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The story is about revenge,she is taking revenge on me

Well My Name is Dinesh settled in Mumbai, I am 27 years old, unmarried and happy go lucky person, loves cougar,I stay with my parents .. I have done my Engineering ..I live in middle class society of 12 buildings and very old society, everyone is close to each other,My neighbour shifted in our society when i was 22 years, His name is deepak and is running his own business, His wife name is Ketki may be around 35 years, a housewife, not very beautiful but i find her attractive and was very jealous of Deepak,although I had a girlfriend but I was always attracted towards her, She is a Bit BBW, but not so much..she knew I had a eye on her so always avoided me ...I was not a good boy in her eyes..
she had a good friend in our society named Dipti who had studied law and used to go for a part time job in one lawyer's firm owned by lady called Mrs Nirmala she was also heading one of NGO's branch for 'crime against women', Dipti's voice was very loud and her Husband was henpack Husband

I was crazy about her when she used to wear saree...even when I used to sit with friends near society entrance,, our friends used to tell 'you are very lucky to have a attractive bhabhi'..

Whenever she used to come at my home to chat with mother my eyes never used get of from her
once I was staring at her boobs, she immediately noticed and gave me an angry look,
my mind was racing very fast to see her naked body, this thought now made me crazy day by day,,

once I was sitting at the entrance of our society, she was coming back from the market,.. i immediately followed her in the building.. i was behind her and shewas climbing starircase,
she was in red saree.. i called her from behind "Bhabhi Ek Minute"(One Minute, sister in Law)
When she looked behind I told her "Bhabhi Saree achii Hain"( Saree is Good ")
she was a bit shocked never said anything,, but for sure her eyes told me to shut up...
that look made me angry and was getting frustrated to 'have' her.

Once my parents had gone to our village I was alone at Home, Her husband was also on tour..
my partents had gone on emrgency visit to our village...
Bell rang at 10 o'clock at night, I was already high 2 pegs as parents were out was really wondering who must be at door, I kept my whisky glass aside and opened the door, and found Ketki Bhabhi at Door, ohh my God.... she was in her night gown and had come to ask for curd......she was shocked looking at whiskey bottle on table and with my glass filled, I could not ressit touching her, she was looking here and there to avoid me.. I took the small vessel from her hand and toched her hand and for one minute i was holding her hand and told her " Bhabhi baithye na"(Please sit Bhabhi) and was not leaving her Hand,
she was shocked by my behaviour and slapped me hard on my face . and told me: "just because I respect your parents I am not going to tell this incident to anyone, but in future even if u look at me I will call Police'

I was very angry with her rude behaviour and the insult of face slap by her..I wanted to teach her a lesson ....

I was so upset that day for the slap that I wanted open her house with duplicate keys(since as a neighbour They used to share a healthy relationship, we always used to keep extra keys at each other's House) at **** her

but somehow i managed my anger and had 4 more pegs... Now to teach her a lesson i was thinking day and night .....

we used to stay at first fllor, and had a supporting extra one feet floor out side balcony,,, our bed rooms and bath rooms were not facing any buliding Trees wer behind .. on that extra floor in the balcony we used to have small flower pots, One can easily walk at on that extra one ffet floor out side balconly,, Now I had made up my mind to teach that bitch lesson for that slap....

When I was alone at home and her house also locked, I opened her house with the duplicate keys,
went to her bath room, with proper tools addusted her bathroom window glass, made sure htat no one notices so put adjusted the Harpic bottles so that she does not notice the galss a bit shifted, made sure htat i can put camera in the gap...

I knew she used to go to bath at 10 am, after her husband left for office... so I jumped from balcony on that extra floor, made sure no one noticed from Top, so started acting as if I am taking care of flower points, made sure my camera had extra 1 gb space...so slowly i went near her bath room and from out side placed my digital camera and started recording just put that and came back to home ..

I was just hoping that she will go to bath at her regular times .... at 10:30 am i again went back and took camera and came back home ..... checked my camera and to my luck her bathing clip was captured... wow ..... she looked gorgeous naked and bathing watched the clip again and again..
Now I wanted to see her Nude and fuck her .. and take revenge for that slap.......

In the afternoon sat on my laptop edited the clip, removed unwanted still shots of bathroom ... found her facebook id, and got her mail id..

So i created a mail id like wellwisherofketki and mailed her the clip,, and mailed her that
Thappad ka jawab thappad nahi hota......(slap is not the answer for slap)

When she opened the mail she was shocked,,, she knew it was me.... she got so sacred to face me.. so she called at my residence number.. and told me on the phone" I am soory for the Slap... but please do not post htis on the net"
Now I knew she was under my contol I said" Bhabhi, I am your good devar, I will never do that.. but if u wannt me not to put on net I need you for 10 mins at my Home we can discuss" and kept my phone down... she rang the bell, I opened the door, I could see fear in her eyes ..

Immediately she said " kya chaiye aap ko)(what do u want)

I said " Bhabhi aise baate band kamere mein discuss ki jaati hain, darwaza bandh kariye"(sister-in- law,, this matters to be discussed in closed room, please close the door)

She closed the door,, I told her" I will not keep the clips on net but on one condition"
Ketki :"what is it"
me: You will do as i say for next 10 mins for the price of that slap
Ketki now angry and feared: what is that u want? I am a loyal housewife
Me: I know,, u just do waht i say .. i will not put it on net
ketki: I will not allow any touching or an kind of sexual abuse
I was thinking ok I will slowly balckamil and bed with her,, right when she is feared she might scream and I could be in problem:

me:Ok, I will not touch you but please stand infront of me for 10 Mins
kletki: Ok, but do not dare to touch me
I ssrated my laptop and kep staring on her..her eyes always looked down because of humiliation

me: See I promised not to touch you so I will not touch you(same time I played sexy hindi Item song on my Laptop

me: Bhabhi I will not touch you,, but can u please remove your saree.. any way I have seen much more tha that, I hope u don't mind

She slowly removed her saree .... tears flowing her eyes....

Now i was also bit scared that she will scream.....

me: Ok Bhabhi if u want to go u can go,, aab pata chala ek thappad ka Jawab( now u know the price of one slap)

Ketki sobbing: Ok, but please give me that clip

me: aab ghar jaao,, baad mein baat karta hoon(Now u go home, we will talk later)

She went crying... I was thinking of slowly blackmailing her and bed with her....

Now Friends what do U think will it go maledom way or femdom way............

Now on the other hand,, she talked with her friend Dipti who was working in law firm and staying in same society....
Dipti who was woking in law firm owned By Mrs Nirmala.. talked to her about Ketki's blackmail

Mrs Nirmala was also heading one NGO for crime against women,, was very upset and advised Dipti to call ketki for the counselling

Ketki and Dipti went to her Office

Mrs Nirmala: I think we should take this matter to Police

Ketki: No madam,, I don't want to make it public, and don't want Deepak(her Husband) to know about that

mrs Nirmala: Then why have u come here?what help do u want?

ketki: Madam, I want that clip to be erased from all his mails and laptop

Mrs Nirmala: Ketki you are very innocent,,how do u know he has not stored on any other site:

Ketki: what should i Do then? he will balckmail me forever then

Mrs Nirmala: Exactly,, never trust these bastards,, you should teach then such a lesson that they will never ever repeat the Mistake or even look at you

ketki: How but Madam?

mrs Nirmala: leave it to me .. I very well know how to handel such crooks

Ketki: But please madam i don't want to make it public,, and also teach him a good lesson of his life

Mrs Nirmala: do not worry, come to my office at 3 Pm tomorrow, Dipti will be here only

Ketki: thanks a Lot madam

Onthe other hand I was dreaming to sleep with her.. so in the joy i bought black label for the night

Wow... my dream lady is going to sleep with me...

