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Trapped in a Gloryhole

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I had been out all day and was very desperate for the bathroom, I was half way home walking because I had lost my ticket to get back, I could really feel my bladder tightening and when I saw a public bathroom in the distance I felt a rush of relief through my body.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom already desperate and getting worse for seeing the place, when I was shocked to see that the women's bathroom was closed for maintenance. I had already prepared my body to go and now was dancing on the spot, so when I looked over at the male bathroom door I couldn't help myself.

I walked sheepishly inside, looking around to see if there was anyone in there, but I couldn't see anyone, so I rushed to the very first stall. It smelled a bit musty and a bit like urine, but I tried to ignore it wiped the seat, undid my skirt and lowered both it and my underwear to the ground. I quickly sat as I could feel the pressure building fast and as soon as I touched the seat my pee began streaming out, the noise embarrassingly echoing around the stall.

As the flow began to stop I let out a sigh of relief when suddenly a bulging cock appeared at the side of my head! It was coming through a hole I hadn't even noticed was there in my haste. I then looked up and saw scratched into the wall by where the hole was "Rule 1: Keep secret. Rule 2: do a good job or the guy wont unlock the door for you. Rule 3: Only talk if you want sex outside. Rule 4: All cum must be cleaned up. Rule 5: by entering hear you accept responsibility for everything including the guys next orgasm."

I was shocked, I quickly (still sitting) tried the lock, and it just spun in place and would not unlock no matter how much I tried. After another minute the cock began moving in and out of the hole slowly, I wiped myself clean but accidentally rubbed my clit and got a little excited. I had never gotten so far with a guy that I ever say his cock in person, sure I had seen pictures, but never a real one.

I got another piece of toilet paper and cleaned myself again, this time hitting my clit on purpose, feeling another shiver run through me. I was terrified, but admittedly... I was also a little aroused and intrigued.

I looked at it moving backwards and forwards and slowly moved my hand back between my legs, I was very nervous so my hand flinched back when it got close. I gave a light flick and let out a breathy stutter. I began rubbing my pussy lips very slowly. rubbing my clit lightly with the fingers on my other hand. I slowly slid a finger inside of myself getting aroused by a smell I have never experienced before, whatever it was it really turned me on and I started going deeper.

I felt myself edging closer and closer when suddenly from the end of the cock shot some white fluid, obviously cum and then retreated back into the hole. It went all over my legs and I really went fast and came really hard... in fact so hard that you could hear the spray hitting the water in the toilet.

Panting slightly I looked at my legs in semi disgust and quickly grabbed a wad of toilet paper and began wiping them. As I did I looked down to the floor and noticed something was missing, my dress and underwear. I hadn't noticed while playing with myself that they were taken.

Suddenly a notebook with a pen in it was passed under the stall.

"Do you want your dress and panties back?"

I quickly wrote "Yes" Right now!" and threw the book back under the stall. A moment later it returned "You are one of those shy golryhole girls right? I need to cum touching someone to really finish. How bout a deal? You put through the hole the body part I say, I give you back your cloths and unlock your door? It will cost 2 body parts per piece of clothing though." I was trapped in here both locked in and half naked, I couldn't refuse even if I badly wanted to. I quickly wrote back "How long do I need to show you them for?" and threw it back.

The book didn't return for maybe a minute then again it slid under the dividing wall.
"10 seconds, is that a yes?" and I wrote down feeling very dirty "Ok... yes"

A minute after returning it the notebook slid towards me again with the writing "Ok, first body part I want to see is easy, I want to see your belly button. Press yourself against the wall so I can see then kick the notebook back under the wall. The 10 seconds starts when you kick the notebook back to me.".

Nervously I stood up placing the notebook on the ground and lifting my top up above my stomach pressed my body against the wall, it was very cold and made me jump, but the hole seemed slightly warmer and I pressed my belly button against it, then kicked the notebook back under the wall. I started counting in my head "1. 2. 3. 4." This wasn't that bad I thought to myself "5." suddenly I felt a finger tracing around my belly button, circling it and stroking the skin, his finger was really warm and I felt shivers running through me, but as soon as I hit 10 seconds in my head I pulled away.

"There's a good girl, see it's that easy, now we will need to get a little more difficult. Slide your fingers deep into your pussy and again count to 10, then I want you to push the finger that was inside of you through the hole and kick the book back again."

I felt dirty that I was doing what he asked me, but I slowly moved my finger back down to my pussy which was surprisingly quite wet already, I slowly slipped it inside "1. 2." I moved my finger a little faster "3. 4. 5." I leaned backwards against the wall behind me, it feel good and leaning back I could get slightly deeper inside of myself "9. 10." part of me didn't want to stop but I removed my finger and quickly put it through the hole, then kicked the notebook back again. "1. 2. 3." suddenly I felt wetness, and realised he was sucking my finger. I recoiled slightly in shock but closed my eyes really tightly and kept counting "4. 5. 6." he was licking it and moving up and down my finger sucking on it "9. 10." I quickly pulled it back out and almost as soon as I did the notebook again slid under the wall.

"Ok, next one quickly now babe. I want to see how hard those hot nipples of yours are, push your nipple through the hole right now and kick the book"

I was so embarrassed I hadn't realised but my nipples had gone hard. but I was nearly done, I took a deep breath then lifted my top up over my head and pressed my breast into the hole. My breasts are not especially huge, so though it was a bit tight most of it fit through.

I started counting again "1. 2." suddenly I felt wetness again and realised he was sucking on my nipple. A massive shock went through my body and I was so aroused... he would suck and sometimes bite lightly, I couldn't help myself and started masturbating again, it felt so good I almost forgot what I was doing.

Suddenly the notebook slid under the wall I could see looking down that it said "It has been a minute, you are masturbating aren't you" and I quickly pulled away. "No I am not! I just lost track of time." I wrote and slid back.

"Ok, the last one is the easiest all I need you to do is open your mouth as wide as you can, and show my how far out you can stick your tongue." I didn't understand, but I knelt down and held my mouth open and stuck my tongue out as far as I could through the hole.

I slid the notebook back under the stall and started counting "1. 2. 3. 4. 5." he hadn't touched me yet, I thought he was going to try to kiss me or something "6. 7. 8." still nothing, and I was getting excited thinking about the fact I was nearly all done "9." suddenly I felt something hitting my tongue, it felt wet and there was a lot of it.

As soon as I counted "10." I pulled back quickly seeing white fluid dripping from my tongue I realised he had just came in my mouth! I spat into the toilet several times and tried wiping my tongue with toilet paper a lot. I was turned on but felt dirty and disgusting. I suddenly heard a noise behind me and spun around to see the door unlocking.

I looked down and saw my clothing at my feet with a note saying "Good girl" written on a piece of paper that must have been town out of the notebook.
I quickly pulled on my cloths quietly opened the door looking around and seeing no-one then ran for the door and kept running for a good 5 or so minutes till I got to a shop. I bought a bottle of water and kept swirling it and gargling it and spitting it out till it was empty.

It took me another 40 minutes to get the rest of the way home. When I finally walked through the door a person on the other side declared "Wow, you are so late home! What happened?", embarrassed remembering why I was so late I simply said "You have no idea...".

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