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My Cuckold Husband's Creampie Surprise.

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I had been wanting to surprise my husband with an overflowing creampie for quite a while. He loves watching cum dripping from my pussy, it makes his cock rock hard leaking flavourful pre-cum when he sees a hot creamy load sliding out of my well-fucked hole. I fantasized about how hot and horny I could make him if he saw and felt my absolutely filled with cum pussy, and so I formed a plan...

In the next week he was going to be heading over to the city to pick up some important documents. The trip involves a 2 hour ferry ride either way and then obviously the business in the city before making his return trip. Plenty of time to get my pussy totally filled with hot thick jism. My pussy tingled as I thought about getting totally filled with cum and so I picked up the phone and dialled some of the dance partners (and fuck partners) I'd befriended (in a hot wild way) and asked each of them if they wanted to take part in a massive gangbang; fucking me senseless and filling me with their loads over and over again. All I asked was they get tested and be available for the daytime of when my hubby went away. Eight guys bubbled down the phone to me that they would for sure get their tests and see me for the gangbang. I could tell from their lustful voices that they definitely wanted to take part in my orgy, but then they already knew I loved cock and loved showing them an orgasmic time with my mouth, tits, and pussy.

After completing my phone calls I finger fucked my pussy til I sprayed my cum all over the floor, man I was so totally turned on at what I was arranging, my pussy throbbed in anticipation of eight big thick black cocks pounding it and giving me tasty pre-cum to suck from their shafts before spilling their semen inside my hot pink hole. The next week seemed to drag on so slowly as my horniness took hold of me from the sweet anticipation that was building more and more intensely. I couldn't wait for my hubby to take his trip so I could finally make his special surprise and relieve my hungry pussy.

The big day arrived and I strolled down to the water-taxi terminal with my hubby to see him off. Kissing him deeply and rubbing his crotch I told him I'd see him later and I'd have a little surprise waiting for him when he got back. He tried to get me to tell him what I had in store, but I wouldn't give it up (I can be stubborn when I really want to be ) .. so off he headed on the boat, and back to our apartment I went.

It was still early (8am) and the guys weren't supposed to be coming by til around 10ish, so I had plenty of time to finger my hole and get myself even hotter and wetter in preparation for all those big meaty cocks that were going to pound my pussy into orgasmic bliss. Around 9:30 the first black stud arrived and the rest of them showed up by 10, all of them tested, horny and ready to give me what I wanted.

I put some reggae music on with a hardcore bass beat and started shaking my booty against them all.. dancing with them as I took off what little clothing I had on.

"Come on guys.. time to pull those pants off and show me those oh so tasty cocks" I said, gathering them in a circle around me as they dropped trou super fast, bouncing their big erections out of their pants, making me grin with pleasure.

I threw a couple pillows on the hard tile floor and slid down on my knees to take the first arrival in my mouth. All eight had their hands on me, feeling my breasts, squeezing my ass and holding my hair away from my face while I worked each one of them orally. Having a circle of eight well-hung ebony guys surrounding me was intensely hot and my pussy was already dripping wet from sucking their tasty cocks. One adventurous guy, Leo couldn't wait any longer after watching my ass bouncing as I sucked them off and so he got down on his knees behind me, grabbed my hips tight and slowly inched his 8 inch cock into my tight hole. Mmmm.. I love being fucked while I'm sucking and pumping cock.. one in my mouth, one in each hand and one in my pussy.. fuck this was hot. I kept rotating through the guys and after several minutes of Leo pounding my pussy he shot his load deep inside my wet pink hole filling me with his creamy load. He pumped a bit more turning his cum to froth before sliding out and letting Bruno take his place. Bruno's cock wasn't as long as Leo's but what he lacked in length he certainly made up for in thickness as he easily slid his dick into my dripping pussy, stretching my hole with each thrust.

Every guy had one turn in my pussy, spraying their seed deep inside me, filling me up with their hot creamy loads.. and since they were all young and vibrant with energy each cock in my mouth, hands and pussy was being constantly replaced. After fucking all eight of them on my knees I pulled them all into the bedroom to surround me and ride me as hard as they could. My pussy was sloshing it was so full of cum.. my hubby would be amazed and intensely hard and turned on at how profuse my cream filling was going to be..

