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The homeless girl

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I was quite free on that day, no lingering memories of the nightmare I had endured in the previous night or for the past two years ever since my beloved wife had passed away. As I strolled down the streets of my beautiful neighbourhood, I thought I saw a figure huddled in the shadows of the night. My curiosity was suddenly piqued. Being part of the neighbourhood watch and all I immediately changed course and drew near that location. As I approached, something moved slightly within the shadows and I heard a slight rustle of the brushes lined on the side of the street. As I stood directly in front of the brushes, I made no attempt to speak. I figured that whoever was hiding in there would reveal himself or herself in due time. After about five minute, a voice with no trace of fear said
“You’re still here?” I replied “not until I see who you are. This is a nice neighbourhood, we don’t want any trouble or any unsavory people around here.”
“Unsavory people?” she asked confusion clearly in the voice. “I don’t know what that means.”
“It basically means we don’t want any bad people here.
She scoffed and said “I’m not bad. I just need a place to crash for the night.”
I was still wary and prodded for more information. “Why this neighbourhood, why this place?”
“Lots of food here” she replied simply.
I lowered my guard and told the voice to come out. A young woman of relatively eighteen or nineteen years came out, her long dark hair disheveled and tangled in lots of places. Her black face was further blackened by soot and mud. Her clothes were likewise disheveled and riddled with holes. When I told her to follow me she stood her ground and her face screwed up in a cautious manner.
“I have food in my house”
She looked around cautiously and then moved one foot in front of the other slowly. When we got to my house, I took her to the kitchen and made her a sandwich. In a matter of seconds she had devoured it. I made her another until she was full. After she had eaten I showed her to the bathroom to take a shower. I went to sit in my living room and watched the news for a while. A soft voice came from behind the sofa I lay in watching the news. I took a quick glance at her and was about to return my attention back to the television when I saw how beautiful she looked clean. It wasn’t her beauty that made me look at her unable to turn from her but the bathrobe d****d around her lithe body. When my eyes suddenly widened she must have sensed my displeasure because she quickly apologized for wearing the robe. With great difficulty I brushed away her apologies with a wave of my hand and said “it’s just a robe”.
“Come; let me show you your room”
Her room was adjacent mine. My late wife and I always planned to use it as an office but neither of us really brought our work home. Once I had shown her to the room, I made my way to mine. I could feel the tiredness seeping through my body threatening to take me there and then. I slumped onto my bed and drifted silently on the wings of a dreamless sleep. Or so I thought. I woke up in the middle of the night to find my house guest holding me down or trying to I suppose. Her face was masked with fear and apprehension.
“You were screaming and shouting. You kept mentioning a name…”
“Audrey” I said solemnly.
She nodded. I told her to go back to her room and apologized for waking her. But she stood her ground unwilling to leave. I then explained to her that I had been having nightmares for months ever since my wife died in a car accident. When I told her that I was the driver, her expression changed but it was that of sympathy not contempt like the way some people looked at me when they found out. I was expecting her to return to her room but she slowly sat on my bed, feet placed on the bed and tucked my head into her soft bosom. I fell into a deep sleep and awoke to the sound of birds chirping and twittering. The light of the early morning sun shone through the window. The space on my right side was empty. I was suddenly alarmed that I stumbled out of bed and fell in a heap of clothes on the floor. Apparently someone had rifled through my closet and the suspect had shared a bed with me the night before. I thought of how I would explain that to the police when I finally called. I scolded myself for being too stupid to not see the ruse: a beautiful helpless girl gets rescued by a Good Samaritan and then he gets his stuff stolen when he least expects it.
I got to my feet and went downstairs to see if other stuff had been stolen. I came to an abrupt halt when my guest stood at the kitchen sink wearing one of my shirts which reached her knees. Her beautiful long legs were quite stimulating so I diverted my attention back to the room and surveyed it for any missing items. The house looked clean; it seemed she had been cleaning all morning.