Next day morning at 11 am my mobile rang...


Me: helloo yes

Mrs Nirmala: can I talk with Dinesh?

Me: Speaking

mrs Nirmala: Dinesh I am calling from advocate Nirmal Law firm,, I am the owner of the firm

me: How can I help You?

Mrs Nirmala: visit our office at 3 PM today afternoon, I have a good deal for u

Me: Regarding what:

Mrs Nirmala: regarding Ketki

Me(little scared): how come she has appraoached you?

Mrs Nirmala: I know what you have doen, a disgusting act.. if i was in her place I would have charged u with ****,, Just because she does not want to make it public,, I have a deal for U

me: can u be specific or else I will put her clip on net right now

mrs Nirmala: We can offer 2 lacs as compensation, in turn you will never ever contact her

me:Ok Done

She kept the phone down

One way i was very angry how come she has appraoched lawyer?

On the other side I was thinking 2 lacs is not a bad amount.. I can fuck 10 females like her with that money

I reached her office at 3 pm..
The recpetionist guided me to her cabbin

When I entered Mrs Nirmala, Ketki and Dipti and one more female aged around 32 were sitting

Mrs Nirmala: come Sit Dinesh,

Me: Ok so where are 2 lacs?

Mrs Nirmala: relax,, first let me introduce you to my friend vaishali,, she is in cyber crime at CBI

Now I was taken a back

Mrs Nirmala: We have tracked your laptop, the mail ketki received had started from your IP address

I was taken a back, and now scared also

She continued:as per the new law all such acts come under section 376, and they will be treated as r****t and can be 7 years for hard imprisionment

me: but for that she will have to complain,, bhabhi will u like to make complain along with your husband??? I am sure you would not want that

Mrs Nirmal:SHUT UP YOU PIG....LISTEN, as per the new law also woman can hide her identity and can lodge FIR..Police will arrest u for non bailable warrant, Now If u have guts go and publish on the net

Now I had tears in my eyes...was very scared and looked own

She continued: Shall we make complaint against u Pig?

Dipti and Ketki now looked relaxed, were giving me angry looks

me: Ok, I am really sorry, I swear I will not publish it on net,, Please let me go

Mrs Nirmala: No way ....you will be punished

Me: Please my whole career will be at stake, I can not be in Jail for 7 years

Mrs Nirmala: But do u think your act is non punishable? ok first delete all entries from your laptop and mails, I want you to format your laptop in next 10 mins

me: Ok Madam

The Other lady vaishali was watching me doing formatting

Me: its done madam,, I have not stored any where on Net, Please let me go I am sorry

Mrs Nirmala: Let you go.... my foot.........Vaishali call Police

Me : Please Madam, I beg at your feet, please ... Bhabhi I am sorry please tell Madam not to do this..

I was now crying and begging

Mrs Nirmala: See the Punishment is for 7 years.... but no way i can let u go free... I will not complaint if u follow our orders

Me: Thanks Madam,, I will do anything.... What amount do i have to pay:

Mrs Nirmala: SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH>.... since you are from good family and looking at your parents I will not hand over to Police, but you will be punished

I was now sacred and wanted to leave

She continued: I will lower your punishment from 7 year to 2 years,, But for this 2 years you will be punished seviourly like in Jail,, but not from police but from all of us

me : I did no get that Madam

mrs Nirmala: you will be slave to us for 2 years, you will do exactly what we say, you wll be punished like r****t by all of us

me: what do u want me to do:

Mrs Nirmala: you are asking as if you have choices??? do U agree or vaishali will call Police:

My mind was racing,, what the fuck i did, it was ok if i had slapped her back.. Ohh My God....

me: Ok Madam,, I will do what u say

Mrs Nirmala: Good .. now tomorrow be at 11 am at ketki's house your punishment will begin
ketki are u happy and relaxed Now?

Ketki : thanks a lot madam,,Now i am relaxed and will punish him tomorrow

Next day I was thinking was it dream or was she just faking or was she serious...

But yes she was seroius

I was puzzled to go or not...
But decided to go as they will forget with in a week, at the most what will they do slap me na,, ok fine i can handle that,, atleast better than going to jail for 7 years

I rang ketki's door bell at 11:15 am

Dipti Opened the door, i could see anger in her eyes..
I entered the house, my eyes were lowered not wanted to fae them

Mrs Nirmala: U Idiot you are fifteen Minutes late

Me: I am sorry madam

Mrs Nirmala: you will pay for each and every Mistake, since you are fifteen minutles late, do fifteen sit ups and your hands pulling your ears:

I was taken a back,, but not wanting arguments i did that shamefully

Now I was standing infront of them my head down

mrs Nirmala to ketki: Ketki dear u do not want to punish him?

Ketki : yes Madam, I hate Him

Mrs Nirmala: Go ahead and beat him for the offence

ketki came near me,, and slapped me and said :" iss thappad ka jawab nahi dena hain?(Don't u want to answer this slap?)

I did not say anything and stood stand stll

Mrs Nirmala: Ketki, In Jail only pick pocketers get such kind of slaps, r****t are beaten hard,
slap him harder

Now Ketki had an courage, she slapped me harder and harder, she atleast slapped me 10 times

Mrs Nirmala: Ketki is not a Police,, Vaishali why don't u demonstate to ketki and dipti how criminals are treated in Jail... ketki and dipti watch it and learn so that no pigs will harras u

Vaishali came near me and just kicked me hard,,I felt down,, Now she told me to give my waist belt
,, iwas now crying... and saying please madam let me go....

Vaishali: keep your mouth shut or you will get one more kick, now give me your waitst belt

I removed my waist belt and handed over to vaishali,

She was whipping me with my own belt,atleast for 5 minutes,, i was crying like a small c***d.. but she had no mercy

Mrs Nirmala:ok, now beg for forgiveness to ketki

I was thinking this is my only one day for punishement, let me beg what is the harm. atleast I will be free

me : BhabhiJi please forgive me,, I am sorry

Mrs Nirmala: U bastard she is not your bhabhi,, call her madam

me: I am sorry Madam please fogive me

Ketki: he is asking forgiveness like a c***d who has not done homework(she now had curage to speak)

mrs Nirmala: u crook, keep your head on her feet and ask for forgiveness

I immediately put my head on her feet and said Please fogive me

Ketki: ok Go now

I was releived, i thought hell was over

When I was wearing my shoes, Mrs Nirmala told: check your mails at 7 Pm

Me : Ok madam,,, and i left from there

I was thinking now what the hell she wants,, what mails ??

i opened the mails at 7 pm,,

Mrs Nirmala had mailed me'' open the attached file and call me once finished, My mobile no is 9999933222

I open the file and froze,, they had recorded all my punishment

I immediately called her

'hellloo helloo madam'

she:so watched the clips?

me : yes madam, i am already punished now what do u want?

She :LISTEN BASTRAD thst was just one day of your punishment,, still 729 more days to go
I am going out of town for fifteen days.... you will exactly do what ketki, Dipti and vaishali say
If u do anything funny,, all these clips will go to your boss and your rleatives and will be jailed for 7 years

I curse my own fate,, what the helll i had done?

next day my phone rang at 10 am... It was ketki

Me: yes Bhabhi... sorry madam

Ketki: come immediately to my house, deepak has gone on tour

I just wore my T shirt and went to her place.

