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Me, Mother & Maid

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"Oh God......" Lalit panted. "It feels so good. You suck cock so good."
Both a smile and a tinge of embarrassment covered Malini,s face as her
assumption proved true. Her eighteen year old son was getting a blow
job. "I wonder who it is?" Malini said to herself as her curiosity
overcame her embarrassment.

The thought of interrupting them never entered her mind. She knew that
when the time came, there wasn't anything she could do the prevent her
son from becoming sexually active. No more than her parents could've
stopped her. All she could do was make sure he knew enough of the facts
to make the right decisions.

She paused before looking in. She felt all flushed and strangely
sexually excited. The thought of watching her son get blown was really
turning her on. Not that the fact that Lalit had developed into a
handsome young man had escaped her notice.

The earlier redness in her face suddenly turned to pure white as she
looked at the two lovers.! The lips wrapped tightly around her son's
cock, belonged to their 40 plus servent Ramadin !!!. And worse still her
son had her panties in his mouth while he was getting his cock sucked!In
shock, she watched .. The rapid rate of Lalit,s breathing told her he
was about to explode. Unable to utter a sound, she stood there
transfixed as a torrid of white boycum erupted onto Ramadins face. With
a hungry intensity, he again engulfed Lalit,s cock and swallowed as much
of the precious white fluid as he could. Through it all, Malini could
hear her son's soft moans....oh kaka! Maa ki fuddi marne mein maza
aayegaaaaaaa!(it would be fun to **** mom,s pussy!) ....

No, she didn't think Lalit was gay - she just thought he was horny. When
you're just 18and don't really have a lot of friends, maybe its not so
important that the mouth around your cock doesn't belong to a girl...but
her servent of all beings!..well how so ever shocking it may
seemed..,Malini was getting wet!It was so sexually stimulating to see
her son being sacrificed on the alter of lust by non other than their
servent ! God Am I a pervertd bitch who is getting wet in her
pussy...seeing this torrid oral sex involving two males,out of which one
of whom was their son!....and more so the fact that her son had moaned
her name just as he came into their servents waiting mouth!......Whats
happening in my house?...the 39 year old luscious divorcee wondered...

Now here was Malini .... still in a stage of shock, just having seen her
son involved with her servant in what seemed so dirty yet
exciting!...she was in a state of dilemma!...Hell! Why was she so turned
on !...Had guts to see this elderly servant receiving a load of cum in
his mouth from her own son,s cock!...And what had her son uttered just
as he came, with her panties close to his mouth, sniffing or may be even
licking them. It was damn vulgar and atrocious and yet equally
titillating and mind blowing!!!and Did SHE HEAR HIM RIGHT?!!! .Did he
say something that suggested that he had hots for her! His own mother?!!
She should have interfered....may be shouted...but instead she felt
dizzy almost light headed with all her reasoning and moral virtues
leaving her..and she instead found herself in 'like never before' state
of sexual arousal! She had a tingling in between her thighs....her pussy
revolting ...wet !.. she could feel her panty getting wetter..."HEY
ME!!!)...Her mind and body were yielding.SHE WAS GETTING HOT THINKING
"WHAT A BITCH I AM! "...SHE MOANED..... Somehow she turned around to
proceed towards her bedroom holding her head...with her hands. And just
then she heard a familiar voice which obviously startled her, given the
state she was in."Memsahab aap theek to hain! "(Madam ?you all
right?!!)...It was her part time maid Rukmani, a 28 year sold sultry
looking woman who was employed for washing clothes, and cleaning of
house, bathrooms etc......"Hain,,wo mein..... "!!!("Yes I am ok I... "!!!.)

Malini, after her divorce long back, had been fighting it hard to
sustain herself and her son .She was now a proud owner of a well
established traveling agency. But it had, not been easy for her. She had
made it happen...often working overtime, uplifting the standards of her
firm from time to time.....redoing her office premises..,hiring and
firing of staff to make an efficient team....Investing carefully....and
now she could afford to relax a bit as far as their future was concerned

While she was struggling for a safer future, the demands of her
workload, made her neglect somewhat, two very important aspects of life:
Firstly, her son... . But she was somewhat assumingly relaxed that their
servants Ramadin and Rukmani took good care of her son and under their
care, he was safe in cosy confines of house.!(WELL! SHE WAS NOW HAVING

She could just not give her son as much personnel attention as much she
would have liked, but still made her best efforts for the betterment of
her c***d.

Secondly,it was her physical bodily demands.....as if they ceased to
happen all this while ........and when ever she felt that they were
having a distracting influence on her work, all the relief she afforded
or resorted to was a quick 'jerking off' session ..with her fingers
...either in her office washroom or in her bedroom in the night.She
didn't want to;mess up her life by falling into any sort of relationship
that could bring embarresment on social grounds or jeopardize her
relationship with her son ..

She was reflecting on her life ...still could not get out her mind the
images of her son,s cock with pink fleshy glans moving in and out of
mouth of Ramadin,s mouth!...And how the elderly lecher had devoured
himself and gobbled on her son,s precious boy cum!.....How would it
feel to take her son,s cock in her mouth!!! Could she take her son to a
higher sexual level and make him come more strongly than Ramadin
did!....Her son also wanted to **** her...! She had heard him
moan..."maa ki fuddi marne mein mazza aayega! "...these rather vulgar
words from her son,s mouth had taken her into a sort of sexual frenzy
!!.She was usually not exposed to such lewd language yet she found it
exciting !!!She was also wondering how Ramadin,s cock must be....long,
hard, with a bulbous tip....huge hairy balls..filled with cum ......!!!..

Was it that all her pent up desires up till now had just surfaced?..Her
body dying for a release....her pussy itching....between her thighs
...wet and ....expecting? SHE FELT LIKE A REAL SLUT!!!....real slut..
who was ready to give anything for cumming!....she desired her son....,
her servant and wanted to indulge in wildest of sexual acts!....

That is when Rukmani interrupted her thoughts..."Memsahib
malish?.....Mera kam ho gaya .mein aap hi ka intzaar kar rahi thi. " (
"MAM! MASSAGE ? I am done with my other works .Was waiting for you only

Malini entered her room and her maid Rukmani followed ."Darwaza band kar
le " ...("Lock the door. "). uttered Malini ...her voice almost reduced
to a whisper.. Ji bibi ji "..("Yes Madam " ) said Rukmani and closed the
door . Amongst her other duties, Rukmani often used to give a massage
to her lady boss Malini when ever the latter desired one. It was only an
hour earlier Malini had called home from her office asking Rukmani to
wait for her after completing her other chores as she was feeling tired
and cramped up and needed a masage.

Routinely Malini would change into an old nighty of hers when ever she
was having a massage from Rukmani Slowly, as if in a trance, Malini
started taking off her saree .

Now this was a departure from the normal routine.....! Usually Malini
would change into a nighty in her bathroom and then appear in front of
Rukmani for a massage.

