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Frankie Sandford & Rachel Stevens Having Fun

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The tape of Rachel and Frankie was kept in my personal collection for years, and was always a favourite to come on when ever i fancied a wank. In the following years to come Frankie would disappear into obscurity whilst Rachel continued being successful, firstly continueing with S Club 7 and then as a solo artist. When her pop career started to faulter she took part in the annual celeb dance show Strictly Come Dancing, and i did wonder whether she may have had a similar relationship with any of the professional female dancers as she did with Frankie.

At a similar time Frankie started appearing on tv again with a new girl band called The Saturdays. When i fist saw her she was instantly recognisable as the same girl id seen grinding Rachel Stevens face just 7 years ago. She had grown into a stunning girl and i hoped maybe one day our paths may cross again.

I didn’t have to wait long. After working on the DVD of the bands tour all those years ago i had carried on in the industry, usually working in the production of music videos and tour DVDs for loads of different artists. A nice perk of the job meant i could usually get tickets to awards shows, and one was coming up i was definitely interested in going to. The Saturdays were bound to be going along, and with Rachel nearly winning Strictly Come Dancing she was back in the public eye and may well be there too. I had a plan. I slipped the memory stick containing the video footage into my jacket pocket and made my way to the show.

The awards were the same as always, really boring and too long with plenty of back slapping and fake smiles. The after party was what i was waiting for. I found my spot at the bar and bought myself a drink, watching the door for the arrivals. Sure enough The Saturdays walked in fairly early. All of them wore sky high heels and short cocktail dresses. Although all of them were fuckable, but it was Frankie i was interested in. She wore a sliver sparkling cocktail dress that was unbelievably short, finishing only a few inches below where her underwear must be. Her black 5 inch high heels finished the look. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her there and then but i knew i had to wait.

I carried on drinking while other stars poured in. The Saturdays were drinking together in a group and getting a little drunker and a little louder. I kept one eye on Frankie and one eye on the door. After about 45 minutes Rachel Stevens walked into the party, and i knew my plan was going to work. I let Rachel mingle a little and then started walking over to The Saturdays. By now they were dancing and chatting away as the drink flowed. I approached slowly and when i saw Frankie was free wondered up and started chatting. I immediately mentioned i worked on the S Club Tour back in 2002 so we had something to talk about.

“Oh my god, so you witnessed our awful bubblegum pop as S Club Juniors?” She said.

“Yeah” I laughed, “Unfortunately i did”

“Well hey i was young back then, and it got me into this business so it wasnt all bad” she said.

“Yeah i guess, and from what i know there was a few other things you learnt on tour too” i said suggestively.

Frankie just smiled, “What do you mean?”

“A little sex education with the help of Rachel Stevens?” i replied. Frankie’s face dropped, but immediately she tried to regain her composure.

“I dont know what you’re talking about” she laughed, “Im going over to see my friends now….” she said trying to make a getaway.

“Oh i dont think so” i said grabbing her arm. I reached into my jacket and pulled out the memory stick, leaning into her I whispered “This has on it a very special after hours meeting involving you and Rachel. And don’t pretend you don’t know what i mean by that”. She looked at me, “What do you want?”

“Lets find somewhere more private first” i said. She grabbed my arm and we made our way to a door. We entered a room and Frankie flicked on the light, and locked the door. There was not much in the room except a sofa and a small coffee table, it was just a small side room for something or another.

“So what do you want, is it money you’re after?” Frankie asked.

“No its not money” i answered.

“So what the fuck is it, i think your bluffing, i dont think you have anything on there” Frankie said angrily.

“Take a look” i said pulling out my phone and putting the memory stick in. Frankie looked at the phone as the video started. Immediately she realised i wasnt bluffing at all. “I suggest you get Rachel straight away so we can come to some sort of deal” i said.

“Wait here” Frankie said and immediately walked out of the room. 2 minutes later she came back with Rachel in tow, who was obviously oblivious to what was going on. She looked gorgeous, so petite at 5’1″ tall with such a hot body. She was over 30 now but just looking at her could still get me hard. She was wearing skin tight jeans with some high heeled shoe boots. On top she wore a lose fitting gold top with an open back, and at the front it was slit down the middle right down to her belly button. She obviously had some tit tape on else her boobs would have been spilling out every 5 seconds. She looked amazing.

