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My Ultimate Fantasy: M/TS/M/SSBBW Four-way

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Originally, my plan was to feature only true stories from my own sexual history, here. However, at the advice of one of my Xhamster friends, I am going to publish what is, for me, the greatest unattained fantasy I have. Obviously, this is not a true story - although, I wish it were. The other individuals in this story are invented, with some aspects inspired by people I have known or have seen in videos. I hope you enjoy; I realize this is an extremely specific fantasy, and not for everyone.

My girl, Stacie, and I have a very hot and active sex life. I should let you know a bit about her, so you can get an idea of what she's like. Stacie is a gorgeous, redheaded SSBBW. Her 300+ pounds is spread out in her massive EE tits, wide, round ass, and, of course, her giant, soft belly. Her pale, lightly freckled skin gets flushed when she is being fucked - something that happens quite often. Stacie loves that I, and other guys, take so much pleasure in her large body. Her self-confidence only serves to make her sexiness even more pronounced.

So, at times, we like to play with others, together or separately. This one night, Stacie had an idea to try something new. She wanted to invite two of our "friends" to join us; all four, together. I knew who Stacie was thinking of, first. Her coworker, Derek, is a gigantically hung black guy, and she absolutely loves taking his 11 inches. My interest was up; I had sucked Derek's magnificent cock a few times, and I enjoyed making him come almost as much as my girl does. Derek had wanted to fuck me, to, but there is no way in hell I could handle that monster inside me. The thought of being fucked, though, convinced me to make one particular phone call: Meagan, a young and slender t-girl we had met online about 8 months back. Meagan was a true versatile - nearly every time we had sex, she and I had swapped fucking, and she is awesome in a 69. Her 6 inch cock gets rock hard, and she really knows her way around another's body.

Plans made, Stacie and I got into bed, naked. No matter how many times I saw her body dispmayed like that, she still turned me on every time. I couldn't keep my hands off her soft, pillowy flesh. I was fingering Stacie's neatly trimmed pussy, my face laid against her quivering belly, when the phone rang. I made Stacie answer - one of our favorite games is for her to try to stay composed on the phone while I am making her come. Of course, we had a pretty good idea who was calling.

Derek had arrived first. He called to let us know he was coming up, and I unlocked the door. Quickly, i texted Meagan to come right up when she got here. I got right back into bed, retaking my place on Stacie's huge midsection. Derek walked right in and dropped his pants. His cock, already halfway hard, was slowly rising to full mast at the sight of Stacie's wet pussy, just waiting for him. He was grinning as he approached the bed. I knew Stacie wanted that black b**st inside her, and I figured I could help them both by making sure Derek was fully erect. I slid my lips over his bulbous helmet, taking as much as I could into my mouth. He was enormous, something I already knew, but somehow forgot the full extent. The slurping sounds I made, combined with Derek's "Mmmmmm" were too much for Stacie.
"Put your cock in me, now! Oh, I want it. You know I want it!"
I popped Derek out of my mouth, and quickly guided (not that he needed it; he knew the way quite well) his shaft into Stacie's warm, waiting pussy.
"Oooohhhhh...", she moaned. "Fuck me. Fuck! Me!"
As Derek thrust his length into her, I once again laid my face on Stacie's belly. The way she jiggled with Derek's pumping aroused me to no end. I had reached down to cup Derek's balls, stroke his shaftas it slid in and out, and to finger his and Stacie's assholes. Then, I felt a hot, wet tongue on my own asshole. Meagan had arrived.

While I couldn't see her from my angle, I was familiar with Meagan's delicate, feminine features. Her tiny, A-cup tits looked right at home on her petite frame. Long, dark hair hung past her shoulders, and a very sexy ass and hips completed the girlish figure. The only thing to belie Meagan's appearance as a very pretty, young biological woman was the cock hanging between her shapely thighs. That cock was what I wanted, and she knew it. As she continued to play with my saliva-lubed asshole, her mouth moved along my own cock, taking it in her pretty little mouth. Meagan's lips ran the length of my shaft few times, then she stood. I knew exactly what was coming, and I was ready. Her lovely, curved cock pushed at my back door, and I squirmed into it. She gave a little, high-pitched "Aaahhh" as she entered me. I moaned, a soft, appreciative sound, enjoying the sensation of being opened to take her smooth shaft.

