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Gang Banged granny at the CHURCH

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I have to admit it, I'm a long time slut and have done things that I am ashamed of but who really gives a shit!..LOL
Since I was in grade school, I have loved boys and I worshiped cock, balls and especially loads of cum! Of course in grade school, you don't get

much cum but I would let boys play with my pussy and I would let them put their little cocks in my mouth. I did it whenever possible and all the

boys knew that all they had to do was ask and I would pull my panties down and lay back with my legs apart.

Of course, I grew up, but I never lost my desire to be a slut and in high school, I fucked damn near every boy in the place and even started letting

them fuck me in the ass. I can't count how many of them fucked me or how many I had sucked off in the parking lot or in their cars!

I got married after college and that was fun for a while but I found myself wanting to get fucked more and more and even though my husband

tried, he couldn't keep up with me. We divorced after 40 years of marriage and during those years, I ashamedly cheated on him about a thousand

times. I would fuck the news paper boy, the milk man. neighbors, guys at the gas station, our mechanic and his friends and just about anybody

else that I thought would have a nice cock. I found that if I went to this public park, I could suck off guys parked in their cars. That was lots of fun

too until the park was closed.

After the divorce, I found myself alone, 64 years old and plain and simple, a HORNY old WOMAN! I still had a nice body and even though well

used, a tight wet pussy and an ass that could still suck the jism from a nice big cock! I was a little lonely though, and being a grand mother, I

thought that my fucking days were about over. Sadly, I resorted to fucking myself with toys and watching porn alone.

I decided to join the church one afternoon and I met the preacher. He invited me over that coming Sunday to meet the others in the congregation

and see if I liked it. That Sunday came and I showed up, wearing my best dress and carrying my favorite purse. I listened to the sermon and

basically, had a good time. After the service was over, the preacher walked over to me and introduced me to his young hot son! I don't know how

old he was but he must have still been in high school. He was cute as hell and I found myself wanting to see him naked!..LOL He was nice too and

we shook hands and I left for home. That afternoon, the preacher called me and thanked me for my visit. I thanked him back and just before he

hung up, he told me that his son that I had met liked to do odd jobs for the older women at the church and since he knew I was single and "older"

(as the asshole put it) I could rely on his son to help with any thing at my house I might need. Well, I hung up and almost instantly figured out that

maybe I could find some things for him to do around there and if nothing else, could watch his tight young ass doing some chores!

One day, I was hormy as hell and wanted to see some young dick if at all possible! I found his number and called him to come over, pretending

that I neeeded some yard work done. He showed up around 5 that afternoon after he got home from school and he looked hot as hell to me. He

was wearing only a pair of shorts, had a cut-off t-shirt that showed his tight stomach muscles and I could even see the out line of his big cock

through the material of his shorts! I was getting wet between the legs but figured that he must have a young girlfriend or something that was lucky

enough to be fucked by him!

I told him that I needed some stuff taken out to the street from the basement and he said he would do it for me. We agreed on a price of $20 and

he went down there and started moving these old boxes I had out to the street. After watching him for about 20 minutes and wishing I had his

young hard cock buried in me, I went down there and asked him if everything was ok. He told me yes and with that said, asked if he could take his

shirt off to cool down some. I said it was fine but if he knew how much I wanted to fuck and even suck his big young cock, he would have

probably run away!...LOL

He peeled off his shirt. exposing the best body I had ever seen in years! He picked up another box to carry out but suddenly said he had pulled a

muscle in his back. Me, being the sympathetic old woman, told him to drop it down and to come upstairs and I would put a heat wrap on it. He

followed me up the steps to my living room where I grabbed a hot compress I had and I placed it over his back. He said it felt great and thanked

me for the help. I had him lay down on the sofa and I rubbed his back some for him, hoping he would feel better but me being me, couldn't help

but move my hands down from his back and I gently glided them over his sweet tight ass cheeks. They were covered by his shorts though so my

touch didn't really get through too much.