As she was disrobing herself, the expressions on the face of her maid
changed from those of awkwardness to a bit of shock and then finally
embarrassment!.....and Malini was smart enough to take a note of
that!.....She was in a state of lust and hunger! ...Her senses were
flared up!! ....Aroused beyond her imagination .... She felt like acting
sluttish ....She wanted to indulge in physical pleasures and seeked a
release somehow...and she wanted SEX!!! May be that was the reason she
was taking off her saree in front of her maid, almost
instinctively...... with two of them alone in a closed room .... ! Her
subconscious mind wanted a body close to hers.........Yes she was
yearning for a human touch in a sexual way! which she had been devoid of
for so long!.....The 'bitch' in her was taking over her emotions! Now
Malini was standing with her profile towards Rukmani, in her blouse and
petticoat and felt a cold rush of air on the side of her left upper
thigh, where her petticoat had a rather longish slit (Most readers,
familiar with petticoats must be knowing about and seen a side slit on
them, for the reason unknown to me.) and was affording the maid a
rather clear few of her black panties and a bit of her creamy white
thighs. Malini could see Rukmani stealing glances on the side portion of
the upper part of her thighs though the maid mostly held her head down
as if awaiting further orders .Malini stood on like that for a
moment.....Did she wanted to seduce a lowly maid.....! (Now, Malini was
not known to have bisexual tendencies...though being educated and smart
individual, she was well aware of the fact that there are many people
who indulge sexually with members of same sex. Also in her teens she
happened to watch couple of blue films with her girlfriends, on the day
of their graduation when they had their all night party .There were many
"girl on girl' scenes in those movies. She also had read quite a lot of
imaginary, story bound as well as non fictional and realistic
literature on the subject of bisexuality and lesbianism..)Her new found
sexual serge was to be liberated in having sex with her maid?.... She
again remembered the burly and hairy Ramadin sucking on her son Lalit, s
cock....!.....Does it matter whose mouth it is on your cock or
pussy!....?....as long as it is driving you into loads of sexual bliss!
The heat in her loins hit a new high again!.....Yes !!! she wanted to
make it with Rukmani.....! Wanted to do things to her body.. And wanted
to act nasty with her...!

Malini started removing her blouse.....un doing her blouse really
fast.....She wanted to get on with the things!!! While doing so she was
boldly staring at her maid Rukmani.

KAR!...GARMI BHI LAG RAHI HAI "...sort of giving an explanation to
Rukmani she utterd....Now she was in her white silky imported bra and
petticoat.And Rukmani was awestruck!.. Seeng her 'malikin; in such a
state of semi undress..."UFF KAISE MAMME HAIN...SAALI KE " she was
thinking in her mind....gawking at Malini.s tits trapped in a fancy bra
that uplifted her tits and made them look more ripe and upright!( Now
Rukmani from very beginning had been a silent admirer of Malini,s body
and would secretly relish her charms..She was envious of the fact that
her madam carried her self with a rare style in those fabulous sarees
and stylish jewelery .Also she absolutely loved the lingerie Malini used
in her day to day life. Often before washing clothes, she would sniff at
Malini,s bra and panties to gather her bodily odours!!)

Now Malini could realise that her 38 D Breasts were having some impact
on the maid! Then as if acting out of impulse Malini did some thing that
was least expected by the maid Malini lifted her right arm above her
head and openly sniffed her right armpit which were quite hairy at that
time..... "Kaafi garmi thi bahar! Dekh! Kitna pasina aa gaya! Aur kitne
dino se ye baal bhi saaf nahi kar pai! ".. " "Ji Bibi Ji " was all
Renuka could reply ..clearly restless at this state, though she tried to
look casual and normal at her best.

Then Malini 'dropped' another bombshell !!!....."Tu kitne dino mein bal
saf karti hai "...she asked Rukmai....!An as she asked this rather
personnel question to her maid, from whom she had always maintained a
respectable distance so far....,she openly looked and with her eyes,
sort of pointed at the maid's crotch area !!! "Ji mein to.... "
Rukmani,s throat sort of dried out.....! " Bol na " Malini probed again
....staring at of Rukmani who now was again looking down having been
asked such a bewildering and intimate question from her lady boss...
"Bibi ji ..M .M ein to kam hi kar pati hun ....yahi koi saal mein 3-4
bar.... "somehow replied Rukmani Malini was hell bent to go on...and
further asked "Dono ek saath saaf karti ho!?? "....."Nahi bibi ji kabhi
baglon ke....kabhi......n n neeche ke! "...Rukmani could not get her to
say any sort of name for her pussy hair....so though she could refer to
her underarms hair as "bagalon ke bal " ... ! Malini suddenly felt
herself getting more frenzied and passionate as she suddenly imagined
what it would be like to see,....touch and feel...sniff....lick and chew
on her servant,s hairy armpits and pussy hair...!The utter filthiness
and perverted nature of thoughts made her more dangerous a marauder as
well as a meek victim of her carnal desires both at the same time!....A
paradox of lust!!!

"Ise bhi utaar deti hun saali..... chubh rahi ..meri...Phir maalish
aaram se.... " While saying this Malini touched sides of her
thighs..over her patticoat and moved her hands over her body to her
front till they came to rest on the front portion of her
thighs...clearly in contact with her panty clad cunt...and scratched a
bit over area!...."K kya...hain theek ..hai hain..bibi ji.... " could
mumble Rukmani.

Before giving her time to think Malini lifted her petticoat, from both
sides and using index fingers of her both hands from front to side,
bending down a bit, lifting one leg and then the other had her panty in
her hands! And while doing so she had moved a bit closer to Rukmani..
She didn't care how much of her legs thighs and steaming pussy became
visible to Rukmani as she was removing her panty! "DEKH ...Meri Kacchi
bhi geeli ho gayi....... garmi se "And again she did something which was
totally unexpected from a lady of her status and class! Shamelessly,
with her maid standing in close distance to her,....she took her panties
to her nose...and sniffed them candidly!...... holding them for a while
against her nose with her left hand,her eyes closed she continued the
bawdy sniff act on her panty! Her right hand mean while scratched her
now pantyless pussy hair over her patticoat!!! The overtly sexual
undercurrents of the lewd questionnary, with a mesmeric striptease act
carried out by Malini and open sniffing of first her underarms and now
her panty by the sexy classy lady was getting a bit too much for the
poor maid to remain in her composure...!(She recollected how she would
try to smell her employer,s undergarments !!!) And here was her
respected and cultured 'Bibi ji' openly sniffing her panty in front of
her as if her life depended on it! ..... OH Bibi ji Yeh Aaap....Apni
Kacchi sungh rahi hain uff! " Malini opened her eyes, took away her
panties from her nose and moving a little more towards Rukmani, shoved
her panties right under the nose of her unassuming maid!!! "Dekh na!
Kaisi smell aa rahi hain meri kachhi se!! ".. "OH MMMMBibi ji all she
could hear the maid moan into her panty....She pressed the panty harder
on the nose of her maid...putting her other hand behind the maids head,
least the latter withdrew her nose way from the panty.....Malini wanted
her maid to smell her panty! HELL!!!She wanted her maid to smell her
pussy stench!!!