My pussy was so stretched out and I was incredibly aroused so I asked Pablo and Walter if they'd like to both fuck my pussy at the same time.. imagining both their cocks pounding my pussy simultaneously and stretching me out even further totally turned me on. Without hesitation Pablo climbed on the bed to go in from underneath me and Walter positioned himself between my legs, just waiting for Pablo to get his thick meatstick buried in my hot hole. Walter rubbed my clit sending even more waves of orgasm through my already over-stimulated body as Pablo's cock drove deep inside before shoving his own cock in along with it. Wow I felt so incredibly full, with the huge loads of cum filling me combined with these two big hot cocks pounding me, I don't think I'd ever been as full as I was then.

More cock slid into my mouth and slapped against my tits as I lost control again, squirting hot pussy juice mixed with cum all over both cocks fucking my hole. For the next couple of hours we all fucked and sucked over and over again, my pussy was full to overflowing by the time everyone was totally spent, the thick creamy jism sliding between my thighs felt oh so good.. I couldn't wait for my hubby to get home.

I fed all eight of them and thanked them for an absolutely amazing time and asked if any of them wanted to do it again sometime, and the response was an overwhelming yes which made my cum-filled pussy throb again, knowing I'd get to experience this again, and hopefully soon.

After they all left I still had about half hour to kill before hubby would be rolling through the door, so I straightened the bed, changed the sheets and laid down on the bed to wait for him to show up. My pussy was already leaking cumjuice onto the fresh sheet so I slid on some panties to hold more of it in. Boy was my hubby gonna get the surprise of his life when he got home.

My fingers idly played with my wet pussy as I waited.. and when I heard the door open and my hubby arrive I called out for him to come see me in the bedroom. He looked hot and tired from his journey but when he saw me lying on the bed, naked apart from a thong and obviously looking totally turned on, he sure perked up. I slid up and wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him deeply, tongues probing and wondered if he could taste the profuse amount of cock I'd consumed earlier today. He loved tasting cock on my lips so I was sure he'd know I'd been playing with someone.. he just wouldn't yet know quite how many...

His cock grew hard poking against my thigh as we kissed. "Mmmmm, you taste good" he said, "What have YOU been up to today?" Smiling he squeezed my tits as we kissed more deeply. "I've got something special for you" I winked at him as I lay down again patting the sheet between my legs and beckoning for him to come lay down there. He slid down so his face was close to my pussy and inhaled. "Mmmmm, you smell so strong and so good... were you fucking today?" I chuckled that I'd had a little bit of fun and then pulled my thong to the side so he could see how much my pussy was dripping. "Why don't you tell ME what I got up to today?" and laughed as his mouth eagerly dove to my pussy lips swiftly followed by his tongue sliding deep inside my hot pink hole.

"Oh my god!" he moaned "You taste so incredibly like cum.. and not just YOUR cum! You fucked someone and got a creampie while I was in the city! That's so fucking hot.. tell me what you did."

"Oh baby you're not thinking large enough.." and I winked down at his eyes as I watched him burying his lips and tongue even further into my cum-filled pussy. "I fucked EIGHT big young hot black cocks today, and I fucked them over and over again taking all their cum inside me. It was so fucking hot feeling those big ebony meatsticks pounding my pussy and filling me with their hot cum. Doesn't it taste good? Bet you're loving how absolutely jampacked with cream I am."

"MMMMMmmmmmmm" he moaned, unable to speak as his tongue extended even further inside me, sucking out some cum and savouring the flavour in his mouth. "Fuck you taste so fucking hot" he groaned, reaching down to slowly jack his cock while he tasted the horny slut I'd been earlier.

"Mmmm" I sighed reaching down to hold his head tighter against my horny hole.. "Suck it up baby, but leave some in there, I want you to fuck me while I'm so wet and full and watch your cock get all frothy with cum."

My husband has amazing oral skills (as well as a HUGE thick cock) and can make me cum hard just licking my clit and fingering my pussy at the same time. He slid his tongue over my throbbing button and sucked on it while his fingers easily slid into my overflowing hole, getting coated by the slick goopy cum mixed with my own pussy cumjuice, and squelching with each fingerthrust he made. Fuck I was so totally filled, and it felt so good to have his fingers gliding in and out of me, pumping my G-spot with his index finger while the heat from his mouth on my clit sent waves of pleasure all through me.

"Yeah, take that big juicy load of black cock cum all over your face" I cried out as my orgasm peaked making me squirt my own load and some of the cum from inside me all over his face.

"Fuck yeah!" he moaned, his voice muffled from being buried so very deeply into my dripping wet pussy.

"God I need your cock in me" I moaned, my pussy throbbing from my fresh orgasm but needing to feel his big thick manhood sliding in and out of my totally cream filled pussy. I love hearing how wet I am, especially when I'm being fucked hard, and I knew getting fucked with a pussy full of cum was going to be the wettest I'd ever heard or felt it.

