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Shalini’s Gangbang in Company’s private party

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Shalini’s Gangbang in Company’s private party
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Hi my name is shalini and I am 24 years old. I am very fair and tall. I have a good figure of 34-28-36 and innocent oval face. Most of them used to praise about my beauty whenever they met me for the first time. I finished my degree and was in search of a job, and I had applied to a call given in a paper seeking for a P.A. for the manager in a production firm. During the interview they were so impressed with me that they offered me the job on the monthly salary of Rs. 18,000/-. I was so happy with it. But for it I also needed to sign an agreement of bond of 2 lakhs. According to that bond, I will work in that company for a minimum duration of two years and will follow the instructions of the manager. If I fail to do any job vested on me or if I leave the job before completion of two years I had to pay them two lakhs of rupees. But it had a plus point towards me also that if I complete two years successfully I will get a bonus of one lakh rupees. That made me to sign that agreement as I was in need of that job.
Initially the job went on well. I liked the job and I was keeping up the files and maintaining the records and also scheduling the meeting and appointments of manager. After one month they hiked my salary to 25,000 rupees. So I was very happy with the way life was going. But one day we had a visit from MNC company personnel to our firm. That day I was in a tight fit salwar kameez. They visited the entire firm with the manager and I had accompanied my manager. They liked the work but in that group there was a person who kept on staring on me. He was continuously staring my boobs over my dress. I noticed him staring but could not do much. I tried to cover it with my file but then he started staring at my tummy and my ass. That made me bit angry but still could not do anything. After the visit they agreed to give order to our company. The order was for a huge amount of 1 million rupees. We all were quite happy with it. After everything the man who stared at me was in a pvt talk with my manager.

Then all of them left and my manager said to me that there is a party on that weekend Saturday in celebration for obtaining the order and he invited me for that. The party was at 7 in the evening but manager asked me to come at 5 only. When I went at 5 I saw my manager in the chamber. He called me in and when I went in he saw me from top to bottom. I could not understand why today he was starting me like that. That day again I was in my usual salwar kameez dress. He praised me for all the work I had done for the firm and handed over me a beautiful designer saree which was very beautiful but was very transparent. I liked it very much and I said thanks to him. Then he asked me to change into that saree. I said “but sir I do not have the needed accessories like blouse and petticoat with me now. So how can I wear it?” He replied “Look shalini I do not know anything, now you have to wear this saree for tonight’s party. The delegates will come in any moment so before they come please change over to this saree.” “But sir” again I insisted that I do not have blouse to accompany the saree. “Well at least I suppose you might be wearing the bra and panty. So you wear this saree on bra and panty only.” That’s when I repeated the first lines of this story, i.e., “But no way that I can wear this saree sir, it is so transparent and I do not have any blouse and petticoat with me now” I complained. “”It’s my order shalini and as per our agreement you have to obey my order. You have already signed the agreement and any breach in the agreement, and you will lose job and you have to pay two lakh rupees.” My boss replied. So please go and wear the dress, we are already running behind the schedule.

Now I was totally help less I didn’t know what to do. I came to my seat and sat for few minutes but then I did not have any alternate. So quietly I went to the changing room and looked at the saree once again. The saree was so much transparent that everything would be seen through, so much so that even outline of my panties could be seen. But I had no option I removed my salwar kameez and started wearing the saree over my bra and panty. The bra was black in color while the saree was red. The bra was a normal bra with strings on my two shoulders with a hook at the back. The bra was tightly fitting me and hence was giving a big cleavage behind. My three fourth of breasts were exposed. I wore the saree completely and checked my position looking at the mirror. I was amazed at the amount of transparency it had. It was such that even if I had to bend a little, then from back anybody could see my panties and in front whole of my breasts were exposed and also the straps of bra with the hook. It was just as if I am in a bra and panty. I was very embarrassed to come out. But then my manager knocked the door of the change room and I had to come out. I came out trying to cover my shoulder on right with the pallu but in that transparent saree all my efforts were waste only.