"Mmmm!Mmaaa! Uf.... " Rukmani's moans could be heard unmistakably as
Malini, in her fit of lust, kept pressing her panty on the nose of her
maid.....!Malini was getting a rare kind of perverse thrill...Her other
hand was at the back of maid's head....maintaing a sort of forward
traction....Suddenly Malini took away the hand that was holding maid's
head into her panty....She realized to her utter contentment that
Rukmani did not take her face away from the panty.....but instead with
her eyes shut, seemed to be sniffing rather zestfully her madam,'
panty....! Panty that gathered over the day, Malini,s most intimate
odors .... Those of her pussy ...her body sweat from her pussy
hair......inner portion of her thighs..and most likely her urine
too....!!! Malini was getting tremendous sexual thrill in in seeing her
maid doing so and was getting bolder in her tactics as to how to devour
her maid, who by now seemed to be perfectly under sexual spell weaved by
the divorced lust laden mother!!!! "Suungh meri kachhi!
Rukmaniiii..sssss Acchi lag rahi hai...? "Malini hissed in lustful tone
"UMmmm Hain Bibi jiii "...moaned the maid. !..And Rukmani went on lewdly
smelling the panty of her lady boss! Realizing that her arm was a bit
tired holding her panty closed to maid's nose, Malini started to get her
hand down,which had been doing so! "Bibi ji....ummmmhh " Rukmani moaned
in her week protest...... "AUR KYA SUNGHEGI! ".........Malini questioned
in lusty whispher.......

"Bibi ji ye sab galat hai! "...Rukmani, though quite sexually aroused,
with her madam's charms and bawdy acts, registered a weak protest....! "
Hummm the slut is getting attacks of morality!!!.... " Malini
inferred......"I cant let go this chance "......Her resolve to have the
poor maid became all the more strong!...

Malini lowered her head and took possession of Rukmani,s mouth
!!!!....She sucked her tongue As she did it, she pressed down on the
maid with the force of desire for the latter .

At first Rukmani tried to shake her head from side to side to avoid her
mistress's mouth but soon discovered the futility of that action.
Despite her efforts to thwart her madam's assault her body was
responding . Their tongues meet and dueled for power.

You know you want me. Your body is craving this can't you feel it slut?"
Malini said in a lustful tone .....Rukmani was burning with desire now!
..."why my body is reacting this way!" "HELL why am so wet?" Rukmani
moaned softly at touch. Despite her body responding she kept up the
pretense of resistance.!.........

Maini meanwhile acting like a possessed predator, lifted her petticoat .
bared her cunt and cupped it lewdly............!!! "ISE ...Chusna Chahti
Hai Na??!!!"(You don't think you want to suck this?" )Then looking
straight into the maid's face dropped her petticoat down!....depriving
Rukmani of the lashvicious view of her pussy!......

"To tune kabhi fuddi nahi chati na?!!!! ("You're still new at sucking on
a cunt? " ) "Fuddi nahi chati to kya..... LE YEH CHAT! " YEH MERI FUDDI
SHURU KAR!!!!...("Now if you're reticent about going down on a hot cunt,
here's something for you to practice on. It's hairy and sweaty just like
a pussy." ) "Hain Mein CHATUNGI!.... " ("I'll do it, I'll do it."...)
Rukmani declared in a meek tone as she buried her face in her Maini's
armpit, trying to suck voraciously to display her willingness. ....,
Rukmni found herself more aroused as she wondered, how it would be if
she was between Malini's thighs.. .....! With her face secured in
proffered armpit of her mistress, Rukmani extended her tongue and she
began to swipe it up and down, through the bushy hairs. The salty taste
of sweat and the pungent odor aroused her senses, quickened her breath,
and soon she was avidly sucking all over the area!!!

"Aab meri fuddi chat " !!! Rukmaniiii .....Saali Randiiii! " Forcing the
maid down, suddenly in a jerk, holding her by her shoulders,Malini
tentatively raised the petticoat enough to get her maid,s head under it
......!!Malini could not suppress a groan as Rukmani rubbed her face
luxuriously against the deliciously naked thighs of her madam above
her... Then the frenzied maid pushed her face up between the slightly
parted legs and inhaled deeply, the powerful aroma....!

Malini reeled in the moment of pleasure under Rukmani,s zestful sucking
on her pussy.....The maid was lapping up her madam's pussy juice's,
which by now had started to flow copiously, given the kind of sexual
strain Malini had been under since quite a while now ...."UMMMMPHHH ....
MAA RRRUKMANI CHUUUUUS! "....Malini almost yelled in sexual bliss.

Rukmani glided her tongue across Malini's pussy......some times she
would suck on either of the blissful lady's labial lips....... at other
times ...she would drive her tongue into the deep wet recesses of
Malini's cunt.......****ing it like a miniature cock...sapping the
creamy flow ....But it was when the maid took Malini's clit in her mouth
and applied suction on it, she would hear and feel her mistress being in
peak of her bliss......!!!

On her haunches in front of her mistress, her head between Malini's
thighs, Rukmani now openly started to rub her own 'fuddi.' over her
salwar......Seeing this bashful and shameless pussy rub, the maid had
resorted and with the kind of of 'oral attention' Malini was
receiving......she felt a new wave of lust and with it a new
desire.......! .....To...see ...feeel ... snifff ...and suck on to the
maid's pussy......She eagerly felt like' reciprocating ' the
favors......! " Moving back.....,she took her pussy away from the maid's
tongue and mouth...."UTTH.. KHARI HO.... " saying this she lifted
Rukmani up, holding her by under her armpits....and like a famished
a****l...once more took possession of the maid's mouth ...She loved the
taste of her own 'FUDDI' juices, mixed with the maid's saliva and
passionately sucked Rukmani,s tongue..,who in turn was also only too
keen to capture her mistress's tongue in her mouth.....! Kissing like
teenagers in lust, the two ladies were mauling each others breasts
.....Malini exclaimed breaking the kiss.......and quickly began
undressing the perfect yonger wonen's body. Rukmani had firm breast with
nipples..... Long pretty legs with a b magnificent behind. As Malini
began undressing, she marveled at the sight of her maid' naked
body...First, the perfect woman's breasts and an abundance of dark curly
underam hair that adorned Rukmani's pits. As she removed her panties,
Malni paid special attention to the maid's ass which was thick and bushy
with hints of anal hair........ . Malini was almost delirious...with
lust... . She fondling the maid's now naked, breasts. She sucked her
nipples and began rubbing between Rukmani'sis legs.
mmmmmmmms " Rukmani moaned back in passion ...MMERE MAMME CHUSO BIBI
Jiiiiiiiiii Zorrrrr seeeeeeeee Kat khao mmmm UI MAAAAAssssssss " .

