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Victoria Justice On Tour - Aftermath

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Disclaimer: The following story comes from the mind of the author and in no way is a recollection of true events.


The following story takes place thirty days after the events of “Victoria Justice on Tour – Day 33”…

“Okay everybody that was a good taping. See you all on Monday.” The director yelled out as the taping for ‘Victorious’ concluded for the day.

It was the first day of tapings after Victoria Justice returned from her concert tour. 59 of the 60 days were great for her, but day 33 will haunt her for the rest of her life. One mistake by going into the wrong bathroom resulted in an event that will haunt her forever. Afterwards, she prayed for her tour to be over so she could get back to work and get her mind off it.

Her co-stars, Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies, were concerned about Victoria as she didn’t seem to be her normal self. The perkiness and energy were replaced by distance and near-silence.

“Does Tori seem alright?” Liz asked Ariana.

“I don’t know Liz, she seems different. She’s usually all happy after a concert; I would have thought she would be a ball of energy after sixty concerts.” She responded.

The two girls watched as Victoria walked towards her dressing room with a solemn look on her face, avoiding talking to anyone. As she eased the door closed, Liz and Ariana looked at each, very concerned. As the rest of the cast and crew left, the two young women made their way to Victoria’s dressing room. They knocked lightly on the door and got no answer.

“Tori, are you in there!” Ariana yelled out.

“Yes, but I don’t want to talk.” Her voice was noticeably stammering, causing concern from the other girls.

“Are you okay? You didn’t seem like yourself.” Liz said.

“I’m fine, please leave me alone!” Victoria yelled back.

Ariana ignored her request and opened up the door. When she walked in, she saw Victoria sitting on the couch with a tissue over eyes, sobbing.

“Oh my god, you're crying. What’s the matter?” Ariana said as she ran over to her, closely followed by Liz.

“Nothing, I’m fine, really.” Victoria said with a sniffle.

“You are not fine; you’re sitting here crying alone. Tell us what’s wrong.” Liz responded.

“It’s nothing really, I’m fine.”

“Victoria! Tell us whats wrong!” Ariana yelled at her.

“We know you're not fine, what is it!?” Liz yelled as well.

“I was ****d!” Victoria yelled out loudly, shocking the other two girls.

“What did you say?” Ariana asked as she and Liz looked at each other.

“I was ****d.” She said quieter. “On the tour, I was ****d in one of the schools.” She broke down crying.

Liz and Ariana each hugged her as she cried harder by the second. This was the most shocking and depressing thing that either of the girls had ever heard. They looked at each other with concerned looks.

“What happened to you Victoria? Tell us what happened to you.” Liz spoke.

“I…I went into the bathroom…I didn’t know it was the boys room and…and I got out of the stall and there were these two boys smoking pot. They saw me and tried….tried to make me smoke with them.” She was holding back tears. “Then they threw me down and…and…broke my hymen and ****d me.” She broke down again and cried on Ariana’s shoulder.

“Did you tell anyone?” Liz asked.

“No…they videotaped the whole thing and…and said they would put it online if I told. I don’t want strangers to see…see me having sex against my will.”

“They broke your hymen? You were a virgin?” Victoria nodded as Ariana asked. “You poor thing, that’s not how you’re supposed to lose your virginity. Wait right here.” Ariana and Liz walked out of the dressing room and talked to each other.

“No wonder she was acting so weird, I can't believe that happened to her.” Liz said.

“I know. I couldn’t imagine being ****d, especially as a virgin. She’s gonna learn to hate sex now.” Ariana had a sad look on her face that quickly changed. “I have an idea that might help her out.”


Ariana leaned into her ear and whispered her plan. Liz had a devilish smile on her face as they re-entered the dressing room. Victoria had her face buried in a pillow.

“Tori, we talked and we think we have a way to make you feel better.” Ariana explained as Victoria looked up at her, wiping away tears.

“What could you possibly do to make me-” Ariana shoved her lips onto Victoria’s, running her tongue along the roof of her mouth.

Despite being shocked at first, Victoria quickly played along and moved her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth. They made out for about a minute before breaking the kiss and staring into each other’s eyes.

“That was unexpected, but nice Ari.” Victoria’s tears were now gone.