“Frankie what the fuck?! I was having a good time out there, what’s going on, who’s this?” she said looking at me.

“Hi Rachel, i worked on your tour back with the juniors back in 2002. Its OK, i dont expect you to remember me” I joked.

“Ha, thats good ‘cos that was a long time ago, god doesnt time fly!” Rachel replied.
Frankie butted in “He knows Rach……..”

“Er….he knows what?”

I just stood there.

“He’s got a video of us together after one of our gigs” Frankie said.

Rachel immediately went pale. “I happened to stumble upon one of your little sessions after working late when i guess you thought everyone had gone” i said. ” Here, why dont you take a look”. I showed her the video on my phone.

“What do you want for that video to disappear?” Rachel asked, getting straight to the point. “How much?”

“Its not money i want, i just want a repeat performance but allowing me to get involved. Right here, right now” I said.

They looked at eachother. “No way” Rachel said, “Come on Frankie, lets get out of here”

“OK thats fine” i said “You can read all about the video in the papers in the morning. Im sure they’d be very happy to hear of popstar Rachel Stevens having sex with a very young Frankie Sandford. You might as well enjoy the party, because once this gets out im pretty sure your careers will be in ruins, this may be the last party you ever go to.

They both stood there in silence, clearly thinking their next move. Rachel lunged for my phone but i was too quick.

“Obviously this isnt the only copy, i have more stashed away just in case” I smiled.

They were stumped. After a few minutes of thinking Frankie piped up. “Just one night?” she asked. I nodded my head. “We dont have much choice Rach” she said, “My band is just taking off and ive worked so hard all year, i dont want to spoil that for something we did 7 or 8 years ago.”

Rachel seemed to agree “Im just getting back on track too. OK you have a deal.”
“Good” i said. “Not here though, lets go to my hotel room. Make your excuses and we’ll leave.”

We made our way out of the room and back into the party. I waited while Frankie and Rachel chatted to thier friends and made their excuses. I got a couple of jealous looks from guys, obviously wondering how id managed to score with the 2 hottest girls in pop. We made a discreet exit out the back in case any paps were waiting outside and got a taxi to my hotel room.

Once we arrived Rachel wasted no time. “Lets get this over with then” she said taking her gold top off to reveal her fantastic tits. They were just as perky as they were all them years ago and showed no sign of sagging, her nipples standing to attention as soon as the fresh air got to them. They were a good size, atleast a C-cup but maybe even a D

“Im sorry Rachel, this isnt just going to be a quick fuck. This is going to go on as long as i want it to, probably all night. You never know, you might even enjoy it if you gave it a chance.” i said. “But atleast you’ve got us started” i smiled, “This is how its going to work, i want you 2 sluts to do exactly as i say and be as dirty as we all know you can be. Understood?”

They both nodded.

“Now Rach seeing as though you’ve got us started, i suggest you do a strip tease. Frankie go put on some music for your girlfriend” i ordered.

Frankie walked over and picked out a cd of some sexy hip hop and started playing it.
I sat myself down in a chair. “Frankie, get over here and suck my cock. Rachel, lets see the goods” i said.

Frankie wondered over and got down on her knees in front of me. Reaching forward she undid my fly and pulled out my semi-hard cock. Rachel started swaying to the music and slowly seemed to get into it. As Frankie started stroking my dick slowly Rachel turned and showed her back to me before looking over her shoulder with a really sultry look. Frankie took my cock in her mouth just as Rachel bent over and peeled off her jeans to reveal her black thong. She stepped out of her shoe-boots and jeans and danced about a meter in front of me in just her thong.

“Take it off you whore” i said. She put a thumb in one of the sides before looking at me and biting her lip. She then turned around, bent over and slid off her thong revealing a tight, completely bald pussy and puckered little arse hole. Frankie had worked up a good rythm by now and was doing a good job at trying to fit the full length of my dick in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat rub the tip of my cock as she took me as deep as she could.

