “Well just one just for a second.” I couldn’t believe my ears; did my wife just give this fucking asshole permission to suck her tit? “Pull yo shirt up and so I can see em.” Dread-Head was looking me right in my eyes and daring me to say something. I knew that if I did he would have me beaten to within an inch of my life. Shelly looked back at me and when I didn’t say anything she slowly began to pull her shirt up. “Damn you got some big ass titties girl.” Dread-Head was leaning forward in his chair with a huge gold toothed smile across his face. “Shake dim big titties fo me bitch.” This guy was talking to my wife life she was a common street whore. Shelly didn’t even look back at me, she just took both hands and began to shake her milky white breast for this thug behind the table. Dread-Head was looking me right in the eye and grinning from ear to ear. “Make yo nipples hard bitch.” His language was getting more and more abusive and Shelly seemed to be getting more and more submissive. I looked back at the big black guy behind me to see him rubbing a considerable bulge in his pants. Shelly was looking at the floor while rubbing her nipples between her index fingers and her thumbs. “Now bring yo ass ova here bitch so I can suck on nim tittes.” I was actually relieved that this would be over soon. Shelly slowly walked over to the d**g dealer and presented him with one of her beautiful breast to suck. Dread-Head stuck his tongue out and began to tease my wife’s nipple with his tongue. I could see his saliva begin to cover her pink areolas as the air made her nipples grow even harder. This thug was sucking my wife’s titty like a newborn trying to get milk. I couldn’t believe that she was allowing this asshole to violate her right in front of me. The worst part was that I was powerless to stop it. Dread-Head started pulling Shelly closer and sucking her tit even harder. He pulled her so hard that she tripped and had to put her hand in his lap to catch her balance. The thug moaned, letting me know that she had just touched his cock. Shelly quickly tried to move her hand but Dread-Head grabbed it and put it back on his dick. Shelly just stood there with her hand on his cock not really rubbing it but not trying to move away anymore either. Dread-Head glanced at me and then looked at Shelly. “You want dem rocks bitch?” Shelly shook her head. “Rub my dick fo me hoe.” I was enraged; who the fuck did this guy think he was to talk to my wife that way?” I waited for Shelly to start cursing this guy out or look back at me so a could give her a signal that it was time to go but I saw her hand moving back and forth and knew that she was rubbing this asshole’s dick right in front of me. “Damn that shit feel good; take it out shawty.” Shelly shook her head but kept rubbing his cock. Dread-Head decided to take matters into his own hands and started unzipping his pants. Shelly just stood there with her eyes fixed on his crotch. The asshole behind the table unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I looked at Shelly and saw her eyes get wide as she let out a gasp. The d**g dealer looked at me and smiled. I tried to resist the urge but I had to look down and see what had surprised Shelly. Dread-Head had a huge cock; it was about 10 inches long and super thick. He grabbed Shelly’s hand and pulled it to his huge dick. Shelly tried to pull away at first but soon stopped resisting and wrapped her hand around his growing member. “Damn that shit feel good bitch jerk it faster” Shelly seemed to be lost in the moment because she was complying with whatever this asshole told her to do. I could see her had moving faster on this guy’s pole. “If you make me nut you can have all dim rocks bitch.” This seemed to motivate Shelly because her hand began to move feverishly. “Tell me you want dat shit.” Shelly was moaning a little and said “I want it.” I think Dread-Head was talking about the rocks but just decided to go with it. Just then, he glanced back at me and smiled with a devilish grin. “You want dat nut bitch?” “Yeah” Shelly was in a trance. “You eva seen a big black dick like dis be fo?” Dread-Head was really breathing hard now. “No.” Shelly’s eyes were glued to this guy’s cock at this point. Then that dreadlocked asshole lowered the boom. “Is this the biggest dick you eva seen bitch?” Shelly hesitated for a second and glanced up at me for the first time since she started with Dread-Head. “Tell me bitch.” Shelly looked back at his cock and blurted out “yes, it is.” I just looked as the floor and I could hear the big black guy behind me snickering in my ear. “Is my shit bigger than yo boyfriend’s?” Shelly just shook her head and said yes. I didn’t know what bothered me the most, the fact that this guy had my wife telling him that his dick was bigger than mine or the fact that I had been downgraded from husband to boyfriend. The thug was now sucking on Shelly’s tit while she franticly rubbed his cock. He told Shelly to get on her knees and kiss his stomach so he could go ahead and cum. Shelly complied without hesitation. I was just glad that this whole thing was about to me over. “Use your tongue bitch, yeah lick my stomach.” Dread-Head had his hand on the back of Shelly’s neck pulling her to his stomach. I could see Shelly’s tongue licking his stomach using circular motions. “Talk to me so I can cum hoe.” Shelly didn’t even acknowledge what he called her she just began coaching this asshole to cum for her. “Cum for me baby, Please.” I couldn’t believe my ears; my wife was begging a d**g dealer to cum. “Shoot it for me baby, come on.” I never heard her talk like this. “You wanna get dat nut?” I could tell he was really worked up now. “Yeah baby nut for me.” Shelly was a whole other person now. “Get it fo me bitch.” Now Dread-Head was pushing Shelly’s body up and down and I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that told me she was sucking his cock. I glanced under the table and saw that my worst fears were true; my beautiful wife was sucking some thug’s cock in a dirty office. I could her Shelly slurping and gagging on his huge dick as he pushed her head down on it. “Make me nut whore.” I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t turn away. I looked down to see that my cock was growing in my pants. I was disgusted with my wife for sucking this guy’s cock and more disgusted with me for getting turned on by it. “Fuck I’m bout ta nut bitch.” Dread-Head was screaming at the top of his lungs and Shelly was still bobbing up and down on his cock. “Nut for me daddy; make that big black dick nut for me.” I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Dread-Head’s body tensed as he began to unload in my young bride’s mouth. Just as I thought he was finished; he pulled his dick out of her mouth and started to shoot what was left all over her face. Shelly didn’t even flinch she just sat there on her knees while this stranger did something that she had never allowed her own husband to do.

When he finished unloading on my wife, Dread-head looked at me with a smile and then back at Shelly. “Aight clean yo self up bitch; it’s Bear’s turn.” I turned to see the big black guy behind me with a huge smile on his face.
To Be Continued

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