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From Curious to Cuckold

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A vacation threesome doesn't go as planned.

My wife, Ally, and I had been together three years at this point. We're both thirty, pretty adventurous and in good shape. We embrace and indulge our kinks, or, at least, most of them. There are some I never shared with her because I always considered them to be a little too perverted and was afraid she'd never accept them.

Then, one weekend, that all changed.

We had rented a cabin up by the lake for the weekend. It wasn't very remote as cabins go, but it was a getaway and both of us needed it. We had been talking about getting a cabin for a while. There was something else we had been talking about for a while, as well.

Having a threesome was something we had fantasized openly about since not long after we started dating.

We thought about trying to make that happen the same weekend. We came up with a loose plan to hit up the local bar and see if any girls looked promising. It was a very loose plan, but it was a popular time of the year at the lake so perhaps there might be some other vacationer also looking for a relaxed, good time.

After getting up to the cabin on Friday evening, we unpacked quickly and changed. I threw on jeans and a t-shirt, which was basically all I brought except for swimtrunks. Ally put on a tight black and grey pinstripe skirt and shiny black corset top. The top was low cut and showed off her milky white, 36C breasts as well as hugging her waist and emphasizing her curvy hips.

She looked divine. Makeup done to perfection, but not overdone, and her short-ish red and black hair spiked up a bit at the ends playfully. She was so hot that we almost didn't make it out of cabin, but she insisted and we did.

We got to the bar and found a table in the corner and made ourselves comfortable so we could watch the patrons and enjoy our drinks. The evening crawled on and we took turns getting up and fetching the drinks so we could each get a better look around the place. Plus, the waitress was slow and rude.

"So, " Ally started, "um..." She had that look she got whenever she was going to ask for a favor. Kind of shy and almost nervous. This time, she was blushing a bit though.

"Yes?" I asked, arching an eyebrow and smiling.

"Ok, so, I know we were looking to maybe find a girl to you know," she paused and looked around the room, "but there just aren't any here that are that hot."


"But, um, that guy up at the bar..."

"Guy?" I glanced over towards the bar and saw the guy who was standing next to her when she talked to the bartender. He was tall, and lean. Definitely the build she liked. "The black guy?" I reaffirmed, trying not to let my surprise carry in my voice.

"Yeah. He introduced himself while I was waiting for our drinks. His name's Tony," she informed me as she stared down at her drink.


"He's totally hot. And I know we were looking for a girl, but you said you'd be up for a threesome with a guy sometime. I mean, I know we were gonna do it with a girl first, so it would be easier or something but..." She was talking a mile a minute clearly nervous and excited.

She stopped, took a deep breath, and then looked at me with her big, beautiful blue eyes. "Only if you want to, of course. We can just talk to him at first. See how it feels." She had obviously been thinking about this a while.

I took a deep breath and gave myself a moment to think, before responding. After taking a long sip of my drink to try to get rid of the lump in my throat, I said "sure, let's talk to him." She flashed me a smile that made her look giddy. "Should I-"

"No, I can get his attention and wave him over. He's been looking over here every so often." She sounded very excited and her chest heaved a bit as she talked. Then, as I was staring at them, she thrust her breasts out a bit and I realized she was getting his attention. I almost didn't notice her wave him over.

Tony took a moment to walk over, first grabbing three drinks from the bartender. I felt like I couldn't breath. "Remember, only if you want to," Ally whispered and gave me a reassuring look. Our eyes connected only briefly before she broke away to look up at Tony as he arrived at our table.

"Hi," she smiled up at him. "Tony, this is my husband, Chris."

He set the three glasses on the table and extended a hand. "Nice to meet ya, Chris. Met your lovely wife over at the bar. I hope you guys are still drinkin' Rebull and vodkas."

I shook his hand and tried my best not to stammer. "Yeah, that's great. Thanks, Tony."

"My good friends call me T."

We chatted for a bit. Mostly small talk about jobs, hobbies and other mundane topics. It wasn't horribly long before the flirting started though. Ally struck first, commenting on his lean muscular physique and height suggesting that he must be an athlete. I was stunned with how forward Tony was in response.

"Chris, I hope you don't mind, but I gotta say your wife has some spectacular tits." He spoke to me, but he was looking at her. Eyeing first her cleavage, and then locking eyes with her as he finished his compliment.

I was also looking at her as I replied. She was biting her lip and staring intently at him. It was a look I'd only seen right before sex when she was so horny she could barely contain herself. I hadn't seen that look in a while. That's when I knew I wanted to do this, even though that didn't make me any less scared. "Yes, she does."

