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Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.3

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"Here's the little whore...Just like I said. Are you and your boys ready to fuck
my little pig-cunt of a daughter?" Lucy's mother said waking the bound Lucy.
Lucy's eyes focused on the room as she kept sucking on her soaked panties.

Lucy recognized whom her mother was speaking to. It was Mr. Hammer from a couple
of houses down. He wasn't alone. Lucy was surprised he had his three little boys
with him. They were identical triplets.

The three boys were cute, with curly blonde hair. Lucy couldn't remember their
names. She never played with them because they were younger than she was. Lucy
had thought that only people older than her would be fucking her. The idea that
boys younger than her would be r****g her made her cunt juice.

Lucy giggled to herself as she thought, 'They might be to young to play with,
but they're not to young to fuck my slut-ass.' Lucy looked back and forth from
her mother, to Mr. Hammer, and to the triplets. They all had the same look on
their faces. Lust mixed with contempt. Mr. Hammer was leering as he walked over
to little Lucy. He looked Lucy in the eye as he reached down and twisted her
left nipple hard. He looked back at Lucy's grinning mother.

"I'm so glad you guys were home...I can use the help in training my little
daughter-slut to be a good fuck-toy....You and your boys can do anything you
want to my little bitch....Anything at all...Just be rough though. The slut
needs to know how it should be treated. Carl and three of his friends fucked the
little cunt into the dirt last night... I've already turned her into my
piss-whore...Plus!...I fist-fucked her little cunt REAL good earlier...So she's
all yours...Fuck the shit out of the little whore!" Lucy's mother said with a
wicked laugh.

"Well I'm glad to see you decided to turn your daughter into a fuck-pig. The
boys and I have been wanting to use this little slut-daughter of yours for the
longest!...Right boys?" Mr. Hammer said.

The three little boys were quick to answer.

"You bet Daddy!"
"When do we get to fuck her!"
"Can we fuck her now?"

"I bet she's got a tight cunt, Daddy!"
"I like the way the bitch is tied, Daddy!"

"Can I fuck her first, Daddy?...I never get to fuck the sluts first...Can

"Look at her cunt dripping, Daddy!...The little fuck-slut can't wait to get

"I always thought she looked like a slut,Daddy."
"Let's get the bitch!"

Lucy trembled with excitement. She watched one of the boys walk to her mother
and shove his little hand in her mother's cunt. Lucy giggled again into her wet
panties as she saw her mother's knees dip as she spread her legs for the boy.
His hand slid into Lucy's mother's cunt with out any problem as his two brothers
came over to Lucy, watching their father with the little cunt. Lucy grunted as
Mr. Hammer started to twist her other nipple. He twisted this one even harder
than he did the other one. Lucy came as the pain from her right nipple seem to
go straight to her erect clit. Lucy heard the boy that was fist-fucking her
mother, speak.

"Can I piss on your daughter...Like I piss on you, Pig-Cunt?...I want to piss on
both of your faces at the same time. The other k**s won't believe it, so you'll
have to tell them when I bring them over to fuck you...Say!...Can I bring some
of the k**s over to fuck your daughter?...I bet the little cunt will like
it!...Well Pig-Cunt?...Can I?" the little boy asked as he shoved his small hand
in and out of Lucy's mother's cunt.

"Ughh...Sure darling...You can piss on my daughter. I think it would be fun for
you to piss on both of us at the same time...You can do whatever you want to my
little girl...My little slut-girl...Treat my slut of a daughter the same way you
do me...Ugghhh...Ooohh...I'd love to see bunches of your friends fucking
her...She would too!...Wouldn't you Lucy-cunt?"

Mr. Hammer, his three sons, and her mother, all laughed at the eager way Lucy
nodded her head 'Yes'.

"This has to go!" Mr. Hammer said as he jerked the panties from Lucy's mouth.

"Jason!...Mason!...You k**s come over hear and fuck this little cunt's
mouth!...Would you like that, you little whore?...Hmmmm?" Lucy ran her tongue
around her lips, and smiled as she looked up at Mr. Hammer.