When I came out my boss was standing there only and when he saw me in that he stood glaring at me. My entire beauty was exposed and his eyes were watching it without any even winking. I was fully embarrassed. He praised my beauty for couple of min then asked me to move to his A. C. Chamber where bring the delegates of the MNC were already seated. I asked him about the other colleagues of mine for which he answered that it was a private party which he was serving for the delegates from his behalf and only I was invited for it. I was shocked hearing to that but then I was there in that company to assist him. So I followed him to the chamber. When I entered the chamber I saw 3 men sitting there and all eyes were staring at me with lust. I was the only female in the chamber right at that moment. So soon they asked me to sit on a sofa opposite to what they were seated to. I was sitting tensed and was trying to cover my shoulders with that saree. The men who stared that day during the visit started talking “Hello miss shalini, let me introduces ourselves to you. I am Mr. Naresh, Manager, (he was around 40’s with average built body and dark black eyes), this is Mr. Raj our company’s assistant manager, (this was a young man of age around 25 to 27, very tall, bit attractive and had a good physique), and finally he is Mr. David our company’s advertising section head and a well known director of ad’s (he was around 45 year old, short man bit on fattish side and almost half bald). Well I am getting a feeling that you are much tensed miss shalini . Please relax we all are of same family now as we have joined hands with your company.

The purpose for which we have assembled here is basically to celebrate our collaboration but along with it there is a business reason also.” I was listening to what he was saying quietly and slowly I was starting to relax. My manager (Mr. Kumar was in his mid 40’s and was average built and was very silent) came and sat next to me. He was busy preparing the drinks for them. “Yes the business purpose what was talking about was”, Naresh continued, “was to shot an ad for the product which we are planning to launch. As you are so good looking so we have planned to shoot it with you in lead and you will be supported by Raj from our firm and David will be shooting it on you two now.” “But sir”, cutting him short I expressed “I do not have any idea of ad shooting and I have never participated in acting or shooting”. “Don’t worry shalini our director David is very good in that he will extract whatever the talent you have in you.” Now my manager asked me to serve them the drinks. So I got up from the sofa and bend to take the drinks from the table between us on which my manager had already prepared drinks.

As I bend the pallu which I used to cover my right shoulder dropped down and my right half of shoulder was seen just in bra. And as the saree was so thin, they could see my entire structure and my boobs shape, size, my navel almost all. As I went near to each of them for serving the drink, I could see those eyes a lost of lust in each of them. They were staring with wide open eyes on me. But I could not do anything. After serving the drink to all 4 I came back to my position and asked them “when we have to shoot for it?” Sipping the drink Naresh continued “So after this drink we shall start the shoot of the ad”. I was shocked to it “what sir do I need to shoot in this dress?” “Well miss shalini for the ad what we have planned saree was necessary costume so that’s why I had given it to Mr. Kumar this saree to be given to you. But then I did not know that you will wear that without any blouse. But you” Cutting him short again “sir I did not know that today I had to wear saree other wise I would have made arrangement for blouse and other accessories. So I request you to postpone this to any other day and I will come prepared.” He just laughed on it and said “No miss shalini you are looking more gorgeous in this wear. I never had thought about this type of saree wearing. This is really damn good so we have decided that we will shoot you in this dress only and that we give us more popularity for our product. What you say Kumar?” “Absolutely sir” said my manager. “So let’s get started then.” Saying this Naresh got up from his seat followed by all the other 3 men and myself. Now Naresh along with my manager Kumar made there way on to the chairs placed at a bit far distance and David called me and Raj and explained us about the plot for the first ad which was for the generator which we produce. According to the plot, initially there will be power and Raj will be praising my beauty and suddenly power goes off.

Then he switches to generator and then he again starts praising my beauty by hugging me and says “_______ generator use karo aur jeevan mai khushi paaho”. We both got the idea of the plot. David made all the lighting arrangement there only and we both were ready for the shot. I was still feeling bit awkward standing in front of camera like this. But had no other option. Then he said action and Raj started to praise my beauty by looking at me from top to bottom. I could see the lust in his eyes while seeing me and I could also see the camera zooming on me from bottom to top. My right shoulder was fully bare excepting the bra strap. Then according to plot they switched off lights and after a moment switched on and then Raj started praising me again and came near me and hugged me from back. He placed his hands inside my saree on the tummy and was caressing my navel arena. I think he was very much excited looking at me and I could feel the hardness and warmth flowing through his Cock which was poking at my ass, when he held me closely. As the shot progressed he started caressing my body number of times and on many occasions he moved his hands on top of my breasts. But then David called cut and came near to Raj and said “this is not the way Raj, I will show you how to do it”. He came to me and embraced me so tightly that I was almost suffocated. With both hand he started feeling my buttocks and pinched them. I could see a mischievous smile on his face, but I had no alternative but to keep quiet. He then kissed me on the bare right shoulder of mine and with both hands started feeling my breasts. I could feel his huge cock ramming against my buttocks as if it will tear the saree and enter in my cunt. I was speechless the way they were handling me. “This is how you should do it. We are shooting the love scene. There has to be expressions of ecstasy and willingness to make love on her face and it will happen only if you do foreplay in the way I have shown you.” He said and went back to his place behind the camera. After this Raj became very bold and started kissing me all over my neck and shoulder and started feeling my breasts and buttocks. I too felt the heat and I closed my eyes in pleasure whenever my breasts were fondled. The shot was called Ok and Naresh and my manager put there hands together for us. “Oh well done Raj and very well done shalini ” naresh praised.