"We should move to someplace more comfortable," Ally purred as she continued to look at Tony. "Don't you agree, Chris? Our cabin, maybe?"

It almost surprised me that she was even asking me at this point. "Um, yes. I mean, definitely, if Tony wants."

He finally broke gaze from my wife to look at me. "Oh yeah, man." He smiled broadly. "Definitely."

I hardly remember the next fifteen or twenty minutes. We called a cab and waited for a while for it to arrive. We were too drunk to drive, but that was really the only reason there was a cab in this little town. Eventually it came and picked us up. The drive back, which probably only took five minutes, felt like an hour. Probably because I was intensely aware of every time Ally and Tony touched in the cab, which was often since she sat in the middle of the two of us.

* * *

Eventually, we made it back to the cabin. As we sat in the living room, I still couldn't believe this was going on. My stomach was in knots and I felt like I must be flushed. I was surely red and sweaty. Tony and Ally did most of the talking. It was small talk that I couldn't really pay attention to, being so nervous.

Ally noticed my bouncing foot and laid a hand on my knee to stop it.. "Baby, how about you get us some beers. T, you want one?" She used his nickname. I don't know why, but that really stood out to me. Perhaps because it made them seem so comfortable and familiar with each other.

"Yeah, that would be great," he answered with a smile.

"Um, sure." I got up and made my way into the kitchen, relieved to be out of the room for a moment. I took a deep breath and pulled three Coronas out of the refrigerator. As I opened them, I heard a burst of laughter from the living room. It was all Ally.

I made my way back into the room to see that Tony had taken my place on the couch, next to her. They were sitting very close. He had his left arm on the back of the couch and dr****g down around her. His fingers were grazing her shoulder. The image was burned into my head in an instant.

Race had never been a discussion when Ally and I had talked about fantasies, but it seemed like it was very much a part of tonight. The contrast of his dark skin on her pale shoulder only heightened the feeling that it was someone else touching her. Someone not me.

I handed him his beer and he thanked me. I offered Ally hers and she looked up at me, still smiling from whatever had made her laugh moments earlier.

"Put it on the table, sweetie. My hand's full," she said and glanced downward. It was only then that I realized that her left hand wasn't just on his thigh. She had a grasp on his cock through his pants. She gave it a little squeeze to illustrate.

My knees felt a little week, so I set her beer down on the coffee table and took the seat Tony was formerly occupying in the recliner. I took a sip off my beer and stared at my wife's hand as it stroked another man's dick through his loose black pants.

It was the sound really, that alerted me to the fact that they were kissing. I had been so intent on where her hand was and what it was doing that I had developed tunnel vision. Tony's right hand was moving it's way up her abdomen towards her breasts and they had pressed their bodies even closer together.

They kissed gently at first, but that didn't last long. The kisses quickly became passionate and deep. I was stunned to see this, since even though we had made no rules, Ally and I had always discussed that kissing seemed rather intimate, even when compared to sex. So, even though no rule was agreed upon, I sort of assumed it to be an unspoken one. She apparently disagreed, or at least changed her mind.

"Chris," Ally said, snapping me out of my stunned state. "Help me," she asked and glanced over her shoulder. She was asking me to help get her corset top off. The same top that I had helped her into only a few hours earlier.

Setting my drink down, I made my way over to her and sat on the arm of the couch behind her. I loosened the laces on the corset as they continued to kiss. Their lips parted, and I held my breath as I pulled her top up over head and off.

"Damn. Those really are fine tits," Tony said as he stared down at Ally's now exposed breasts. He groped them and began to suck loudly on her nipples causing a sharp intake of breath. She enjoyed his aggressive m*****ation of her breasts for a minute before moving down to the floor and between his knees.

I watched her work quickly, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. It seemed like only a second before she had his cock out in the open. He wasn't exactly hard yet, but he was already far larger than I, at my hardest.

Ally's fingers barely touched as she grasped the base of his hardening dick. "Oh my god," she breathed. "Your cock is fucking huge." She looked up at me, and reiterated. "Can you believe his fucking cock?"

She seemed immeasurably excited by his girth, but intimidated at the same time. She began at the base of the shaft and licked slowly, tracing her tongue upwards to the head. Tony let out a guttural sigh of pleasure as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to suck.