"Oh yes sir!...I'd..uh..I mean Lucy-cunt would really like that sir. Please
have your boys fuck my mouth...I'm a good little cocksucker...I really am! See
how wide I can get my mouth?.....uummm....You can fuck my mouth too, sir. I'd
like that too. I guess Mommy told you she is going to turn me into a pig-cunt
like her. So I need to practice my cocksucking...Everybody say's I'm a good
little suck-slut...even if I am so little....Mommy says my mouth is just another
cunt...Want to fuck my mouth-cunt?...Please?" Lucy said.

Mr. Hammer motioned for the two boys to come to each side of Lucy's head. They
had to push Lucy's bound legs to the side to give themselves room. Lucy smiled
as she looked from one of the brothers to the other. She licked her lips wetly
as she made obscene slurping sounds. Mr. Hammer left Lucy at the mercy of his
sons as he walked over to Lucy's mother, Pig-cunt.

Jason grabbed Lucy's nose to jerk her face toward his cock. Lust flowed through
Lucy's young body at the little boys' rough treatment. Lucy opened her mouth
wide as she saw his little cock come into view.

"Take my cock, you little whore! Uhhhh...Yeah!...That's the way, BITCH!... SUCK
IT!...Oohhh Mason...This little slut IS a good cocksucker...I think the cunt is
almost as good as her mother!...Here...Fuck her mouth!"

Jason pulled his cock from the little girl-slut's mouth to let his brother
face-fuck her. A thick strand of spit connected his cock to Lucy's mouth when he
did, breaking when his brother pulled Lucy's mouth to his cock. Mason moaned
when he felt the wet heat of Lucy's mouth engulf his cock, bringing laughter
from her Jason.

"Yeah...Jason...She...is...a...good little cocksucker...Just like her mother!
Suck it, bitch...Suck my cock just like your whore-mother
does...Oohhh...SLUT!...We are going to have fun fucking you, you little
whore!...Ha, ha, ha...Don't she sound funny the way she slobbers all around my
cock?" Mason asked his brother.

"Yeah she does...OK...Its my turn to fuck the little bitch-sluts mouth now...
uugghh!" Jason giggled as tried to choke little Lucy with his cock. Slobber
leaked from around Lucy's lips in a frothy mix. The boys laughed at the wet,
squishy sounds their cocks made fucking Lucy's mouth. The two boys kept taking
turns like little gentlemen as they fucked Lucy's mouth.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hammer had joined his third son. Grayson was laughing as he
rammed his small fist in and out of the cunt of the standing Pig-Cunt. Mr.
Hammer grabbed Lucy's mother by her throat and pulled her face toward him. He
laughed as he spat a huge wad of spit that hit Pig-cunt between her eyes. Lucy's
mother moaned as she came.

"Fist this slut, Grayson...Fist the pig HARD!...Now really jam your hand in
there!...That's the way, son...See how the bitch shakes?...That's a sign you're
fist-fucking it right....Isn't that right bitch?...Is my boy fist-fucking your
slutty cunt good?" Mr. Hammer asked as he grabbed Lucy's mother's big, swinging
tits and began to maul them.

"Oh yes sir...Your son IS fist-fucking my cunt SOOoo good...Mmmm...Mr. Hammer?
...Would you like to ass-fuck my daughter while your sons fuck her mouth?... I'd
love to watch you to do that to my little slut-daughter....It'll be a big help
with her slut training."

Mr. Hammer thought that was a good idea too.

Grayson pulled his small fist from Pig-Cunt and reached up and grabbed her big
tits. He used her tits as handles to pull her to her knees. The little boy
grabbed the back of Lucy's mother's head and fucked her mouth in a frenzy.

"Suck you old whore!..Suck my cock you fucking old bitch!"

