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Win or Lose? Creampie Eating

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I guess it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for” but I’m not really complaining, since what I wished for, ultimately, was a better sex life. I certainly got that, but it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be when I was wishing for it. My wife, Lily, and I have been married for a long time and during all our years together she’s never, willingly swallowed my cum. I’ve gotten lots of blowjobs, but she’s always pulled away at the last instant and finished me off by hand.

At one point, early on, I tried asking, that turned to begging. When begging failed, I tried stealth – not giving her any sign I was cumming – but when I exploded in her mouth, she would jump up from the bed, run to the bathroom and spit in the sink. After she’d brushed her teeth, she came back to bed and turned off the light. Our night of fun was finished. It was a couple of months before she offered to suck me again and I knew I’d better follow her rules or it could be the very last time her mouth was on my dick.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve always enjoyed sex and neither of us would go outside our marriage looking for whatever might be missing. Even after all these years, we still talk easily about fantasies, little variations we’d like to try, etc. During one of these pillow talks several years back, Lily expressed her frustration that I didn’t last as long as she wanted and that she was often left “high and dry” when I shot off, wilted and rolled off her. When we were both younger, she said, this wasn’t a big problem, since I could usually keep a hard-on and fuck her long enough to satisfy her. Now that age is starting to catch up with me, she felt that frustration beginning to build as I became more and more of a one-shot wonder. After that I was careful to remember to help her reach her own climax. Mostly that involved masturbating her sopping pussy with my fingers until she came. (Lily had never been able to reach multiple orgasms in all our years as a couple.)

This whole routine, brief sex until I climaxed and then stroking her pussy until she reached hers, worked pretty well for a couple of years, but one night she just couldn’t get there, no matter how skillfully I manipulated her clit. As my hand was starting to cramp and I was thinking, “just cum, baby. Hurry it up!”, Lily grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away from her mound.

“This isn’t working, Bill,” she whispered. “What I really need is your tongue there.”

“No way!” I protested. “It’s ‘lick then stick’, not the other way around”

“But Bill,” she whined. “I need to cum, and your mouth is so talented, and it’s just what I need.”

I continued to protest. I really wasn’t keen on licking my own cum out of her, as most men aren’t. Our fear of being turned into gays is probably the reason. Lily rolled away from me at that point and I knew our nighttime frolic was over.

A couple of days later as we were going to bed, Lily seemed a bit nervous about something. I asked what was wrong and she muttered that it was nothing. When we got under the covers, she turned to me and kissed me. It was a very hot kiss. Lily was on fire. She moaned when I kissed her taut nipples through her nightgown, then pushed me away briefly while she sat up and pulled it over her head. Taking her hint, I discarded the t-shirt and boxers I usually wear to bed and rejoined her under the covers.

As we kissed, Lily began to moan and thrust her hips against me, making motions like she was fucking me – and this was only shortly into foreplay, which I know she likes to last a while! She broke away from our kiss, panting.

“Bill?” she breathed. There was a bit of that nervousness from earlier mixed with the arousal she was showing. “I want to try something a little different.”

I assured her I was up to a little something new and asked her to continue.

“I want to make a bet with you.”

“A bet? What kind of bet?”

“Well...” she stammered. “I know how you’ve always wanted me to swallow when I suck you off and, well, I was thinking...”

My cock throbbed as the mental movie of her swallowing my cum played in my head. Lily reached down and felt my cock. My balls were drawn up tight. I think if she’d put my overexcited cock in her mouth at that moment, she’d have been swallowing in no time.

“What?” I urged.

She started to talk fast, as if she had to say it all at once or lose her nerve entirely. “I’m going to bet you a complete, and I mean totally complete – swallow and all – blow job if you can outlast me.”

“Outlast you?” I was puzzled but it soon sank in. “You mean, if you cum before I do then you’ll suck me off and swallow?”

“Yes!” she beamed wickedly at me. “In fact, I’ll pull you right out of me and finish you on the spot. Kinky, huh?”

“It’s a nice kind of kinky,” I assured her. “But what if I lose?”

“You’ll see.” she winked. Rolling on her back, she spread her legs and pulled me toward her. “Now get in here and fuck me.”

I slid into her with one thrust and she arched her back and drew me in even deeper, wrapping her legs around me and digging her heels into my butt as if to spur me into action. I began to thrust into her, slowly at first, trying to pace myself, since Lily’s not known for cumming quickly. Tonight I thought I might at least have a chance as she seemed so aroused. Despite how wet and loose she was, her walls still gripped my shaft as I plunged in and out of her. When I bent my head to suck on one of her nipples, which was so hard it had wrinkled itself into a big pink prune on her breast, I could feel her squeeze me. That, combined with the way she rolled her hips and the mental movie of her pulling my shining wet cock from her pussy and sucking my load down her throat, made me blast off inside her without warning.

“Looks like you lost,” she smirked at me when I opened my eyes. “Now for the consequences. Roll onto your back.”

I rolled off Lily and she snuggled up to me, whispering sweetly in my ear, telling me to close my eyes and relax. “Trust me,” she cooed. “Now, put your hands over your head.

I complied. I think I was in a bit of awe that Lily was so assertive this evening. Usually, she’s not the instigator in sex, but this was apparently a special sort of night. I realize now that it was the turning point in our sex lives and there’s been absolutely no going back. When I’d put my hands back over my head, Lily quickly produced two pairs of handcuffs from her bedside table and secured me to the wrought iron headboard.

