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Scally Boys Only Lead To Trouble!

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Adam was just 16 and still loved at home with his Father.
It was a Monday night after Boys Brigade and Adam was in his uniform, cap, navy nylon shirt and string vest, navy trousers, regulation socks and black shoes. His navy jacket was lined with black nylon and Boys Brigade tie and gave a very smart appearance.
He stood on the corner waiting for his Father to pick him up. A scally boy who had been watching him from the other side of the road making Adam feel nervous came over and stood next to him. The lad was about 17 or 18. Adam thought he may want to fight him for being in uniform as scally boys do.
The lad was dressed in his grey trackie bottoms, trainers, blue nylon footie socks, Man U footie shirt and umbro jacket. Adam could just see the top of some white footie shorts above his tracksuit bottoms.

“Alright mate, you ATC?” he asked
“No” said Adam nervously, “I’m Boys Brigade”
“Oh” said the scally, “That’s God and stuff isn’t it?”
“Yeah” said Adam trying to sound more with it than he was.
“What you doin” asked the scally.
“Waiting for my Dad”
“Is he picking you up then?”
“Yeah” said Adam
The scally had his hands down his trackie bottoms whilst he was talking and seemed to be fiddling with his cock all the time which made Adam even more nervous.
You goin into the Army then?” asked the scally
“I don't know. My dad wants me too” replied Adam
“Yeah, mine too. My brother is already a squaddie. He told me to stay out cos he’s always having to suck the Officer's cocks!”
Adam took this news with some surprise but felt turned on by the image in his head.
“Oh, does he have to then?” asked Adam curious to know more.
“Yeah. Most of the young squaddies have to take cock from the Officers.”
“Oh, right.”
Adam didn't know what to say. His cock stiffened a little in his pants at the though of having to suck an senior Officer’s cock unwillingly. Adam was used to obedience and discipline.
“I’d stay out if I were you mate” said the scally.
There was a moments silence between them both.

“God, I’m so horny” said the scally, suddenly “I’ve got a right boner here!”
He pulled the front of his trackie bottoms down to reveal the top of his erect penis sticking out of his footie shorts underneath.
Adam flushed at this sudden exposure and felt himself even more aroused.
“So that’s your scout uniform yeah?” asked the scally. He put his hand out and Adam took a step back, unsure. The scally pulled opened Adam’s uniform jacket. Underneath he could see Adam’s nylon shirt and string vest, previously hidden from view.
“No Boys Brigade” corrected Adam “Scouts have green shirts”.
“Is it nylon?”
“Yes” said Adam
“Yeah, looks really smart” said the scally.
He put his hands back down the front of his trackie bottoms and played with himself some more.
Adam put his hand into his nylon pocket and gave his hardening cock a squeeze through his pants. This was seen by the scally lad.
“I am so horny” he said virtually wanking himself under his trackie pants. Adam hardened even more.
“I can see that!” said Adam, more confident with this lad now.
“I know where there is a porn mag we could look at. It’s just down that alley in a derelict house”
“I have to wait for my Dad” insisted Adam, not sure about going off with this boy. He really wanted to see the magazine but feared his Father’s wrath more. Was it worth the risk?
“It’s not far, about 30 seconds” said the scally. “We could be back in a couple of minutes.”
“No, I can’t. He would kill me if I make him wait!”
“Give you the whip?”
“Yeah” said Adam embarrassed again.
“Yeah, mine likes to use his belt on me, look!”
The scally pulled the rear of his trackie pants and shorts down to reveal flat red welts across his backside. Adam could see the punishment had been inflicted a couple of days ago.
“Why?” asked Adam
“Cos I was lippy to him” replied the scally.

They stood in silence again for a few seconds. The scally seemed restless and kept moving from foot to foot, as if wanting to get off the open street.
“Fuck this. I am going for a wank. You coming Scouter?”
Adam hesitated for a moment. “Yeah, OK.” He followed the lad down the alley way.

In a minute they were inside the back garden of a derelict house having pushed through a hole in the broken fence. The scally pushed open the back door which had been roughly barred but broken open again. He led Adam into one of the front rooms.
There was light from the partially boarded window, Adam could see an old armchair and piles of rubbish. There were some grubby porn mags resting on one of the arms. The scally lad picked up one of them and leafed through its pages with his hand down his trackie bottoms rubbing himself.
“Help yourself” he motioned to Adam to pick up one of the magazines.
Adam could not believe his eyes at the sights before him. He had never seen anything like the naked women and erect penises within the magazine, and if he had, he would have been punished for it. Women sucking cocks and men fucking cunts! It was too much and he was very turned on by the pictures, and the scally wanking his cock openly.
He put his hand in his nylon pocket and started to play his hard young cock through the material of his pants.
The scally slipped his trackie bottoms and footie shorts down just far enough below his balls so his cock was free and slid his hand up and down the shaft. He looked at Adam who was too shy to openly wank himself, standing there in his navy blue uniform. How horny he must be to be wearing such clothes! He dropped his magazine and took a step towards Adam holding his cock.
“Suck my cock for me Scouter boy!”
His voice was slightly husky and pleading with the lust he was feeling.
Adam looked at the large boner in front of him, the moist knob almost touching his trousers.
“I know you want to!” said the scally. “You Scouter boys are always horny as hell!”
Adam knew he was right. He wanted to taste this lad’s cock and spunk. He had always been a little turned on by the hard scally lads at his school.
Adam took off his uniform jacket and cap. The nylon lining made a zipping sound across his nylon shirt as they slid together. The scally lad got an uninterrupted view of Adam’s navy nylon shirt, so sheer and shiny with his string vest underneath. He wished he had one like that to wear. If he joined the Army he would! That was the one temptation of signing up.