Jason and Mason were making a game out o fucking Lucy's mouth. Sometimes they
would put their cocks together as they fucked her mouth. Lucy thought it was so
cool to be mouth fucked by two identical cocks, and by two boys that looked
exactly the same. She wished the other brother would get tired of fucking her
mother's mouth. Lucy wanted all three of the triplets fucking her mouth at the
same time. Lucy slobbered, and licked, and sucked the two little boys's cocks
like the little whore she was. She wished her mother could see her, but her
mother was busy sucking a boys cock too. 'At least I get TWO cocks' Lucy

"Are you boys OK?...Is little Lucy being a good suck-slut?...Say Mason?... Don't
worry about her breathing. Lucy is just a piece of fuck-meat now... You can't
hurt fuck-meat...Fuck her mouth as hard as you can...or as hard as you want to.
Remember...A fuck-pig like little Lucy wants you to be rough with her. Sluts
like her and her mother want it...They expect it...So be as nasty to the little
cunt as you can. Mr. Carl wants you to...And if he thinks you aren't fucking
them the way they should be, he might not let you fuck them any more...You DO
want to keep fucking them...Don't you?... Did you hear that Jason?...Good!...Now
watch this boys...Lucy's mother wants me to ass-fuck Lucy. Watch how I do
it...OK?...Are you boys paying attention!?" Mr. Hammer instructed his two sons
who were fucking Lucy's mouth.

When he was sure he had their attention, he crawled on the bed. He aimed his
huge cock at the little of rosebud of Lucy's bound ass. With her legs still
pulled up over her head, she was an easy target. He buried his cock in Lucy's
ass with a single thrust. Little Lucy screamed around Jason's cock that was
fucking her mouth now.

"DADDY!!!...That was fucking GREAT!...Make the bitch scream around my cock
again, Daddy....Mason...You have GOT to get Daddy to make little Lucy-cunt
scream around your cock!...Its fucking great!" Jason said as he fucked the
whimpering Lucy's mouth.

Mr. Hammer pulled his cock all of the way out of the little girl's ass, and the
rammed his cock back into her ass. This time, Lucy's scream around Jason's cock
triggered his orgasm.

"DADDY!!!...I'm...cumming...I'm cumming in the little slut's mouth!....Eat my
cum Lucy...You fucking cum-eating slut!...Fuck her Daddy!...Fuck the little
bitch!..Eat cum, CUNT!" Jason howled.

"Move your cock, Jason!...Let me fuck her mouth!...Hurry!...I want to cum in her
fucking mouth too...I'm gonna cum too!...Daddy!...Make her scream on my
cock!...Daddy!" Mason pleaded as he stroked his little cock. Jason didn't get
his cock out of Lucy's mouth in time. His cum splattered the little girl's face
as she chewed on his brother's cock.

Mr. Hammer slammed his cock in and out of Lucy's tiny asshole as his sons dumped
their loads on and in the little whore's face.

"That's the way, boys!..Cream the little cunt...See how the bitch want you
cum?...Watch the way the cum-rag is trying to get all of your cum!... Take my
cock you little cum-guzzling bitch!...Take it, WHORE!" Mr. Hammer shouted in
Lucy's face.

The two little boys were finished cumming on Lucy. They giggled as they rubbed
their cocks around on her face. Lucy tried to catch them in her mouth to make
sure she had all of their cum, but they kept their little cocks just out of
reach from her searching mouth.

"FUCK ME MR. Hammer!...Please!...Fuck me like a slut-bitch should be!...Ohhh...
Mr. Hammer!...Fuck my ass...fuck my little whore's ass....Ooohh....Mmmmm...Oh
boys...Please cum on the cunt some more...Please give me some more cum...
Aaaaiiihh" Lucy screamed as a giant orgasm took control of her. Lucy's body
trembled and shook.

Mr. Hammer laughed as he emptied his balls in Lucy's ass.

