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Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy Interview

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"Hello?" Miranda answered.

"Hello, is this Miranda Cosgrove?"

"Yeah, what do you need?"

"Great! We're excited to finally get into contact—"

"Listen," Miranda interrupted. "Could you get to the point? I was just fucking a friend and if you don't mind I'd like to get back to it."

"Gladly. You see, we're with a movie studio, and we'd like to make a documentary about the time you had sex for the internet on iCarly."

"Cool. What would it cost me?"

"Nothing at all! We'll pay for you to fly to our movie studio in California, and all you'll have to do is tell us your story . . . naked, of course."

"Y-yeah, it all sounds great." Miranda stuttered, as Duncan increased his pace. "Now he is just about to cum in me, so I've really gotta g-AH!" Before she knew it, Miranda came hard, squirting vaginal fluid clear across the room.

"Of course. I'm glad we could come to an agreement. We start filming today, so please get here as soon as you and your brother finish up." And with that, the phone hung up as Duncan shot his semen into her womb.

"Whew!" Ducan panted. "Say, who was that on the phone, there, Miranda?"

"Oh, you'll never believe it! It was a movie studio. They want to make a documentary about the day Jennette and I fucked on iCarly, and they start filming today."

"Wow, guess that makes you pretty busy. I suppose you should get going, then."

"Yep, I was just about to head on out." Miranda gave him a smile, and then walked for the door.

"Wait, Miranda! Don't you want any clothes?"

"Nah, they told me to come naked."

"Oh, well I guess you're all ready, then."

"Yep. I'll see you, Duncan." And with that, Duncan gave his sister a goodbye slap across the ass. She shook her hips at him in response, and then left quickly, feeling her pussy melting from his touch.

On her way to the airport, Miranda got stares from all kinds of people, from old perverts on public benches, to the young perverts who were quick to snap pictures with their cell phones. Miranda's naked body was already all over the internet for anyone to see, so she decided to have some fun with the trip. She posed sexily for all the cameras she could see, and played with her pussy all the way to the airport. Of course, she was also a massive tease, as the one thing she wouldn't do was fuck anyone. In particular, Nevel crossed her path and begged her to fuck him, but Miranda pushed him to the ground, and shat down his throat. Everyone laughed at him as he nearly choked on his own vomit and ran away crying because he's such a massive bitch. Fortunately, before he made it back home, a bodybuilder picked him up and threw him into a beehive. Nevel was allergic to bees, so he tried to get away without getting stung, but they got him, and everyone laughed at him more.

When Miranda finally got to the studio, she found that Jennette was already there. "Jennette!" Miranda ran up and embraced Jennette, her bare tits rubbing on Jennette's exposed skin.

"Oh, Miranda! So you're naked too? I guess they had us both come this way."

"Looks like it. Let me tell you, you wouldn't believe the looks I got coming here like this. 10 people must have tried to fuck me on the plane."

"Tried? Girl, I got up and fucked some dude myself."

Miranda giggled. "Sounds like you. How was he?"

"Total virgin! k** lasted half a minute before shooting off. He was no Duncan, let me tell ya."

"Yeah, I get ya." Miranda rubbed her pussy, which was still tingling from her fuck with Duncan earlier that morning. "So, when do you think they'll call us in?"

As if there were a script, 4 guys walked in. The guy in front looked like he was in charge, and was probably the producer or director or some shit. Whatever he was, he was followed by 3 younger guys, who were dressed in all black. They seemed to do camera, lights and sound.

"Well, it seems my question's just been answered. Which one of us do you want to interview first?"

"Actually, we still aren't ready to start. We all just got really horny, and we'd like to fuck the both of you."

Miranda and Jennette gave each other a sensual look, both smiling lustfully, before the girls began their approach. On all fours, Miranda and Jennette made a cat-like walk toward the crew, each homing in on a group of two. "Well, you came to the right girls," Jennette said, her voice oozing with sex drive as she starting playing with one of the guys through his pants.

"Mhm." Miranda licked her lips. "We'll make you all feel real good." She pulled off the director's belt, and let his pants fall to the ground.

"That's what I like to hear." Grinning with depraved sexual lust, the director pulled off his boxers and revealed his thick long shaft. "C'mon, boys! There's enough of these sluts to go around!" He leaned over and grabbed at Miranda's ass cheeks.

The rest of the crew eyed the high schoolers with immoral eyes, as one after the other their pants all hit the floor. Soon, before they even knew it, both Miranda and Jennette had 2 bottomless men surrounding them, ready to be pleased. With practiced ease, Jennette expertly took a cock into each hand, taking turns stimulating each one with her tongue. Miranda did her best to imitate her friend's example, and it seemed to be working as both guys were getting harder, the double masturbation becoming more and more skillful. The girls squatted on their knees, their naked legs spread wide for proper height.

After not much time, Miranda was starting to feel it. Her pussy was dampening with horniness. The situation was getting her off, big time. With natural skill, she took the director's cock deep into her mouth, removing a hand to start masturbating, all the while, never failing to keep the camera man's handjob going. Closing her eyes in pleasure, Miranda masturbated roughly, bobbing her head over the director's cock with extraordinary technique.

Not to be outdone, Jennette followed suit, but took it a step further. Manuevering to a hands and knees position, Jennette took one guy into her mouth completely and presented her willing pussy to the other, an offer the man was very quick to take. Moaning in pleasure, Jennette got herself totally into it, and started to pump her hips wildly.