I moved his head from between my legs and after getting rid of the thong I turned over so he had a full display of my soaked ass and pussy (all that cum was also dripping down into my anal button from being pushed out in orgasmic bliss).

"Holy fuck" he cried as his mouth eagerly went to my ass, licking every last drop he could find before I told him to put his hard cock inside me and fuck my cum-filled pussy hole. I so totally wanted to feel him pounding me and pushing that cum out all over his hot cock.

He repositioned behind me and spread my ass cheeks wide to get the full view of my wanton well-fucked pussy and sticky asshole. "Mmmmm you look like you've been totally fucked.. I love seeing cum dripping from you like this, knowing you were fucking those black guys and turning them on like you do me" he said as he slid his meat slowly into my sopping wet pussy, sliding in so easily from the cum-lube.

"Fuck yeah" I cried as my pink hole was filled right up, "Your cock feels so good, especially with all that cum for it to slide into. I loved sucking on those cocks earlier and fucking them so hard they came over and over in my pussy. I wanted to show you just how hot I can make these guys and how much they could fill me up. Doesn't it feel oh so good?"

"Mmmmmm" he moaned, thrusting deeper and harder as my words penetrated his mind giving him images of big black cock throbbing inside my mouth, pussy and hands.

"I had them all in a circle around me, their young black cocks were so big and hard, I couldn't resist sucking them all off one after the other, and while I was sucking I fucked them too and squeezed a cock in each hand. I was so totally full and so totally surrounded by big throbbing cock it made me cum over and over again" his cock got even harder as he thrust faster and deeper, spilling seed from my pussy and covering his long thick meat with a frothy coating of my own special cum/pussycum mixture.

"Fuck yeah!" I cried as I came even harder than before, squeezing his cock with my pussy muscles and holding him tight inside me as the waves of pleasure took hold. I love cumming with a big cock inside me, I always coat it with profuse amounts of pussy juice, especially this time, with all that cum from my earlier gangbang filling me up.

"Mmmmmm" I moaned, "I think it's time for you to taste some more of what I made earlier" spreading my ass cheeks wide and inviting him to once again bury his face and savour the juices that were totally spilling out of me when his cock slid out. "Eat my cum filled pussy and lick my cum coated ass clean!" I commanded, sticking my ass out for his mouth to eagerly dive into and enjoy.

His cock was throbbing between his legs as he consumed the fruits of my earlier pleasure, deftly catching every last drop of cum with his tongue he kept slowly pumping his cock making a wet squelching type sound from all the cum trapped in his foreskin. It was totally hot looking back and seeing his cum-shiny cock hard as a rock and so very huge. He looked bigger than I'd ever seen him, he was so intensely turned on by the taste and smell from both my holes.

"Mmmmmm yeah, stick your tongue in there and lick every last drop up. I want to see that cum on your lips, and next time I want you to be there when I fuck eight horny black guys til they shoot their loads all in me." he moaned as I spoke.. "I want you to watch me fuck and suck each and every one of those big ebony swords at the same time in a massive orgy filled with hot creamy cum. I want to feed you fresh cum from my pussy after I'm done with them all, and watch your cock throbbing from the flavour"

I kept talking as he kept licking, getting hornier and hotter, and so was he. His mouth was moving at double speed on my pussy cos he was so totally turned on, slurping and licking each and every little droplet and globule of sperm from inside my pussy and ass. I was still very full even after he'd been eating me out for a while so I decided it was time for some more cock in my pussy. I turned around and rubbed his cum-covered cock all over my tits and shoved them in his face for him to clean off. "Suck them, taste the cum on my tits and imagine I just had a hot black stud spray his load all over them"

"Oh fuck" he moaned as his tongue worked it's magic on my breasts, teasing the nipples and licking each of my large mounds completely clean of jism. "You taste so fucking good" his voice was shaking from the intensity of what we were doing and what I'd done earlier while he was out of town. "You make me so hard, and so hot.. I can't wait to watch you fuck eight black guys over and over again. It'll drive me totally crazy to see you turning them on so much, making them cum and getting so slutty while your pussy gets filled."

"Mmmmm...I want to feel you inside me again, I want to hear and feel how totally wet I am with your cock inside me. While you slide in I want you to imagine me sucking on some black cock while I fuck you. Squeezing on some ebony manmeat while I ride your cock to a cum-filled frenzy of lust and orgasm. Fuck I'm so totally sopping wet right now..."

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