Malini pushed Rukmani on the bed....and cradled her nose in the maid's
it armpits to smell her fragrance. ........"UMMMM SEXY SMELL HAI
UMMMM.... " Malini moaned in the younger ladies pits.......She could not
get her to stop sniffing the lowly maid's pits...!!! In a flash her
tongue was out and furiously lapping up the maid's underarm
hair......she was savoring the taste of Rukmani,s body, ....her womanly
odour combined with sweat and perspiration! ......This was an awesome
sexual experience ..........! Being carried over by her lust to a higher
level and wanting to devour her maid in filthiest of manners, she turned
Rukmani on her back side and soon her nose was nuzzled in the abundance
of anal hair of the prostrate maid!!!!!!!She spread Rukmani's ass cheeks
and placed her nose close to her asshole. Rukmani reached behind and
held the other ass cheek wide open .......WASN'T SHE ENJOYING
THIS.....?Her boss sniffing her asshole....."sungho meri gaand bibi ji
"....ccchatooo mmmmmsssssss " and let out a quality cry . Malini was
savoring the smell. Now Rukmani could feel her madam's tongue entering
her asshole....... "OH Bibi ji iiiii mar jaungiiiiiiii maaaaaaaa "...
Malini,s ..... her mouth in the maid's ass crack.....wrathfully started
to finger her own clit..... Turnimg the maid on her back Malini gazed at
the lovely inviting "fuddi " of her maid.......! ......wet
.........hairy and all hers!...She lowered her face and made first
electrifying contact of her tongue with Rukmani's pussy.....she straight
way went for the maid's clit......sucking on it, first gently and then
feeling the heat of the maid's pussy....and aroma of the tissues around,
began vigorous nibbling and sucking.....!Rukmani was ecstatic.......hear
head rolling from one side to the other under expert tongue ****ing, she
was receiving from her boss, Malini!!!! Fingering her own pussy as she
sucked on Rukmani,s, Malini realized that she perhaps couldn't hold for
longer time now.....Giving,the maid's pussy a few quick tongue
****s....she gathered some creamy pussy juice in her mouth and
.....moving up sealed her lips to Rukmani's...... " jjjebh de apni " she
demanded Rukmani's tongue and started sucking on it....sharing saliva
and pussy juice....... "Malini started humping her 'fuddy' on to the
maid's as the two continued to kiss with a****l passion.. Their tongues
locked in power play....reaching out at the farthest corners of each
other's mouth.....Both moaned in the lesbian lust that had taken over
them with an awesome ferocity......Lips to Lips.......tits to
tits....pussy on pussy.......!THE MOM WAS HAVING THE MAID! As both the
lust laden horny ladies came close to reach their orgasms,Malini pressed
her 'fuddi' hard on Rukmani's for the final time...,holding the maid,s
face in her hands, sort of pinning her down, the two still locked in
what seemed never ending French kiss...moans became louder......and as
if by miracle, both of them reached to a thundering climax!!!

Malini was determined to make it with her son.....Her passions had
blinded her ....The sexual hunger and the thrill of the forbidden had
become far to much greater than the moral or ethical considerations of
entering into an i****tuous relationship with her own son . She was
becoming firm in her resolve and her pussy twitched every single time
she fancied herself and her son in various sex acts..... ..! ...As if
her wishes were too be granted, she soon got a chance to fulfill her
wicked desire.

It was a Sunday but Malini had to still go to her traveling agency to
take care of an important issue which required her presence in the
office, though much against her wishes. She would usually avoid office
on Sundays. However she was soon done with her work and returned home by
early afternoon. As soon as she entered the house she realized that
their residential servant Raamadin was not at home as his cycle was no
where to be seen ."May be he has gone for a haircut or something " she
thought and entered her living room "WHERE MUST BE LALIT? " SHE wondered
.Just as as he was going to call out her son, an instinct prevented her
to do so. Instead she chose to check out herself what was her teenage
son was doing in his room ....the other day events flashed again in her
mind...."Was her son again doing some thing naughty....?? "she wondered
.In her heart of hearts she desired so.......And her assumption was not
wrong! She peeped inside the partially opened door of her son's room and
there!.....the lusty teenager, oblivious to the world was deeply glued
to the television ....and .....absorbed in a blue movie !.......while
......fondling his cock! Now Lalit had not bothered to lock his room.
Perhaps, he was not expecting his mother to be back from office so soon.
As for Ramadin, he need not hide any thing from the elderly servant as
the two would often watch blue films together, which in fact, was more
fun as they would more often then not, provide sexual gratification to
each other while watching the lewd scenes running across the television

Malini stealthily walked across the room and stood behind her son for a
few minutes, admiring his young body as he played with his hard cock.
She felt the familiar tingling between her legs, made more intense by
the thought that this was her own son.

"That looks like fun, doesn't it?" Malini broke the calm of the room
."Oh shit!......Mom!" Lalit cried out as he dropped his cock and spun
around at the sound of her voice. It took a few seconds for him to
recover from the shock of her presence, then he stammered out. "The
video store made some kind of mistake.....they had the wrong film in the
box." Lalit mumbled .... sort of trying to protect himself ."I'm sure
they did, still it looks like a very interesting movie, don't you
think?" carried on Malini...Her predatory instincts were taking
over......and she was enjoying the look on her son's flushed face. She
walked around the sofa and sat down beside him. Remembering that he was
half naked, Lalit reached down to pull up his pants. "Rehne do " ...."
Malini said softly as she stopped his reaching hand with her own.
"There's nothing to be ashamed about..." She said as she moved her
fingers from his hand and placed them directly on her son's cock.
"UMMMMMMNN MAAA "Lalit exclaimed as his cock jerked involuntary at his
mother's touch. "Feels nice doesn't it?" Malini asked. "Ye......Yes..."
Lalit replied, unable to deny how good it felt to have his Mother stroke
his cock. "Do you want me to stop?" Malini said in a teasing tone ... "I
will if you want?" "No, please don't stop..." Lalit almost begged !...
almost too softly to hear. Malini didn't say anything for the next few
minutes. The sexual tension could be perceived clearly between mom and
son She just continued to stroke his swelling cock, tracing along his
veins with her nails and cupping his balls with her other hand. "I saw
you with Ramadin the other day " She said, continuing to play with his
dick. "I saw him suck your cock......! "

Lalit started to say something but she put two fingers across his lips,
indicating that she just wanted him to listen. "I'm trying not to be
judgmental about this." Malini continued. "I want you to do what ever it
may be that makes you happy. I've always tried to make sure that you had
the knowledge you needed to make intelligent decisions. Right now I
think you're making one without fully understanding the options
available to you." Malini paused a moment to make sure he son was
understanding what she was saying. "If you want, I'm going to show you
exactly what its like to be with a woman. I want you to forget that I'm
your Mother and just think of me as a woman who desires you very much.
Do you understand that?" Lalit nodded his head yes. "Do you want me to
go on?" Lalit again nodded his head yes. With a wide smile on her face
and a burning desire building between her legs, Malini bent down and
took his cock into her mouth. Lalit leaned back against the sofa and
closed his eyes in bliss. . The wetness of his Mother's mouth seemed to
engulf his entire being. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once.
Licking up under the crown, tickling the sensitive area beneath his
balls, massaging the sides of his cock as she took him all the way into
her throat. "Oh maa " He moaned. Hearing him call her name reminded
Malini that this was her son's cock in her mouth. She increased her
rhyme, causing a more powerful reaction from her son's cock. She could
taste the saltiness of his cum as it leaked from his hole. The same
saltiness that Jan had tasted this morning. Now it belonged to her. She
gripped the base of his cock and pressed her fingers tight against the
urethra, preventing him from Cumming. She could feel the pressure
against her fingers, she knew how badly he wanted to cum. "I have to cum
so bad......." Lalit pleaded. "Please Mom, I want to cum." Malini
continued to suck and stroke him for another ten seconds. Then she
released the pressure around the base of his dick, sending a stream of
hot cum gushing into her mouth. "UMMMMM MAAA.......... " He moaned . She
intentionally slurped the white cream, letting it splash across her
face. It dripped from her lips and down her chin. Malini reached out
with her tongue and licked it from her lips. It was the best she had
ever tasted. Then again how could it not be, it had come after all from
the fruit of her loins. Her face still smeared with his cum, Malini
moved up to his face and pulled her son to her. She kissed him, softly
at first, allowing him to taste his cum on her lips. Her tongue then
found it's way within his mouth again giving him taste of his own cum again!