But then I went on to my manager to complain about the mis-handling but he did not listen to a bit of it and asked me to co-operate as this deal would benefit the company in a big way and I was bonded by that contract. So I accepted my faith and told to myself to get on with it and do as they wish. Now David came to me and said “ok shalini well done. Now we will shoot for the spark plug product. Just you have to lie down on this bed and nothing else. I have explained everything to Raj and he will do all the calling. Ok”. I nodded my head to say ok. I didn’t know what was coming. So I went and lay on bed which was there in the chamber. Now David came near me and took the pallu of the saree and spread it wide on the bed also covering my chest. He asked me to spread my hands wide and I did. So how he went back to his position and camera in his hands and said action. Raj came near to me and he was just in his shorts and nothing on top. I was moved seeing his well built body and wide shoulder. Within a moment he was all over me on the bed. He started kissing me on the neck and pressing my breasts. I was feeling his bulged dick on my pussy and as I too was young and it was the first time I was feeling all this, I too fell for it and started to enjoy what Raj was doing. He came on top of me and widened my legs and started caressing his legs over mine, because of which the saree was getting lifted up. My saree had already reached to my things because of all his rubbing. I was soon shocked when he opened his shorts with one hand and took out his cock and started rubbing against inner sides my thighs. I could not bare it and jumped up and shouted at him.

The poor Raj told me that he is doing what has been told to him by David. He was holding his hard erect dick in his hand, the look of it made me horny. It was the first time in my life I am seeing a man’s dick in real and that too from so close. Then David came near to me and told “Don’t worry shalini I will be shooting only the top portion of your bodies. To bring in real expression of love and excitement on the face and it is necessary to indulge in this act.” I refused to do the scene as I felt it is crossing the limit. Then my manager Kumar came near to me and reminded me of the contract and even threatened me that if I won’t do the shot they will sue me in the court. This made me scared and quietly I went back to the bed. As soon as David called action Raj came near to me and this time he pulled the pallu off my chest and exposed me in just bra. I looked at the manager and he just waved his hands to say plz co-operate. Then Raj started fondling my breasts and kissing me wherever he felt like. He was kissing my cheeks, neck, shoulder, over my breasts and on my cleavage. He slowly raised my saree to my thighs and again started rubbing his cock on the inner side of my thighs. I was getting out of control because of this entire act. After few moments he moved his right hand inside my saree and on to my panties. Slowly he started pulling down the panty and caressing the pussy lips. I was now not in mood to object it as I too was feeling the urge for sex. He then started inserting his cock in my wet pussy. When I looked at the Manager for objection, he nodded his head quietly and David was busy capturing us without any cut.

