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I know there is a similar story similar to these but be assured, the other story only served its purpose as a catalyst for this one. This is a pure fantasy, the top fantasy that has been lingering in my mind for several years..here it is....

I am 35 years old and had always been living with my mother, who is almost 50 since my father left us 20 years ago. I am not sure of the reasons but I do know that my mother is an average looking woman with nice looks and a not so fantastic body. Her pear shaped figure is a norm for any woman with Indian origin and what I do know best is her mammary glands aka the boobs is more than an averaged sized of any other woman. She is very soft spoken and somewhat can be a model women for any Indian women especially the married ones.

She had been pestering me to get married for the last 10 years or so but I've been avoiding this issues ever since, mainly due to my unsteady tendency towards any relationship i.e. I am not totally sure whether I'm a bisexual or just fatally attracted to any girls with dicks, yes, I am a shemale chaser. I has sucked several shemale dicks so far, with a number of memorable ones and had been penetrated by them too in several occasions. I had been fucking and been sucked too by them and I've grown an extreme liking to this nature so far. Several times, when I had chances having sexual relationship with women, most of the times I had been imagining as if I'm, fucking a shemale.

Of recent, my sexual prowess had also been declining as I find it difficult of obtaining and maintaining erection mostly due to my unhealthy lifestyle i.e. no exercise and also constant masturbating. This had also posed as an additional factor of my refusal of getting married as I would not be able to satisfy my partner totally.

This week, I just came back from my outstation assignment and for the last two days I had been resting at home. This morning, mom woke me up from bed and told me to get ready as someone from far will be visiting our home and is mainly here to see me. I was somewhat shocked and excited in a sense as there is not many relatives that we do have and those who paid visits to our house is always the close friends and mom's friends from work. She does have a number of male friends who always visits our house on and off and never the female ones. I was always in an opinion that they could be her boyfriends too as she'd been lonely for the last 20 years plus and it is almost impossible to have no sexual intimacy nor emotional attachments for a period as long as that. What intrigues me most is, she is a very conservative Indian woman and imagining these male individuals from work screwing her is totally out of my sane mind to take for. However, that is not the topic to discuss for now as I have to get ready for the visitor, and I am expecting someone close, maybe my father, who could be the surprise visitor.

After freshening up, I wore a simple T shirt with my favorite khaki shorts and went down to the kitchen to have my copy and got a shock upon seeing mom in her blue silk saree which is hugging her body so tightly I can almost see her butt crack and the sizable shapes of her breasts hanging out in front.

She in reverse had a shock in seeing me dressed so haggardly and instantly as any Indian mother will do came near and pulled my ear while giving me a tongue lashing instructing me get dressed up properly and even chose the attire to wear. I was so dumbfounded by this and demanded explanation from her on the identity of the visitor and after much coaxing and begging, then only she told me that the visitor is actually an old friend of hers who is also expecting me to become the suitor for her daughter, Nalini, who is 27 years old.

At first, i got very angry as I've been avoiding this issue for almost as long as I can remember, but when mom showed me her photograph, deep inside my male instinct, something poked and said that these could be my life partner. Another part of me kept saying, "ARE YOU ABLE TO SATISFY HER BASIC CARNAL NEEDS?", referring to my impotence but thinking positively and the easily available supplements such as ciallis and viagra, my mind kept on racing on the eagerness of meeting my future wife.

Hours passed by and now its 2.30 pm when I heard the sound of car approaching the front of our house and me and mom wont out to usher the visitors into our house. Nalini stepped out of the car so gracefully, and at that moment the whole world stopped moving for me as she was the mots beautiful being I had ever seen so far all my life. the body shape was tremendous and her looks is awe inspiring. Mom noticed my response and I also noticed her checking our her future daughter-in-law almost toe to tip and funnily she was adjusting her saree blouse and the hip binding of her saree as if she got aroused looking at Nalini.

She came with her parents and we had such a fantastic time getting to know each other while enjoying the great food that mom prepared. At the end, the marriage proposal submerged from mom's mouth and without hesitation, her parents agreed and unanimously agreed that the wedding would be held next month. For non Indians, these type of arrangements could be totally unacceptable but in Indian culture, this is totally norm as even professional and very educated individuals are also usually gets married in arranged matrimonial lock. I managed to talk to Nalini individually and found out that she'd also had a liking for me since her parents told her about me and I later found out that she was actually working in a company which is located adjacent to the firm I am attached and she had seen me a couple of times before this.

More than me, mom seems much excited in this marriage and ever since that day, all the preparations leading to the wedding had been furiously done. I instead, had been hunting almost all the related pharmacies and individuals in getting the best ever quality of viagra and pills alike to get ready for the furious sexual intimacy after the wedding. In fact I had not knowingly left some brochures in my room and yesterday mom had furiously asked me some question about why the need for me for such medications being the age I am into currently. I instead evaded this question by telling her that its for a friend but my mind keep pressuring me since that moment as I think I should've told her my problem at that moment as it would be a great timing.

Thinking about it the whole day, I went back home with a firm notion, that I would be telling mom about my problem and my sexual tendencies once and for all. When I opened the door, mom was actually sitting down folding the clothes whilst watching TV and she noticed something is wrong;

"Whats the problem son, u look so worried and worn out".

