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My First Unexpected Bi-MMF Threesome

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Please note: All of my stories will be written from my own perspective. Some of them will be true stories based on my own experiences with names changed, while others will be pure fiction, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which are fantasy, and which are fiction.

Up until a few years ago I had always considered myself to be a 100% straight man, I had one encounter with another guy before, a good friend of mine actually quite a few years before this story takes place but as I grew older I pushed it out of my head and thought of it only as a random experimental thing, it was one VERY unexpected night that would change all of that for me.

I had moved into my new place in early June, shortly after that my current girlfriend at the time decided to leave me, I was lonely, upset, all of the normal break-up feelings so I decided what better way to move on, than to get fuck some new tail. I went to the trusty Facebook and found a girl online whom I'd known for quite some time, I'd never fucked her before but I thought this was as good a time as any to give it a go, so I sent her a message and we chatted for a little while before we decided we would hang out, she's come over to my house to pick me up later on that night, we'd go grab a coffee, than come back to my place and watch a movie. For stories sake, we'll say her name was Claire, now Claire wasn't you typical "hot" girl, she was a little chubby, but still had nice curves, and amazing plump round ass, and a massive set of tits. Her hair was a dirty blonde, her natural brown hair starting to come back in at her roots, a few tattoos, and of course, a tongue ring ;).

So the rest of my day progressed pretty slowly and boring, nothing worth putting into this story anyway. It was around 10pm when I noticed the headlights of Claire's car pulling into my driveway, so I got my boots on, grabbed a hoodie and headed out the door to meet her in the driveway. Well I walked out the door and there she was getting out of the car....And so was another guy. 'Oh great, well there's go any chance I had of getting fucked tonight' I thought to myself. Claire ran up to me excited to see me, she gave me a big hug, her huge soft tits squeezing into my chest, my god they were absolutely gorgeous. She had on a low cut white tank top, and a pair of black yoga pants (My favorite).

"Oh Hal it's been waaaaay too long!" she said,
"I know, it really has, you look great by the way" I replied
"Thanks darlin...Oh this is Tom, he's a good friend of mine, I really hope you didn't mind me bringing him."
"Oh no I don't mind at all." I lied.

At worst I thought 'Oh well, I wasted my Friday night, but there's still tomorrow for me to get fucked before the weekends over', I decided just to go along with it, go grab a coffee with them, then make up some excuse to cancel the movie. I would've just made an excuse to call the whole thing off then and there but I didn't want to seem too rude.

I'll skip the boring coffee trip for the sake of making this story go a bit faster and be more interesting. Me, Tom, & Claire arrived back at my house and somehow ended up in my house, so my plan of calling the rest of the night off didn't exactly work out so well. The three of us were sitting in my bedroom watching TV because when the ex left she took the living room TV. I went out to the kitchen to get a drink and walked into the room and Claire was giggling.

"Ya know, you really have a cute ass Hal." she said
"Thanks, I'm glad you like it :P" I replied.
"Ya she's right, it is really cute :P" Tom spoke up.

I was a bit caught off guard by Tom's remark, it just seemed a bit odd at the time. So things were again getting pretty boring, and we were just goofin around when Tom started tickling Claire, her cheeks went beat red.

"Tom stop! You're only tickling me cause you know what happens :P" Claire said.
"Oh that miiiiiight have sometime to do with it" he replied.

The kept goofin around, tickling back and forth and one way or another Claire ended up on her hands and knees, her head by my lap, and her ass by Tom, she huffed and threw her head into the blankets to catch her breath when all of a sudden Tom grabbed ahold of the waist of her pants and pulled them down to her knees. I kind of chuckled and Claire reached back really quickly to pull her pants back up but Tom was completely in control at this point so she gave up trying after only a few attempts. All of a sudden I could hear Toms fingers rubbing on her clit, I could tell by the sound that she was already dripping wet. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour by now, I had NO idea how the hell we got to this point but I'd be damned if I was going to stop it. Tom kept rubbing her clit, moving his fingers in and out of her pussy, Claire was letting out soft moans that were muffled by the blankets.

A few minutes later Tom had removed all of her clothes by now and was behind Claire, I could see him aiming his cock directly at her pussy, he grabbed ahold of her ass and started rubbing his dick all over her clit. Claire finally brought her head out of the blankets.

"Oh fuck it" she said.

And with that she started undoing my pants, she pulled them right off me and my hard cock sprung up into her hand, she started slowly jerking me off, then she went down and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started teasing me with her tongue. Tom was still behind her, he rubbed her clit one more time with his cock and grabbed hard onto her ass and rammed his cock hard and fast into her tight wet cunt. It seemed like they were both in rhythm, everytime his cock thrust hard into her, her head would go down deep on my cock. I could head Tom's grunts everytime his cock smashed into her pussy, and Claire moaning while having a mouthful of my cock. I was beyond turned on at this point, so I reached my arm out and with the angle I was on, I could reach Claire's clit so I started rubbing her clit while Tom fucked her, this drove her absolutely insane as now she was bouncing her ass back into Tom everytime he thrust into her. A couple times I felt Tom's cum covered cock rub by my fingers, instead of grossing me out, it seemed to have turned me on even more! It was right then that I decided to go for it, I stopped rubbing her clit, and moved by hand farther back and started playing with his balls, as soon as I touched them Tom closed his eyes and let out a loud moan. I'll never forget the feeling, his soft skin, the feeling of his bolls moving around in my hand, it was amazing.

Claire brought her head off my cock, "Mmm fuck, ok boys time to switch, Hal, fuck my god damned brains out baby."

I didn't need to be told twice, Tom took my place and I got behind Claire, I could see now just how wet she was, her pussy slightly swollen and red from the hard fucking Tom had just delivered to her. She rolled over onto her back so I could be on top of her while I fucked her. I spread her legs wide and slid my cock into her moist used cunt. I started fucking her hard, fast, and deep, the sound of our bodies slapping together echoed through the room. I leaned in and started kissing her, I could still taste my own cock on her tongue, I brought my head back up to get a better angle so I could shove my cock deeper, and when I did I got the shock of my life, as soon as I brought my head up, Tom grabbed ahold of my head, and shoved his cock into my mouth! I couldn't believe it, I actually had a cock in my mouth, and strangely enough, I fucking loved it! Immediately I began sucking for all I was worth, taking his entire shaft into my mouth, I started playing with his balls and slipping a finger into his ass once in a while. I was having the time of my life, I had my hard cock deep in Claire's cunt, and a nice hard cock deep in my mouth. A few minutes later Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth and brought it over to Claire's face and started jerking off, a couple seconds later and he was shooting his hot load all over the bitches face.

Before I got the chance to blow my load inside Claire however, she pushed me off her and laid me down on the bed, her and Tom both got down low and started sucking on my cock, Claire would suck on the sides and up and down the shaft while Tom sucked and teased the head of my cock, Claire's hands were busy playing with my balls while Tom had his finger thrusting in and out of my tight asshole. I could only take a few more minutes of this and my hard cock shot my hot cum, Claire and Tom made sure not to make a mess though, Tom took the first few shots in his mouth an Claire took the rest.

After that we all got cleaned up and ready for bed, Tom slept on the couch in the living room, and Claire slept with me in my bed. Me and Claire fucked a couple more times that night, and when I went out to get a drink at 5am, me and Tom 69'd on the couch ;). I've never forgotten that night, it's possibly my favorite sexual encounter I've had. Unfortunately it was my only MMF 3way but I desperately want to do it again. Me and Tom never saw each other again, but me and Claire continue to this day to have a very intimate sex life with each other ;)

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