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Wife's first time with Craigslist stranger

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What was supposed to be quick safe sex with a stranger turned into a crazy ass night.

Two short clips of this located in our profile.

We talked about this for about a year. She would want to and then back out and she went back and forth for a few months. She had never done anything like this. She was nervous and scared but wanted to make my every fantasy come true but stay within her limits. I finally convinced her to try it. We looked at swinger sites and dating sites for s guy and couldn't find anyone who fit the bill. As a last ditch effort we posted an ad on Craigslist and found a guy. He was clean and respectable. We called talked to him on the phone, learned about him, set some ground rules and decided he was the one. He was just an average guy. Overly nice and average body. He had a 7" cock that was average girth. Just your average guy. We wanted something smaller than me to keep anyone from being jealous LOL. We don't do this to blow her pussy out. This is for us and for fun and i enjoy my wife's tight pussy and don't wanna ruin it. Ground rules were no anal, no oral and he must always have a condom on. She said "his cock will not enter any part of me without a condom". He and I agreed. The two days before he was coming it was all I could think about. I was nervous at work and jittery. I was excited and nervous. I just wanted it to happen. The night of she was extremely nervous. She drank a little alcohol and we talked but she was so nervous I was worried she would back out. When he was on his way I calmed her by fucking her slowly and stopping just before orgasim to get her extremely turned on. I told her how sexy she was and how I couldn't wait to watch her body as she fucked him. How sexy she would be taking cock and getting him off. It worked. She finally calmed down and started to really believe this was going to happen. She said "I just want him to come in and get started. I don't wanna talk awkwardly with him. Just straight in and down to business."

She met him at the door wearing only a towel. She brought him back to our room and asked him to undress. He looked surprised it was happening so quickly. He asked if everything was ok and she told him "I don't want to know you I just want to do this". He laughed and started ripping his clothes off. After he was undressed she unwrapped her towel and let it fall to the floor. He just stared at her and said "i can't believe this is happening, you're so hot". She told him to sit on the bed and she lubed her hands and stroked his cock till he got hard. She asked him if he was ready and he said yes. I was sitting on the bed with my back to the wall leaning against it. She put a condom on him and got on her hands and knees facing me, she slid my cock in her mouth and he entered her from the back. When the tip of his cock slid past her pussy lips and into her pussy she looked up at me and moaned with my cock in her mouth. She looked at me nervously as he slid all the way in and back out. She wanted to make sure I was ok. When she saw how big I was smiling she immediately became less tense and more comfortable. I could just feel it. I only let her suck my cock for a couple minutes before I moved out of their way and let them fuck. I watched as he grabbed her ass and cupped her tits. I watched him fuck her from behind, missionary, from the side, standing up, sitting down and her on top. She was very turned on because all while she was fucking him she was looking at me for my approval. She got exactly that. He flipped her into every position and she would spread her legs and pull him into her. Even though she was having so much fun making my fantasy come true she didn't cum once. I think because she was so nervous. After it was over she confirmed that conclusion.