"No Mom, actually mom..err...i need to talk to you about something.....nevermind mom...its just something that's been bogging my mind".

Mom, woke up and came to me and hugged me. Her soft skin and her breast engulfed me in seconds and I felt a sudden surged of blood to my penis eventhough it only got semi hard. I think mom noticed this when she suddenly released the hug and I almost saw her smirk smile and with her comforting voice asked me;,

"Son, there is nothing that can't be solved, now tell me, whats ur problem".

'Mom, I think I'm not straight, err... I am fatally attracted to the 3rd gender...and...and I am becoming impotent....."

There was a sudden silence for a while, I can almost hear her breathing when suddenly she spoke out;,

"Oooh...now that's a problem worth addressing before the wedding.....don't worry Raj (she always address me in this manner whenever she asserts authority), mom will settle your issues before anything bad happens, now just relax and concentrate on the fun days ahead of you, be cool and stop worrying too much...." Mom said and left the room immediately to her room. From her room she shouted "Raj, get back to your room, you have a long day ahead, get enough rest, we talk tomorrow'.....and I knowing mom whenever she uses this tone, will never make a mistake by disobeying her and went straight to the room for the night.

Feeling the heavy relief of telling the matters to someone especially mom, sleep came almost immediately the moment my head hit the pillows and when the sudden noise of someone whispering "WAKE UP, Raj", it was almost dreamlike....for several times I heard the voice and noticed the similarities to mom's voice and when I opened the eyes, It was her siting at the edge of my bed wearing her normal nightie and I noticed that she is wearing her perfume and some make up.

I was shocked and asked her, "What mom, sorry I was fast asleep,...whats with the make up and perfume, ur goin out somewhere?"

"No son, this is for you, I just couldn't stop thinking about you after you've confessed about your preference....and mommy also have something to show you.....but only if you are willing and be sporting about it..."

My hear is pounding, almost like a sports cars piston, knowingly aware of a promising hot i****t relationship with my mom...something that had crossed my mind several times but me being the wimpy guy in this kinda matters, relatively avoided.

'Errrr...yeah mom....what would be so strange after what I told you before this....I can take anything mom...tell me...."

"Are you sure Raj....Mommy can't take any refusal after you initially agreed for the total exposure...I had waited for this moment all my life....In actual fact, Appa left us because of this...he couldn't take it anymore.....he'd suffered his life with me for the last 2 years before he left.....I don't want to lose you too son....".

"Don't worry mom...I'm not a moron and jerk like him....I'll stick with you through thick and thin......"

"Stop Raj! Don't you ever judge your father again, the sacrifice he'd made for both of us, he bore you...the complications....the problems thereafter...."

"But mom...but...you are the one who bore me for 9 months within you, fed me with your blood and life....taken care of me for all these while......".

"Raj, not me....it was your father who had been impregnated with the seeds of life and he is the one who carried you for the oncoming 9 months......"

"But mom..how is that possible.....?"

"Raj....your father and me...we're actually a transsexual couple... me the MTF, your father the FTM.....biologically, I am your father and he is your mother...."

I felt the whole world came down crumbling down on me and the sudden surge of adrenaline and euphoria totally blinded my judgement and the inability to utter a single word.....

"Mom.....you had been fuckin dad all these while...??? Then why he left.....??"

"Raj, me and your appa had been friends since our school days....and we do know our personalities...I"m a woman in a man's body and he is the opposite. We fell in love and been so until the day we got married, opposing all the family members and friends....both of us had started transitioning by eating hormones and minor surgeries....but your dad wanted sexual satisfactions all the time so we made a decision to avoid sexual reassignment surgeries....somehow or rather strangely, the vital organ which depicts my masculinity started growing out of a norm a few years into our marriage and especially after you were born, the growth was tremendously rapid. Your father couldn't take mommy in full anymore and after several visits to the doctors due to the tear, he had enough and we mutually separated..now I only masturbate and sometimes friends comes over to have a mutual suck off....you can see them coming don't you...Mommy hadn't had any full sexual intercourse since your appa left.....And mommy is sexually deprived....until you told me your tendency........"

I felt a sudden urge to see the she-dick she'd been hiding from me all the time and this would be most perfect moment for that. I gathered strength from inside and asked;, "Mom, can i see u naked..?"

"Hmmm....yeah sure....but not so fast Raj...mommy wanna see u naked first...." She stood and came beside me, looked at me and proceeded to unbutton my pajama...."Aah, such an hairy chest......Mommy is already hard".. with that she dropped her nightie down revealing the big round saggy tits with the darkest nipples I had ever seen and unbelievably the manliest jock strap covering her manhood......she laughed when she noticed my gaze and said "Mommy had been wearing these type of underwear son; since none of the girlie underwears fits mommy's equipment"....

When I compared my bulge to her's, somehow or rather I felt slight embarrassment as he is being almost 50 years old, she can be so attractive and I can notice that her dick is waiting to jump out from the jockstrap whilst mine is being in a semi rigid condition all the while. Whilst pondering, unexpectedly she undone the strapping of my pants and dropped it down...and I am expecting her to go down on me any time when she told me;, "Son, now pull down mommy's jock and lets see how you handle it"....heart pounding like a galloping race horse, I slowly pulled down the spandex jock revealing slowly a dark meaty stick in a very flaccid state and surprisingly for an Indian she is cut.....

To be continued................

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