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Harry Potter and the Black sisters

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Narcissa awoke only to find herself strapped to a table completely naked. She struggled against the bonds, but found they were solid.
Narcissa craned her head to find her sister Bellatrix chained to a wall just as naked as she was.
“Bella, where are we?” Narcissa asked.
“I haven’t a clue” Bellatrix said.
Soon the door opened and they found their sister Andromeda walk in.
“Andi, thank Merlin you’re here please you’ve got to release us” Narcissa said pleadingly.
But their sister said nothing and stepped aside and in came Harry Potter. He had a smirk on his face.
“How are my whores doing?” he asked.
“Potter, let us go now” Narcissa demanded.
“No can do Narcissa since I own you and your sister now” Harry said.
“What do you mean?” Narcissa asked.
“Well after I took care of Voldemort” Harry said.
The name made Narcissa shiver and it wasn’t from the cold.
“The mark your husband had killed him, and since he tied everything he owned to Voldemort I get it due to rights of conquest” Harry said.
Narcissa’s head was swirling. This couldn’t be. She was now a slave. She was lower than a house elf.
“But what about Bella, she had the mark too?” the blond Black sister asked.
“Ah yes, Bellatrix is an unusual case. Her mark was tied to her husband. That mark disappeared and didn’t kill her, but I got her just like you” Harry said.
“What about Andi though?” Narcissa asked.
“Andi came to me willingly. Her husband and daughter died in the finale battle and needed protection of the head of the Black family, which is me. I granted it only if she became my assistant” Harry said with a smirk.
The way Harry said assistant made Narcissa think that her sister was a sex slave like she and Bellatrix were about to be.
“Now since we have the explanations out of the way. Lets get started” Harry said clapping his hands together.
Andromeda took off Harry’s robe then his shirt and pants leaving him naked. Even from Narcissa’s position she saw that Harry was well-hung. It made her wet just at the sight of the thick phallus.
“Andi, warm me up please” Harry said.
Andromeda said not a word and got to down on her knees and took Harry’s cock into her mouth and began sucking. Harry felt his cock harden in Andromeda’s mouth. As soon as he was hard enough he pulled himself from Andromeda’s mouth.
“Get your sister Narcissa ready for me will you” Harry commanded.
Andromeda got up and headed towards Narcissa. Narcissa’s eyes widen and began to struggle again. But When her sister got to her and bent her head down Narcissa felt Andi’s tongue lap her cunt. Narcissa hissed as she fought back a moan. Andromeda kept up licking and sucking Narcissa’s cunt until she got her sister to come.
Narcissa was panting when she came down from her high. It had been a while since she came so hard.
“Very good Andi” Harry said and patted Andromeda’s head.
Harry waved his hand and the lower half of the table where Narcissa’s legs were bond spread apart revealing Narcissa’s glistening cunt. Harry shoved into Narcissa without hesitation. Narcissa’s eyes widen since it had been so long since she had and thing inside beside her fingers. And Harry was thicker and longer than her fingers.
Harry pumped away as Narcissa moaned and whined from pain and pleasure. Her pale breasts jiggled from the force and Harry bent over to lick and suck Narcissa’s breasts. Narcissa never had anyone pay such attention to her body before and was now moaning uncontrollably.
As this was going on Bellatrix watched on growing more and more wet. She was getting turned on watching her sister getting fucked.
Harry came in Narcissa just as she came for the sixth time. She was exhausted and sweaty.
“You are still quite tight for your age Cissy” Harry said.
Narcissa was too tired to reply.
Harry moved to Bellatrix and Andromeda moved to lick her sister out, but was stopped by Harry.
“I think she’s wet enough Andi dear” Harry said.
Andromeda pouted, but moved away so her master could have space.
Harry lowered the chains on Bellatrix and as soon as she was low enough Harry rammed his still hard cock into Bellatrix. And just like Narcissa, Bellatrix was quite tight. Harry wondered if either woman had been fucked since their wedding night or after the they’d conceived a k**.
Bellatrix screamed in pain from having something so big in her. Harry however didn’t allow her to get accommodated and began pounding Bellatrix hard. Bellatrix moved her hips as fast as she could to match Harry’s thrusts. It has been a long time since she had been fucked and good it felt good. She came quickly and never stopped. Harry kept pounding her with ferocity until he came inside her.
Once he pulled out Andromeda crawled on her hands and knees and sucked her master’s suck clean.
“Good girl, I think you deserve a reward don’t you?” Harry asked stroking Andi’s cheek.
Andi nodded furiously and spun around so her rump was presented.
Harry grinned and shoved his cock into Andromeda’s pussy. Andromeda moaned in approval. She was very to happy to have her master inside her again. Harry pounded her at a fast pace, but as hard as how he did her sisters. Andromeda moaned loudly loving every moment.
Narcissa awoke upon hearing her sister’s moans and saw her sister Andromeda being fucked. She envied Andi as she was being fucked. She wanted Harry cock inside her again.
Soon Harry came and pulled out of Andromeda.
“Goodnight ladies, I’ll see you later” Harry said then left.
Once outside Hermione was waiting for him.
“Are they hooked?” she asked.
“Not sure, but soon they will be” Harry said.
“Great Harry, now how about a good meal” Hermione offered.
“Sounds good Mione, lead the way” Harry said

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