Adam knelt down before him and the scally guided his hard cock into his mouth. It tasted salty from the handling it had recently received and the precum at its tip was warm and sweet.
Adam moved his mouth back and forth on the shaft causing the scally to moan with pleasure.
“Oh yeah, that’s sooo good! Suck my balls dry!”
Adam was rubbing himself through his trousers. A wet patch of precum was already moistening his pants.
The scally held his footie shirt up over his belly as he thrust his hips back and forth, pushing his cock into Adam’s warm mouth.
“Yeah, take all my cock, yeah. Sooo good!” He reached down and felt the nylon uniform shirt at Adam’s shoulder. It was silky smooth!
Adam squeezed the lad’s balls with his free hand.
“Oh yeah!”
The scally felt he would cum with much more sucking. He pulled his cock out.
“Take down your trousers. I want to fuck you and cum all over your nice nylon shirt!”
“You can’t! My Father will see! He will know what I’ve been doing!”
“Well I will cum inside you then!
Adam stood up and did as he was told. He was very turned on by this lad’s demands and how horny he was. He undid his belt and dropped his trousers round his ankles, followed by his pants. A big string of sticky precum oozed from his cock and trailed down his leg. His white webbing belt still remained at his waist. His nylon shirt tail stuck out from underneath.
When the scally saw Adam’s uniform socks framed over his trousers and pants, he wanted to cum there and then but resisted the temptation. The regulation socks were patterned nylon half hose in blue and navy blue.
“Bend over” he demanded.
Adam did so, supporting himself on the chair and the scally sunk his moistened cock into his rectum. He was tight, but not so tight as to make it difficult.
“This lad wants to be fucked” thought the scally
And he was right. Young Adam was really turned on and in need of some lad on lad action.
The scally felt his nylon shirt as he fucked him, rubbing his hand back and forth over the material. The rough contrast of the string vest underneath and the sheer material was simply sensational!
“You Scouter boys are so horny! Bet you fuck each other all the time at camp, don't you! You all sitting there in your nylon shirts. So fucking horny!”
“Yeah we like to play games together” said Adam thinking of the time they had had a wanking race and he had tasted another lad’s spunk.
“I bet you do you horny fucker! You dirty little scouter boy!”

For Adam, the feeling of this boy's cock massaging his prostate added to the hightened sensitivity of his own cock became unbearable and he ejaculated an arc of sperm which reached the back of the old chair from where he stood. It was followed by two or three more. His anal muscles tightened around the scally's penis who only lasted a couple of shunts more. He unloaded a thick wad of creamy cum deep into Adam's anus. Breathing heavily, he remained in him for some time as his young cock spasmed again and again. When he pulled out, his sperm ran out of the Brigade Boys arse, the plug released, and down onto Adam's hanging ball sack.
“ I musn't get any on my uniform” said Adam, “My Dad will kill me!”
“Too late” said the scally, tucking his sticky erection back into his footie shorts, “You've spunked all up the front of your shirt!”
Adam looked down to see his own semen in a white line down the navy blue nylon shirt front.
“Oh fuck” said Adam
“I've got to go” said the scally “Thanks for the fuck Scouter!”
In a second he was gone from the room.
Adam did his best to clean himself up using his pocket handkerchief but his shirt front was still moist. The scally boy’s spunk had seemed endless as it ran from his arse, but eventually Adam had squeezed most of it out.
He slipped one of the porn magazines into his jacket pocket and zipped it up to hide the tell tale sperm marks.
When he got back to the street, his Father was waiting for him.
“Where the hell have you been?” he said leaning over to the passenger window. “I've been waiting for nearly twenty minutes!”
“I'm sorry” said Adam “The Brigade meeting went on a bit longer tonight”
“Then why did I see Andrew Jones going off up the road ten minutes ago? Get in the car, NOW! I will deal with you when we get home, keeping me waiting, will you!”
The journey passed in silence as Adam knew what was in store for him.

As they drove off, Adam saw the scally standing a bit further down the road on a street corner. Adam knew he had seen them in the car but the scally did not make eye contact. His hands were still down the front of his trackie bottoms!
Back at home, Adam was sent to his room to await his Father. He had his pants and trousers pulled down for a second time, but on this occasion he was soundly whipped with Daddy's cane. As the lad was bent over, his Father pressed his hand into the small of Adam's back to keep his head down, feeling the nylon shirt and string vest just as the scally had half an hour before.

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