Liz sat down next to Victoria and took her turn making out the damaged girl. Victoria was expecting it this time and was the first to move her tongue inside. After another minute-long make out session, they broke their kiss as Victoria felt Ariana rubbing her back in a slow sensual motion. Liz pulled Victoria’s blue t-shirt over her head, leaving the brunette sitting in her white bra as Ariana continued to run her hands all over her bare skin. She moved her hand to the clip of the bra and unhooked it, forcing it to fall onto her lap.

Victoria’s perky b-cup breasts were now staring Liz in the face. She salivated at the sight of her friend’s bare chest sitting in front of her, waiting to be tasted. Victoria leaned back against the couch as each girl took a breast in their mouth and sucked on her hardening nipples. She enjoyed the feeling as their warm mouths attacked her cold nipples. She could sense the love and tenderness of their tongues, a feeling she had never felt. So far in her eighteen years of existence she had had only one sexual experience, the brutal experience that she has been praying would escape her memory. What these two girls were doing was accomplishing that; she was forgetting the ****.

“That feels so nice.” She squeaked out as the girls sucked hard on her nipples.

Victoria could already feel a warm dampness forming in her panties, which was sending out a strong smell that Ariana and Liz surely had to sense. She ran her hands down the backs of the girls, until she found the bottom of their shirts. She slowly pulled them up until they released themselves from her chest to remove the shirts. Liz was the first to toss her short aside, revealing her large breasts to them. Liz had not been wearing a bra, which was a pleasant surprise to her friends. Ariana however was wearing a pink push-up bra to cover her much smaller boobs. After quickly unhooking it, she joined the other two girls in showing her breasts.

All three girls were remaining in just their jeans and shoes. The shoes were all quickly kicked off and all of the girls started to unzip their jeans. After kicking them off, the three girls now sat in their panties; Victoria’s being white, Ariana’s being pink and Liz’s being black. Victoria went to remove her underwear but was stopped by the others.

“We’ve got that Tori.” Liz said as she took the waistband on the left side of Victoria’s panties in her mouth. Ariana took the other side in her mouth and they moved in unison to drag it to her ankles and on the ground.

“Somebody hasn’t shaved in a while!” Ariana laughed as she saw Victoria’s hairy cunt. She and Liz ran their fingers through the hair that sat above her moist slit. “Not that I can say anything!” She pulled down her pink panties to reveal her slightly less-hairy pussy to the others.

“I feel like an outsider.” Liz pulled her black panties down, revealing her hairless mound.

Liz and Ariana turned their attention back to Victoria. Ariana ran her face against the thick hair on her pussy as Liz nuzzled her nose against her wet slit.

“Someone’s enjoying this!” Liz said as her nose slipped across the juices coming from Victoria’s pussy. Ariana ran a finger across her slit, feeling how what she was.

“I hope she tastes as good as she smells.” Ariana slipped her tongue against her clit, causing her to jump.

“Oh my god!” Victoria yelled out. “Ohhhhhhh!’ She moaned as the redhead’s tongue flicked at her rapidly swelling nub. Her instincts were kicking in as she pulled Ariana’s face closer to her pussy. Liz started to kiss Ariana’s body from her neck, down to her chest. She gave each nipple a quick suck before she went back to kissing down her body. She eventually made it to her moist pussy, giving her clit a hard suck and causing her to moan loudly into Victoria’s cunt. Victoria in turn let out a moan that could have been heard from across the globe.

As she continued to moan, Victoria began rubbing Liz’s ass as she was bent over so she could suck on Ariana’s clit. It didn’t take long before Victoria started massaging Liz’s asshole, running her finger slowly around the tight hole. As her asshole was being rubbed, Liz sucked harder on Ariana, which cause her to suck harder on Victoria. She moved her finger further down until she found Liz’s soaking wet cunt.

It didn’t take long before Victoria started fingering the girl, who bucked her hips back into the hand. This seemed to be the signal as Liz stuck her finger into Ariana’s cunt while still sucking on her clit. Ariana started to do the same to Victoria, shoving two fingers into her cunt. It was clear that Ariana and Liz were used to the feeling of a finger inside them, but Victoria was not. As the other two were forcing their bodies into the finger, Victoria squirmed on the couch trying to adjust to the feeling. This was the first time anything other than her own hand had been inside her (at least consensually).

