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More time went by and no word from Steven. My bitchification, total
submission and addiction to black cock continued to get worse. The facefuck
hole rotations had made me addicted to the musk of black cock and balls. I
not only wanted to suck and be fucked on a daily basis, I started needing
to breathe in the musk of a black cock, like a junkie addicted to sniffing
glue. When I knelt down before a black man ready to suck him, I would take
the time to press my nose up against his pubes and breathe in deeply. If he
was completely shaved, as some were, I would nuzzle my nose into his ball
sack and breathe in his ball smell, satisfying my need for black musk. The
smell of black cock and balls at my nose made my ass stick out
involuntarily. Some black guys loved the fact that I smelled their balls,
and I became increasingly obsessed with big black balls of all kinds. My
favorite are big, tight, rubbery shaved balls that I can lick and mouth to
my hearts content. I became specialized in ball licking and sucking and I
had guys who came back and asked for me to suck their balls. I would lie on
a bed or coffee table and a black guy would stand over me, straddling my
face. He would then lower his balls into my open mouth and I would swirl my
tongue around and around his balls. It became so popular that the boss of
course invented a type of teabag glory hole. I would lie face up on a
board, like the ones rescuers use to carry people from tight places. My
head was then passed through a hole in the wall and the black guys on the
other side only needed to pay the bartender, straddle my face and lower
their balls into my open mouth. I would then lick, mouth and suck black
balls for hours at a time. Some guys loved to teabag a white bitch so much
that they would just shoot their loads into the air. Others would turn
around and make me finish them off by sucking their cocks. One guy loved to
get sucked after tea bagging and he would make me lower my head over the
edge of the board. He would turn around and start to fuck my mouth with his
cock, his balls would rest on my nose and as he thrust his hard black cock
down my throat, his ball sack would move back and forth along my nose and I
would breathe in his total ball musk. I eventually started getting almost
high from the musk of black balls and when not being tea bagged, I would
need to snuggle my nose into a black ball sack to get my fix. Of course I
still sucked and got fucked every which way, but the musk of black cock,
and especially black balls was intoxicating to me. The boss soon realized
just how addicted to black ball musk I was. He knew I craved it. He saw how
every time I was going to suck his cock, I would first press my nose into
his ballsack and breathe deeply. My eyes would roll upwards into my eyelids
every time I felt his big ballsack covering my nose and smelled his
powerful black ball musk.

I would then lick and mouth them before sliding my tongue up his shaft and
taking his cock in my mouth. "You like those big balls in your face,
don't you faggot? I seen you smelling my balls like some crack whore. I
hear you taking big sniffs when you got your faggot nose buried in my
balls. You the biggest black cock slut I ever met, bitch!", he says with a
laugh. He was right, I loved his balls. I needed his balls in my face, I
longed to bury my nose in his firm but soft and shaved ball sack. As I
knelt in front of him, my nose moving from side to side against his balls,
rooting at his ball sack like some hungry pig, I realized I had reached yet
another level of black cock whoredom. Not only did my ass twitch and throb
for black cock, my mouth and throat watered at the sight of a hard black
cock, but my nose now flared for the smell of black balls. I needed it on a
daily basis and because of the way I was forced to get it, on my knees with
my nose sticking up and rooting at the balls of black men, my ass sticking
out and throbbing, I looked all the more like a desperate black cock
whore. The boss knew I needed this and made me beg for it. He would make me
kneel in front of him and beg to smell his balls. He would make me tell him
how I needed to breathe in his big black ball smell, how I would go crazy
without it. When he gave me permission, he would watch as I desperately
buried my nose in his balls and smelled them, breathing in deeply the musk
of black maleness. He loved this show. He loved the fact that I was so
addicted to his cock and balls that I would kneel and beg like a dog for
permission to worship his balls. It was like I had learned a new trick, and
he showed it off like that! He would make me humiliate myself in front of
his friends, kneeling and begging for a whiff of his balls. They would
laugh at the sight of me, especially when I was given permission and ran to
his balls desperately, sniffing and rooting like some cock crazed pig, my
ass sticking out instinctively, throbbing for black cock. This turned into
his favorite show whenever he had friends over. I was the entertainment and
it was his chance of showing the power he had over me. His friends laughed
but they were always impressed with how he had achieved the complete
submission of a white boy. They thought he did it through intimidation, but
really he did it by making me a black cock addict. I was his white bitch
crack whore and me made sure to keep me addicted by feeding and encouraging
my addiction. Like any good dealer knows, the first job is to create
addicts and then keep them supplied and coming back for more. Except this
dealer was a black cock dealer, and I was a black cock whore.