Already Lalit could feel a movement in his cock, it wouldn't be too long
before he would grow hard again. He didn't care if what he was doing was
right or wrong. Besides he had been lusting for his mom, Malini for
quite some time now and Ramadin, there servant was largely responsible
for this as he would get cheap hindi 'pondies' for the young teenager,
which often featured mom son sex stories and pictures .Of course later
on it was the internet which further fueled and fanned Lalit's interest
in i****t specially, in his mom! ...(hope this does not sound familiar
GRANTED!!!...He knew that he didn't want it to stop!....

Not that stopping was anywhere on Malini's agenda. She broke her son's
embrace and stood up. She reached behind her and undid the dress laces
around her neck. Once undone, the top of the dress fell free, exposing
her swollen breasts, held only in place by the satin black bra "I
noticed you admiring these earlier..." She said as she massaged the
globes with her hands. "I thought you'd like a better look....Lalit apni
Ma Ke Mamme Dekhega!" "Oh yes..." Lalit said as he reached up and
pressed his hands against the soft flesh. His fingers slid beneath the
thin black material and brushed against Malini's hard nipples. Now
Malini moaned softly as Lalit played with her nipples. He pulled her
breasts down to face level and buried his face in her cleavage. His
tongue licked every inch of his mother's exposed breast, planting kisses
on each mound again and again. Lalit's fingers followed the soft
material cupping her breasts and soon undid the hooks that held it
together. As the material fell free, he was rewarded with his first
unrestricted look at his Mother's breasts....a sight he had dreamed
about many a night.!!!! He reached up and cupped one breasts, guiding
the nipple into his mouth. "Softly.......Pyaar se..." Malini whispered
as she helped place the nipple in his mouth. She felt his teeth grate
against her nipple a few times but made no attempt to correct him."UMMM
Chus! Beta!....! " .

After Lalit had suckled at her second breast for a while, she brought
her mouth to his own chest . She traced the outline of his aureole with
her tongue, then took her son's small nipples into her mouth."Mom you
are such a sweet slut....mmmm " Lalit exclaimed iin joy! Lalit was
amazed at how good it felt, he had never considered his boy breasts as
sexual parts of his body.!!! As Malini continued to tongue his nipples,
she pressed his hardening cock against her panties covered mound,
slowing dry humping against it. In no time at all her panties were moist
with her own juices. "Are you ready to see my cunt?" She whispered in
his ear, taking secret delight in her use of such language while talking
to her son.

"Yes, please show it to me." Malini leaned back on the edge of the sofa
and spread her legs wide. She reached down and undid the two side
strings that held the panty together. Then with a flourish, she pulled
the black cloth away, revealing her mound of delight in all its fiery
red splendor. Lalit's eyes widened in wonder as he looked down on his
first real pussy.!!!! A pussy he was sure he would not only get to
touch, but would soon be inside of....and hell! It was his own
Mom's!..... He never considered the thought that this would be his
second journey into this particular tunnel of love - the first having
been in the opposite direction.........! . "I want you to kiss it."
Malini hissed "I want you to lick my 'fuddi' and taste how sweet the
juices can be."....! Needing no further prompting, Lalit dove right in.
Clumsily at first, he simply tried to take the whole thing in his mouth
like he had his mom's nipples. Then he settled down and began to lick up
and down, using his hand to expose more of the pink softness within. He
reached out to his mom's clitoris with his tongue and was rewarded with
another series of soft moans from Malini....!.The taste of pussy juices
filled his mouth, so different from his own - but surprisingly nice.!!!
So much for all the fish jokes he had been told.---rubbish! Her mom's
pussy's juice was splendid and he was loving it!.. Malini's cunt grew
wetter with each passing minute. She guided Lalit,s fingers into her
pussy and quickly showed him how to finger-**** a woman.

Between his tongue and fingers, she was as wet as she could be. !!! Her
body cried out for his hard 'lund'. "Lalit....Beta Chod Mujhe...! I want
you inside me...." She muttered in sexual tension..."I want to be your
first woman." Lalit smiled as he took a hold of his cock and straddled
his Mother. He placed it at the entrance of her hole and gently slid it
in. She was so lubricated that he quickly filled her until his balls
slapped against her ass. He reached down and took a hold of each of her
legs as he had seen them do in the movie, then began to **** her as hard
as he could. "Oh God Yes!" Malini cried out as she felt her son's cock
fill her. It felt so good. She reached behind him and grabbed his ass.
Taking a firm grip, she added her own strength to his thrusts, taking
him deeper inside her. With every once of energy he could muster, Lalit
trusted his cock into his Mother again and again....... The walls of her
pussy felt so good as they wrapped around his cock."Mmmmm nothing could
feel good as this " Sweat covered both their bodies as they thrashed
back and forth atop the couch. A few feet away the porno movie continued
unwatched, but matched in intensity by the two oblivious viewers.

Finally, Malini felt her son's body began to tense, signaling an
imminent explosion within him. She grabbed him as hard as she could and
pulled him as far within her as possible. Years of experience allowed
her to hold off her own climax, she wanted them to reach simultaneous
bliss. As soon as she felt the shudder of his body she relaxed and let
it trigger the volcanic waves within her own body. Her 'fuddi' exploded
as she felt the burst of her own son's cum fill her body, electrical
charges radiated outward until they filled the core of her being.
..."UFFFF MAAAAAAAAA! " ....Lalit groaned as he violently came into his
mom's lashvicious cunt! She smothered his face against her breasts,
allowing him to taste the sweat that covered her body. !!!!Then as the
tremors subsided within, she pulled his head up and kissed him. Not the
kiss of a Mother, but that of a Lover

Now that Malini And Lalit had tasted the 'forbidden fruit', it was only
natural that they were all the more eager to carry on their sexual
expeditions further. Lalit had no reason to hide any thing from his
servant Ramadin ...In fact the teenager was rather keen to disclose to
his elderly servant, the details of the tremendous i****tuous sex that
had taken place between him and his mother Malini! .....Yes his own
mother Malini who had been the object of lust and a central theme
between him and Ramadin, when ever the two engaged in any off sexual
talks or acts....Lalit was in a state of perpetual hard on since he had
'ravished' his mother.....!

Mean while Malini had also heard from Lalit, about Ramadin's sexual
prowess and lusty bent of mind. She was getting excited about the
prospects of getting stuffed with hard, beefy rural cock......Her just
refound lust had kindled a strange fire in her... she wanted the elderly
servant to have her......"UMMMM Beta Mujhe Chudwa de Ramadin Se
SSS.......! " she almost begged her son!!!... and Lalit had assured her
about arranging a wicked and lustful union between the lady of the house
and her servant at the earliest !

Malini also told her son about the steamy and kinky sex she had with her
maid to relieve her sexual tension earlier. While doing so, she had been
rather vivid and vulgar in description of Rukmani's body and her genital
organs....... "Lalit USKI fuddi mast hai! Mm Mamme to gajab hain saali
ke.....beta....! "...and she could gage from the flush on her son's face
and his hard throbbing erection that Lalit was turned on listening about
his mother's escapades with the maid and was now only very keen to have
Rukmani as well!

" SO FOURSOME ITS GONNA BE?!!! " Lalit teased his mom! ....."Why Son
Don't You Think it will be fun!!!.........Beta Mazza aayega! " Malini
replied with her mind already fantasizing about the exciting upcoming
prospects and endless possibilities to devour in pleasures of
flesh!...And her pussy wet in fervent anticipation

It was not going to take long after Malini and her son Lalit jointly
made the decision to involve their two servants, Ramadin and the sultry
maid Rukmani in their sexual escapades.