I rang the bell, She opened after 3 minutes, My heart was racing

When she opend i Looked at her,, she closed the door, and placed a firm slap on my face,
and said" Kutte mujh se aankh nahi milana"(dog never ever look into my eyes)

Dipti was also sitting there, i was standing there ashmed,,

Ketki:'vaha toilet ke paas zaadu pocha rakha hain,, ghar ki safai kar de(Near the toilet there is broom and cloth, go and clean the house nicely)

Me what? ( my mistake why did i say what?)

ketki: come here

I went near her, she slapped me again: Jo bola vho karna(Do what we say)

I picked up broom and started cleaning floor ...

Dipt: achhe se karna( do it nicely)

I did not say anything, not wanted another slap for arguing,
after brooming the house, I soaked the cleaning cloth in water and now wiping floor
during that cloth touched Dipti's feet, she just kicked me and said: doosri baar laga to aur marungi(Id next time it touches i will hit u more)

when done
me: madam I have cleaned the house

ketki now looking at floor and examining, sadi: ok this time but next time i want to polish it like mirrors,, come here there is some dirt here...

I went near her with cleaning cloth,

She spitted on floor and said"clean this"
with no courage for argument i cleaned it

Ketki: Don't stand like a fool,, go and prepare tea for Me and Dipti,,

Dipti was smiling cruelly

I went to kitchen, prepared tea,

By the time my ears were listening what they were saying..

Ketki to Dipti: I hope this will teach him,, he will not even llok at any girls

Dipti: Kutte ki doom hain kabhi sidhi nahi hogi( He is like dog's tail, will never be straight)

Ketki: aab to vho hi kutta ban gaya hain .. ha ha( Now he only is Dog)

I came to hall and served them team
while sipping tea, Dipti told me: Jab tak hum chai pite hain vaha corner mein kaan pakde ke khada ho ja(till the time we have tea, stand in the corner with ears pulled)

that continued for almost 15 minutes

Ketki: come tomorrow at same time

Me: Madam I have to go to office at 9 am

Ketki: thik hain come in the morning at 7 am

Ohh My God,,,, never thought she can be so dominating..............

Rang her doorbell at 7 am.. she was in her night gown,

Ketki: clean up my bed,, clean up tha house and and wash all clothes in bath roonm

never talked anything else, without arguing i cleaned up house preaped her bed, washed all clothes including bra and paties of her...

When i was washing clothes she kicked with her feet and said: achhe se dhoona,, nahi to vaaps dhool -vaungi( wash them nicely or will make them wash again)

I put the clothes in drying area in balcony,, it was now 8 am, I was getting late in the office

ketki: ho gaya sab?(is everthing done)

Me: Ji Bhabhi sorry madam

Well this time again a hard slap...I knew my mistake

ketki: Now go and wash my toilet,, it should shine like mirrors,, brush and cleaner are in toilet

me: Madam I am getting late

Again a sharp slap..
I did not argue,, went their and cleaned the toilet,,,

When done she came and inspected and said: not proper do it again"

Now this time i avoided slap and washed it again,, made sure it shined

Me: Now can i leave Madam?

kektki:Ok same time tomorrow

what the hell?????am i her servant?

ketki: I know what u are thinking,, but it is better to clean my toilet than cleaning Jail toilets

i just left from there

With a hurry I went to office, was 10 minutes late,, was marked late

After lucnh also was very busy,, some unknow numbers rang on my mobile,, I was so busy that did not pick up,, but was still ringing, so i answered," who is there"

A female voice : vaishali here

Me: who vaishali?( I was very much tied up with office work)

She: who vaishali?????.. or u want more whips to remember me????

me: ohh iam sooooryy soory Madam

vaishali: i am sendind u sms of my address, come at 8 Pm,, carry one black label when u come
and store this number next time i want u to pick in 2 rings

me: Ok Madam
She kept the phonedown

I was now scared, i still remember her whips.. and kicks,
it was 4 Pm, my mind was racing.. could not concentrate on work, was leaving office by 6:30 Pm, same time my boss came, and told me to prepare last month report
i requested him can i do tomoorow, but he said it is very urgent ..

i don't know how she will react if reach late..
so i thought of calling her,
It was 6:30 Pm, I called her mobile... she picked up on the phone and said" kutte phone kyon karta hain'(U dog, why are u calling me)
Me: Madam can i reach at 9 PM?

She: U know what happened last time.. so i am counting minutes u will be late

I thought even if i reach at 9 Pm, i will have to 60 sit ups like last time ...not a big deal....atleast i will not get firing from my boss...

I mailed report to my boss, and left office at 9 PM

On the way stopped to wine shop and took one bottle of black label,, was too expensive..

I reached her at 9 PM, she opened the door, and asked me to come in immediately

She was tall and bit dark,, she had a perfect figure,, eyes were wide

she closed the door and kicked me " sale harami,, mujhe rook ne ki aadat nahi hain"( U rascal, i don't have habit of waiting)

Me: sorry Vaishali(ooopsssssssssss) I mean mdam

She kicked me again hard in my balls... " i think next time U will not repeat the mistake'

me: yes Madam

Vaishali: U very well know last time what happened when u reached late and today u are late by 60 minutes

Me:Sorry madam, I willdo 60 sit ups

Vaishali: Chup kar (shut up) U will not do sit ups,, but u will get 60 slaps

Me : But madam.....

she kicked me again on my balls...
Now i was helpless....
She told me come near her, she slapped me continuously for 60 slaps, 30 on each cheek, my cheeks were red

vashali: chal peg bana(make pegs for me)

I collected 2 glasses from kitchen, poured in 2 glasses, she picked up one one threw the whisky on my face
Vaishali: How dare u make it or yourself??

Me: Sorry madam,

vaishali: ok, now make my peg,
me: Madam with soda or Water?

vaishali: Water

I started puring water in the glass..

She again pushed me from her leg

Vaishali: Ice kaun tera baap layega?(who will brng ICE?your father?)

Me: sorry madam, I went to kitchen brought ICE
Made her peg and served her:
Vaishali: Go and bring some snack from the kitchen

I went to kitchen,, served her peanuts and waffers in the plate

She was watching TV and having her peg

She looked at me with stern looks : khade khade dekh kya raha hain chal pair daba '(what r u doing standing and watching?press my feet)

I was pressing her feet whle she was having her peg and watching TV

She almost had 3 pegs by now it was 10 Pm,
vaishali: order meal for me from the hotel, List is available in the first drawer
I ordered meal from nearby hotel, when it came i served her properly

she got up after having dinner, still one roti was in her plate...

Vashali: yeh roti kha lena (eat this roti, this is dinner for u)

I was never humiliated like this before,,, but any choices I had?

It was now 11:PM, I was very tired i asked her" can i go home madam"

Vaishali(wickedly): Yes u can Go but in the morning

Me: i have to reach ketki's house at 7 am in the morning

She again kicked me in the balls" bastard do not dare to call her by Name"

me: I am sorry Madam

Vaishali: ok leave from here at 6 am

I was really thinking what she has store for me for the night?

Vaishali: Go and prepare my bed

I sighed a relief,,

vaishali: come i will show you your bedroom

I thought I will take rest now,,

She pulled my hair and guided me till Toilet

She told me " go and sleep in your room"

I never had enough courage and energy to argue

I tried to sleep in the toilet,, could not sleep whole night
but due to tired ness i slept at 2 am,, at 6 oclock she came to toilet and kicked me

" go fast or u will be late at Ketki's place"
I quickly woke up washed my face and started to leave

vaishali: Today same time 8 pm

ohhh god,, when will i be free from such tortures...