Tony slipped off his expensive looking sweater and revealed a fairly toned chest. Ally moaned appreciatively around a mouthful of his cock. Her right hand was busy stroking him, and so she slid her left up along his taught thighs and abdomen to feel his chest.

I couldn't take my eyes off my beautiful wife as she sucked off a man we had only known for a few hours. She worked his enormous member like an expert and it reminded me how much more experienced she was than I; that was something that had always worried and excited me.

My wife's new lover was rock hard now, and had what was perhaps the largest penis I had ever seen. I tried to compare it to porn I had seen, but couldn't really remember something bigger. It might have been because this was in person, but I was in awe.

I glanced up at Tony's face only to realize he had caught me staring. He smiled and winked, which made me feel really uncomfortable. He turned his attention to Ally and said, "Hey, baby. Let's get that skirt off you." He took her by the hands and stood up, taking her with him.

"Chris, wouldja?" Tony was asking me to take my wife's skirt off for him. It felt weird, the request coming from him, but I acquiesced. I didn't know what else to do. I knelt down next to them as they embraced in the middle of the cabin's living room.

I unzipped my wife's skirt, taking note of how nice it made her ass look, and pulled it down. She stepped out of it and took Tony by the hand and led him into the bedroom. I stood up and watched them disappear into the other room. It felt very lonely in the living room, with nothing but me and their clothes there, so I dropped her skirt and followed them.

When I entered the bedroom, Ally was already on her back with the legs spread. Tony was already making his way up between her legs, his gigantic cock standing out straight. He didn't notice my entrance, being too fixated on my wife laid out before him, ready to receive him.

Ally did, though. "Baby, come here." She patted the bed beside her. She added, "and take your clothes off, silly." It was then that I realized that they were both fully naked and I completely dressed. I also realized that nobody seemed interested in undressing me. It felt silly, but I noticed it.

I slid out of my clothes and onto the bed, next to Ally. Tony was teasing her pussy with his cock, rubbing the head between the lips and over the clit. She moaned desperately, "fuck me. Fuck me, already. Chris, tell him to fuck me."

So horny that I felt light headed, I reached out and groped Ally's tits. "Fuck her, Tony," I said.

"Say please," he responded, still teasing her clit with his dick.

"Oh my god, please," Ally responded.

"No, no. Not you, baby. Your man."

Ally looked at me and spoke in a firm voice. "Tell him," she said. Her voice was both demanding and desperate.

I locked eyes with her. "Please fuck her," I asked the man poised over the love of my life. Then, for whatever reason compelled me, I added, "please fuck my wife."

He immediately thrust his massive cock into Ally, causing her to moan loudly. I sucked on her tits as he slowly slid in and out of her. Her body undulated as he fucked her. The only sound she made was a repeated "ungh" every time he pushed into her.

"Roll over," he commanded as he pulled out. He grabbed her hips and rolled her over in my direction. Suddenly, she was on her hands and knees on top of me. We were face to face and our eyes locked as Tony slid back into her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she groaned with pleasure.

She looked back into my eyes and kissed me intently. It seemed like I could taste him on her, salty and sweaty. Musky. "Oh my god... he's so... fucking big." She closed her eyes as another thrust pushed deep into her. "His cock is... so fucking... perfect. Ungh!" Tony fucked her harder and faster, pulling her hips back into him. Her breasts swung back and forth pendulously, grazing my chest.

Ally began to orgasm. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, pushing her ass back into Tony. "Fuckin'... Oh!" She shuddered and gushed wetness from her pussy. Only rarely had Ally ever been a gusher or squirter, so to speak. Once or twice in our time together, at most, but here she was, her pussy soaking wet and dripping onto my hard, untouched cock... all caused by another man we just met.

"Fuck yeah, baby," groaned Tony. He stepped up his pace and force, slamming into my wife's ass harder with each stroke. "Shit, I'm gonna cum."

"Yeah," Ally moaned. "Fucking cum, baby. Fill me up with that fucking cock. Oh my god." I tried to make eye contact with her again, but it was like she was someplace else, or I was invisible. "You're the best." She collapsed a little bit, and her head was now down next to mine and her chest pressed against me.

"Say that again. Say my name."

"You're the, oh my god... you're the fucking best, T. Fuck, I love your cock," she said loudly, right in my ear.

Tony groaned loudly and pushed deeper into her, while pulling her hips back into him. A couple of more thrusts, and he was done. My throat was dry, my head was dizzy and my cock was hard. Another man had just cum in my wife.