Later one evening, Lalit took Ramadin on to the terrace of their house
and briefed the elderly servant about his mother,s desire to have sex
with the latter. "Baba Sach mein...Malikin Mujh
Se....Chudengi...".....Ramadin uttered, gazing into infinity, already
imagining his sexy madam underneath him with his cock buried in her
pussy to the hilt...!!!.

Lalit couldn't help noticing the bulge in the servant's pajamas and
extending his hand took hold of Ramadin's cock ..."Hain
Ramadin...Tumhara sapna pura hone jaa raha hai !...Meri Maa tum se
chudne ko bekrar hai...Sirf Yeh Hi Nai, Hum Dono Ko Aaj Rukmani ko bhi
chodne ko milega!!! " Lalit's tone was almost that of sexual tease! The
pair looked at each other, trying to gauge reactions and then their lips
met in a hungry kiss. With increasing desperation they grinded their
bodies against each other, feeling their hard cocks mashed together between.

Much against his wish Lalit parted from his servant "Kaka abhi nahi
shaam ke liye apne lund kaa maal bacha ke rakho.Aur Hain! Khana jaldi
bana lena aur baki kaam bhi nipta lo "

Mean while, downstairs Rukmani had already arrived after telling her
family that her 'malikin' was not well and required the latter to stay
with her ovenight for care !!! (This was as per instructions Malini had
given Rukmani earlier that day, when she disclosed to the maid her
sexual encounter with her son Lalit and expressed her wish to have a
more 'fun'with the maid the same night). As soon as the maid entered
Malini,s bedroom, she found herself in arms of her madam and her mouth
being taken with a fiery kiss! Holding one arm against the maid's head,
Malini, without any formalities had plunged her tongue deep inside
Rukmani's mouth, her other hand crudely massaging and mauling the maid's
lush and taut breasts!.... "Uui Maaaaa... "Rukmani moaned in response to
the unanticipated sudden and intense sexual conduct of her madam! Still
kissing the maid, Malini's fingers traveled down the maid's body and
reached to the groin area of the maid . Parting Rukmani,s legs a little
with a gentle gesture of her hand, Malini obscenely cupped the maid's
pussy over her salwar, while still sucking ferociously on her tongue!
"Saali tune yeh kaisi aag laga di hai mere andar?!!! Ji karta hai tujhe
chus chus ke....!AAJ mein ji bhar ke teri ras bhari jwani ka maza
loongi! "Malini was surprised yet excited upon talking in such lewd
language to her maid.

"AAJ Tujhe apne bete se chudwaungi " Bol chudegi Lalit se! " Rukmani
jerked and felt sudden intense heat in her loins at the vulgar
suggestion maid by her 'malikin'!... "Kya bibi ji ...aap sach mein...?
"she uttered in disbeleif. "Hain meri kutiya aaj tujhe mere bete ke
chikne lund ka swaad dilaungi aur Ramdin ke mote laude ka bhi!
"Rukmani,s sexual serge hit a new high on listening to what her malikin
FUDDI AGAINST THE LATTER'S THIGH! Breaking the kiss, holding Rukmani
assuringly by both her shoulders and looking straight into her eyes
Malini moaned "Oh Rukmani! Bahut maza aayega na!? Hum dono ek saath do
do laudon ka maza leengi! "bol hai na!? "Han bibi ji " Rukmani confirmed.

Chal,Do glass, soda aur barf le aa Ramadin se aur use bol chicken tikke
aur kabab le aane ko market se.Paise uske paas honge,aaj hi saman ki
list ke saath diyen hain "

Malini wanted to make most of the occasion and had decided with Lalit
earlier that it would be better to have some liqour before their sex
session as not only it would fuel their fire but also help their
servants to get rid of inhibitions if at all they had any. Rukmani
getting the hint of the things to come, smiled mischievously and
proceeded towards the kitchen to carry out the instructions given by her

She found Ramadin washing some dishes in the kitchen. Almost in an
embarrassing state she asked for the things malikin had asked for.
Certrain new chemistry started to happen between the two servants and
Ramadin smiled blushingly as he handed over the trey (which had glasees,
ice box and soda bottles etc) to Rukmani..... "Yeh do glass kyon?!
Ramdin intentionally acting innocent, asked.

Rukmani "koi aane wala hai kya?!" "Pata nahi" Rukmani laughed and almost
rushed out of kitchen.

An hour later or so Malini was by already a couple of drinks down and
was fixing third drink for Rukmani.The maid was initially hesitant and
shy to sit and drink with her madam but Malini was gently persuasive and
it was not long before she started sipping the costly whisky. Mean while
in his room Lalit was also having his drinks along with Ramdin. Both
were by now hard with sexual tension and in anticipation of things to
come. Soon they sat closer and were engaged in some heavy petting,
holding each others cocks while talking lewdly about Malini and Rukmani.
Lalit knew it perfectly well that it never failed to arouse both of them
when Lalit talked vulgar about his own mother in front of his servant
Ramadin. " Kaka! Meri Maa Ko randi ke tarah chod dena aaj! " "Hain BABA
"moaned the elderly servent kissing Lalit on his cheek.

The duo was unaware of the fact that Malini and Rukmani had now entered
their room and were keenly watching and listening everything.

Lalit got up and knelt before Ramadan's splayed legs. He yanked his
pyajama and with much heavy breathing he managed to get it and the
servant's underwear clean off him. He groaned as his eyes fixed on the
beefy cock and heavy pair of balls ... and the thick thatch of black
pubes. !!!! Grabbing hold of Ramadin's legs Lalit forced them apart as
he buried his face in servant's hairy crack. He was like an a****l now,
grunting and groaning as he ate the Ramadin's asshole. It felt so
illicit and so wrong, and so ****ing hot.......!!! Malini stood behind
Rukmani, the maid gently stroking her belly, as she watched her son and
old faithful servant turn into complete and utter passionate sex crazed
a****ls . !!!! Ramadin was stroking his thick cock and sighing with
pleasure as Lalit tongue bit deep into his asshole.....! Lalit stood and
quickly stripped off. His teen, almost hairless body bearing a seven
inch cock with a pinkish glans in contrast to Ramadin's : beefy, hairy
and with an eight inch cock. . He roughly applied some saliva to
Ramdin's asshole and then applied a little to his own overheated cock
head. He sighed then took aim ....holding the man,s legs on his shoulder
for support...! Ramadin let out a yelp of protest as his asshole
suddenly received Lalit's cock tip . He had to beg Lalit to be patient
and slow......!