When I did that, I felt his back arch up some and I knew he was liking what I was doing. I told him that maybe he should pull his shorts down

some so I could do a "proper" massage. He didn't say much of anything but did pull his shorts down, just below his waist line and I could now see

the crack of his ass and I can't tell you how much I wanted to just kiss those sweet cheeks of his. I rubbed down his spine and when I got to his

partially covered ass cheeks, I went for it and rubbed them both, making sure I put my fingers along his ass crack! He arched some again and then

I just pulled his shorts down even more, telling him that I needed to do more rubbing to ease his pain. I felt him relax, I pulled his shorts down

completely over his ass, exposing his entire ass to me. It was beautiful and I wanted so much to just put my mouth over his hole and then his cock

but me being my age, I was afraid!

After several minutes of massaging his back and butt, I told him that I hoped what I did helped. thinking to myself that this was as far as I might

get, but he surprised me by rolling over on his back! When he did, I saw his awesome cock sticking straight up and it was hard as a rock! It was at

least 9 inches. thick, beautiful and the head was massive too. I stared for a second at it and he noticed me looking. He apologized for it, saying he

didn't know his pants were down that far but I instinctively grabbed the shaft and told him it was ok and that I had seen one before..LOL!

We both laughed about it but I was so wet between the legs, I was about to die! He started to pull his pants back up but I grabbed his hand and

said that I could do MORE massages that would help his pain if he wanted. He looked at me and said ok, laid back down and he still had his shorts

down, his hard cock exposed to me and I was ready now for almost anything.

I reached down, pretending not to notice his young hard cock amd I rubbed his sides, tummy and chest. I moved my hands down toward my goal

of his hard cock and finally, reached where I wanted to be. He never resisted or said anything to stop me so when I got down there, I took his

hard shaft in my old hand and gently started stroking it. It felt hard and warm in my hand and it had been a while since I had a young hard cock

like this. I jerked it off a few minutes, watching his young cute face and then, I cupped his balls and played with them some. He seemed

to like that a lot and I wanted much more by this point but he wasn't offering any suggestions though.

I decided to "go for broke" and flat out just lowered my mouth over his sweet cock and when it went in, he shuddered a bit and held my face in

his strong hands. He was now fucking my mouth and I knew that it wouldn't be long before his sweet hot cum would blast out and I could taste

that semen I craved so much! I was right of course and it didn't take long for this young man to blow his load! It was incredible, feeling that hot

jism squirt in my mouth and the sweet taste that I had longed for was finally delivered! I swallowed every drop, squeezed his cock, sucked out the

tiny bit from the head that was left over and I even licked him clean.

I raised up, with some cum still clinging to my lips, and asked him if his back still hurt! He said no and smiled at me. I now wanted his cock in my

pussy too, so I laid back on the sofa, pulled my pants down and off and spread my old legs for this hot young man! I played with myself in front of

him, teasing him and hoping he would take the bait! Thankfully, he did and surprised me by going down on my dripping wet pussy. His tongue

entered me and I shuddered a few times since it felt so good and I let him do what ever he wanted at this point. His tongue was amazing for a

young boy and I came several times, squirting once all over his sweet face. he lapped it up like milk and then raised up and positioned himself to

fuck me. I pulled my legs back to allow him better access and he plunged that sweet hard cock deep in my hole.

I was almost having a damn heart attack it felt so good and with every thrust he made, I felt like cumming. The boy grabbed me around the waist

really hard and I felt him tense up and then a huge rush of his hot young cum spurt inside my old pussy! I could barely contain myself but I

wrapped my legs around him, not wanting to let go as he thrust several more times, finally pulling his wet, cum covered cock from my pussy. I

reached down and guided it to my mouth, sucking out all the remaining cum and I licked and sucked him completely clean. He was exhausted as

was I and we both got up, got dressed and I thanked him for the great fuck. He in turn thanked me and told me to not tell anyone what we did. I

totally agreed to that and he went back to doing the chores I had hired him for.