I made sure that i reach at 7 am at ketki's house

Kektki: chal jaldi ghar kaam kar de aur fut jaldi se(do my housework and get out quickly)

I hurridly claened floor, washed her clothes, cleaned utesils and claned toilet like yesterday

At 8 am i asked her if i can leave

Ketki told me haan chal nikal(ok get out now)

again same routine,, office work, thinking of toruture of night and what might come at night?

Again same routine, office load, tension of going at night
I was ready and made sure that i will reach before 8 PM

again traffice but still managed to reach her building...
It was 8:03 Pm, I sighed a bit releif

she opened the door and laughed 'you are only 3 minutes late good"

' so what do u deserve for punishment for 3 minutes"
I knew if i argue, she will be more cruel

" ok now strip"

I said "what?"
Vaishali :" u heard me Strip Now"

this height of humiliation,, never in my life i had taken such orders from females like this

nervously i removed my clothes,
My head was down and i was facing her
Vaishali" Now your punishment for coming late,, i am going to squeez your balls for 3 minutes,, i do not even want hear 'aah' from u"

She grabbed my balls and pressed hard.. Tears started flowing my eyes

I just could not bear the humiliation and the pain,,,,, never in my life female had treated me like this

I do not know what is coming for night ahead..

Vashile now shouted: go and make my drink,, idiot"

I hurriedly went to kitchen carried 1 galls bottle and ice(no mistake ade this time)
Made her drink, and went to kitchen to and got snack for her

vaishale again shouted" tujhe kya haar baat yaad dilani padegi" ( do i have to every time remind u)
" chal pare daba"(press my legs)
I was slowly pressing her legs,, she kicked me hard on my face
"Kutte jor se daba"(Dog press it hard)
" talve kos thik se masssage kar"( massage feet nicely)
This continued till her two pegs..

Now she was staring at me,, and my eyes never had courage to look at her

Now suddently she said loudly" chal mere talve chat"(lick my feet)

I was shocked: what?

Now she applied full force and kicked me hard,, i fell 2 feet behind

" i do not want to hear NO next time"

Slowly i licked her feet,,
Licked her for 10 minutes

Now she said " make sure no dirt is there"

I knew i had to make her happy or hell will fall on me

she told me to clear the table, food was ordered from hotel, as usual i hod to eat the left overs from her plate..
" U know your bedroom,, prepare bed and go to yur bed room"
I headed towards toilet to slepp, i was very tired and, my balls were aching

i put my head down on toilet seat, and slept at night around 3 am i felt some water falling on my face

I opened my eyes, i coud not believe my eys, She was pissing on me..

I was damn angry and tried to resist,, but resisting could only earn me few more kicks...

I was helpless...

In the morning she came to toilet and asked me to clean the toilet,
I di that and was leaving at 6:30 am,, she said" take a laeve from work today,, it is friday, come today at 8 pm, u will serve me for saturday and sunday, Dipti's husband is out, and she needs u for whole house clean up"

I just said yes Madam,I had thought i will rest on week end,, but it is going to be horrifying week end

i could not bear, i thought i will have nervous breakdown,

Reached Ketki's House, she even did not look at me, I knew my duties
When i was leaving she said" Reach at Dipti's place at 10 am..
And no need to come on monday My husband is coming back on saturday"

Ohh I sighed releif.....atleast i don't have to get up early

At 10 am I reached Dipti's House,,,

Dipti: clean my house throughly, I don't want to see any dirt, even inbetween the tiles it should be cleam, If it is not clean i will make u lick that"

When i was mopping the floor she used to kick me and reminding me to clean it properly..

at 11 am i finished floor cleaning, now i had to clean Bathroom an toilet, I made sure they were sparkling clean...

I infomed her that i have done my cleaning..

Dipti,, now got my Store room: make it tidy and clean,, I also want even each and every box also clean

I again took one hour and finished, My eyes were tired, legs were paining

She did not allow me any rest....after that she told me wash clothes,,
she had not washed clothes for a week, even her Husband's clother were there, could be around 20 pairs, also all her curtains needto be washed,
I took me 2 hrs to clean them, and that too hand wash.....

at was around 1 PM,

I told her' all the work is done,, can i go? ', i really needed rest < I knowi was going to be there for 2 days with that cruel lady ....I had not eaten anything except vaishali's left over ...

Dipti slapped me hard on face,, even ketki's slaps were not so hard.." Did I say that u can go?"

I sadi " No madam"

Dipti" do not ever speak, unless i have told u to speak"

she had some food in freeze, she told me to heat it it micowave and serve her

I was hoping i could eat her leftovers... but she did not kept anything for me,,

I did not even dare to ask for water.....

When she finished her lunch, I cleared the table and cleaned all utensils,,

Dipti, " go and clean my kitchen"

I had to do that I did that

at 4 PM, she asked me to get out,,

I went home ate whatever was in freezer, and went to sleeep, I kep the alarm in my mobile, I knew if i was late, be may worst will come,, i did not even want to be a minute late...

I reached he house at 7:50 Pm sharply, pressed the doorbell,
She opened the door lookeda t the watch.. as soon as i was in she closed the Door

Vaishali: u are learning,, good for starting

strating? is this not he End

Me: Madam I am rally sooryyy, please forgive me

Vaishali: Come on < Nrmala is yet to come,,, this is nothing

ohh my god,, will she be more cruel than Vaishali?????

"chal nanga ho ja"(come on now, be nude fast)

I hurriedly removed all my clothes...

I could not believe myself .....how can a female be so cruel

When I was totally Nude, she told me to stand on the dining table which was in the middle of the room

totally ashmed, Just now than bell rang,, my heart sank,, i tried to hide my cock,, she noticed
and she just slapped my cock for that."stand still and your hands on your head"

She opened the door and Dipti was there,,

she noticed and laughed out loud....

she said while laughing" ha ha,, serves him right......kaisa chuitya dikh raha hain"(he looks like person coming out of cunt)

My eyes were wet,,,

Dipt continued:vaishali,, i think now he must be cursing not to be in jail

Vaishali: No dear, I know how they treat **** victim,, even Homo cops take thier asses,, no where to complaint,, kya dinesh Jail jana hain ya hamari goolami karega (will u go to Jail or work as slave for us)

I did not say anything,,
vaishali: U pig i asked u something,
while saying above she hit me a wooden scale

I still kept silent
again she hit me

Me: Madam I am happy serving you(Even I had heard what happens to criminal of ****)

Dipti: sala chuitya,, He is a shame on male kind

Vaishali: chal Niche utar aur peg banana(get down and make us drinks)

I was crying,, fully naked infront of our society female,, wanted to hide my face from her

Went to kitchen brough ICE, water and Whiskey,
made two pegs and served them

AS soon as dipti had her first Sip, she just spitted all on me

and slapped me hard" U bastard don't know how to make drinks"

vaishali came from behind and kicked my ass

all i could say was sorry and tried to wipe my face,
but vaishali warned me that I am not allowed to wash face till I am told

all i could say was Ok madam

they chatted for one hour while having drinks
And i was standing naked infront of them
I always thought Dipti was a a good housewife only,, but today i saw her one more face

then vaishali clipped her fingers and just said Dinner

I ordered dinner from the hotel....