She rolled off me onto her back and Tony laid down next to her. They kissed, surprisingly tenderly, as he cupped her breast with his left hand. Unsure of myself and the situation, I began to climb on top of Ally, ready for the sloppy seconds.

"No," she told me, then put a hand on my head and pushed me down towards her pussy. "Lick me," she breathed.

I looked at her pussy. It was red, swollen and dripping with another man's cum. It was beautiful and I was afraid. She lifted her hips, just a little, towards my face. "Lick me, baby." Her voice was throaty and demanding. I'd never heard her like this before and it was turning me on even more.

I began to lick her and she immediately responded. She grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face into her cunt. I had no choice but to breath in the aroma of her freshly fucked pussy and taste her new lover's cum. I licked her pussy and clit until she came again, and then gently pushed me away.

"Sweetie," she said to me. "Would you get us some water?" She asked, practically batting her big beautiful eyes at me. Despite being hard and well past ready to fuck, I had to get the water. It was hard to resist a request at that point.

I came back from the kitchen with two glasses of water. Tony was in the bathroom, cleaning himself up. It only served to underline the fact that he had just fucked my wife while I watched. I wasn't sure what had just happened could be called a threesome. I handed him his water.

"Thanks, man. I'm gonna grab some Z's on your couch. Ally said it would be cool."

"Cool," I told him and entered the bedroom to deliver my wife's water, only to find her asleep on her side of the bed.

I sighed and pulled the covers up over her and crawled in beside her, only to find that my side had the very wet spot. I started to masturbate, but began to feel very alone, once again, and stopped. Instead, I went to sleep with a raging hard on.

* * *

The next morning, I awoke to the entire bed moving. I looked around, gathering my senses.

Ally lay next to me, her hair wait from a shower. Her legs were up in the air and Tony was between them, pounding away at her pussy. She was moaning, almost under her breath, "Ungh, fuck, oh, ungh, fuck..."

Tony noticed I was awake first and slowed his pace. "Sorry, man. Didn't mean to wake you," he said as he continued to fuck my wife. "It's just, I was eatin' her out and couldn't take it any more. I had to have a piece." He smiled.

It took me a second to realize what was even happening. He had been fucking my wife in bed, next to me, as I slept.

"Oh, he doesn't mind," Ally answered for me. "Now come on."

Tony returned to his vigorous pace and was soon about to cum. His stroke quickened and his breathing became heavy. "Bring it up here, baby. Cum in my mouth," Ally told him. I was shocked. She had never asked me to do that.

He complied and moved up next to her head, his large cock suspended over her face. She grabbed it and began pumping furiously. "Fuck yeah," she said. "Give it to me." She opened her mouth, and her tongue snaked out to flick playfully at the end of his dick.

"Ah, fuck, yeah, shit!" A huge steam of cum shot out of Tony's cock and hit my wife's cheek. She quickly adjusted to get the second burst straight in her mouth and then clamped her lips over the head of his cock and stroked him a few more times to make sure she got it all.

She let his cock go and smiled up at him as she took a finger and scooped the cum from her cheek, into her mouth.

Suddenly, she turned towards me and grabbed the back of my head. The look in her eyes was somewhere between lusty and angry, and it scared me a little. She pulled tightly on my hair and then kissed me deeply, forcing her tongue between my lips and spitting Tony's cum into my mouth.

She pulled away, and closed my mouth with her other hand. I had load of cum in my mouth and I wasn't sure what to do. It was hot, salty and thick. She looked me in the eye, intently. "Swallow," she said and I did, but that didn't remove the taste from my mouth.

"Damn," Tony said. "You got your boy broke."

My cock was raging hard, and I had ahold of it with my right hand. I was desperate for relief but the humiliation I was feeling was confusing. I began to stroke it when Ally stopped me with a gentle hand on mine.

"Not now, sweetie. How about you go get T some coffee, he's gotta head back to his cabin and find his friends. Coffee's already made. We got, interrupted..."

Wow. I didn't know what else to do, it seemed like arguing would just make me look like weak, so I quietly agreed and went to fetch the coffee. I came back and Ally was dressed in pajamas and Tony was putting on last night's clothes.

He accepted the coffee from me, but thanked Ally. We sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes as he sipped his caffeine.

Ally broke the silence, "so, about three?"

"Yeah," Tony responded. "Sounds good. I'll see you then," he said to her. Then he finished dressing and left, after giving her a goodbye kiss. I felt a pang of jealousy when they kissed.

"What's at three?" I asked her.