“Keep dancing Rachel” i said. “Frankie is going to get her 1st meal of the evening”. Frankie looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth. “You keep sucking and make sure you swallow every drop” i told her. “Yes sir” she replied smiling. Maybe she was enjoying this after all.

Rachel kept swinging her hips and shaking her arse and it wasnt long before i felt my balls tighten and i unloaded into Frankies willing mouth. It felt like a huge load but Frankie was a pro and didnt spill a drop, after 2 big gulps she opened her mouth to show it had all gone. “Yum” she smiled.

“You dirty slut Frankie” i said. “Now switch round, Rachel come and suck my cock while Frankie does a striptease”. Frankie stood up and Rachel walked over and got on her knees. “You’re challenge is to get me hard again before Frankie finishes her strip” i said.
“No time to waste then” Rachel replied and immediately took my cock into her mouth and starting sucking my now flacid manhood. Frankie stood in the centre of the room and quickly picked up the rythm of the music, swinging her hips and grinding away as if she was pole dancing.

She kicked off her high heels before sliding off her cocktail dress. Underneath she had a matching set of black underwear with matching suspenders. She looked unbelievably hot, her body was tight with not an ounce of fat on her. She carried on dancing as she unclipped her bra to reveal her little tits. They were only small, a B-cup at best but they fitted perfectly with her slight frame. Her nipples were small and were just begging to be sucked. She turned around to show me har arse, bent over and spread her cheeks. Underneath the slither of her black thong i could see her tight cunt and even tighter arsehole.

Rachel carried on sucking my dick and had managed to get it semi-hard, no doubt helped by the show Frankie was giving. Frankie turned back round to face me and unclipped her suspenders, and slid off the garter belt. She looked me straight in the eye as she slowly slid off both stockings and then stood there breifly in her thong. Then, almost a complete copy of Rachel, she slipped a thumb in each side of her thong and bit on her lip. Then quick as a flash she pulled her thong down and kicked it to one side. Her pussy was bald except for a little landing strip of hair at the top, i couldnt wait to get my cock in there and see if it was as tight as it looked.

“Not bad going Rachel” i said. She’d managed to get me nearly back to rock hard, and with the 2 of them now completely naked it wouldnt be much longer before my dick was fully hard. I stripped off my clothes quickly and moved over toward Frankie. I kissed her hard as my hands roamed over her body, first sqeezing her tits before feeling her pussy.

“You’re already wet, you dirty slut!” i said surprised.

“Watching Rachel suck cock turned me on” she replied. I pushed Frankie back onto the bed and she fell onto her back. “Open your legs” i ordered, which she did straight away.

“Rachel, get in there and eat Frankie til she cums over ur face” i demanded.

“Mmmmm with pleasure” Rachel moaned and got down to work straight away. Almost immediately Frankie responded with loud moans. After a minute or so of watching i got on the bed and mounted Frankies face. “Open up Frankie, im gonna face fuck you.”

She opened up wide and i forced in every inch of my cock nearly making her gag as it hit the back of her throat. I didnt give her any time to get used to it and started brutally fucking her face, each thrust in was met with the tight resistance of her throat. It wasnt long before pools of saliva and pre-cum started leaking from Frankies mouth as my dick forced its way in and out, and her face started to get a little messy. She couldnt make much of a sound, but Rachels pussy eating was clearly doing its trick as Frankie let out as much of a moan as she could with a mouthful of cock. Sensing she was about to cum i pulled my dick out and turned around to see her cum all over Rachels tongue, a little bit of pussy juice squirted out as she let out a load moan. Rachel swallowed it up straight away and continued slowly licking Frankies pussy.

“Right up you get on your hands and knees Frankie” i said, “Rachel is going to lick your ass whilst i fuck her pussy” Frankie sat up and got on her hands and knees. Rachel duely did the same just behind her and i placed myself behind Rachel, my cock was still nice and wet from face fucking Frankie. Frankie reached back and parted her cheeks to reveal her tight arse hole to Rachel who dipped her tongue straight in. This drew a gasp from Frankie, and Rachel gasped as i slid my cock in. “Oh fuck,” she said “You feel so big inside me”

“Stop talking you slut and tongue my arse hole” Frankie said.