the Hotel boy rang the bell, vaishali told me to open the door

I was in tear,, please Madam,,,,,,, Pleaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

She said if I will not open the door, I will get 50 strokes from the wooden scale on my palms from each of them

I was too ashmed to open the door,, i said 50 strokes is fine

She told me to wait in the toilet

OMG... she is having a devil mind

When the hotel boy went off, she pulled my by hair and lead me to hall

Dipti said in between" he has harrased by best friend, I will give him the strokes

Vaishali:" Ok, 25 from you and 25 from me"

Dipti clipped her fingers to stand infront of me

I moved my palm towards her

She gave me 25 hard storks on my palm

My Palm was red like watermelon colour

Vaishali:"its my turn Now"

I moved towars Vaishali and moved my palm

Vaishali ver sarcastically:" Ohh Dipti U have hit him hard,, look at his palms,, if i hit again, they will be bleeding,, Ok I think i will not hit on these palm,,, come on bastard turn your palm"

She was so cruel,, She hit me on m palms reversed,, i just could not bear the pain,, all finger bones were aching now...

tears were flowing through my eyes,, I tried to wipe my tears from the eys

Sudeenly on hard Kick form Vaishali" U Pig, I told u not to wipe your face till i tell U)

i Left it like that

Now again she shouted:" Don't fuckin stand there and cry, go and serve dinner to us"

I went to kitchen served them dinner,, while they were having dinner, i was standing nude infront of them and serving ...

After the dinner Dipti said she is too tired to go to wash romm and wash,
vaishali"did n't u hear Pig, make arrangemet so that she can wash it here

I went to kitchen brought a big vesssel and Jug of water
i was pouring from jug to big cessel like a tap, she washed her hands
then She told me to wait there, She took one big sip of water, guggled it and straight away spitted same on me
, again my hand went to clean,, but as usual I got a kick
vaishali also did the same thing
Dipti was laughing her heart out,

they offered my dinner as their left overs

I cleared the table, and waited for further orders

Vaishali and Dipti were resting on sofa and watching movie

Inbetween vaishali" Pig, Go and stand on Dining table'

till they were watching movie i was made to stand on dining table

when the movie was finished.. they told me to prepare bed, and asked me to go to my Bedroom(Toilet)

Vaishali: If u clean your face, tomorrow will be your last day in open world,

My face was stinking . but i did not dare to wash it,..
I night also They pissed on me.. becaise of pain and the humiliation I maanged to sleep at 3 am,

Since they also had a good time, they also got up late,

At 8 Am, Vaishali came and kicked me: get up u lazy bastard"

She took her toothpaste and statrted cleaning her teeth, she did not spaitted the tooth paste waste in basin, but on my face,, and reminded me not to clean.... Dipti also did the same thing

" Now go and preapare tea and breakfast for us,, just wash your hand, not your FUCKING PIG FACE"

I went to kitchen, prepared tea nad break fast and served them on the bed

Dipti:"Vaishali, I don't want to see this guttter face when I am having breakfast"

Vaishali:"Pig, face the wall, when we require your service we will call U'..

After which I preapred Dipti's bath, she wanted to leave as her husband was coming back from the tour..

After Dipti's Left, vaishali went to toilet to do potty, I had to wait outside toilet

when she came back from toilet, she told me to clean the toilet,,

I went to toilet and was shocked that she even did not flush it,,

But now i knew my fate, so did n that

at 11 am, vaishali told me :" I am going out for some shopping,, by the time i come u stand on the toilet Sit,, If i come back and not find u there,, u know your fate"

Now i was getting used to all the punishments and torturing
I was very hungry, i had just eaten two rotis and subzi's last night

My face stinking, hungry, my fingers were aching, legs were paining < i thought i will fell down

At 3 PM she opened the door, i could hear even Keki's voice

She opened the toilet door and showed to Ketki, Ketki could not control her laugh

and said to vaishali:Serves him right

Vaishali" kitki let us make him eat something or he will not energy to serve us"

vaishali threw some pieces of bread in the toilet and asked me to come to Hall

When I came to hasll Ketki said: First his thoughts were gutter, but now even his face is also gutter"

I just fell to ketki's feet " Please forgive me madam,, i know i should not have done that,, please please,, i will always respect U and never ever look at u, please forgive me, have a little mercy"

i was begging like a beggar .
vaishali: U PIG, We have already given u mercy, instead of spending 7 years in Jail, U just have to serve us for 2 years .. now if u beg more we will increase your punishment"

Ketki just kicked me and said:she is right"
vaishali : " and PIG this is just first week, and the Nirmala is out, u should conserve till time she comes back'

Is this just starting ? It looks like she is a very cruel and vaishali is nothing

Ketki had some mercy: Ok I will forgive u on one condition"

Vaishali immediately said: Ketki don't have mercy, I know these bastards will never improve

Ketki: wait na vaishali,, let me see how serious he is

Ketki : Ok PIg, If u can go to your office Monday morning in same condition, I will forgive U"

Vaishali laughed a Loud,,

Ketki had actually played cruel joke on me

Ketki: will u?

I just my hang my head down

Ketki: Ok PIG go and wash your face,,,I have to go back at 7 PM

I went to kitchen, washed my face with dettol and then face wash what a relief

I came back to hall

Ketki: chal talve chatna mere"

vaishali and kekti were chatting, I was licking her feet

She was enjoying that,,, and inbetween she directed me to clean inbetween her toes

I the lady who i was thinking to bed with, Now i am lickeing her feet

I must have licked her feet almost 2 hrs

Their main discussion of chatting was how criminals in jail are treated

I was horrified by vaishali stories

ketki then just pushed my face and got up

Ketki: Vaisahli dear, thanks a lot to u and Madam,,if u two were not there then this PIG would have ruined my Life"

Vaishali: Not at all dear,,,, Nirmala hates such bastards, and knows very well to treat them

Ketki smiled and left......

after she left,
Vaishali shouted:" chutye ki tarha vaha khada mat ho,, chal talve chat "(don't stand ike a person who has comeout of cunt, lick my feet)

made sure she is happy with my job as did not want any more suffering.

I tried to pleasure her,, Toook her feet in mouth and cleaned them properly..

Now she was a bit relaxed,, so I asked her" madam, can i ask u something?"

Vaishali:' haan jaldi bak"(ok, tell me fast)

Me: Madam you are very beautiful,
THinking that she will be pleased with my comment

Vaishali: chup kar, mujhe impress karne ki koshis mat kar"( Shut up, do not try to impress me)

" concentrate on your work or your night will be hell"

It was 8 PM, i prepared her Drink

She was now bit calm, not cruel

Suddenly her Mobile rang

she talked for a while on mobile do not know who was on other line

she came near to me and told " be ready fast, Nirmala has shortened her tour, we need to pick her from airport "

Now i was bit nervous,, and started to put on my clothes

She Slapped me: Did i say u can put your clothes?"

Now i was almost in tears,, and looked like a beggar and begging into her eyes

She Laughed" Always ask, before u do anything,, ok now put on your clothes"

In the lift she asked : do u know how to drive?