"UFFMMMMAA " Malini snorted at the lewd anal penetration of her
SEX, INVOLVING BOTH THE PARTNERS AS MALES!... Haering a sexy moan in the
room both Lalit and Ramadin turned towards the source.With his cock
still thurst in Ramadin's cock Lalit exclaimed!"Wellcome Mom!!! "Almost
absent mindedly she watched as Lalit pushed his cock to the
hilt.....causing Ramadin TO MOAN AGAIN!! She turned her attentions back
to Rukmani. The two women lay down on the sofa and caressed as they
continued their kissing. After what seemed like the longest time,
Malini guided Rukmani's hand to her mound and the maid expertly fingered
the black haired pussy until Malini writhed in pleasure. Ramadin gazed
over Lalit,s shoulder at his malikin receiving pleasure from her maid!.
His own asshole was beginning to feel really good now, having accustomed
itself to the stretch factor of Lalit's tool. Lalit's hungry tongue was
nibbling on his right nipple as he gently ****ed in and out of Ramadin's

Malini kissed down Rukmani's firm tits and onto her satiny smooth skin
of her belly and the maid panted in anticipation she felt a hot tongue
skirted around her pretty pussy and onto her upper thighs. She cried out
in delight when at last that expert tongue of her malikin licked up her
puffy lips and onto her magic button. She thrashed around on the floor
now like a demon driven wild with lust and pleasure. The sound of her
excitement filled the room and both men were incredibly turned on by it.
Lalit increased the speed of his cock Stroking and then pulled all the
way out of Ramadin,s ass ! Ramadin was a complete wreck by this stage,
begging Lalit to cum in his ass! But Lalit had different ideas!!

"Come closer mom!he gestured his mother .Malini walked across the room
toward Lalit. "suck my lund MA "..Malini at once went down on her knees
and took Lalit's throbbing cock, which was just in side Ramdin's ass few
moments earlier into her hot mouth !!! "what a slut you are mom! Aren't
you savoring the taste of Kaka,a ass on my cock!? " "Hmmmmmmmm "Malini
let out a guttural moan, still sucking on her son's cock.In fact her son
was right. She was having immense perverse thrill in sucking her son's
cock which had a taste and odour of Ramdin's ass over it. Lalit held her
mother's head with both hands and pushed his cock hard into the sucking
woman's throat and held it there for a couple of moments, feeling tip of
his glans against her mother's soft and wet throat wall. Instead of
rebuking or resisting such harsh oral assault by her son, Malini's
pussy became wetter as she felt her nose pressed against her son,s pubic

"Le raand! Chusss! ".... "AAGGAH!. "Malini gagged on her son,s cock!
With a jerk Lalit took out his cock from her mother's mouth and moved
back. Malini let out a harsh gasp and some thick saliva and mucous came
up her throat which still connected to Lalit's cock like a glistening
thread! Lalit bent down and captured his mom's mouth and they greedily
sucked on each other's tongues, exchanging the slime that was raised up
by Malini as as a result of brutal throat ****ing. Watching mom-son in
such a lustful state and activity, both Ramadin and Rukmani became crazy
with desire.Rukmani .as if in a trance walked up to the kissing couple
and sitting on her haunches, took Lalit's cock in her mouth! It was
hard, hot and slimy and the maid loved it in her sensuous mouth.
.Sucking slowly almost religiously, her eyes closed in supreme bliss,
she also resorted to fingering her own clit.

Now here was Lalit, getting the pleasure of his life, receiving
attention from two ladies who in a state of wanton lust, were acting
like real sluts. Kissing her mother, he started fingering her pussy and
soon worked up a rich lather there. Rukmani's mouth was also having an
electric effect on Lali's cock.

Suddenly, Lalit realized that his old faithful servant Ramdin was being
let out of the action.. "Idhar aao kaka " ....Lalit took out his
finger's from his mom's fuddi and offered them to Ramadin to suck, who
enthusiastically took them into his waiting mouth.

"Kaka Kaisa hai meri maa ki fuddi ke ras ka swaad?!!! " Lalit teased
Ramadan .The elderly servant was too busy to reply and soon licked
Lalit's finger's clean.

"Aur chusoge meri fuddi ka ras? " Malini mischievously asked the elderly
servant She pushed Ramadin on the sofa and made him lie with his head
looking up, positioned on the edge of the sofa while rest of his body
grounded to the floor The heated divorcee moved forward and put her
pussy straight on the waiting servants mouth "Le Saale CHAT LE!!!Aisi
sexy aur rasili fuddi tujhe shayyad hi mile.Chusss mmmmm Kha ja meri
choot off! Maaaa "

Ramadin did not require any more motivation-he was already in a state of
extreme arousal. He shoved his tongue deep inside her madam's pussy,
savoring its typical flavor and began lapping like a dog! This wild cunt
sucking made Malini groan like an a****l in heat! She started grinding
her crotch on the servant's face. She was feeling Ramadin's tongue
exploring her most intimate body parts- sucking with great gusto on her
throbbing clit and then resorting to tongue ****ing her lush ripe pussy,
drinking her precious pussy juice " Chat meri makhan jaisi choot! "
Malini uttered .Encouraged by his madam's moans, Ramadin continued his
zestful cunnilingus .

Meanwhile, watching Ramadin sucking on her malikin's 'fuddi', Rukmani,
who had been sucking on Lalit's cock with gay abandon, felt the need to
have similar attention paid to her hot pussy and ass. She recollected
how nice it felt when her malikin had ravished her fuddi and gaand, and
wondered whether Lalit was as skillful and passionate with his tongue as
his mother had been, the other day .

Rukmani let go Lalit's cock out of her mouth, which felt sore and dry
from vigorous cock sucking - her jaws ached as well .She fell back
spreading her legs wider, exposing her throbbing cunt and asshole to
Lalit, looking straight into his eyes ! Lalit almost jumped on the
lusty maid feeling her as cheeks and kissing them passionately. (He
remembered his mother telling him earlier, how much she had enjoyed the
kinky love play with the maid's asshole!) Lalit spread Rukmani's ass
cheeks apart burying his nose in her ass crack!---- "Hmmmmm! " he loved
what he sniffed and it made him hotter. How perverse and wicked it felt
to make love to a lowly maid's ass! With blind lust and passion, he spat
hard on Rukmani's asshole and lubed it up with his fingers. The maid was
whimpering with lust. He could feel her thrust her ass at his fingers,
wanting to feel them inside her.

Lalit spread her ass cheeks wide and buried his face into her ass. He
licked it and smelt it and inhaled it. His hot tongue slid into her
asshole making her moan. He was ****ing her hot ass with his tongue.
"CHATO MERI GAAND!UUIIIIMMMMMMMAAA " . . . Urrrgghhh... urrrrgggghhhh...
AAAH! ISE CHAtO AUR KHA JAAAO MADARCHOAD..... " Rukmani screamed. Lalit
had his face buried deep into her ass. He rubbed his face hard all over
it, eating and ****ing and smelling her dirty maid ass. He pulled his
tongue out and stretched her asshole wider. He spat hard into her gaping
asshole and plunged two fingers deep into her ass. Rukmani screamed,
sounding almost like a man. She turned around to look at him, her eyes
blazing as she grunted like a wild a****l. SEXUAL CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THE

Lalit sank his fingers deeper and leaned over her back. She could smell
her cunt and ass on his face. His fingers were buried deep inside her
spasming asshole, making her feel so full and oh-so-horny. He grabbed
the maid by her hair and pulled her face up towards his own. Her tongue
slithered across his mouth and face, tasting her nasty ass. He spat into
her mouth and kissed her deep. Their juices mixing in a heady cocktail.