"Take the cum slut...Take the cum slut...Take the cum slut..." Mr. Hammer

The last thing Lucy-slut saw before she passed out was her mother leaning over
her. Through lust clouded eyes, Lucy saw her mother smile down on her. She saw
her mother's grin widen. Then Lucy saw the webs of cum seeping around her
mother's smiling teeth. As the cum in her mother's mouth formed into a thick
string, Lucy opened her mouth wide for her mother's gift. The last thing Lucy
did before she passed out was to slurp the string of cum from her mother's
grinning mouth into her own.

The last words Lucy spoke before blackness caved in on her was, "Thank you,
Mommy...Thank you for feeding your little daughter-whore your cum... That's so
sweet of you to share Mommy."

When Lucy came to again she was freezing. Her eyes fluttered open and her
surroundings became recognizable. Lucy was on her back. She was in her mother's
bathtub. As her eyes focused she saw her mother standing over her. To the left,
Lucy saw Mr. Hammer and his three sons standing in a line. They were laughing as
all four of them were pointing their cocks at her face. Lucy knew what was about
to happen. She couldn't wait. She encouraged them on.

"YES!!!...Mommy!...Mr. Hammer...You boys...Piss on me!...Piss on this little
slut! ...Show me what you think of me. I'll be your piss-drinking little
bitch... Do it!...Don't wait! Give it to me...Give it to the slut!...Use me for
your piss-pot!...I'm a toilet! I really am!...Piss in my fucking face and I'll
show you!...PLEASE!...MOMMY!...Make them piss in my face!...Make them piss on
your piss-whore-daughter!...MOMMY!...PLEASE! Piss in my face!...I want to drink
piss Mommy! Make them piss in my mouth!...Here!...I'll hold my open real wide
for all of you to piss in!...All of you!...Piss in my mouth!....PLEASE!...Piss
on the toilet-slut! Piss in the pig's mouth! Piss in your piss-pot. Use the slut
for your toil...gglluugg...Mmmmm...MORE!...gguuh...Piss in my fucking
piss-whore's mouth
utwhore daughter suck down all...ggluhds...of the nice...hot...ssllugh...PISS!"

Lucy screamed as the torrent of piss flooded her face. Piss overflowed little
Lucy's gulping mouth. Piss flowed like a river from her mouth. One of the boys
was filling Lucy's left ear with piss. Lucy's mother laughed as she gyrated her
hips in a circular motion. Her mother prayed Lucy's entire face with her piss.
Mr. Hammer aimed his cock to squirt his piss straight down Lucy's throat. Lucy
gulped piss down her throat in a frantic effort not to drown.

The other two boys sprayed their hot piss all over Lucy. Piss shot from her
little mouth like a fountain. Piss also shot from her nose to join the piss
cascading down her chin. Lucy rolled her head slowly from left to right, washing
her face with, mainly, her mothers piss. Lucy's beautiful, fine, blonde hair
was plastered to her head and neck with piss. Still she wanted more. Another
huge orgasm shook the little piss-craving whore. Her orgasm became stronger as
she heard them speak.

"Piss on my daughter...Everybody!...Piss on my little whore!...Drink our piss,
bitch!...Show Mommy how good of a piss-slut her daughter is, you fucking cunt!"
Lucy's mother shouted.

"Daddy!...Look!...I'm pissing in the fucking whore's ear!...Ain't that funny...

Hey Mason...Lets piss up the bitch's nose...Want to?...Aim your cock like this!"

"Come on boys!...Let's show this little whore what she is good for...the little

Lucy was in a dream-like trance as she came. She drank the mixed piss of her
mother, Mr. Hammer and his three sons. She was fingering her cunt as she washed
her hair in the hot, yellow piss. Every time some one called her a 'cunt', or
'bitch', or 'slut', Lucy would have a mini-cum. When everyone had ran out of
piss, Lucy caught a mouthful of her piss-soaked blonde hair and began to suck
the piss out of it. Lucy was caught in the rapture of degradation and endless
orgasms when she heard the strange voice.