I said yes,

she handed over the keys I took the car outside from parking area

She sat on the back seat, I was like driver to her

We Went to Airport, she asked me to folllow her, i waied behind her,
Now her flight arrived, Nirmala came out in the trolley which were having 2 haevy breifcases,
Vaishali and Nirmal hugged each other,
vaishali little loudly to me: " do not just stand like a fool, carry her luggage"

People around the lobby looked at me stragely

Nirmala was lady aged around 45 years, with a great personality, at this age also she had maintained her figure well, she looked like lady IAS officer

I just picked her bags, and headed towards car, I put the bags in the dicky

Nirmala even did not looked at me

THey both sat on the back seat

They were chatting now

Nirmala: Vaishali, I forgot my house keys in delhi hotel,, We will check in some hotels

Vashali: Madam, y don't u come at my Place

Nirmala: No yaar I am tired, I don't want u to work it is saturday evening

Vaishali: I don't have to work, we have this bastard to work for us

Nirmala: ohh yes,, How is the Punishment for first week going? I hope warm up for 1st week is good

I was thinking is this warm up? what could be the actual?

Vaishali: he needs to learn fast,, I was happy for keki, she is also learning to punish these perverted bastards

Nirmala: ok nice to hear that,, any way i am going to be in Mumbai for a month,u know in delhi there are so many **** cases,, I won the last case, the r****t is now sentenced for 10 years rigourous Imprsionment

Vaishali: Good,, This bastard is just out because ketki did not want to make it public

We headed towards the Vasihali apartment

Vaushali opened the Door, i carried her suitcases and let them come in
vaishali closed the door,
Nirmala:" take my sandal out"

I a bit shocked looked at her
She kicked with her shoes only

I did not argue removed he buckle and removed her shoes,Now vaishali pushed her feet, removed her sandals also

They rested on th sofa,

vaishali shouted" why are u still in your clothes?

Nirmala: come here

I went close to her and she slapped me like ears will be deaf, even vaishal's slaps were also not so hard
I thought for a moment i am deaf,, for 2 minutes it was like bee bugging near my ears

I removed my clothes,

vaishali: Bring us water

I went to kitchen and brought them water

Vaisahli" order dinner and go to ypur place, "
I placed order, and went back to dining table and stood with hands back

Nirmala to Vaishali:' Does he not know how to cook?"

Vashali:"bastarad is good for nothing"

Nirmala now faced towards me:" you will go to cooking class after the office from Monday onwards"

Me: "yes Madam"

when the hotel boy came and rang the bell

I got myself in toilet, they both laughed

After he went I served them dinner,

Vaishale just actioned me to bring vessl to clean hands

I brought the big vessel ang water jug, washed thier hand, Nirmala guggled and spitted in vessel only

I was again made to eat leftovers,

I cleared the table, went to kitchen to do dishes

After clearing the kitchen i came to hall where they were resting on the sofa

Nrmala seemed to be tired,

She just clipped her fingers, guiding me toward her feet,
Nirmala in a very stern voice: Massage my feet nicely"
I stated to do my best job,, then she asked me to lie down, she used my face as door mat

never bothered to even look at me and was chattiing with vaishali

Nirmala:" Vaishali, my keys will arrive at around noon, I will take this pig with me, house must be very untidy, my maid is also not coming tomorrow"

Vaishali: " all yours Madam"

Nirmala:" Since I have come now.. he will now even forget to look at girls in magazine also

"let us sleep now"

I preapred their bed, and rushed to toilet to sleep,

luckily they did not wake up at night to pee

Morning at 7 am, my face was showered with pee of vaishali

" go and preapare bed tea for both of us"

I went to kitchen prepared tea and entered bedroom to serve them

Vaishali had side table by her Side, But on Nirmala's side there was no side table,

Nirmala" Hold this in your palm"

I was catching the hot cup of tea, as if it was on hot plate
she never bothered and used my palm as side table to keep her tea cup

, then they ordered me to for break fast, I prepared toast and butter and boiled eggs

Unfortunately Nirmala's bread was not toasted properly
She just threw that toast on my face and said" this is your lunch, dinner and breakfast"
I again gulped the shouting and my fate,

I prepared their bath,, by the time they were ready, door bell rang, it was a couire boy who had come with key

Nirmala:" I now need to go to home, tell this bastard to follow me"
I carried her heavy suitcases till car, put them in dicky, and drove to her Home

her home was very elegant, centrally airconditoned, she seemed to be vey rich lady

Nirmala ordered me to put her suitcases, and told me to empty suitcases,

I put all her clothes in washing bag, rest everything at thier places

She told me to order pizza for lunch, she also opened beer bottle from the freezer

I was hoping that i coulsd get some leftovers as i was very hungry, but one piece which was left she ordered me to put in dustbin

I again cleared table, while she watching tv, again i was used as doormat

she just slept on sofa, and I was under her feet

When she was awoke, she asked me to pepare tea

While having tea,, she was staring at me

and said:" look, I hate bastards who don't respect female' and especially those who treat them as sex object, and u are one of them and u have gone one step ahead and tried to black mail a innocent houswife

Me: " I am sorry madam"

Nirmala:" Shut your fucking mouth shut, just speak when i tell u to speak"

She continued:" I will punish u so that u even forget word sex from your dictionary"

" First, U are not allowed any clothing when u are with us"

Me:" yes Madam"

She slapped me again:" Did i say u can speak?"

" now what are u waiting, get off from your clothes"

I immediately removed all my clothes

Again she clipped finger to come near her

She kicked me in the stomach and said:" keep those dirty clothes on side"

'Now everday after office, one hour u will go to cooking class, it starts at 7 and will end till 8"
"I want u to come everday at 8:30 Pm here"

"Now, Bring my cane from that corner, i have taught a lesson to many crooks like U"

I just handed over the cain,,
she again shouted" Stand infront of me"

I thought she will cane my bottoms,, But she cained on my thighs,, it was paining like hell

I was in tear,, but she liked that more and caned me for few more strokes,

" Now Listen PIG, this is only starting, U will be taught how to respect woman for rest of your life"

"Ketki told me your parents have gone to village for 6 months, so these 6 months will be under seviour punishment"

Now i know why vaishali was saying Nirmala is yet to come

" Now go and face the wall, your cock and nose should touch the wall "
"stand there till say"
Immediately i face wall and stood as per her orders

Almost stood there for 2 hrs, i was thirsty and hungry too, but did not dare to ask her,

After 2 hrs she called me and told me to clean her toilet

When i was cleaning the POT, she came from behind and told me that if it is not cleaned propery, I will make u lick that pot

I was taken a back,, i made sure it shined like mirror.

I was really tired,, needed some water,

With great courage i asked Her" Madam, can i get some water?"

this time the slap was even harder than first one, i just fell down,,

"what did i say .. speak only when i tell u to speak,, "

I beleive i will only get to drink my tears,
To my surprise she poured one glass of water and offered me

At the last moment she just spitted in it,,
I can not refuse, I drank that at one go

" Thank U madam"

Now i had to take cane for that msitake, Mistake to even say thank U,
" i would have cut that tounge of yours,, But i need it "

" go and wash my clothes, and do not use washing machine, ;et us save electricity for global warming"

I just nodded and ruhed to bathroom
I dried them on the stand,

It was around 7 PM

She came and told me:" I am going to party, by the time u clean the house . i do not want to see atom of dirt,and when u fiinsh that get your self in toilet, i may come at any time, if i don't see u there,, u know what will happen, and take your mobile along with u, when i call, make a flush sound in 20 secs, so that i am sure u are in toilet

I said" Yes madam"

again Mistake,, she said" For this mistake i want u to stand in the toilet"

I just nodded this time,
Life was becoming tough day by day ....