I was sure that censor will not allow this scene. More over me thought that he was shooting only upper part of the bodies. (I learned much afterwards that they had shot the whole fucking scene). By now the hero was pumping his big bulged cock like a piston in my pussy. I was also feeling so hot by now that I started co-operating with him by moving my hips from down to accommodate his cock in my pussy. Now Raj moved his hands on to my back and unhooked the bra and removed it off me. I was now lying fully nude on the bed and he started sucking my big breasts. Both of us were stark naked. After a few minutes of fucking my wet pussy and enjoying my round breasts Raj, with a great grunt he let his cum inside me and I could feel his hot cum in my pussy flowing inside. I also reached my orgasms and finally after all this David called for cut. Naresh and Kumar who were viewing all this till now, started clapping hands and came near me to congratulate me. Now I regained my consciousness but it was too late. I was lying fully nude in front of 4 men. I felt embarrassed and I tried to cover myself with the saree. But it was too thin to cover me and also they had already seen me fully nude for last half an hour. I got up from bed and went to toilet to clean myself. After cleaning myself I realized that I had not brought bra and panty. So I just wrapped the saree around me and came out of bath room. As soon as I entered the hall, every body stood up and offered me a seat on the sofa. I was feeling as awkward in sitting down as I knew that all would be staring at my body within that saree. Slowly I sat down and crossed my legs and tried to pull the saree on to the side to cover my exposed breasts from side. All of them were smiling looking at my helplessness. My whole shoulder and tummy were exposed in front of four males. Now Naresh came and sat next to me and took my hands into his saying “Oh shalini you are such a beauty. In this entire life I have not seen a girl as beauty as u is.” Slowly he made me to sit in his lap. He started kissing on my back while his hands were busy in fondling my boobs inside the saree and other hand was trying to reach for the pussy. All of a sudden all other three stood up and went out.

I was relaxed at seeing them going out and I felt in my mind that these people won’t leave me now. So let me enjoy it. I could not enjoy my first fuck to full at least let me enjoy now. I started co-operating with Naresh and I turned towards him and started kissing him back. By now Naresh had removed my saree and was sucking my breasts. I was also feeling hot and opened the zip of his pant and took his cock out and started fondling it. Naresh got exited and he carried me to the bed. Again I was back on the bed but this time with Naresh. He undid all his dress in a fraction of a second and came near to me. He slowly widened my legs and started inserting his throbbing 7 inch dick inside my pussy. He pushed it slowly initially but then as it got inside he began to apply more and more pressure and started inserting hard. I was moved by the amount of pace this 40 year old man was producing. I was feeling heaven and he was continuously ramming my pussy and sucking my breasts with pleasure. I too had wrapped my legs around his waist and was moving my hips and body with him. After ramming me continuously finally he gave a burst of cum inside my pussy. It was over flowed from my pussy and I too had another orgasm. I was total satisfied this time. After taking our breath back Naresh said, “Oh shalini you are such a hot chic, it was the greatest sex I had in my life.

you are the divine beauty and sexy”. He made me to roll on to his body and I was on top of him kissing his bare chest and he was fondling my breasts. “You too are not bad Mr. Naresh for this. You gave me more pleasure than what Raj gave.” He was smiling at what I said. I was still kissing him on his cheeks and lips, when suddenly I felt a hand feeling me from behind. When I turned my head, to my horror I saw all three of them standing stark naked and giggling at me. When I tried to get up Naresh held me firmly and the director David pulled my head roughly and stuffed his big cock in my mouth. I felt suffocated and gagged with his huge cock in my mouth reaching right up to my throat. Naresh told me to co-operate otherwise it might be painful experience for me. I surrendered and started sucking his cock. The other two i.e. Raj and my manager Kumar were fondling my breasts and kissing them. Naresh stood up and told me to lie down on the carpet. I did as he said. Kumar came over me and opened my legs wide and entered his cock with a push in my pussy and started pumping my pussy. My pussy was wet with my own juices and I held Kumar tightly. David told me to open my mouth and started fucking my mouth, the other two were sucking my breasts and they asked me to hold their cocks in my hand which I did. I was holding their cocks in my hands. After some time they changed their position and David came on top of me. He almost crushed me with his weight. He found it difficult to fuck me because his huge tummy was coming in the way. After few humps he got up and Kumar came on top of me again and started fucking me more vigorously. Meanwhile David had come back to his position and was fucking my mouth and Raj was begging Kumar to get down from me so that he too could fuck me again. After great reluctance, Kumar got down and Raj mounted on me and started pushing his cock deep inside my pussy. I had already reached my orgasms twice.

All of a sudden Naresh told every body to stop. All of them did so and I was released off 4 huge cocks, each from my mouth, pussy and both of my hands. He asked me to get up and I did so. Now he told David to lie down on carpet. He did so. Then he asked me to get on top of David. I sat on David facing him and guided his cock in my pussy. It was like lying on a Dunlop mattress, as David was so fat. Naresh pushed me forward so that I was now lying on David. I was on him, and then Naresh went out and brought a small bottle. I was wondering what he has brought now. He came behind me and with one hand spread the cheeks of my buttocks and started applying something on my ass hole. Slowly he inserted his finger in my ass hole. It was so painful that I cried. He did not pay any attention on my cries and inserted his finger deep in my ass hole. After moving his finger up and down for few moments he stood up and started applying the cream on his cock. Now every thing was clear to me and I knew his attention. I was so terrified that I wanted to flee from there. But Kumar and Raj pushed me back and held me firmly from my waist and head. Naresh came behind me and with both his hands spread cheeks of my ass and slowly started working on my ass hole with his cock.