"We're having a bit of a party. Tony's bringing some friends by," Ally responded, sounding flat and distant.

I was still horny, since I hadn't gotten off the entire time, but I was suddenly wondering if the whole thing was a mistake. "Honey," I said, "about..."

She cut me off with a snort. "I don't want to talk about it now. We'll talk about this all tomorrow."

I shrank back from her harsh tone. "Okay. Okay, then," I said meekly. I wasn't sure why I felt so weak, or when she had become so seemingly strong. I needed to get some space and breathe, so I went to brush my teeth and shower.

I spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon trying to relax and read, but I couldn't focus on the words on the pages. My mind was still racing, flooded with the images from the morning and the night before. We didn't talk.

* * *

Along about three, there was a knock at the door.

"Can you get that," Ally called out from the bedroom. "I'm still getting ready."

I put away my book and headed for the door, completely unsure of what might be on the other side. I hoped there really would be several people, so it wouldn't just be the three of us again. I wasn't sure I could take any more humiliation.

I opened the door to find Tony standing there. Behind him were two guys and a girl. Tony flashed a smile at me that seemed cocky and condescending. He stepped through the door, before I had a chance to invite him in. "Hi, Chris."

Ally came out of the back as the group entered the living room. She was wearing her red plaid mini-skit and a tight, white t-shirt. Even through the band logo on the front, you could tell she was wearing a black bra underneath. Normally, I loved it when she dressed like that. I begged her to on occasion.

"T! Glad you guys could make it." There it was again. T.

"Hey, girl. Of course. This is my friend Tim," Tony said as he indicated the very tall, slender man behind him. "And that's Brad," indicating the shorter, muscular man. All three men were in much better shape than I, Brad especially. He looked as if he must spend a lot of time in the gym. It didn't help that he, like the other guys, was wearing shorts and a tank top, showing off their physiques.

Brad introduced the bouncy girl on his arm as Jennifer, his girlfriend. That struck me as a little funny, since I had been thinking about how much she looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Young, brunette, very voluptuous and very pretty. She wore a brightly colored sundress that hugged her waist and breasts.

Had she been in the bar on Friday night, we would have spotted her and maybe even tried to get her to come home with us. She was just Ally's type, especially when it came to the breasts. My wife often described herself as a fan of "big racks".

Ally lead the group out onto the deck, where the barbecue was. Tim fired up the grill and proceeded to make us all hamburgers. Whenever anyone ran out of beer, Ally had me run inside and fetch them another one.

On the way back from one of my many trips to the kitchen, I heard Jennifer exclaim, "geeze, he's gonna to be right back!" I quickened my pace, even though I wasn't sure I wanted to see what she was talking about.

I stepped out onto the deck to see that Ally was in Tony's lap, giggling. She tried to stifle it when she saw me, but that only made it worse. Tony had his hands on her hips and was smiling broadly. Ally tried to get up, but since she had the groups' dirty plates in her hands, she had no leverage. Tony pulled her back down onto his lap by her hips, her tits jiggling with the impact.

Ally's giggling turned into an outburst of laughter and she nearly dropped the plates. "Oh my god," she spoke, the laughter still echoing a bit in her voice, "let me go."

"Naw, I like you here," Tony replied.

"I'm going to drop the plates," Ally complained.

"Have your boy take 'em." I could feel the rest of the groups' gaze turn to me, to see what I would do. My face felt hot, I was sure I was blushing.

"Chris, take these" The request wasn't accompanied by a please. In fact, it felt a little more like an order than a request, but her expression was relaxed and jovial.

"Uhm, yeah, ok, uh, the beers, let me," I stammered. I handed Tim his beer, and noticed a bemused smirk plastered across his face. I felt a shock of embarrassment as we made eye contact.

"Thanks, man," Tim said.

I turned away quickly and handed Jennifer hers. Her mouth was slightly agape as she looked at me. She looked a little stunned by the whole situation. I took the plates from Ally and moved as quickly as I could, without looking like I was freaking out, into the house. A chorus of laughter erupted behind me.

Needing a second, I set the plates in the sink and ran some water over them. I took a deep breath. This whole weekend wasn't turning out how I had imagined at all. It's like my very darkest fantasies had come to life, but were out of my control. I splashed some cold water on my face and took another deep breath as I toweled off. I poured myself a shot of tequila and stared at it for a moment.

Through the kitchen window, I heard the jets on hot tub kick on. I knocked back the shot and headed back out onto the deck. I was afraid, but I didn't want to be left out either.