I cleaned the house, took almost 3 hrs,,, went to toilet and stood up there,

It was around 11:30 at night. and she came back,
" u can sleep till 5:30 am, prepare a bed tea for me at 6:30 in the morning,"

my whole body was aching, tired and humiliated

kept alaram at 5:30 am, prepared her bed tea,,

by the time she was having tea she ehouted" do not fuckin stand like a pig, prepare my breakfast'
I went to kitchen prepared toast and boiled egg

after having breakfat she told me:" u can leave now, go to office, after office u will go to cooking class from 7 to 8, i want u here at 8:30 pm, My maid is also coming today she will train u maid"

what the hell? one ordinary maid will be my boss?

but any way i did not argue,
rushed home, ate like a hungry dog, as just had one toast form the morning,,
Reached office,, many of friends in office asked:"is anything worng"
I just ignored them

Then rshed to cooking class, i was the only male trainee, was really feeling awkward......

Reached 8:30 Pm monday evening to Nirmala's place
made sure i reached on time, before that i just picked some street food and ate it, as i know i was not going get anything to eat

I pressed the doorbell,
It was her maid she opened the door, she must be around 45, typical indian maid in saree little dark and overweight,

She did not say anything, i reached the hall
Nirmala was watching TV without even looking at me she told
" She is Pushpa,, my house maid,, now she will train u, and better address her as Madam Pushpa"

what the fuck,, do i have to address her as madam?

I wanted to say no but remembered her caning

Now she moved to pushpa and said, "pushpa,, mein is kutte ki baaat kar rahi thi... aaj se jo tum kahogi vho hi karna hoga use,,
agar nahi mane to chamdi ukhed dena mar mar ke, yeh haramzada hamra gulam hain sirf aur kuch nahi'' aaje se vho tumhare toilet mein soyega"(Pushpa, iwas talking about this dog,, he will do whatever u say, if he disobeys peel his skin out . this bastard is just slave to us, he will sleeep in your toilet from now onwards

Now she looked at me,, i was very angry.. bt contolled my anger,
She was furious again" Kutte aab tak kapde kyon pahne hain?"(Dog, why your clothes are still on?)

I hurriedly removed all my clothes..

She came near to me and slapped me hard,, Her slaps were very hard, i can actually see her finger marks on my cheek

I just bow my head down with shame,, (bloddy i am nude infont of maid who is nothing equal to me"

By the time pushpa came near to me and caught me by my hair" Yeh kapde acchi tarha se kaun rakhega? tera baap?"( who will keep your fucking clothes properly?your father?"

I immediately kept the clothes in the corner

Now she hold my hair and pulled me towards kitchen and said" chal jaldi, kitchen mein bahoot kaam pada hain"(come fast, need to do lot of pending kitchen work),

In the kitchen she was sitting on one chair and instructing me

It was totally humiliating to take orders from Such Maids

I looked at her with anger, in the return she just shouted

" madarchod, mujhe aanke dikha raha hain.. rook madam ko bolti hoon"( U mother fucker, how dare u show me your eyes.. wait i will tell Madam)

She rushed towards Nirmala and complained about me

Nirmala came to kitchen with cane, and had the beating i will never forget, cane marks on all over body, she did not care

One cane stroke was on my cock, and it pained like hell

" COme on pu your head on her feet and and ask for forgiveness"

I had no option, i pu my head on Pushpa's feet" Madam, please forgive me"

She kicked my head and said, " agali baaar mein marungi"
(next time I will hit U)

Nirmala: "look Dog,, if u do anyhing funny,, that will be your last day in open society, and all your fucking punishment pictures will reach to all your relatives and Boss"

I had to keep silent .

After she left, i cleaned kitchen and utensils as per her instructions,

after she asked me to come in her room

Pushpa: chal bhadve malish karna pairo ko( U pimp, start massaging my legs)

i did as per her command,

And it was just Monday....

after some time she told me" Madam ko morning mein 6:30 bed tea chaiye, subhe 5:30 uth jana aur mujhe 6 baje utha dena, chal aab mere toilet mein jaa aur so ja"(Madam need bed tea at 6:30 in the morning, u get u at 5:30, and wake me up at 6 in the morning, now go and sleep in my toilet)

Her toilet was very small, it was also stinking.
my body was still paining because of heavy caning

Again at night, she came and peed on me,,

My life was ruined,,,,,, bloody slave to kaaamwali(maid)

Morning i got up at 5:30, washed my face and fresh, 6 O'clock i tried to wake her up, but she was fast asleep, i tried to wake her up my moving her shoulder, when she got up, i just got a slap

"" sale harami,, hamesha meri paav dabake uthana"
(u rascal, always wake me up by pressing my feet)
" chal jaldi se madam ki bed tea aur nasta tayyar rakhna"
(prepare madam's tea and break fast) "

I served Nirmala bed tea and then breakfast

around 7:30 Pushpa called me and told me to cut vegetables

At 8 PM I asked Nirmala if i can leave or not as i was getting late to office

She said Ok

again same routine, went home,, ate like hungry dog, rushed to office, went to coooking class in the evening,
8:30 i reached to Nirmala's house

Pushpa opened the door, she closed the door, I immediately removed my clothes, she smmiled and told
" chal kitchen mein ja, aur sara bartan saaf kar, madam ko aaj late hoga, aur bartan chamak ne chaiye"(Go to kitchen and wash utensils, madam will get late today, and make sure utensils are shining)

I said : Ok pushpa madam

applied all soap and made sure they are cleaned properly

I came back to hall, she was watching TV,

She told" chal malish kar mere paav ko"

( come on, massage my feet)

reluctantly i massaged her feet....

inbetween she made sure she kicked me for not massaging properly,

This continued for 1 hr..
it was 11 Pm, Niramal came back, she even did not look at me

and said " Pushpa, aaj to koi badmazi nahi ki na isne?"(Pushpa, i hope he has not misbehaved today")

Pushpa: nahi aaj to kuch aisa kiya nahi hain,, sale ko kal ki maar aab tak yaad hain"( No he has not done anything, he is still remebering yestrday's caning)

Nirmala continued "Look dog,, I am going on tour"
I sighed a relief,, but in vain" till the time i am out you will still come her and do whatever Pushpa says. now come to my room, i need lot of feet massage"

I went to her room, massaged her feet

Suddenly she said" lick and make them shine like mirrors"

this continued till half an hour, she was fast a sleep,

then I went to Pushpa's room, she was also sleeping, I went to toilet and tried to sleep

Same routine next day, pee on my face to wake me up, prepared tea and breakfast rushed to home then office and cooking class in the evening.

8:30 Pm again i was at Nirmala's home,

Pushpa opened the door,

Puspa: " chal kapde nikal ke kitchen main kaam karna"(remove your clothes and start working in the kitchen"

she cam along with me in the kitchen, she also guided me on how to cook vegetables,

After the dinner was prepared, I served her while she was sitting on the sofa

" yede ki mafik khada kya hai, chal ghootno pe khada ho ja"

(don't stand like a mad person, kneel Now)

After she finshed the dinner, she kept her plate on the floor
some rice and vegetable were left out in the plate
" yeh khaa lena"(eat this)
while kneeling i tried to lift the plate, she kicked me with a force

" kutte ki tarha khana,, haath se nahi"(eat like a dog, not from hands)

I was now totally angry, i lookeda t her with anger

She just picked the cane and beat me mercilessly, cane marks were visible on my back, stomach and thighs

" mujhe aankh nahi dikhane ki"( do not ever see me like this"

I immediately dropped on all fours, and started eating like dog

After i finished she again shouted" Kutte, plate ko chat ke saaf kar"(Dog, lick the plate clean)

After she told me to got to kitchen cleaned all utensils

She also followed me and suprvised the work,

Now she was sweating a bit in the kitchen,

now this was the biggest humiliatin" chal yeh mera pasina, chat ke saaf kar"(clean all my sweat form my body by licking)

I was totally humiliated by this task, but never wanted the caning

I licked her all arms and neck, she was enjoying more and more.