“Good morning”, she said while turning to look at me. “I made you breakfast”. She shuffled me to the table and placed a plate of scrambled eggs before me and a glass of orange juice. I was still unsettled, was this a con? Was she lulling me into a false sense of security and take me for all I had when I was unaware and unprepared?
“Eat” she commanded and went back to the kitchen sink. The command in her voice finally pulled me from my reverie and further thrust me into a state of extreme caution and wariness. Finally I asked her how well she had slept last night.
“Like a baby”
“How long do you plan on staying here?”
“As long as you desire Mr. Anderson”, my hand which had scooped an enormous amount of scrambled eggs with my spoon suddenly came to a halt mere inches from my hungry mouth. “It could be poisoned” I thought.
“How could you possibly know my name when I do not even know yours?”
“It was on your mail. Dick Anderson”
“Speaking of names, what is yours?”
“Linda Rose”
“Come eat with me” I said with authority. There was no way I was going to eat that food if she wasn’t eating it too. She turned around with an all knowing smile and took a fork and started eating from my plate. She took the glass of orange juice and drank a decent amount. After breakfast I took my bath and waited for her downstairs while she took her own bath. I had washed her clothes last night and put it in her room. She came back downstairs wearing her black jeans and another one of my shirts. This time I said nothing and gestured for her to follow me. I took her shopping for clothes and other accessories for women. The shopping took about three hours. Linda continued to thank me all the way from the shop to the house even when I told her it was ok.
“Nobody has ever done something like this for me”
In the evening after we had finished eating dinner I asked Linda to tell me about herself. In about an hour she had finished recounting her story. Both her parents died when she was eleven. She went to live with her aunt and uncle. She left home when she was s*******n and has been on the road ever since. I asked her how long she had lived on the road and she said two years which confirmed her age to be nineteen years. Further enquiries revealed that she never stayed in the same place for more than a week. And so far she had stayed with me for two days. I was desperately counting the days. I hadn’t had an episode since she walked into my life and now I had five days more until that nightmarish hell found me in my dreams again. When I went to work I was wary of leaving her alone in the house but I thought to myself and said if she did steal my stuff it would be worth it for all the work she had done in the house., nursing me to sleep and cooking for me. I always came to find her waiting for me dinner at the ready. On her seventh day with me, I had prepared something special for her. I took a day off of work and spent it with her on the beach, me, wearing my swim trunks and she clad in a really tiny bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Her long legs glistening with suntan lotion. For a long while the idea of an erection never even occurred to me while she was in my presence but I was sporting a huge erection on that day. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that it was my last day with her and then she would disappear once again to God knows where. She lay on her front and told me to apply some lotion onto her back. I stood directly behind her and crouched on her buttocks, my back blocking out the sun. I took a decent amount of lotion and gently and slowly massaged her back. She visibly relaxed once I touched her. I moved my palms from the top and slowly and sensually I massaged the small of her back and her soft and succulent butt cheeks. I crouched lower with my knees on both sides of her body, by now my cock was straining to burst out of my trunks. The tip of my cock gently grazed her butt and she immediately pushed her tight butt against my dick. By now we both knew what exactly was happening; the illusion of pretense had been dropped. I stood up and turned her over now facing me. Her gaze was fastened on my dick, with laboured breath she said “do my front”.