As time went by, my former life seemed more and more distant and
irrelevant. All I could think of was getting my next fix of black cock and
balls. I wasn't sure how I would ever be able to leave this place. If I
left, where would I get my daily black cock fix? Would one black cock a day
be enough? Could I be sure to even get that much black cock back home?
Would Steven let me bury my nose in his balls and take in his musk, or
would he think I was some crazy white bitch? I suppose he already thought
that because he hasn't returned to see me. I was now so addicted to
black cock that I was not required to stay in my room until needed. I was
allowed to wander the club and forage for black cock. The boss knew I was
too busy sniffing, sucking and getting fucked to go very far. He even
reinforced the idea in my head. As I rooted my nose into his balls he would
look down at me, his hands resting on my head, and say, "You never gonna
get all the black dick you need on the outside, bitch. You need so much
black dick in your mouth and pussy there ain't no way you can get it on
your own. Don't worry, bitch. I'll take care of you. You my best
bitch yet. Daddy gonna get you all the black cock you need". I would
humiliate myself further by looking up at him and responding, "Thank you,
daddy. I love your big cock", as I proceed to take it into my mouth and
suck it down until my lips and nose were at his pubes, where I could
continue to breathe in his black musk as his cock throbbed deep in my
throat. He loved this so much, he would grab my head and hold it there in
place, his cock buried all the way in my mouth, and after a few minutes, he
would explode down my throat. By this time I had lost my gag reflex and
could take any cock all the way down. My throat had been turned into some
sort of second pussy for black cocks to fuck. And they loved it when I
would lay my head over the side of a bed or table and they could fuck my
mouth and throat to their hearts content. Aside from having a big black
cock buried in my throat, I would get the extra benefit of having their
balls pressed up against my nose and slapping my face as they fucked my
mouth. My legs raised and a second black cock fucking my crack whore pussy
until they both shot their loads of cum inside me. Where could I possibly
get all this black cock if I left the club?

One day I woke up from a nap and need a fix of black cock. I had been
dreaming of sucking on a black cock, something I dream about all the time,
and decided to go foraging in the club. I put on one of my new outfits, a
pair of short shorts and a tank top. To my surprise, the place was empty. I
had never seen it empty before and could not understand what was
happening. Not only was I confused by the situation, but I was getting
frustrated at not finding black cocks to suck. I went around the room,
making sure it was really empty when I came to the front door of the
club. I froze in place, not knowing what to do. Was it alarmed? Was it
locked? What if someone was watching me and this was a test? A trap to see
if I would try to escape? I was getting paranoid, my heart pounding in my
chest. I knew this might be my only chance to get out, but what would I do
for black cock? How would I get the black cocks I needed? I realized I was
wasting valuable time, but the thought of black cock kept getting in my
way. I could see images of black cocks in my head and wondered how I would
find them if I left. I snapped out of it and realized I could always get
black cock. I could get a black boyfriend or just go to a club or park and
suck black cocks, it couldn't be that hard to find black cock! I took a
deep breath and pushed on the door. To my surprise, it was neither locked
nor alarmed. I opened the door and immediately felt the warm summer air hit
my body. It was just starting to get dark. I knew I had to hurry if I was
going to escape. I slipped out of the club and started running down the
street. I didn't know where I was going because I had no idea where I
was. I was in a part of town that was completely unfamiliar to me, and it
was obviously not a great part of town. It soon got pretty dark, which is a
good thing since I would not stand out so much in my outfit at night. I
looked like a complete slut, a whore. People who saw me clearly thought
that's what I was. I could tell by the looks I was getting. I kept
walking fast down the street, trying to put some distance between myself
and the club, but still completely lost with no clue where to go. I stop a
minute to catch my breath and to think of what to do next. I then hear
someone call me from the inside of a car. "Hey, baby. Why don't you
come over here and talk to daddy", says an older black guy from the rolled
down window of a Cadillac. I look over and notice he was about fifty years
old and looking at me with lustful eyes. I walk over to him and lean into
the car window, like a real whore! "I'm lost and I need a ride home,
but I don't have any money. Can you help me?" I say in an obviously