After that we went to the drawing room, she was sitting on the sofa like queen and directed me to clean her feet

while i was licking her one feet, she moved her other feet to my cock and stated rubbing my cock,, my cock grw she saw that and smiled .....
it was just tuesday night,,,,,,

when she was asleep.. i went to toilet for sleep

Again same routine, got up, massaged her legs to wake her up, preapred tea, rushed to office, then cooking class
there was a trafffice, i could reach at 8:40 pm
She opened the door, and told me to come inside,

I immediately removed clothes and kept at the corner

" late kyon aaya?"( why are u late?)

" Sorry Madam, Traffice Jam"

" vho mera problem nahi hai, chal khada hoja mar khane ke liye"

stood thier in middle of the room, she just showered slaps may be 50 hard slaps, i was now getting used to pains
Now as i was knowing a cooking bit, i prepared her dinner
as usual I had to eat like dog her leftovers.i hated my self for making that mistake.

While she was watching tv, i agin had to lick her stinky soles

after some time she told me" mujhe mutna hain, per batroom mein jana ka man nahi hain. ja toilet mein se balsi le aa"(I want to pee, but i do not feel like going to toilet, go and bring bucket from the toilet)

In my mind i sadi such a filthy maid

I brought the bucket and placed it infront of her,

She peed in the bucket, " chal ja toilet mein aur yeh bucket saaf kar de"(go in toilet and clean the bucket)

I hated this Pushpa..but i had no option

this contnued till friday..

Friday Nirmala was coming back, I made sure i reach on time...

When i reached Nirmala was reading a magazine, I immediately removed all my clothes

Nirmala was asking Pushpa" Pushpa, issne koi problem to khada nahi kiya na?"(Pushpa, I hope he has not created any problem)

Pushpa:" nahi madam, par kutaa banne mein thoda time lagega"( No madam, but it will take some time to make him dog)
I was not believing my ears what i heard

Nirmala:don't worry, kal hi kutta banati hoon( do not worry, I will made him dog tomorrow only)

my heart sank, what is she talking about

now her face turned towars me:" Come on dog, I need to check some eamils, by the time i check my mail u serve my feet"

She was checking mails on the table, I moved beneath her, and started massaging her feet

after some time she just said"Lick"
I knew what to do, started licking her feet, made sure they are clean

In betweent my teeth toched her feet, i got one hard kick on my cock for that
Never wanted her caning so made sure it does not repeat,
after about an hour, she told me got to my room(Room? or toilet)

i went to maid's room(pushpa's room)

I was heading towards toilet,seemed like she was sleeping

But Pushpa shouted:" Bhadve, chal mere bhi talve chat"(U pimp, lick my feet also)

now i was used to lick feet, I licked her also, inbetween she moved her feet on my cock, I licked it, my cock grew to the full attention

She was now sadist" harami kabhi nahi sudhrega"(bastard will never improve)

" rook aati hoon"(wait i will come)

I thought i will get some sex.. was frustrated because of all torturing, also i thought if she is happy, i will get less torments

I also shake my cock, it was in full attention,

To my surprise she cam along with Nirmala and said" Madam dekho yeh harami ko kya karna chata hain)

Nirmala fumed, She just started kicking me, it was too much for me, after that she brought her cane, and caned my cock

I was crying like a small c***d

Nirmala" U wait till tomorrow,I will make u a proper dog"

I never thought Pushpa will be such a sadist female

Nirmala was fuming:" U will never improve,, I need to raise your punismment,u will not sleep till 4 am, if i find u sleeping, I will make run nude on the street, and till 4 am u will kneel on the toilet seat"

I had to obey, it was really tough to kneel after such a heavy beating, with wet eyes i Rushed to Pushpa's toilet,
closed the seat and kneeled,
At around 1 am, Pushpa came to pee, she peed in the bucket, and emptied bucket on my head,
Now this was too much, i was stinking with her pee till 4 am,

After 4 am, I tried to sleep in the stinky place, I was so tired that i slept immediately, again at 8 am pee was showered by Pushpa to wake me up along with some ick"chal uth harmai"(get up u bastard)

She continued" madam bula rahi hain"(Madam is calling you)


With Heavy heart I headed towards Nirmala

Nirmala took a serious note of humiliation

and said" Your attitude towards female is not improving, U just treat them as sex object, even u do not a leave a maid,, so U being a man is dangerous, So I am going to make u a DOG"

I said:" But madam" a sharp slap made me silent


I said"Yes Madam"(as if i had option of saying NO)

Nirmala again gave me a slap:"DOGS DO NOT TALK, THEY JUST BARK. Now what are u waiting get on all fours"

I Immedaitely was on all fours with my head down

She said: " Go and and get my morning news paper, and get it like a dog'

I went towards main door and held news paper in mouth and gave her at her feet

Nirmala"GOOD DOG, Now for yes u will bark once and for no u will bark twice. clear?"

I said " Yes Madam" oops mistake, can for that on the back


She said" Better"

Pushpa brought her the breakfast,

She just threw one toast on the floor and said"eat like a dog"

I was eating the toast on the floor and ate it like a dog,

I curse my cock for that...I do not know how i will be able to live till Monday
After she was relaxed after the breakfast

She said" Come on doggy lets play games"

" I am going to throw one biscuit, u need to catch by mouth, if u do not catch u will get one cane for Missing"

I with my wet eyes said"woof"

She threw one in the air, missed, swaaaatttttt

I could catch after 10 cane swats .............

Pushpa In between" yu yu yu"

My mind was spinning

After she was bored, she stopped that

Pushpa" Madam, yeh kutta to bina poonch ka hain"(Madam, This Dog is without a tail"

Nirmala" Right, get one rope"

I was helplessly watching, Pushpa brought one rope and insterted in my asshole and said" Kutte poonch ko sambhal ke rakhna"(Dog, take care of your tail)

THen brought one bowl with water and I was asked to drink like a dog.....

where this will end.....

Then Nirmala said" take doggy to pee "
Pushpa just put one smack on my ass " Chal kutte tujhe mutna hain na"(Dog u want to pee na?)
I followed her till toilet, then i stood up, I got caning for getting up
Pushpa said" Kutte ki tarha ek pav upper karke mut"( Pee like a dg with one leg in the air"

What a shameful act...till sunday evening i behaved like a dog, my knees were paining a lot, in the evening Nirmala had to go out on tour, again i had to spend time with filthy maid,

while she was relaxing, she told me i will be relived from the dog role
I had to lick her feet,, again while licking she rubbed my cock with her feet, I was helpless, again my cock grew

Pushpa: "madam ko bolu kya?"(shall i tell madam?)

I was in tears, I pleaded to her feet

pushpa: " thik hain yeh bar jane deti hoon, haann par ek shart pe"(Ok, I will let u go, but on one condition)

I was ok,

Pushpa" chal meri gand chat"(lick my ass)

Ohhh my God, what a cruel lady

But i licked her ass for almost half an hour

In between" kutte,, lick kar thik se,, "

After that she told me to lick her pussy, which continueed for almost hour, she came for atleast 3 times,
i had to come very badly,, but she just spitted on my cock,
That was totally humiliated and painful week end in my life

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