I could still feel his cum spilling from my hole and I went to the bathroom, pulled down my panties and rubbed it all around and over my clit. It felt

so good being there and I felt the need to do this again very soon! I pulled my panties back up, knowing that that cute boys cum was inside me

and I walked back out and watched him work for a while. When he was finished, I sucked his cock once more, taking yet another hot load from

him. He left the house and went home I suppose and the next Sunday at church, I saw his preacher father standing there. He of course didn't

know what I had done with his son and it was weird knowing what I did and being there talking with his daddy.

After church, I saw my new young lover standing outside and I went over to him. He smiled at me and I asked if he was available to do some more

"work" at my house. He of course, and thankfully, said yes, so I invited him over that afternoon to do it. He agreed and I went home and rubbed

my clit in anticipation of getting fucked again! I couldn't wait for him to get there and after a few hours, he called me and asked if he could bring

two friends over to help. I hesitated at first, thinking that maybe, instead of fucking me, he ACTUALLY wanted to do some work. Not knowing what

to say, I told him it was ok and I figured that was that and that nothing would happen today or tonight.

His car pulled in the driveway a couple hours later and out hopped three young boys including him. The other two were cute as hell and I thought

that I would just at least get to watch them work and maybe just masturbate myself while they worked or something. They came to the door and I

let them in and told them that I needed the house dusted and straightened up and a few things moved to the storage shed behind my house.

My young little hottie pulled me aside and asked if he and the boys could work with their shirts off. I agreed and the three of them pulled their t-

shirts off and moved several boxes I had. I was just looking at them, wishing they were naked and I was also on my third glass of wine. I jokingly

mentioned to my lover that I wished they were working naked! I laughed, he laughed but them shocked me by saying that the other boys probably

would like that! I told him to ask and see if they would and he whispered something to them. Next thing I know, all of them were pulling their

shorts and shoes off and in just a matter of seconds, all three were butt naked in front of me! I laughed about it and told them that they were all

very cute. My guy then k**dingly said that maybe I too should be naked like they were. I grinned, and being about half shit faced from the wine,

just pulled my top off exposing my old tits and then my shorts and finally my panties! I grinned at them and held my hands up, telling them that

here I was and to please not tell anyone!

I sat back down and watched them a few minutes with their young hard cocks and tight butts moving my boxes and stuff. When my boy walked by

me, I reached over to him and slapped his sweet ass a couple times. He spun around and told me that if I liked, we could go to my bedroom and

play and that if his friend were cool with it, and they would keep their mouths shut! I nodded an OK and we both went to my bedroom. He had me

lay on the bed and pulled my legs apart. He lowered his mouth over my pussy and started eating me out! His tongue was remarkable for a young

boy and I shut my eyes for a few minutes while he did it. When I opened them, the other two boys were standing by the bed, playing with and

stroking their sweet cocks! I couldn't help myself and I reached over to the nearest one and took his cock in my hand and started stroking it up and

down, feeling it get hard while I did it. The other boy then moved around to my face and stuck his cock in my mouth! I couldn't believe I was now

with these three young hotties and I didn't care at this point if I would get into trouble or not! I just wanted all of them to fuck and use me anyway

they wanted to.

My boy raised his mouth from my pussy and then plunged his big cock in me so hard I almost fainted. He banged me while I had one in my mouth

and another in my right hand! The boy I was sucking off busted a load in my mouth and filled it so fast I could barely breathe. he pulled away and

the other boy stuck his in. I got him off in short order and then, as I liked to do, licked him clean and kissed the head of his dick. My boy finally

busted in my pussy, filling it to over flowing and then, pulled out and had me clean his cock as well. I was in heaven, being used by these boys and

just as I thought it was over, one of them grabbed me and turned me over on my tummy. I felt him pull my legs apart and then, some pressure on

my asshole. I knew right away that he wanted to fuck my ass so I arched my back, giving him better access, reached around, grabbed his big cock

and guided it right in my ass! It hurt at first, feeling him penetrate me, but after a few strokes, it eased up and I let him fuck me as hard as he

liked. Another boy came around and stuck his cock in my mouth for me to suck and I think they both came at almost the same time too!