Like it was a competition, Miranda saw Jennette's moves and upped the ante again. She took her mouth off the director's cock and fell to a hands and knees position herself. Slapping her ass seductively, she moaned. "Alright, guys. I want you two to fill both my holes with your big meaty cocks. Think you can handle it?"

"Heh, can I handle it? C'mon, Jim! I'll take her pussy, you pound her ass!" The director layed on the ground, his erect cock pointing skyward, and Miranda, knowing exactly what to do, descended onto it, absorbing his cock into vagina, then shifted her position to present her anus to the cameraman. Eagerly, the man thrust himself in, and Miranda was propelled into an ocean of pleasure. Each thrusting at different times, her whole rear end was being ravaged. Miranda moaned again as the director grabbed at her shoulders, and sucked on her bare breasts.

Jennette quickly followed suit and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Taking her mouth of one of the camera guys' cocks, and pulling her vagina off the other one, she said "we can do better than that! Come on, guys, I want the both of you in my fucking ass!"

Although it was a bit gay to touch their cocks together like that, they did it. Both standing behind Jennette, they maneuvered their hips and plunged both their cocks into her anal hole. Jennette yelped at first, the mostly unlubed cocks causing some friction, but she liked it that way. The pain made it much more enjoyable, as her pussy already started leaking fluid from the stimulation. "Oh, yes!" Jennette cried. "Yeah, that's it, guys. Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" The two fucked as hard as they could, faster and faster. The guy on the right, slapped her hard across the ass too, making her clench her anal muscles over the cocks. It made it an even tighter fit, but Jennette couldn't get enough. "Oh, yes! I'm gonna break apart! Fuck, this is good!"

Miranda, meanwhile was pushing herself over the two cocks in her holes the best she could. Each one was stimulating her in a different spot at once, and it was all she could do to hold out cumming right then and there. Sure, they were stretching her to her limit, but damn, she had never felt anything like this! In and out, they thrust, until finally, Miranda's vaginal walls tensed in climax. Moaning as she came, Miranda began panting as the two dicks didn't let up a bit. "Oh, fuck, I love this!" She cried. "Keep fucking me!"

"That's right!" The director yelled. "Say it out loud! Tell me what sluts you two are!"

"You're right!" Miranda moaned. "It's true! I can't even go a day without cock anymore! I'm just a fucking bitch now! So, fuck me, please!"

. . . And feminism marches on . . .

Anyway, Miranda and Jennette were still getting pounded hard. Miranda moaned in both pain and pleasure as her two holes were pumped even harder and faster. This was as good as it gets! Miranda, overcome with lust, called out again "Keep going! Make me your whore!"

Jennette was meanwhile getting fucked just as hard. With 2 cocks in her ass, she was stretched well past her comfort zone, but that just made her love it more. In blissful ecstasy, Jennette came hard, squirting vaginal fluid at the ground, simply from the anal stimulation. Female sex juices squirted out hard between her legs, splashing the ground around her knees. And yet, they kept on going. With another slap across the ass, the guys thrust into her again, faster than before. Still in climax, Jennette moaned "Oh, yes! Keep going! Fuck me till you break me in two!"

The movie crew didn't say no to that one, as one by one all four of them started increasing pace. Jennette's ass was fucked so hard by now, that her hands could no longer support her weight, and she slumped to her forearms and let herself be ravaged further. As her head reeled back in total unreserved pleasure, she caught sight of Miranda, who was apparently enjoying just as much as she was.

Miranda was working her hips, bouncing herself back and forth fast over the two dicks. Her eyes were shut tight in climax as vaginal juices shot onto the director's dick from orgasm after blissful orgasm. Her voice was going ragged from constant moans, but she still felt like heaven. Soon, Miranda's legs tensed again, signaling yet another approaching climax. Moaning in a high pitched tone, she tensed up and came again and again, panting as the director and camera man kept going, never letting up. As they kept on going, all Miranda could do was throw her head back and moan.

Soon, the movie crew increased pace again, as all of them stiffened up, all four of them ready to cum.

"Miranda . . ." Jennette moaned. She and Miranda were now mere inches from each other, and with her ass being totally ravaged, Jennette leaned in, and Miranda knew what to do. Miranda leaned in too, and then, at once, they started kissing lovingly as they were both fucked. Kissing each other deeply, and full of passion, they both came together as their lips and tongues came together. With saliva dripping from their mouths, they closed their eyes as they kissed, overcome with pure love for each other, and it was then as they did that all four people in the movie crew came in unison, like robots.

After taking some time to catch their breath, Miranda and Jennette both realized the floor had gotten wet and sticky from a combination of vaginal fluid, sweat, and the semen that was leaking from their holes.

"Here, girls." The camera guy threw them both a water bottle. "You might need these after all that."

"Thanks!" Jennette grinned before taking a huge gulp, finishing almost the whole thing in one go. "Man, that was wild."

"Yeah, I know!" Miranda moaned . . . I mean, said while finishing her bottle. "I'm gonna be feeling this for a week!" She rubbed at her vagina for effect.

"Ha! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it!" The director pulled up his pants, looking proud of himself. "Alright, Jennette, we'll do your interview first. You wait here, C-Bitch!"

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