David was pushing his cock in my pussy with great force and there was up and down movement in my body. Naresh told David to stop for some time and slowly started pushing his cock in my ass hole. It was so painful that I felt that my ass would tear apart. My whole ass was burning with pain and I could not hold any longer and started wailing and tried to push Kumar and Raj and wanted to get up. But both of them pushed me back and held me firmly. By now Naresh was already half way through and continued thrusting his cock deep down in my ass hole. When I didn’t stop shouting loud, which might have attracted people from outside, Kumar came in front of me and forced me to open my mouth and shoved his cock in my mouth, by now Naresh’s cock was deep down in my ass and slowly and slowly he started moving his cock up and down. David also was pushing his cock from down in my pussy and third cock of Kumar was in my mouth. I was crushed between David and Naresh like a sandwich. By now the pain had eased and both the cocks were ramming in my holes. Raj who was silent till now started milking my breasts with both hands and forced his cock in my hand and I started masturbating him. All of a sudden Kumar let out a groan and he cummed a huge amount of cum into my mouth. His hot cum filled my mouth and I had to swallow the whole cum as he was still ramming his cock in my mouth. That was the first time I tasted the cum. Now again seeing that Kumar had cummed, Raj asked him to move out and he came to his position and started inserting his cock into my mouth. I was restless for the whole 4 hours now. Naresh was still pumping my ass. I felt Raj for whom I was given masturbation was also about to cum. Kumar was now sucking my breasts. In few moments all 3 of them came simultaneously and I was showered with their hot cum in my mouth, pussy and ass. I could feel semen all over my face, lips, breasts and stomach.

They all fell down and started panting. I too was too tired and I was in no position to move, so I slept on the carpet. After an hour I woke up and saw all the four men lying naked around me in a circle and was asleep. I thought it was all over so I got up and started dressing up with my salwar kameez. I was feeling pain all over my body including the mouth. But was very much pleased as it was first time for me in life to have sex and that too I had with 4 horny males together. I was feeling proud on myself and was wearing back the dress. After I finished wearing I woken up my manager and said that I am leaving. He got up still naked and went to his drawer and gave me 25,000/- for helping him get that deal. I took and money and was about to leave then I saw Naresh getting up and he said to me “Thanks very much shalini, I know it might have given you some pain but yet you satisfied all of us. I am very happy with you. If you do not have any problem I want to continue this relation with you. Take this amount of 50,000/- from all of us.” I thanked him for the money and said if at all I feel I will inform my manager about it. I wished them good bye and as a last thing kissed my Manager Kumar’s dick and also Naresh dick and went back to my home. But before leaving I requested Naresh to hand over me the recorded video, then he smiled and said that there was no tape in that, it was just to trap me that they used it. I was bit relieved that at least they have not got the tape of mine.

Monday when I came back to work everything was normal but when I went into my manager’s cabin, it was so came when compared to Saturday’s activity. My manager saw me from top to bottom and said “shalini you look good in this salwar kameez but you look very sexy in saree. So from tomorrow onwards you please wear saree’s only.” I agreed and from next day onwards I started wearing saree’s and Mr. Kumar liked me in them. Each time I went into his cabin if he was free he would caress my tummy, kiss my navel and fondle with my breasts. I did not object for it and I too co-operated with him. And whenever he felt for having sex, he used to make me stay after working hours and fuck me leisurely in his cabin. I thoroughly enjoyed him as my sex partner. Then next Saturday he made an arrangement for a sexual encounter between me and Naresh on demand of Naresh. That day from morning 10 to night 8, we three, myself, Naresh and Kumar enjoyed with each other a lot. Whole day they fucked all my holes and in every possible way. I lost count how many times I swallowed their cum. But I enjoyed it thoroughly. Even after that day, they called me again on number of occasions and we had sex either together or individually.

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