“Haha, thats right Frankie, treat Rachel like a whore, we both will” I laughed. “You got that bitch? Rachel Stevens, you are our little slut tonight”

“Yes sir,” she replied, “Use my like a dirty slut” as she plunged her tongue into Frankies arse. She immediately let out a groan and i started fucking Rachels tight cunt. I built up a steady rhythm and Rachel started moaning indicating she was about to cum. With her tongue deep in Frankies arse she couldnt do much more than moan, but i felt here pussy contract and grip my cock tighter as wave after wave of pleasure passed through her. I let her finish before pulling out.

“OK Rachel thanks for lubing her up for me” i said as i moved above her and behind Frankie. “I want you to get under Frankie and lick her out again while i fuck her arse”. “Yes sir” Rachle replied obediently and slid underneath Frankie who was still on all fours. “Please go slow” Frankie pleaded, “Ive never had anything bigger than a finger in my arse before.”

I pushed the head of my cock against her tight hole, nice and wet from Rachels tongue fucking. I grabbed Frankies hips and pushed forward so the tip eased in. “How does that feel?” i asked, acting as if i cared.

“Not too bad, its hurts a little. As long as you go slow it should be fine” Frankie replied.

With that i forced the entire length of my cock hard into her arse making her scream out.

“OWOWOWOWOW, TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT!!!!!” Frankie screamed, trying to pull away. But i pulled her hips back and started fucking her hole fast and hard. “Shut it slut, you love it as much as that whore eating your pussy” i said. “FUCK!!!! THAT HURTS!!!! Please stop!” she said. I ignored her and continued r****g Frankies arse as she started crying. After a couple of minutes she stopped and her arse actually loosened a little, finally she seemed to be enjoying it, even moving her bum back to try to get me deeper.

“Yeah thats it, fuck my arse” she said. “Mmmm, your cock feels so big inside my bum” she groaned. I slipped my cock out and moved around to Frankies face. “Taste your arsehole” i said. Frankie opened her mouth and took my cock in, tasting her own anal juices.

A couple of minutes of Frankies sucking and i was ready to finish things off.

“Right you two whores, on your knees in front of me, i’m going to cover your faces in cum and then i want you two to kiss and clean eachother up” i demanded.

“Mmm sure thing” Frankie replied. Rachel and Frankie moved so they were both on their knees in front of me, looking up at me while i jerked my dick.

“You ready for this you dirty sluts?” i asked as i was getting near to cumming. “Mmmm yes, please give us your load” Rachel said, “Cover our slutty little faces” Frankie followed.

A few more strokes and i was there. I huge load of cum shot out with each stroke, two squirts directly into Frankies face before aiming at Rachel. The first bolt hit her straight in the eye, the second plastered her mouth and nose. It carried on cumming, sharing it between the two popstars until i was all finished. The were both drenched in cum, and they didnt even need telling what they had to do next.

They turned and kissed eachother passionately, their cum coated tongues intertwining and probing eachothers mouths. Rachel tilted Frankies face and licked up a huge dollop of cum on her cheek and a big streak across her forehead before gulping it down. She continued to clean Frankies face until all was gone. She then kissed Frankie again, passing the cum she had just licked off across to Frankie who obliged and swallowed. Frankie repeated the favour, cleaning Rachels face of my load. Some she swallowed herself, some she passed to Rachel with a kiss who then swallowed it down.

“You two ended up enjoying that” i said as they finished their cleaning.

“Mmmmm we sure did” Rachel smiled, “But you’ll destroy the video right? I mean, we’ve done what you wanted.”

“Yeah sure thing” i said, knowing i would never delete it, it was my best wanking material. Little did Frankie or Rachel know id taped this whole thing too. Before i left for the party my plan was all set. Id set up a couple of video recorders hidden from view in my hotel room, they had a motion sensor to turn them on so as soon as we walked in the room they started recording. From two angles i was bound to have got some awesome shots, especially the finale for which i stood in the perfect place to get a shot of the two sluts taking my cum on their face.

The two girls got dressed quickly and made to leave. “See you around” i said as they left, they just laughed and walked off with their arms around eachother. I went back in the room and started editing my new footage.


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