Brad was already in the tub and Tim was just joining him as I came out of the cabin. Jennifer was pulling off her dress, an action which stopped me in my tracks. Underneath it, she wore a white string bikini that had tiny black polka dots on it. She had an amazing body and I wanted to take it all in, but I realized I was staring. Unfortunately, it wasn't before she caught me leering.

I looked away, almost shocked that I continued to be more embarrassed with every turn the day took. She joined the two men in the tub, taking the seat next in between them. She said something in a hushed voice that I couldn't make out over the jets. They laughed.

"No, I need to go put on my swimsuit first," Ally said to Tony in a mock whine. I only now realized he had her by the arm and was leading her to the tub. His shirt was already off and he was stepping into the tub's fourth seat.

"Nah, baby, yer fine like that. Trust me, we're all friends here," he said, coaxing her. He was all the way in the tub, smiling up at her.

She gave an exaggerated sigh and rolled her eyes. "Fine, but I'm not ruining this skirt. It's one of my favorites." She deftly unbuttoned it, letting it fall to the deck with no ceremony. She was wearing a pair of lacy, black, thong panties that I had never seen before. She then undid her bra, underneath her shirt and, after pulling it out the sleeve, dropped it next to the skirt.

She stepped into the tub and that's when I actually realized, through my haze, that there were only four seats in the tub. It didn't matter of course. She sat in Tony's lap. I felt a pang of jealousy, and not for the first time that weekend.

Feeling left out, I pulled of my shirt as I debated whether or not to try to wedge myself into the tub. The movement caught Ally's eye and she smiled at me with mock sadness. "I'm sorry, sweetie. We're kind of out of room."

"Uh, yeah, that's ok," I said and pulled a chair up next to the tub in a vain attempt to be included. I felt pathetic. Looking at the three men in the tub, I suddenly wish I had my shirt back on.

The group, sans me, chatted and laughed for a while. As the conversation carried on, Ally became more and more comfortable in Tony's lap. She rubbed up against his chest and he grazed her neck with his face.

It wasn't long before Brad couldn't take his eyes of my wife's breast which were clad only in a soaked t-shirt. Tony noticed and smiled. "Yeah, man. She's got some spectacular tits," he said. "Cop a feel."

"Yeah?" Tim asked.

"Sure," Tony said. Ally just smiled. Tim didn't wait for a second invitation, he reached over groped her right breast, smiling like a k** on Christmas.

Brad cleared his throat. "Hey now, if he gets to..." Ally laughed and nodded at him. He reached over and squeezed her left tit. "Nice! Baby," he turned to address his girlfriend, "you gotta grab these."

Jennifer smiled cutely at Ally as she came across the tub towards her. She brushed both men's hands off my wife's breasts so she could get a good grope. The expression on Ally's face was one of pure lust. I know she had been with a girl once or twice in her past, but it had been a long time. She looked at them often though.

Ally reciprocated the fondling, caressing Jennifer's tits. All four men, including myself, were focused intently on the two women and their interaction. The girls knew it too, both smiling mischievously as their faces drew closer. Their heads were already cocked to either side and their lips were nearly touching when Ally said to the younger girl, "You're so fucking hot."

They kissed. Hard, but brief, and then they both laughed as Jennifer retreated across the tub to her seat.

Conversation carried on, but my head was swimming from a mixture of hormones, emotion and booze, so I hardly followed it until I realized they were talking about me. I snapped to the present from whatever fog I was in and noticed Tony's hands groping, almost kneading, my wife's tits.

"He doesn't mind, then?" Jennifer was asking. She was relaxing up against Brad.

"Nah, he's a fuckin' cuck," Tony replied. My breath seemed to freeze in my throat. What did he say? A what?

"A what?" Jennifer said, asking the question I didn't want answered. Tim chuckled.

"A cuckold," Ally offered. Her eyes flicked to me, but only for a second.

"What's that?"

Tony answered. "Means he likes when other men fuck his wife. Bigger men. Better men."

"His wife likes it too," Ally cooed, nuzzling Tony and smiling.

"Like swingers, you mean? 'Cuz me and Brad..."

"No, it's different. Not like you guys. He's like, totally her bitch," Tony explained. "I mean, I fucked her right in front of him, twice. And he got shit."

Jennifer glanced over at me, a look of confusion and disapproval crossed her face, her delicate eyebrows arched. "Really?"

"And she fuckin' snowballed him," Tony added. I thought I was going to pass out. I don't think anyone has ever been as embarrassed as I felt at that exact moment.

