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In the following, I want to share to you all, the XHamster community, an amazing (s)experience I had, not too long time ago, with a female friend of mine. She is short, pretty skinny and she has brown long hair and small tits. Although she isn`t the most beautiful girl in the world, she has a cute face and very beautiful, black eyes. Much more than that, she has a lot of good taste when it comes to clothing, so she dresses vey well. All these, combined with the fact that she is very arrogant and proud, makes her (at least by my standards) a sexy woman, although annoying, in which I would like to stuck my dick, at least once. Don`t get me wrong, I don`t want you to think that she is the kind of person good to be used just for sex. She is also the best fellow party, good to go with at shopping…and that`s all.
For some time, a lot of tension existed between us. Once she told me that she feels that tension growing day by day and she thinks that`s because I would want to hook up with her, and that`s impossible, because I am a good friend of her`s, and a hook up will destroy our friendship, bla, bla, bla. At first, this amused me, until it started to get me annoyed, so I told her frankly that, first, I don`t consider her a friend, because I`m not the type that could ever be a woman`s friend, and second, if it would ever be to have a more personal relationship with her, that would be just for having sex. As you can imagine, this sincerity got her very angry and maybe you think (especially you, girls), that after I told her this, it was the last time I ever saw her. If you think that, what you are missing (and don`t get mad at me for this one coming next, girls), is that women are not the most rational beings in the world.
Long story short, we continued staying in touch: talking on the phone, meeting etc., like nothing ever happened. One weekend night, a few weeks ago, we met again, in a larger group of friends, at a club, here in our city. She was wearing tight jeans, high heels shoes and she had the most discreet and sexiest make-up you can ever imagine. Man, I wanted to mess-up all that make-up, she must have been spent at least an hour to fix!...With that red lipstick on, her mouth looked like the most wet and tasty mouth in the world, and in that moment all I wanted was to kiss her lips, stuck my tongue in her mouth, then take her down to give her my dick to be sucked.
You must know, I`m the type of man that acts very cocky with the women I feel attracted to, and especially the ones I like. I act like nothing she does is good, not paying too much attention to her, I make lots of fun of her and generally, I act like I don`t need a thing in the world, especially her.
Back to my story, that`s exactly what I did with her, that night at the club. Although all I was thinking about was if she was wearing pantyhose or stockings under that sexy jeans of hers, I talked as little as possible with her, chatted with others, dancing, drinking some beers, having the time of my life. As almost everytime I do this, eventually, she started to cocker, fawn on me, dancing around me, trying to get my attention and asking me all kinds of stuff. I didn`t understand a thing of what she was saying. First, it was a terrible noise out there, second, I couldn`t think about nothing more but me on top of her or vice-versa. I felt I could have her right there, on the dancefloor.
She didn`t give up so fast. She got closer and closer to me, started to touch me inceasingly bold, until I found myself with her, standing real close, face to face with me, with her hands all over me. She suddenly pushed me on a table nearby and she started to dance rubbing her pussy on my knee, while touching my chest as if she wanted to tear my shirt off. Then she turned her back on me and started a lapdance, with her ass rubbing my cock. Nothing too weird for a club. Normally, all that would have aroused me real quick, but I had some alcohol, and it made its effect, almost anesthetizing my body. But nevertheless, my dick started to get hard, and I was thinking: “wow, she could rise a man from the dead!” Taking in consideration the recent discussion I had with her, about me trying to hook up with her, and me in fact just wanting her for sex and all that, I felt like I don`t want her to know that she turned me on, so suddenly I stood up, took her off me and got a little bit away from her. With a sigh smile on her face, she came after me, and as much as I opposed, I couldn`t escape. In fact, I didn`t even want to escape. She told me, getting closer to my ear: “You look tired. Wanna leave this place?” I looked deep in her eyes and said :”Yes.”
We got a taxi, not talking much to each other on the way, until we reached to her place. We said “good night” to each other and she gave to get out of the car, but in the last second, she turned and said: “come with me until I get to the elevator. I`m afraid walking alone at such hour.” I must have looked very unsatisfied, because I thought that I`ll miss the taxi, or if I`ll ask it to stay, it will cost me much more. She felt I thought like that, because she said with a begging voice: “c`mon, please! We`ll find you another taxi…” Eventually, I said yes, because, in fact, I didn`t want to leave, all I wanted was to stuff all her holes with my dick, until sunrise.
We walked to the elevator, with her holding me tight, squeezing my arm as if she wanted to check on my muscles. As musch as man stupidity it might sound, I always like when a woman does that. We reached to the elevator and here we are, waiting for it. I don`t remember what I wanted to tell her, but as soon as I turned my face to her, she literally piched me, kissing me loudly and wet, in a greedy way and stucking her tongue in my mouth. All night I felt that she wanted it as much I did, but this really surprised me. I thought she will at least wait until we get to her place, asking and begging me a little bit more to stay, me playing a little bit more hard to get etc. In fact, she REALLY wanted me, not being in the mood for more small talk and useless chit-chat, desperately WANTING THE ACTION, THE REAL THING. Mmmm, and her lips tasted like strawberries…
Eventually we got to the elevator and I pushed her in, with the back against the wall, pushing myself into her, not kissing, licking our lips and faces, with me squizzing her tits (she wasn`t wearing a bra) and rubbing her pussy through her jeans. She started to moan preety loud, so I whispered to her, between gasping: “Shhhh!.. just because… I know how to satisfy you… this doesn`t mean… you have to wake your neighbours…” She starred at me with a begging look (telling me in fact that she wanted more), which was angry in the same time (that “who do you think you are !?..” kind of look). She continued with the loud moaning, as if she wanted to defy me, so I stuck my tongue deep, drowning all that moaning in her throat.