Derek and Stacie were in their own world; Derek's grunts, Stacie's breathless "Ah ah ahhh!", and the slapping of their flesh, our soundtrack. I decided to remind Stacie I was here. In the time it took for Meagan to position me foe fucking, Stacie had turned over, Derek now plowing her from behind. I swiveled, Meagan still inside me (and the feeling of her cock pumping as I rotated my body a full 180 was fucking amazing), so I was now on my back. Ankles now planted on Meagan's shoulders, I worked my way underneath Stacie and Derek. I felt the heavy warmth of Stacie's pendulous belly against my chest, as I moved in on her. My tongue flicked across her clit, Derek still thrusting his gigantic cock into her. Stacie's moaning pitched higher, and her breathing was getting harder and faster. Knowing her like I do, I knew Stacie had already came a few times from the fucking she was receiving. I also knew adding my oral stimulation would send her over the edge. Derek, too, was getting close. I felt Stacie's body tremble as he gripped her wide hips tighter than ever. From my view, I could see him starting to tense up, and I knew he was ready to shoot. I playfully rubbed his balls, inches from my face, and ran a fingertip around his perineum. Right then, Derek gave one last thrust, to the hilt, and shuddered as he groaned. It wasn't the easiest thing, concentrating on their orgasms as Meagan continued to fuck me, telling me in her sexy voice, "You love getting fucked, don't you? You love gaving that hard cock balls deep in your ass, huh?" - but I managed, somehow.

Derek slid out of Stacie's dripping pussy with a wet, sliding sound. I looked Meagan in her eyes, and told her "Fuck me! I want it so bad! I need that fucking cock!" Not wanting to come just yet, Meagan pulled out of me with a soft "pop" sound, and laid back to play with Derek's still semi-erect cock. Wasting no time, I wanted some action of my own. Stacie had rolled onto her back, legs splayed and shaking. I went down on her, tasting her pussy and Derek's come. I cleaned her thouroughly with my mouth, then climbed up end slid in. Stacie was almost over-sensitive, from experiencing so many orgasms in such rapid succession. It was okay, though - as horny as I was, I knew I couldnt hold out long. Then, a familiar sensation, as Megan thrust into me again. This time, her pumping was frantic and hurried, and I matched every stroke with my own, into Stacie's sweet, freshly fucked pussy. In moments, Meagan gripped my shoulders and let out a throaty "Oh, I'm cominnngg!", as she gave one last thrust. I felt her hot load filling me, and the sensation triggered my own orgasm. I moaned loudly as I gave Stacie her second creampie in ten minutes.

Watching all this, Derek was now ready for round two. He offered his slick, black cock to Stacie, and she hungrily started to suck. I leaned in to help, both our mouths working his velvety shaft. Once Meagan got in, and started to give Derek one of her fantastic rimjobs, he was finished. A horse, drawn out "Oh, fffuuuuuccckkk!" announced his orgasm. Stacie and I took his hot seed on our faces, then kissed one another clean.

Derek and Meagan hit the shower together, no doubt getting one another squeaky clean. For good measure, and because I wanted to, I went down on Stacie one more time. Not having Derek's capacity for reaching the depths, most of my come had already dripped out onto Stacie's smooth thighs. I could never resist the taste of her, and this was no exception. After soending a few minutes licking her, while caressing her huge, soft belly and tits, I moved back up to kiss my girl. She gave a contented sigh, then said, "My pussy realky does taste good, doesn't it? Its been a while since I ate pussy, now that I think of it."
Smiling, she asked me, "Do we still have Amanda's number?"

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