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A Fantasy of my wife going Dogging

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Recently there have been a few TV shows that have mentioned Dogging. My wife is quite a prude and even though she knew it had something to do with sex she asked me if I knew anymore about it. I explained that it was where people met in public and either performed with an audience or allowed strangers to join in, often at car parks or in open spaces. She found the whole idea disgusting and wasn’t amused when I said that if she really wanted to know what happened at dogging sites I should drive her there to find out.

This got me thinking about what I would like to see if I took my wife dogging so here is my fantasy.

After one of these TV shows mentioned dogging my wife asked me to explain it some more. Instead of telling her I open up a video on the internet which shows a woman being driven to a car park and then fucking her husband in the car whilst men stood around the car watching and wanking. I then show her another video but this time a different couple are shown arriving in a car park but this time the husband opens the car doors and any men in the car park are allowed to come and grope his wife, get sucked off by her and even some are allowed to fuck her. My wife is turned on by what she is seeing and I suggest that maybe we should try it one night, but she says no.

When my wife is out at work the next day I search online to see if there are any nearby dogging sites but the ones I find are too close to home so the idea is not immediately followed up. A few weeks later though we get invited to stay with her family for a long weekend. They live 200 miles away and when my wife said it would be good, but we would have to return late on the Sunday evening it got me thinking. I checked out dogging web sites and found a few good locations that were on or near the route we would be taking to come home. I checked out some reviews of the dogging locations and discounted a few very quickly. One though stood out near to Milton Keynes, which was about half way home. I worked out we would get there at about 9.30 pm so it would be dark. It was described as a car park near to the main road but was secluded and I worked out it was no real detour from our route home, as long as I was driving.

The week before the trip I tried to plan everything down to a fine detail. For example we would normally put our bags on the back seat and not the boot but I had ‘agreed’ to take some big items home with us from her parents which meant this would explain why I was loading everything into the boot. This meant the back seat would be free to do stuff on if it got that far.

We arrived at her parents and after two very pleasant, but nervous, days we started our drive home. I was going to drive the first leg and as we set off it was nearly dark. Luckily for me my wife was soon asleep which meant there were no awkward questions when I took the slight detour to the car park. As I drove into the car park there were a few cars parked so I drove to the far end of the car park. When the car stopped my wife woke up and asked where we were. I told her I needed a pee so had pulled off to find a tree. I got out the car and walked behind some bushes to have a nervous pee. As I started to pee a guy came out of the shadows and said he had seen my wife in the car when the car light went on when I opened the car door and wondered if we were here to play. I told him I hoped so, but my wife didn’t know this was a dogging spot.

When I got back to the car my wife surprised me when she said the car park reminded her of the ones she had seen in the dogging movies I had shown her. I asked if this bothered her and if she wanted we could hang around for a short while to see if anything was going on. She laughed that there was no way we would chance across a dogging car park. I dared her then that we should stay for at least 30 minutes to see what happened. To my surprise she agreed but there was no movement at all in the car park. After 5 minutes another car turned up. It parked halfway between our car and the others. The engine went off and after about 10 seconds the internal light flashed on and off several times and it turned out this was a signal as all the other cars opened their doors and a number of men also emerged from the darkness around the car park. They were soon surrounding the car and some were clearly wanking their cocks openly. My wife looked at me and says she wasn’t sure about this, but I suggest that maybe as we were here that we at least go and take a look. She resisted but then decided it was a once in a lifetime chance and got out of the car. Our internal light came on as the door open which attracted the attention of a number of the guys, but we were soon making our way to the car. We could see a couple in the car, both naked. They were in their 40s or 50s and the woman was stroking some of the guy’s cocks through the open window. We stood at a distance to be able to see everything but not get in the way. After a few minutes the guy who had talked to me when I was having a pee came over to us. He was stroking his erection and looking at my wife asked her if she was also here to play. She grabbed my hand hard and said that she didn’t think so so he returned to the car to watch the other couple. By now the woman was out of the car and was bent over the bonnet being fucked by one of the guys. After he had cum inside her her husband took over and fucked her as she sucked a few guys off, one cumming over her face. When her husband had finished and cum inside her she turned to the other guys and told them that was it for tonight. They got dressed and drove off.