I was leaking cum now from every hole and wanted more! They alternated with each other, taking turnd fucking my, ass, mouth or pussy and I've

never had so much fun! It seemed like they had an endless supply of hot cum for me and they seemed to stay hard! I did every filthy thing I could

think of with them and I even ate their ass holes out which none of them had ever had done before, or so they said!

Finally, we were all exhausted and went back to the living room and sat around naked. We all needed a recharge for sure but it wasn't long before

I needed to fuck again. I went around to each boy and sucked their cocks one more time, getting loads from two of them. After I was done, with

cum leaking from me, I went to take a shower and they left. I knew they thought I was a slut, but now, maybe I had several boys that would come

over when they wanted some old pussy to use!

The next Sunday, I went to church as usual and saw them all once again. They whispered something to each other and I knew it was about me

and the slut I am. I didn't care though and just wanted more cock and that sweet young cum. I thought about going over to them and inviting

them over but I didn't and after church, I went home and did a few things around the house.

About 2:30, my doorbell rang and I could see 4 or 5 boys standing out on my porch. One of them was one of the boys I had fucked that week. I

opened the door and he asked if I needed any work done around the house and that if I did, his friends could help. I knew right away what he

wanted and that he had probably told his frineds. You know, the thing about being a cock slut and whore, is that you can't seem to ever refuse a

good load or hard fucking, so I told him yes, and let them in the house.

There were 5 of them and I knew they wanted to fuck me and I wanted them to do just that! My thoughts of decency went out the window and I

asked them all into the living room. They sat down and I asked them all point blank if they were there to fuck me! They all seemed a lillte taken

aback by my bluntness and a couple of them turned red, but it needed to be said and the question asked. The one boy stammered out a yes and I

told them all that if they would keep their mouths shut, maybe we could have some fun! They all nodded yes so I told them all to go ahead and get

naked for me. I started sipping my wine and watched as they all pulled their clothes off. All of them had nice bodies and by the time I saw there

cocks dangling down, I told them to all sit back down and I went over to each one of them and touched their cocks, making them almost instantly


I went to my bedroom and undressed and got on the bed. I called them in and they came almost running inside! I played with my pussy while

they watched and they played with their own cocks too. I parted my legs and pointed to one of them and told him to do what he wanted. He got

on top of me and plunged his hard young cock in my old hole! It was incredible and also seeing the other 4 boys wait their turn was great too.

While I ws being fucked, the boy who had fucked me last time put his cock in my mouth for me to suck and then, the rest of them rubbed every

part of me and my tits while I was fucking. I caught a good load in my pussy and then another and another, cleaning their cocks as they pulled out

of me. After all of them had fucked me, I rolled over and asked if any of them wanted to fuck my ass too. 3 of them did and feeling that hot cum

enter my old asshole was wonderful to say the least. I couldn't believe I was getting to be a whore like this and only hoped I wouldn't get found out

by anyone!

They all finished using me after an hour or so and we all got up and they left the house, with drained balls and lots of stories to tell I'm sure! I had

cum pouring from me and I was so happy I could burst! I don't know how many times I came but it was a bunch! I showered up, douched out

and got dressed and all night, fucked myself with some toys and the memory of that day!

Several times that week, this boy or that would come over to fuck me and by now, it was a regular thing. We even started just having some come

by for a quick blow job, and other times to fuck my ass, pussy and even my tits! I was a born again SLUT and loving every minute of it too!

Word soon spread though that I was a cradle robbing whore! As I expected, several blabbed about it and rumors spread about me. I had to move

away before the towns people started acting that that group on the old Frankenstein movie and burned my house down...LOL I left that part of

Atlanta and went across town and after a few months, joined another church...and YES, I'm now looking for some new young men to use me and

for now, I just have my toys! I know I'll find some soon and I have my eye on a couple of them at the church!

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