"What in the hell is going on in here?...Well?...Somebody better goddamn answer
me!...I'm WAITING!" the new voice screamed. Lucy blinked the piss from, her eyes
and looked at the lovely, petite brunette standing in the door to the bathroom
with her hands on her hips.

"Aahh MOM!...You scared the shit out of us...or at least the last of our piss!"
Jason said with a laugh.

Mr. Hammer put his arm around his wife, "Hi dear...I'm so glad you got my
message. Don't worry, you're not too late...As for what's going on, we'll let
Pig-Cunt explain."

Lucy watched with fascination as her mother dropped to her knees in front of
Mrs. Hammer and bowed her head.

"Hello Mistress...The Pig-Cunt is so glad you could come, ma'am. You know my
daughter, Lucy?... The little whore we were all pissing on?... Lucy has decided
she wants to be a cunt like me. My little Lucy wants to be a fuck-toy, like her
mother...Mistress, this lowly fuck-pig would be honored if you would help turn
her daughter into a good little slut. Would you please use my daughter for your
whore?...Little Lucy is a fast learner, ma'am, and Pig-cunt thinks you would
have fun with the little bitch...Would Mistress like to piss in my daughter's
face?...Would it please you for me to have my little girl become your
toilet?...PLEASE Mistress...Use my cunt-daughter!...Do anything to the little
pig you desire... Anything at all, Mistress....Please...Use little Lucy-cunt
like you would me, her whore of a mother." Lucy's mother begged the sneering

The three little boys started to laugh at the babbling of Lucy's mother.

"Yeah Mom...She told us we could fuck her little girl anyway that we wanted to!"

"Mom?...Me and Jason both fucked her mouth while Daddy plowed her ass!"

"And then we all pissed on her Mom!...Are you going to piss in her face too?"

"Yeah Mom!...Do it! Piss in her fucking face too!...Can we watch?...Huh?"

"Dear, This little bitch is a lot of fun to fuck...She has one of the tightest
asses I've fucked in a long time. I think you'd have a lot of fun with the
little whore!" Mr. Hammer said with a smirk.

Mrs. Hammer grabbed Lucy's mother's head and pulled the kneeling mother's face
to the hem of her skirt. Lucy watched as the woman pulled her mother's head
under her skirt. Mrs. Hammer let her dress fall over Lucy's mother's head. She
grabbed her dress where the back of Pig-Cunt's head would be and pulled hard.
Mrs. Hammer laughed, gyrated her hips and looked the trembling little Lucy in
the eye.

"Ha, ha, ha...Yeah Mom. Make that old whore eat your cunt!...Make her Mom!"

"Eat my mom's cunt good you fucking old slut!"

"Don't worry boys...You Mom knows how to treat a fuck-pig!" Mr. Hammer said with
a chuckle as he kicked Lucy's mother in her ass. Mr. Hammer and the three boys
stood around the bathroom giggling and chuckling as they watched Lucy's mother
being dominated.

"So...Your mother tells me you want to be a slut...Speak up!...Don't be shy, you
little bitch...Or should I call you Lucy-cunt, like your cunt-eating mother
did.?" Mrs. Hammer asked. Lucy just stared at her mother's bobbing head under
Mrs. Hammer's dress and listened to the wet slurping sounds her mother was
making. With a start, Lucy answered Mrs. Hammer.

"Oh yes ma'am...I do...Want to be a slut-cunt like Mommy, I mean....Uh...OH!...
Yes!...You can call me anything you want ma'am. I know it's kinda funny...
but...I get SO HOT when I'm called really nasty names. So you can call me
anything you like...I know I'll like it....Cunt, slut, bitch, whore... Anything
at all. But...Do you know what I really like?...I LOVE it when people put TWO
dirty names together and call me that!...You know like 'slut-bitch' and
'slut-whore' and 'fuck-meat' and stuff like that... I also like 'Lucy-cunt'."