We returned to our car and when we got back inside I asked if what she had just seen had turned her on. She looked at my crotch and said that it seemed to have definitely turned me on. I replied saying that I probably wasn’t the only one here now with a hard on that needed to be dealt with. To my surprise she undid my zip and released my cock and bent forward to suck it. She started to give a wonderful blowjob and as she was wearing a thin dress I was able to manoeuvre my hand between her legs and finger her pussy. I asked her if watching the other couple had been a big turn on as she was so wet and she said yes. I managed to pull her dress up and with her help removed her underwear so I had better access to her pussy. What I didn’t tell her was that there were now a couple of guys watching us and wanking. After a few minutes I suggested she pull her dress over her head so that it didn’t get covered in her juices, which she did and I remove her bra too. It was at this time she realised we had a small audience and quickly grabbed hold of her tits to hide them.

I asked her what she was doing and she replied she wasn’t sure anymore. I said what harm would it be for us to continue as the guys couldn’t touch her, they were just watching. When she said OK I turned on the internal light to give the guys a better view, not realising it would attract every guy in the car park. I now wanted to fuck her but this was not going to happen in the front seat. I suggested that we both got out of the car and into the back seat so we could fuck. She agreed and as she got out of the car a couple of guys grabbed her tits. At first she wasn’t sure but then when she relaxed most of the guys moved around her and started to caress her. I could see a couple of guys had inserted fingers into her pussy and when rubbing her clit was making her moan. I moved round to make sure everything was OK and she smiled at me, and when I looked down she had a cock in each hand.

She moved the rear car door and slide it open (luckily we have sliding doors like a van so it didn’t create an awkward space like if there had been a door) and sat down. She asked me what she was allowed to do and I replied anything she wanted to. With that a guy knelt in front of her and started to lick her pussy and other guys crowded round and started pushing. She told them to stop pushing and wait their turn as she would make all of them cum. Soon she had one guy licking her pussy, a guy stood in front of her having his cock sucked and a guy either side who she was giving hand jobs to. None of the guys lasted long shooting their cum over her face and tits. The guy licking her pussy continued until she shuddered and rose, asked her lie on the back seat and then started to stroke his cock over her pussy lips. He nibbled on her nipples, clearly relishing tasting the other guy’s cum and then he thrust his unprotected cock into my wife’s pussy. I asked her if she was OK with this and her reply was just ‘a bit too late now’ with a big smile on her face. He didn’t take long before he was pumping his cum deep inside her. He thanked her and another guy moved in. he licked her pussy clean and asked if he could then fuck her bareback as well. She agreed and soon he too was emptying his balls into her.

By now there was quite a crowd around the car and she realised it would take ages like this to make all the guys cum. She asked me to open the other rear door and she got onto all fours on the seat. This meant her pussy was accessible through one door, and her mouth and hands through the other. Guys lined up on either side. Some waited to get their cock sucked before fucking her, others wanted to cum in her mouth, and some of course wanted to cum in her pussy or over her ass.

There must have been some kind of network as I saw several guys on their phones (after taking some photos of course) and soon after other cars turned up meaning just as we thought the last guy had cum more turned up. I regularly asked her if she was OK but she was clearly enjoying herself and orgasmed many times. We stayed in the car park for over two hours until there was no guy waiting in the line and my wife was absolutely coated in cum. I had been naked all the time and did occasionally get in the line for a blowjob but hadn’t cum. She told me that I could be the last one to fuck her so I moved round and was greeted with a pussy oozing cum, her ass cheeks caked in cum, and cum running down her thighs. As I pushed in there was a squelch and fanny fart as I pushed out some of the cum. The guy who had talked to me when I had a pee was still watching (I had seen him fuck my wife about 45 minutes earlier) and went to the other side of the car. My wife saw him and started to suck his cock back to life. As he pushed forward she pushed back onto my cock and vice versa. We got into a good rhythm and as I filled her pussy she swallowed his cum. He thanked her and told us what a great night it had been. I walked round to the other side of the car and presented my cum covered cock to my wife. I couldn’t guess at how many men’s cum was included but she licked my cock and balls clean. I got some wet wipes and a towel and helped my wife to clean up but we didn’t do a very good job so she left her underwear off and just put her dress back on. As she sat back in the passenger’s seat she noticed I had set up our camera and she said that she hoped it had caught everything as she couldn’t believe what a slut she had been, and hopefully she would be able to count how many different cocks there had been.

As we pulled out of the car park the car was full of the smell of spunk, which we estimated belonged to over 30 guys. She told me that she had guessed I had deliberately found the car park and was testing her so she let herself go and I hope I hadn’t minded her having so many strangers cum in her pussy and mouth

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