“What are you up to?” I sputtered. I was truly shocked. Bondage games were never anything we’d ever discussed in our fantasies. Being tied up was never anything I ever wanted.

“Shhh,” she hissed in my ear. “This is just to make sure you take your losses like a good boy. If you prove you can be a good boy, then I’ll let your hands free, but not before then.”

I stared at her. Was this the same woman I married? What’s come over her?

“Now close your eyes,” she ordered. “And keep them closed tight.”

I complied, and as I shut my eyes I felt her move on the bed. Before I quite realized where she was moving to, I felt her knees settle in on either side of my ribcage, her shins over my upper arms, as she settled her pussy onto my face.

“Open wide,” she giggled.

“But you’re a mess!” I protested.

“Just open your mouth, Bill, and stick out your tongue. Do you really want to stay chained to the bed all night?” I complied again, and Lily settled herself on my face. I could feel her bushy pubes brush my chin, the warm wetness of her flesh against my lips and tongue, the crack of her ass nearly trapping my nose, but what I was most aware of was the unmistakable aroma of my cum mingled with her pussy juices.

“Eat me, Bill,” she groaned. “I need to cum. Lick my pussy clean.”

I tentatively lapped at her cunt lips, getting my first taste of my own sperm in the process. It was more salty than I expected, and it certainly had a strange texture to it. It seemed to coat the inside of my mouth and stay there, but it wasn’t exactly unpleasant. It was almost like eating an oyster on the half shell that dissolved in your mouth, except that the flavor was unique. I was surprised that I actually didn’t mind it. I gave Lily’s pussy another swipe with my tongue and heard her moan. Her ass cheeks clenched as her pussy walls contracted. A large clot of my cream rushed from her vagina.

“Drink it all out of me, honey,” Lily groaned. “This is so, so hot, knowing you’re ... ungh, so kinky ... eating your own ... mmm ... sperm from my ... ooo ... pussy ... lapping your own ... gawd ... cum from ... my ... My cunt!”

This was definitely out of character for my Lily! I wasn’t complaining though. I’d often tried to get her to be more vocal during sex, especially to talk dirty, but she just couldn’t “bring herself to be that nasty” – as she said on more than one occasion. Somehow she had, and here was the proof. Here she was, grinding her pussy on my face, spouting a constant stream of dirty words and encouragement, while I sucked my own jism out of her freshly-fucked cunt. That was astonishment enough without the added shock that the whole scenario was her idea!

What’s more, she was really getting off on the whole thing. Her cunt walls were squeezing regularly, pushing out more and more remains of the wad I had shot in her, giving me fresh floods of a flavor that I was quickly, strangely, beginning to appreciate.

Yes, I have to admit it. I liked the flavor of my own cum! I liked it a lot, actually. I began to dig my tongue deep into Lily’s hole, trying to extract more of that incredible juice. I tried several things to get her pussy to contract so it could send me another wave of this amazing nectar. I took to licking all around her crotch, trying to find another droplet of it, traveling farther to the sides and the back, sucking her damp pussy hairs for another taste.

When my tongue swiped the little brown pucker of her anus, Lily screamed. Her orgasm was the strongest I’d ever witnessed. These fresh, much stronger contractions, sent a flood of juices pouring from her deepest recesses and giving me a last taste of our mingled juices.

I tried to keep licking, but Lily was too sensitive for me to continue. As she rolled off me she grasped at my cock, which was now as hard as when the evening fun had started. She unlocked the handcuffs and lay next to me, kissing my cum-soaked face and started to jack my sticky dick with her soft hand.

“I think you like that,” she giggled. “Two erections in one night! It must be some kind of modern-day record for you.”

“Uhm,” I stammered. “Must be.”

“Come on,” she whispered. “Admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“Admit you liked sucking your own load of cum out of my pussy,”

She had me there. To deny it would be to lie and say my renewed erection wasn’t there, and she was making it feel too good to deny that.

“Well, it was a bit – shall we say – daunting at first.” I confessed. “But when it seemed you really got into it, I guess I did, too.”

“It was so nasty, Bill. So hot and nasty that I think I came harder than I ever did before, she sighed. “Just the thought of you eating me after you’d cum inside me, it really turned me on.”


“It obviously turns you on, too,” she moaned while giving my cock another squeeze. “You really like licking my pussy when it’s full of your jism?”


“Your hot, salty cream pouring out of my wet cunt,” she whispered in my ear. Her words were causing a tingle that traveled straight down my spine to my cock, which started to jerk and throb in her hand.”

“Mmm,” she moaned. “You do like it.”

“Yes,” I sighed. “I like it a lot.”

“I think I’ll enjoy keeping this running bet with you,” Lily giggled. “Won’t you?”

“Yeah,” I groaned. My cock was really throbbing by now, and my balls were pulling up tight, ready to spew another load. “I’m looking forward to winning.”

“Oh?” Lily said as she raised herself up on one elbow. “But what if you lose again and again and have to keep sucking your cum out of me? Your thick, creamy...”

“Cum,” I grunted as my second load of the night sprayed across my belly, some of it clear up to my chest. It had to be clear to Lily that, while I wanted her to lose and end up sucking me off, this new twist to our sex life was in itself a major turn on for me.

Lily scooped up a glob of this nectar and offered it to my lips. I licked her fingers clean of it.

She smiled at me and laid her head back down on my shoulder.

“Interesting,” she said softly. “Very interesting.”

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