Victoria was fucking Liz hard with her index finger, causing an audible splashing as her juices coated her hand. Liz removed her mouth from Ariana’s clit and screamed out, “I’m gonna cum!” Victoria kept her pace as the girl fucked her finger back before her body began to shake. Liz removed her finger from Ariana to keep her balance. She arched her back to force more of Victoria’s finger into her climaxing cunt.

Victoria could feel Liz’s pussy pulling at her finger, an amazing feeling that she had only experienced with herself before. She slowly released her finger as Liz’s body relaxed from the climax.

“How did it feel making your friend cum around your finger?” Liz asked.

“It felt really good; I can't wait until you guys make me cum!” Victoria responded.

Liz climbed up on the couch and relaxed in recovery. Ariana got off of Victoria and lay down on the couch next to her. She spread her legs open and slowly rubbed her clit as Victoria watched on.

“You made her cum with your finger, make me cum with your tongue.” She said as Victoria got on her stomach and placed her face in the warm pussy in front of her.

Even though she had never eaten a pussy before, Victoria’s instincts kicked in and gave her enough knowledge to accomplish her goal. She attached her lips to the large swollen nub of a clit and sucked hard on it. Ariana moaned loudly as her friend serviced her pussy. She grabbed Victoria by the hair and pulled her closer into her cunt as she felt the tongue exploring, eventually slipping in her moist hole. She could feel Victoria moan as Liz began to lick her asshole. Once her tongue forced its way into her tight asshole, the moans coming from Victoria were sending hard vibrations up Ariana’s cunt, causing her arch her back and moan.

The pleasure shooting through the two girls were intense, eventually leading to Ariana coming around Victoria’s tongue. She could feel the tongue being sucked into her cunt as her body shook and convulsed from the extreme pleasure running through her body.

“Oh Tori! You made me cum!” She screamed out as her body began to relax. “You’re turn!”

Victoria sat back up as the other girls got on the ground between her legs. Each girl began to lick her clit as they each forced a finger inside her.

“Oh, I don’t think they’ll fit!” She screamed out as the two fingers made their way up her, stretching her vaginal walls. The look on her face was a mix of pleasure and pain, but mostly pleasure.

“Well, we fit in two.” Liz said. “I wonder if four will work.” Victoria looked down at the girls and gave them a bit of a smile as the girls each slid their middle fingers inside her.

Victoria squirmed on the couch as the fingers struggled to fit. They sucked harder on her clit, hoping to get her wetter and make it easier to slide in. Their plan worked as she moistened up enough to allow all four fingers inside. The girls fucked her hard with their hands as they continued sucking hard on her swollen clit.

“Oh my fucking god!” She yelled out before covering her face with a pillow and moaning hard into it.

She forced her body against the girls’ hands and faces as she felt the orgasm building within her. Victoria could feel that this was going to be a monster climax. Before the tour, she was a regular masturbator, fucking herself at least once a day since she turned thirteen. The longest stretch without cumming was the stretch she was on now. The young girl has not been able to bring herself to masturbate since the incident thirty days ago. The memories of her cumming against her own will to those two young boys had haunted her too much. She had heard that an orgasm was super intense after waiting a few days, which was being proved as the buildup to this was the greatest feeling she had ever experienced.

“Oh fuck girls, I think…I think…I…OHHHH!” Her body exploded in climax, shooting her juices out and coating the faces of her friends. Her cunt yanked on the four fingers inside her, which were still fucking her hard despite the cum shooting from within her. She arched her back and screamed as her body continued convulsing. It felt like she would never stop cumming as her body kept going. Liz and Ariana were soaked in cum as they moved away from her body. They both crawled up next to her and kissed her neck as the orgasm finally subsided.

Victoria was breathing extremely heavy as her body relaxed. The girls were snuggled up against her, running their hands through her hair as she fully recovered.

“Feel better baby?” Liz asked.

“Much better. Thank you so much girls, I love you both.” Victoria said softly as she lightly kissed them both on the lips.

“We love you too.” They each responded

After a few minutes, the girls got dressed and headed out of the studio.

“See you girls on Monday.” Ariana said as she got in her car.

“Bye. Maybe we can do an encore performance after the tapings. What do you think Tori?” Liz asked. Victoria just smiled and nodded as the other two girls giggled before driving away.

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