His fingers were pounding into her ass. ****ing her asshole and
stretching it. Making it burn with desire. Rukmani could feel her tight
asshole throbbing and spasming.The She wanted it ****ed red hot raw.
Lalit pulled out his fingers and shoved them into her mouth roughly,
straight from her ass. The maid grunted and gagged as he jabbed his
fingers into her mouth roughly. She was drooling over his hands as he
****ed her mouth with his hand brutally. She could taste her dirty ass
slime on his fingers and that aroused her even more. He pulled out his
fingers and lapped up the mess from her face. Both were groaning with
a****l intensity. Her body was heaving and panting and she wanted a cock

She pulled her legs up to her chest and spread her ass wide for him.
Lalit rammed his cock into her hot asshole in one hard shove. Rukmani,s
body bucked and jumped from the assault. But Lalit pushed her down and
started to **** her asshole hard and fast. His cock was thrusting into
her tight asshole faster than a machine as he screamed and grunted over
her body .Lalit was ****ing her like an a****l, tearing and busting open
her asshole. The intensity was making her body buck and her tits bounce
like crazy. Rukmani was throwing her head around and pinching her
nipples as his cock ravaged her asshole. She felt full and ****ed like a
bitch in heat Her cunt was spewing out juice all over their bodies. Her
clit was on fire and she had lost control of her squirting cunt. Her
hands were above her head as she grunted and moaned and screamed from
the ass ****ing she got. She could feel Lalit suck on her tits and lap
her armpits like a filthy dog.

Lalit withdrew his cock out of the Rukmani's ass and turned her on her
knees. Momentarily he gazed at the gaping asshole of the maid before
driving full length of his cock into it slapping the lush rump of
Rukmani . " Oh Maaaa! sss" the maid moaned.

"Maro meri Gand hmmmmmmm chodo!" she whimpered. Obligingly he began
sliding his rigid cock into her deeply, before slowly withdrawing again.
She began thrusting against him, taking all of him each time. Grabbing
her hips, he began driving into her ass, his balls slapping against her
dripping cunt. All concern for her melted in his passion. She screamed
and moaned loudly, reaching with one hand to rub her clit.

Meanwhile Malini, whose pussy was getting thorough oral attention of
their servant Ramadin, was getting hotter witnessing the awesome ass
****ing .She got up from Ramadin's mouth and proceeded towards the
****ing duo of her son and the maid.

She knelt down in front of Rukmani and patting her back, motioned
Ramadin to **** her pussy from behind. The elderly lustful servant
promptly took his position behind her Malikin's behind and shove his
raging cock deep inside the wet caverns of her "fuddi' .

Now Malini and Rukmani were facing each other, their faces inches away
from each other, as both of them were getting, ****ed like perfect sluts
.They could feel the hot breaths of each other on their faces and this
was turning them all the more. In a rush of heat, Malini engulfed
Rukmani's nose in her mouth!. She sucked on the maid's nose like a
hungry c***d, feeling her hot blats of air in her mouth. At times she
would shove her tongue inside one of the nostrils of the maid, who was
panting like an a****l receiving vigorous ass ****ing. Soon Rukmani got
short of breath and pulling her head back got her nose out of her
'malikin's ' mouth. She captured Malini's mouth and in no time their
tongues were dueling for power!...

Lalit realized he was about to cum inside the maid's ass. He increased
the tempo of his thrusts and letting out a loud moan, came deep inside
her bowels, holding her tightly as frogs mate in the rainy season!!!.
Gathering his breath and composure after a while, he took out his now
some what limp cock from the maid's ass with a loud 'plop " sound. He
stood for a while witnessing the gaping asshole of Rukmani, as if
admiring his own handicraft. The maid's asshole was surely stretched and
'open', affording a clear view of Lalit's cum inside it. He walked
around the maid and dangled his cock, glistening with his cum and the
maid's ass juices in front of his mother's mouth. Malini, without
wasting a moment, took her son's cock into her mouth and began sucking
on it like a famished a****l. She loved the taste of the '**** juices'
she was savoring at the moment and soon cleaned her son's cock of all
the slime. Once again she lowered her mouth and kissed Rukmani, sharing
with her, what she had just received in he mouth. The two exchanged wads
of saliva and **** juices tossing it into each other's mouth.

"Kaka, come here"Lalit once again came and stood behind Rukmani who
was still lying on her knees and elbows locked in a passionate kiss with
Malini.As if getting a hint of things to come, Ramdin withdrew his cock
from Malini's pussy and joined Lalit, as both of them fixed their gaze
on to the lush posteriors of Rukmani.

The maid's asshole and shrunken in size some what, but still could be
seen streaks of Lalit's cum coming out of it. The wetness, following the
laws of gravity had begin to gather around her pussy and soft portion
between her pussy and asshole. Some of it had traced its path around the
inner parts of the maid's creamy thighs. Ramdin did not need any further
instructions. Stooping down, the elderly servant gently began slurping
up the juices around the maid's bum hole. After making sure, he had
cleaned all around, he targeted the area between Rukmani's ass and pussy
and resorted to long lapping strokes with his tongue. This drove Rukmani
mad with pleasure. Eventually, losing his control, he held apart
Rukmani's ass cheeks and buried his face deep in them shoving his tongue
deep inside her juicy some what gaping ass hole!. He was applying great
amount of suction with his mouth and sucking with full gusto, as if his
life depended on it! "What a group of filthy perverts are we all "
Malini murmured in her mouth, witnessing Ramdin sucking the maid's as
with gay abandon ."Hato Ramdin! " She literally dragged the lecherous
servant off Rukmani's asshole and taking a convenient position, lustily
started to give the maid an enthusiastic 'rim job 'with her tongue!
Ramdin crawled under the bent maid and lying on his back took
possesssion of the maid's pussy with his mouth. "Uuui maaaaaa! " Rukmani
let out a lustful shriek! She was in the seventh heaven, with both her
pussy and asshole being paid such lovely oral attention. Ramadin shifted
his position a little so that his cock was just in front of Rukmani's
face. The sultry maid took his bulbous glans in his mouth and sucked on
it. She tried to put her tongue into the pee-slit of his cock, which
made Ramadin moan with joy. Ramdin started bucking up his hips and soon
acquired a steady rhythm ****ing Rukmani,s mouth.She enjoyed sucking on
the beefy cock, deep throating, nibbling playfully at the tip, rubbing
it on her face, nose etc. With Ramdin lapping her pussy skillfully and
her 'malikin' doing amazing things to her ass with her tongue, Rukmani
who had initially received a passionate pounding in her ass from Lalit
was aroused to he highest stage and could not hold herself any more.
Taking Ramdin,s cock deep in her mouth and, her eyes shut with immense
pleasure, moaning loudly she came to an earth shattering orgasm and her
pussy let out huge amount of sexy juices into Ramdin's willing mouth.She
turned on her back gathering her breath .Ramdin whose cock was hard and
glistening with Rukmani,s saliva walked across to Malini who immediately
parted her legs and took Ramdin's cock once again inside in her pussy in
the missionary position. She clamped her legs around her servant's waist
and started humping up her pelvis to meet his energetic and powerful
thrusts "Fuck me!!!Ah ! Ah! Ah! ". This zestful ****ing continued
for few moments. The couple, realizing that they were close to cuming
hugged each other firmly and following few deep and hard stroke, Ramdin
deposited his seed deep inside her 'malikin's fuddi.'. His mouth boldly
claimed his malikin's and he sucked on her tongue, relishing his orgasm.

Thus, there were four 'satisfied' souls in the room. Each was very
contended yet excited at the endless possibilities the future had in
store for them.

In fact, it was beginning of a new and electrifying life!

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