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My true story: Risking It

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My true story: Risking It
Written by Missy P.

My name is Missy and this is not a story of a bubble gum ditzy innocent blonde with big boobs who found herself on the wrong side of the tracks getting railed by a black boy dreamed up some white boy cuckold. Even though I am blonde…and big boobed. But I was anything but innocent, I was no stranger to threesomes of all different k**s.

My first year after college my knowledge expanded, that summer so did my vaginal walls. My mother’s black friend from law school and her son Jack were staying with us for the summer.

By dumb luck I walked in him on in the shower, and I was dumbfounded. He had they biggest cock I ever did see, including porn. Needless to say things happened and we banged all summer long. Either my mouth or my cootch was on the business end of his very large black penis.

Summer ended, college came around and we parted ways. Sure I still had sex, but I wasn’t getting that nine and half thick black member. I found myself craving his massive cock bottoming out and exploding inside of me like a volcano. Besides having a huge dick, Jack came an obscene amount of stringy, thick, white cum. It was like a shotgun giving me both barrels inside my tummy when he came.

I was tired of normal college sex; I was lucky to get seven inches, which in truthfulness I can work with. Yet being rather sensitive to latex condoms and always actually enjoyed letting a guy cum in me.

White guys annoyed me, they would ask to cum in me, during the sex they would ask me continually if it was “safe”. After they would cum in me, they hurried me into the bathroom like I could do something magical in there to prevent pregnancy more than by just taking the pill. 15 minutes later they would be back on top of me doing the same routine, followed by the weekly calls asking me if I took my birth control and if “I got it yet”.
Jack and I would actually joke about him knocking me up. The first time we did had sex or I should say destroyed me (That’s another story) I rolled off from under him, still amazed about the amount of sperm he produced and cracked a joke about him giving me twins even though he knew I was on the pill. He joked right back, and said triplets. Jack would even make statements about having super sperm and it didn’t matter if I was on the pill, of course he was k**ding. Between the interracial banterr and both of us joking about pregnancy it made for some erotic sexy fucking. We would even pretend during sex that he was going to “knock me up” or bred my “lily white ass”.

It was actually comforting and relaxing to “pretend”. I rather hear a guy say, “I want to give you a baby” than consent harassment about if I took my birth and if I got my cycle. It was erotic to hear him wanting to give me a baby.
It was the holidays and Jack and his mother was visiting. I bought this cute g-string with a ridiculously big bow on the back. I got the matching bra along with the tummy scarf. I thought it would be sexy to wrap his package with my tiny little g-string pulled over with the big bow on my white ass.

I found myself on top of Jack down the basement while everyone was asleep. I stuck my titties in the face that were hanging out of my bra and rode him with my g-string with the bow on the side. It was four months since I had him inside of me. I don’t think I will ever get use to having that much penis in me, but I did tighten up since we last banged.

It was rather lack luster, and we both knew the reason. There was an issue getting my birth control, my gynecologist wrote the prescription wrong and she was away. So reluctantly I bought a 12 pack of magnum-sized condoms with an extra reservoir tip. The pharmacist I bought them from leaned in quietly and said, “I don’t think you want these” which was a little embarrassing.

The sex just wasn’t the same. There wasn’t much interracial banter going back and fourth because we got into the whole pretending he was going impregnate me. I never was into condoms, I know the importance of them, but they had a habit of making me itch a little. I always liked the idea of a guy feeling the goodness of me, and not just a hole, even though most of us do thing our pussies are extremely unique. We probably do have a generic feeling for the most part, I’m not the tightest girl on the block, and probably the only woman who will admit that but I don’t think most guys can tell the difference. I never got hung up if I was tight or loose.

I was bouncing up and down on Jack’s black cock, at least trying to. Generally Jack pounded me into submission, which opened me up to be able to do cowgirl, plus it was four months since his black penis graced my pussy. I thought it would be sexier if I did the work since my girlie goods were part of his present.

Jack had the same lackluster on his face as I probably did. I stopped and took myself off his member and sat down so his condom engulfed black dick was right up against my white tummy. He asked me why I stopped, and if I needed a break. He mentioned I did feel a lot tighter.

“I think the condom is taking the fun out of this” I said. Jack agreed and said about taking it off and just pulling out.

“A pull and pray?” I said as if he suggested he was nuts. “You have sooo much pre-cum that I don’t think it would matter.” It was true, even when I first started giving him blow jobs and hand jobs he would produce massive amounts of pre-cum I thought he achieved orgasm. “If were going to do that, we might as well just go for it and risk it.”

Jack was quiet for a moment. “I’m game, if you are.”

I played with the condom tip, thinking about that. Before this it was all pretend, I would tell him to give me his black baby but I was on birth control. Of course there is always that extremely slight chance, but that extremely slight chance was what made it so erotic.