She spread her long legs wide apart and I knelt between them. I applied more cream on her stomach and moved slowly to her beautiful breasts. I slowly kneaded her breasts like corn dough. She moaned slightly and I could have sworn my dick grew an inch because it grazed her opening which brought out a slight shiver from her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to fuck her right there but there were people strolling around. So I did the only thing that came to my mind. With great commanding voice I told her to get dressed. In a matter of seconds we were both dressed and rushing towards my car. On the drive home, she held my dick firmly in her left hand stroking vigorously that I had to beg her to go slow or I would blow my load. When we got to the house we both ran for the door desperately to tear at each other’s clothes. Once the front door closed with the sound of a click, I lunged at her and pressed her to my body. My lips pressed hard against hers suckling and nibbling. She tasted of strawberries and that drove me to probe my tongue deeper into her mouth to taste her heavenly tongue. She moaned in delight and grabbed the back of my head trying to devour my tongue as well. I lifted her from her feet without breaking the connection to our entwined lips and hastily carried her to my bedroom. I ripped every article of clothing from her body as quickly as I could. I broke our kiss and stood to admire her perfectly sculpted body. My eyes went to her love canal, it was bare and smooth as a newborn’s buttocks. I dove into her cunt with wild abandon and licked and sucked for all I was worth. She grasped my head and started to force my head deeper into her cunt. I licked her clit and nibbled it in between my teeth. She raised her ass to meet my mouth and screamed in ecstasy. “ooohhhh, suck my clit Dick”
“Yeah, that’s it. Go deeper! Aaaaahhh. Please fuck me”
I needed no further encouragement. I moved and kissed her deeply on the mouth letting her taste her sweet nectar. My throbbing dick pulsed angrily at the entrance of her smooth and bare cunt. It glistened with my spit and her cum juice. I rubbed my dick on her cunt and she moaned gutturally and begged me to fuck her. “pleeease”, she cried. In one swift motion I plunged deep into her cunt, her lips were open in a silent scream. Her cunt was tight but it had been well lubricated by her desire to fuck me. She pulled my head to her soft breasts and told me to suck on it. As I chewed softly on her breasts alternating from the left to the right, I slowly pumped my big hard dick into her second hand virgin cunt. I could feel her orgasm approaching as she clutched my head tightly like a vice and screamed and uttered incomprehensible words to me. “nngggyhaaa”
When her orgasm subsided, she got into the doggy position: my favourite. I got behind her and opened her cunt with my big dick. She immediately buried her face into the pillows and stifled out a loud moan. I pounded her hard for a few minutes and she came again, this one far more intense than the first. I kept fucking her while her cunt muscles gripped me tighter than a vice. I grasped her breasts and forced my whole body onto her a fucked her more intensely. I was nearing orgasm as I quickly fucked her. When she came again for the third time it sent me over the edge that I sent ropes of cum deep into her womb. I heaved her onto her knees as she reclined on my body as I sent cum after cum into her. When I had no more cum to give I fell onto her side and fell into a deep satisfied sleep. I awoke in the night to find her still sleeping beside me, I watched her for a while trying to commit every part of her body into my brain. It would be the last time I would see her.
I awoke again for the second time but this time I was alone in my room, my bed empty. Linda had left and I felt alone again for the first time since the death of my beloved Audrey. Despondently I went downstairs to fix myself some breakfast and to my great surprise it had already been fixed by Linda. She stood with her back to me wearing a white tank top and a black yoga pants that clung to her like a second skin, her perfect butt swaying slightly as she washed the dishes at the sink. The scene reminded me of my late wife; she used to do the exact same thing every morning. I pulled down my shorts and stroked my hard dick and stood directly behind her. When I grabbed her butt she purred and said “good morning Mr. Anderson”. I pulled down her pants and thrust into her cunt and said “Dick, call me Dick”
“Mr. Anderson, yesss fuck me” I fucked her I as hard as I could. I could feel her cunt juice making squishing sounds as I pounded into her tight cunt. We both came at the same time panting heavily. I turned her around she was flushed but that could be explained. For some unknown reason she was shy and I didn’t understand. “Linda”
“yes Mr. Anderson”
“Why do you call me that” I asked. I didn’t understand, it was like Linda had a split personality. Sometimes she was bold and confident. And at times she was shy and borderline timid. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks as realization suddenly flitted into my mind.
“Audrey” I whispered and then backed away from Linda.
“She’s not here right now Mr. Anderson but she’ll be back soon”
And then I was falling, falling and then there was black.


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