Lucy noticed the flashes of lust in Mrs. Hammer's eyes as she spoke. Lucy began
to finger-fuck her young cunt. The squishing sounds of her fingers pumping in
and out of her cunt echoed in the bathtub. Mrs. Hammer looked at her smiling

"Honey?...Would you and the boys mind letting me have some private time with
the little slut and her mother...I'd like to give the little cunt some of my
'special' training...Plus, I think it would be a blast to make her mother
help...Are you sure you don't mind? You and the boys can have the cunts later."

"No problem dear...Have your fun. You deserve it...Come on boys...You heard your
mother. Let's go." Mr. Hammer said as he waved his sons toward the door.

"OH Mom!...Can't we stay and watch?...PPLEEAASSE?" Jason whined. Grayson became
angry. "That's not fair!...We had the little whore FIRST!...I NEVER get to have
any fun!" he said as he stomped out of the bathroom. Mason left with out
argument. Before he left he stopped beside his mother. He put his hand on the
back of Lucy's mother's head and pushed her head tighter into his mother's
crotch. He stepped on the cunt-eating whore's legs. Using Lucy's mother for a
step stool, he reached up and kissed his mother's cheek.

"You have fun Mom...Show these two cunts where they're place is. I love you
Mom." he said with a wink as he left.

When her husband and three sons left, Mrs. Hammer's attention was brought back
to the little whore fingering her cunt in the bathtub. And the little girls
mother who was busy lapping away on her cunt. Mrs. Hammer gyrated her hips and
grabbed Lucy's mother's head, forcing the kneeling woman's tongue deeper into
her cunt.

"So...The little bitch wants to be a pig like her mother. Is that right,
cunt?...Does a stupid little slut like you have any fucking idea just what kind
of a whore your mother is?...Well?...Do you?...BITCH!" Mrs. Hammer said with a

Lucy heard her mother whimper into the domineering woman's cunt as she answered.

"Yes Ma'am...I do...Uh...I mean...The little bitch wants to be a pig just like
Mommy. Is my Mommy eating your cunt good, Ma'am?...Mommy says I'm a good
cunt-eater too!...If you'd like me to, I'd love to show you....I'd...I mean...
This little bitch-slut would love to eat your cunt...and ass...I love to eat
ass, Ma'am. Would you like this little pig-cunt to eat your ass while Mommy eats
your cunt?...Please?...Can the little whore be your ass-licker?...How about
pissing in my face?...Would you like that Ma'am. Your sons said I'm...The slut,
I mean, is a good little piss-slut...Mmmmm...Please piss in my face...Show me
how a cunt like me should be used...Ooohhh...Ma'am... The whore is getting so
HOT!...Please!...Do something NASTY to me! Make Mommy do something nasty
too...Oohhh...PLEASE!...PLEASE!" Lucy cried.

Lucy shoved more fingers into her hairless cunt as she came. The idea of this
woman using her and her mother as fuck-toys turned little Lucy on like nothing
else had, so far. As an orgasm shook little Lucy, she saw through clouded eyes
as the woman laughed. Mrs. Hammer reached under her dress and pulled Lucy's
mother away from her cunt by the hair. Lucy's eyes were barely focusing as she
watched the laughing Mrs. Hammer drag her mother beside the tub.

Little Lucy trembled through another orgasm as she heard Mrs. Hammer speak.

"Grab your cocksucking slut-daughter's head for me, BITCH!...Hold it for
me...Yeah...Like that, you stupid cunt!...Just like that!"

The shaking Lucy felt her mother's hands close on each side of her head. She
looked into the grinning face of her mother and smiled. Lucy felt the 'splat' of
her mother's spit as it splattered across her nose. Lucy jerked a little, but
then looked back at her mother as a shadow crossed the young girl's face.

"Do it, Ma'am...Stick you cunt right on my whore-daughter's mouth...Make my
little girl eat your cunt, Ma'am...Oohh...Yesssss...Eat her Lucy...Eat Mrs.
Hammer's cunt like a good little whore...Oohh yeah...make Mommy proud!...Show
Mrs. Hammer how good of a little slut-whore cunt-bitch you are!...Ha...ha...

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