People would be so shocked if I got pregnant, even more so if it was by a black guy. The thought of having his black little baby grow inside me made me twinge down there. My hips popped a few times thinking about how naughty it would be. Needless to say I wouldn’t have to be so secretive about my sexual life style anymore, my bun in the oven would give it away.

I looked down at his hard black cock pressed up against my tummy. Jack’s cock was a piece of art; it didn’t seem right to have a condom on it. It was like caging the mighty lion. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get on it with out a condom but I pulled the condom off with my nails, it was the biggest and the most stretched out condom I have ever saw, no matter what it needed to be changed.

I held it his dick with my hands; his cock was so big and heavy that sometimes it would fall over. I raised my hips up but I wanted to make Jack very aware of the situation. I told him I was a little 2 weeks over off the pill and it was probably the right or wrong time in my cycle depending upon how you look at it to do this. Jack was more than eager but I know boys think with their dicks. I had to say it bluntly. “Jack if we do this you WILL knock me up.”

When Jack said he wanted to “breed” me, my pussy almost started to drip all over his black cock. I was already aligned with him going in me; once I heard that I pushed down and felt his black head pass through my white pussy lips. I’m not sure if it was because I got a lot wetter or just being so turned on mentally but took him deep into me.

I started to buck, my pussy started to pop. I unhooked my bra and threw it across the room to let my tits bounce freely, though Jack held on to them most of the time so they wouldn’t bounce to hard and hurt.

“I want to breed you” Jack said as he started to fuck back. “I want to give you a black baby”.

“Fuck so hot” I thought to myself. “Give me that black dick I pleaded as I gave everything I had. “I-want-you-little-black-baby-growing-in-me” I said each word in-between every bounce. “Give it to me, cum in me!”

Jack moaned and took his hands off my tips and onto my hips. He fucked me hard for a minute or so, pushing himself up into my wet whiteness. I came hard, very hard. I had to stop, the orgasm was great but I knew I would squirt. I didn’t want to gush on my parents basement couch and have the whole room smell like my pussy for the next few days. Even though it probably would have been worth it, I never gushed while on top before, but yet those types of orgasms are so intense I would have gotten off anyway.

We took a few seconds off from fucking. His black cock was shinny and gooey, I couldn’t tell if was all his pre-cum or my own girl cum. It looked like a soapy mess either way. Jack was ready to nut, as I slide my abused pussy onto his penis. I think it was way to late from him not to cum inside of me. “Are you ready to make a baby” I said as we interlaced our fingers.

His head went back for a moment, we both thrust “Here it comes I heard him say.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, more so I was on top getting his boy batter. He came deep inside of me, waves and waves of his cum splashed inside of me. I kept flowing inside of me; I was about to cum myself. I know what black guys like to hear, so I told him to “Give that white pussy every last drop of your black nut”.

The deed was done. I put my head on his shoulder and told him to stay inside me. I wanted Jack to keep me plugged up and just to be inside of me. This wasn’t just the great sex feeling, but I felt like we accomplished more than getting off. Most women would be worried that they just let a black guy cum in them with no protection what so ever.

I’m not sure why but I had the giggles. I put my arms around Jack and asked him how it felt to “knock up a lily white ass girl”. I was still hot to trot and his erection didn’t deflate. After a few comments Jack made I said something to the effect of “Did it feel better to shoot his cum in a unprotected white womb.” Next thing I know and to my surprise Jack pushes me down and starts fucking me.

We switched to doggy style and we were both making racial comments about me taking his black seed and having his mixed baby. He fucked me rotten; I could feel his cum dripping out of me. My tits started to clap together; I told him they were applauding him. Jack told me how he couldn’t way to see my tits in a few months.

It took him a while since he just busted, but I didn’t mine. Even though my pussy felt more like a cunt now I took the pounding and another wonderful baby bomb deep inside my womb.

We banged for the next few days. It truly was about making a little black baby. If we had five minutes alone it was all about getting his seed into me. Even in blowjobs when he got close I took my extremely sore beaten up pussy and contained his cum in my womanhood.

A week later after we last bang I was two days late, and I’m never late. At the time I thought it was stupid to by a pregnancy test. I was shocked when the test came out negative. Even though the box said it could detect whatever the hormone was the earliest, I could not believe I wasn’t pregnant.

I laid in bed thinking how I was going to handle this situation, and what to tell people. An hour or so later I got it. It was mixed emotions. After all it was a poor decision but for some strange reason I wanted a baby, I never did before. More so I wanted a black baby. I knew that night my womb belonged to the black men and decided I should just “practice” till college was finished. I looked at the silver lining, that one day I would enjoy trying to get black preg.

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