provocative and submissive way. I knew how to act like a whore for black
men, and I was going to use it to get where I needed to go. "I think we can
work something out, baby. Daddy got an itch that a pretty little white girl
like yourself can help scratch. You think you can help daddy out, baby?" I
reach into the car and start to massage his crotch. He's obviously
loving it! "That's nice, baby, but daddy gonna need more than just a
hand job," he says. "Oh, I know that, daddy", I respond. "I'm just
trying to get a feel for how big your black cock is to see if it'll fit
in my little pussy." He's really turned on by my slutty talk and I can
feel his cock getting harder in my hand. "Don't worry, baby. We can
make it fit in all your little holes." It was obvious I was going to have
to suck and fuck this guy to get a ride, but I figured I could get him to
cum pretty fast if I wanted to. I was a black cock expert, after all. "Why
don't you get in the car and daddy can take you to his place for some
fun." I get in the car and we drive away. As he drives, I put my hand on
his crotch and slowly massage his hardening cock. I'm starting to get
excited myself at the thought of getting some black cock. I was due for my
fix and this experience was showing me that it might be easier than I
thought to get the black cock I needed. We stop after a while and get out
in front of a small house. I follow him inside and he stands in the middle
of the room, waiting for me to do something. I immediately kneel in front
of him and start to run my hands up and down his crotch, massaging his
bulge and slowly undoing his belt and opening his pants. I slide his pants
down and notice he's got a big black cock tenting in his boxers. I can
already get a whiff of his black cock and balls and I start to press my
face against his underwear and smell him. "Oh, yeah, baby! You like that
dick, don't you?" I look up to him and respond breathlessly, "I love
your big black cock, daddy!" And I wasn't just saying that, either. I
really wanted his cock, I was already loving the musky smell wafting from
his boxers. I pulled them down and his huge cock popped out, semi hard and
throbbing. I immediately went to the balls. I buried my nose in his ball
sack and breathed in the musky smell of black cock and balls. I was in
heaven! I needed my fix. I then proceeded to suck his cock, taking it in my
mouth slowly, giving him a slow, wet blow job, then slowly taking it in all
the way and burying my nose in his pubes and taking another deep breath of
his musk. "Oh, shit, baby! You one damn fine cocksucker! You took my dick
all the way down your throat! Damn, baby!" He was loving it but also
couldn't believe his luck at finding such a good cocksucker, and one
that could deep throat his huge black cock. I was in ecstasy! I finally had
a black cock in my mouth again, and I was loving it. This guy had a great
cock! Big, thick and musky, just the way I liked it! I continued to slowly
suck and deep throat his cock for what seemed like forever. This guy was
moaning and loving it, but he didn't seem even close to cumming. He
finally put his hand on my head and pushed my head off his cock, which
popped out of my mouth, throbbing up and down slightly, pointing at my
face, hard and wet from my mouth. "That was real good, baby, but daddy want
to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours. You sure look good in your little
shorts, baby!" I get up and start to slide my shorts down provocatively,
making a show of it. I liked this guy, and I loved his huge cock and balls
and I wanted him to fuck me good. I needed a black cock in my ass again. It
was already starting to throb for a black cock. I took my shorts and tank
top off and stood in front of him completely naked. I got on all fours with
my ass pointing at him and started to stick my ass out and gyrate. I took
my hands and opened my ass cheeks up to show him my open hole and said,
"Fuck me, daddy. I need your big black cock up my little pussy. Please fuck
me!" I was reading this guy right, because he loved this show and all the
daddy and pussy talk. He kneeled behind me, bent over and started to lick
my hole. I started to moan like crazy! Not only as part of the show, but
because he was good and it felt great! "Daddy gonna fuck your little pussy
now, baby. You gonna get daddy's big dick all the way in your little
pussy, baby.""Yes, please fuck me, daddy. I need your big black cock in my
pussy. Please fuck me, fuck me!" I then felt his huge cock head at my hole
and he started to push in slowly, sliding inch after inch of his huge black
cock in my ass. I let out a long, slow moan of pleasure as I once again
felt a black cock enter my throbbing asshole. He fucked me long, slow and
deep, and I enjoyed every minute of it until he let loose a huge wave of
cum from his big balls. As he came inside me and injected his huge load of
cum, damn baby

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