The guys laughed and Jennifer looked even more puzzled. "Snowballed? What's that?"

Ally smiled wickedly and Tony chuckled. "I fuckin' nutted in her mouth and then she spit it into his." Jennifer looked completely disgusted. "And he swallowed it like the good little bitch he is." Jennifer gasped.

The cute young brunette turned to look at me, completely aghast. I wanted to shrink away from her gaze, but there was no where to go. Every second she looked at me I felt belittled. She was the type of girl I had spent my entire life trying to impress, and here I was being humiliated in front of her. Ripped to shreds.

Somebody suggested we go back inside, but I was so freaked out that I didn't even notice who. The group got out of the tub and toweled off. I watched my beautiful wife as she smiled and flirted with the other men. It was as if it was all a dream. Not really happening.

A few minutes later, we were all in the living room. Brad and Tony were pulling Ally's wet clothes off while Jennifer was crawling onto Tim's lap on the loveseat. When my wife was completely naked she sank to her knees and with each hand, pulled down the trunks of the two men fondling her.

She gasped slightly and took ahold of Brad's cock. It was very thick and neatly trimmed. "Jenn," Ally coed. "You are a lucky fuckin' woman."

"I know, right? Totally!" Jennifer responded. "Hmm, how big is your man's... er, your guy's cock?" It was as if she felt like I didn't deserve to be called a man. I wanted to defend myself, but I had nothing to do it with.

Ally looked over at me. "Show her," she said. There was a tone to her voice I had never heard before. It was definitely an order.

"Uh, what?" I feigned confusion, trying to buy myself precious seconds to figure out a way out of this.

"Take off your fucking shorts and show her your little dick," Ally snapped. Holy fuck. She had never talked to me like that and she had always told me I was good sized. I'm at least average, but looking at Tony and Brad I did begin to feel small. Then I noticed Tim. Jennifer had pulled his swimsuit off to reveal

the largest cock in the room. He was thicker than Brad and longer than Tony. My heart sank.

I glanced at Ally and she shot back a look that let me know she was serious. I swallowed the lump in my throat and held my breath as I took down my trunks. My cock popped out, already a bit hard. I felt betrayed by my own anatomy. I didn't want to be aroused by this situation, which felt like it was mostly at my expense, but I couldn't help it.

"Aww," Jennifer said. "It's kind of cute, I guess. Not THAT small, is it?"

"Hah!" Ally replied. "Come here," she demanded of me. I moved to where she wanted and stood next to Brad. "Look at this." She grabbed both our cocks in her hand. She shook mine. "Look at this," she said and pulled my cock next to his to demonstrate how much smaller I was. Jennifer laughed.

"Ok, ok," Jennifer relented. "It's not very big."

"Ow," I complained about the pulling.

"Oh, whatever," Ally said to me as she let go of my dick and focused on the other two cocks in front of her. She began to suck each of them, occasionally trying to shove each of their cocks into her mouth at the same time. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, and I wanted to faint.

Jennifer was down on the floor, between Tim's legs, trying to tackle his monster member. She couldn't get much more than the head of his dick in her mouth, but she stroked the rest of it like a professional. Tim moaned loudly as she worked him, but I noticed he was watching my wife as she tried to blow two giant cocks at once.

Tony moved onto the couch and pulled Ally after him. He guided her mouth onto his erect cock and, in doing so, positioned Ally so that Brad could enter her from behind. They fucked like that for a while; Tony face-fucking my wife as Brad fucked her doggie-style.

Then, Tony pushed Ally away from him for a moment, only to swivel her around by the hips and position her facing away from him. "Time for some ass," he said and guided her onto his cock.

"Oh, uh, uhm, ungh..." Ally was only briefly surprised by the huge cock pushing into her anus. We had never had anal intercourse, and here Tony was fucking her ass only a day after we met. He went slow at first, taking care not to hurt her.

In the meantime, Brad had positioned himself so his cock was right above Ally's face. She didn't notice at first, since she had closed her eyes as soon as Tony started to enter her asshole. One or two slaps from Brad's thick cock against her cheek got her attention though.

Grunting, Tony said, "Tim, fuckin' get over her and fuck this bitch's pussy." Now I saw why he had maneuvered Ally into the reverse cowgirl position. Her pussy was gaping and ready to be fucked while he was buried in her ass. Tim obliged and moved over to push his cock into my wife's pussy. She moaned loudly as he did.