I don`t remember how we got out of the elevator, just that, when we got to the door at her place, she was nervously looking for the keys. When we got in, with shaking hands and gasping, right there, in the hall, she started to loosen my belt and unbutton my pants. I did the same with her jeans, and I was thinking: “Yess! Eventually, I`ll see if she is wearing pantyhose or stokings or not.” And she was wearing sheer, silky stockings, just like the colour of her skin, and I thought: “that’s why I couldn`t figure it out until now.” Suddenly and agressively, I turned her around, with her face against the wall, pulling down her jeans just as much to fuck her from behind, kissing and licking her ear, her shoulders, arms, tits and nipples, her back, butt-ckeeks and, after I stuck my tongue in her butt-hole and licked it for a while, she suddenly stopped me, got me up and told me: “wait…wait! we can`t do anything!..” I remained completely dazzled. I thought she will start with that friendship between us speech, but instead, she told something more amazing: “I`m in that time of the month…you know…” Wow! So there I was, with this extremely hot and turned on babe, me being hard like a rock too, telling me that she is in the time of the month. I think I had three options: leave, try to get a blowjob or maybe risk an anal, or try her bloody pussy. I`m thinking now, because in that moment, I didn`t so I said immediately: “No problem.” She replied: “yes, but I will mess up my floor. You know, when we`ll finish, it`ll be blood everywhere!...” Dazzled again. So I missed the taxi, I was risking not to get another one too soon, and I was not getting some either. Damn! And she got upset because I told her she is good just for sex…
But, because a need –(s)e(x)pecially- is the best teacher, an idea came through my mind, and I asked her: “do you have any towels around here?” Surprised, she said: “of course. Why?” And I told her that we can put a towel under us, while we are fucking, so we won`t mess her floor. Of course, I assured her again that me, personally, I don`t have any problem with her bloody pussy. Hmmm, I was so damn horny that I wasn`t thinking rationally any more. Meantime, she rushed to the bathroom, then came back.
We did as I suggested and, like a raging bull, I pushed her back with the face against the wall, moved away her panties, just as I could fuck her, trying to find my way inside her. The blood was rushing so fast in my body that I thought my head will explode. Maybe that`s why, instead of stuffing my dick in her, I was just playing around, rubbing her clit. She liked that, but eventually she said: “c`mon! fuck me already!..” “wait a second…” and because I was completely helpless, she grabbed my cock and helped me to get it in her pussy. It was warm, very wet, bloody (I can imagine) and tight. To be honest, I don`t have some kind of huge cock, but when I got inside her…I had to pump six-seven times to get my dick as much as just half inside her. This got me furious, so I pumped in her so hard, that I thought at a moment that my balls are inside her too. Meantime, all sweaty and shaking, she was moaning and gasping, rushing her fingers through her hair, finding the best position to have the best fuck from behind ever. She was yelling: “yeah!...fuck me!...that`s what you wanted from me!...now fuck me good, you motherfucker!...yeah!...” And I was gasping: “I`m fucking you!...I`m fucking you!...”As you can imagine, I was rock hard, and the sound of my balls hitting her body while I was pumping in her, with the fingers of one hand in her mouth and with the other one squizzing her tits, the look in front of me, her skinny but (in that moment) incredibly sexy body shaking and shivering, got me harder. At one moment, I felt something like a hot, violent vawe drowning my cock in her pussy and, instinctinvely (knowing that she is at the time of the month), I got out of her. She had a huge squirt, while she was all sweat and ravaged. Eventhough I had the chance, I didn`t look at the damage I possibly did to her pussy. I was pumping very hard in her, and I was determined to pump harder, thinking that it`s my turn to cum now. So I found myself saying, while desperately fucking her: “Now make ME cum, you slut!...” I was so horny that I didn`t even feel anything anymore. I was just fucking her from behind, in a blind and senseless way, not touching her anymore, not…nothing. Pure, a****listic fuck. Eventualy, I felt the load coming deep from my balls, so I got the dick out and, after strocking it for a little more, I cummed. I wanted to do on her butt-cheecks, but the load was so huge that it went all over her back and some reached her hair too. Very tired and laughing like a retarded, I fell on her back, while still both of us standing, kissing her mouth from behind, not thinking that the sweat of my body was blending not only with her sweat, but with my cum too.
After I composed myself, I felt some kind of embarresed, and I think she felt the same. So, without even being curious to look at the towel that stood all time under us, to see the consequences of our little fuck adventure, I pulled my pants up, said “good night” and left. As you can imagine, when I got home, I found my underwear full of her blood. “Damn!” I thought: “this damn pussy, but it was sooo great!...”
A few days later she called me to tell me that I`m a shameless and pervert motherfucker that`s thinking only at sex, that, eventhough fucked her great, didn`t think before that I will leave her alone to clean all the mess, that I fucked her knowing that she was at the time of the month and to imagine her washing a towel full of blood, at 4-5AM, with cold water, because the staints of blood don`t get with hot water, that I cummed on her hair, which is disgusting, and that she`s sure I`m the type that has no problem cumming on women face and women mouth too (indeed, I`ve got no problem with that), again that I`m a pervert… and bla, bla, bla.
I wonder what she would have said if I told her that I fucked her without a condom too. Or I used one?... I don`t remember…

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