Now the fun stuff! She was riding him reverse cow girl and he flipped her over on her back missionary style, folded her legs back and slid in her deep and pounded her pussy. During this part of their sex the condom slipped off and he thrust forward which pushed it into her and she stopped him in his tracks. He laughed and said "man that felt good" and we all laughed. He stuck his fingers inside her and pulled the condom out. During this break in action she got up and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When she left the room he said "man she is really tight" I laughed and agreed with him and asked if he would like to fuck her without the condom on. He said "I'd love to but I won't last long because of how tight and wet her pussy is." I said "that's fine but you can only do it on one condition, you can only do it if you cum deep inside her" he said he didn't want her to get pregnant and I explained that she was on BC. He then agreed. I said "we are going to have to convince her to do this but she will never agree to letting you cum inside her so try not to let her know your cumming just let it go as deep as you possibly can and just let her feel you pumping inside her and see what she says when she feels that warm load fill her up. I'll take responsibility for it" he laughed and said "sounds like the best plan ever" she walked back into the room and asked what we were talking about and he looked at me and I looked at her and said "he wants to cum but can't because the condom is irritating him. Let him leave it off. If you're going to do this then go all the way and I know you'd love to feel his cock inside you without all the latex. He said he wouldn't last long because of how tight and wet you are" she was hesitant and reluctantly agreed saying "I guess but I don't want to catch anything" he laughed and said "I'm clean I promise" she said "well ok then let's try it." He laid her on her back and slid into her and they started fucking. I could tell that she was nervous and reluctant without he condom but she was getting much more pleasure from being able to feel his cock and the skin to skin contact. He stopped and looked at her and said "hold your legs back, I want to get as deep as I can in you so I can feel every inch of your little pussy and you can feel every inch of my cock" she pulled her legs up and that's when I started the video. He was all the way in her and his balls are resting on her ass. NO CONDOM! It was so hot. His balls were pressing on her ass and he was thrusting in and out of her slowly trying to last as long as possible. You could tell he was struggling to not cum. As he pressed as deep as he could she said "it's deep" he immediately backed off and said "I don't want to hurt you" she said "no it's ok" and he continued to go deep in and out of her and the inevitable happened. He was going to cum. He pressed in as far as he could and grinded on her pussy and let his load shoot into her. At first she wasn't sure of what just happened and had a confused look on her face but then realized quickly what just happened. She didn't say anything you can just see the expressions on her face. He just kept pumping his cock in and out of her pushing the cum farther and farther into her. She closed her eyes then wrapped her legs around him which pulled him in deep and then she started shaking and exploded into an orgasim on his cock. I was so surprised. She then unwrapped her legs and let him pull out of her and then I saw just how big the load was he put in her. Cum was dripping out of her and running down her pussy and asshole as she laid there. She was tired. She rolled out of the bed and stood up and even more cum came out of here and it was running down her legs. She looked at me and then to him, reached down and wiped the cum off her leg with her finger and pushed it back into her pussy. She said "I would me much more angry if it didn't feel so good" and we laughed. She said "you really filled me up huh?" As the cum continued to run down her legs. At one point she was standing there and it dripped on her feet. It was so hot. She said "you're great in the bed but I'm done. I'm so tired and sore". He said "I'd love to have round two" but she respectfully declined and walked into the bathroom and closed the door as she cleaned herself up. I heard the shower turn on and knew for sure this had come to an end. He thanked me for inviting me over and I thanked him for conforming to all our requests and he grabbed his things and left.

After she cleaned up and got out of the shower she said "I'm not as sore as I said I was. I just want you to fuck me now and we fucked for the rest of the night until we were so tired and sore that we just fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Since then we talk about it from time to time but haven't had time to do this again but we both agree when the timing is right we will most certainly do this again and both agreed it would only be with another stranger. We both think it adds excitement and keeps people from becoming attached or entitled. It just seems best for us.

Video is located in our profile. It kinda sux but it's all we have.

If you listen close you can hear her say "it's deep" he says "I don't want to hurt you" she says "no, it's ok" and in the last part of the video where he is grinding his dick inside her he is cumming in her. I stopped the video there because I thought she was going to freak out and was too surprised and involved to start it back up.

Sorry the video wasn't longer and is poor quality. Next time it will be the whole thing. I was just concerned about her more than taking a video.

I highly recommend you do this with your wife or girlfriend. This was so much fun and watching your wife fuck is such a turn on. My personal recommendation is to find someone smaller in size than you so she can enjoy a pounding without being uncomfortable and it keeps the jealousy away in my opinion. To those who are thinking about this, this isn't about the other guy. It's about you watching your sex goddess wife or girlfriend put on a show for you and show you how she fucks. So you can enjoy watching her use her body for pleasure. You'll be amazed at how much you're both turned on by this.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or are looking for advise.

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