"Fuck, oh my god, fuck, so, fuck, so fuckin' big," she breathed around Brad's cock. My beautiful wife had cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass. And she was loving it.

As my wife took on the three men, I suddenly realized I was standing in the middle of the living room naked with a raging hard on. I looked over at Jennifer, alone on the love-seat. The top of her bikini was hanging loosely around her neck, exposing her gorgeous milky white breasts. Her right hand was hidden underneath her bikini bottoms while her left played with her nipples.

I took a seat next to her on the love-seat, and she shot me a look that let me know I had no chance of touching her. She edged away from me slightly before returning her gaze to the tangle of body parts that was my wife and her three new friends.

Then, Tony decided to change it up again. He pushed Ally and Tim off and moved over to the smaller couch where Jennifer and I were. Jennifer smiled up at him and as he positioned himself over her, he looked over at me and gave me a shove that sent me sprawling off the loveseat. "Off!" he commanded, as if he were talking to a dog. Jennifer giggled slightly as he lowered himself into her and began to fuck her as he caressed her ample curves.

From my spot on the floor, I looked over to see what my wife was doing. Brad had Ally on her back on the couch. He was pumping in and out of her furiously while she sucked off Tim. Brad began to moan loudly and then pulled his cock out of her pussy and shot his load all over my wife's belly.

"Fuck, yeah, you fuckin' cunt," Tim said as he was jerking his cock off into my wife's mouth. "Oh, fuck, yeah," he exclaimed as he came. His jizz splattered across her cheek and onto her chest.

As the two men splattered my woman with cum, Tony brought Jennifer to orgasm. She screamed loudly and he slammed into her harder and hard until she was sated. Then, as he was about to cum, he pulled out and spun around to face my wife. He jerked he cock and then shot his load across her tits.

It was, at once, the hottest and most disgusting thing I had ever seen in real life. My wife was drenching the cum of three other men.p

"Baby," she said to me, with a soft yet commanding tone. "Come here."

Startled at the fact that she was acknowledging me, I moved towards her, cock at the ready. "Clean me up," she demanded. I gasped, shocked. I was humiliated, she was used, but I was ready to take my turn, even if it was a sloppy last place. That's not what she had in mind though.

She reached up and grabbed me by the head and pulled my face down to her belly. The softness faded from her voice. "Take your fucking tongue and lick this cum up." She was smearing my face into the jizz on her abdomen, so I began to lap it up. "There you go, I knew you would like that, you sick loser." I could hear the guys chuckling behind me.

I licked it all up, the best I could. Rock hard, I was desperate to get off now so I did anything I could to please her. I cleaned her tummy, her tits and by the time I was ready to get to her face she had already wiped most of it off with her hand, which the then shoved into my mouth. "That's a good boy," she said. "Suck it like it was a cock," she demanded as she fucking my mouth with two of her cum covered fingers.

"Go ahead and jack off, loser." I closed my eyes tightly, trying to lock out everyone in the room as I sucked her fingers and began to stroke my cock. I was raging hard, and it felt like I might cry. I have never been so horny and freaked out at the same time. She finger fucked my face until I came, shooting all over my hand and thighs.

"Open your eyes, you little bitch," she snapped. I did so, and noticed that she was now standing, while I sat on the floor. The rest of the group was getting dressed. They were occasionally looking over at me, the guys looking amused and Jennifer still looking aghast.

"Clean that up too," she said and pointed at the cum on my legs. "I'm going to see our friends out."

Ally saw them to the foyer and exchanged goodbyes. She hugged each of them and promised to call or send an email. Had she exchanged contact information with them? Did I miss it? I felt panicky, but cleaned up my own mess, trying to hold it together just another minute longer.

She closed the door after them and walked back through the room on her way to the bedroom. "We'll talk about this tomorrow," she said as she passed. "sleep out here tonight."

* * *

I barely slept, despite being fairly intoxicated and completely mentally drained, but I got up when she did. We showered (separately) and packed with very little communication. It wasn't until we were on the road home, till we really talked.

"You know," Ally said, out of the blue. "This changes everything."

"What do you mean," I asked while trying to concentrate on the road. "What does it change?"

"Everything," she purred. I glanced over to see her smiling as she looked out the window at the passing landscape. "I always knew that that was who you were."

I swallowed, trying to clear the now familiar lump in my throat.

"I just didn't know if I could get on board with it." She laughed as she reached over and pinched my cheek. "Baby, this is going to be so much fun," she said. "Mostly for me."

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