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Locked In Chastity – Sissy

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“Oh, dear, baby! This won’t do at all. Another two months it is!” Amelia chirped as she gazed upon her helpless husband, “You know the rules!”

John was fully aware that being caught with his hand on his straining little sissy clitty, desperately trying to stroke it through its cage for the third time, meant that his period of enforced chastity would now last six months. In the brief, thrilling moment of his quickening heartbeat forcing blood into his face, John remembered the first day he had been locked up by Amelia, and a shiver ran up his spine. They had been happily married for nearly five years, John working from home for his own business and Amelia commuting to work, but like so many other husbands, John had become disillusioned with his wife. Amelia had arrived home to the highly immodest sounds of one of John’s ex-girlfriends moaning with pleasure, from her bedroom.

“You hear something, baby?” she heard John ask as she stepped across the threshold. She stood perfectly still. “All I want to hear is your cock sliding in and out of me,” a lilting voice sighed.

Now, Amelia had a wicked domineering streak about her that John hadn’t often had the pleasure of meeting, and instead of bursting into their bedroom filled with righteous fury, she immediately drove to the nearest adult toy store, purchased a smart little chastity device for John, and returned to their house, parking a short distance down the street until Miss Lilty Voice left at last. Then she stormed through her own front door, grabbed her worthless husband by the collar and threw him onto their bed. His bemused expression quickly turned to one of worry, then of fear, as he realized that Amelia was furious and had no romantic intentions.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” John asked tentatively.

“Don’t you call me ‘baby’ anymore, John. Don’t act like you don’t understand what’s going on. Or did your other ‘baby’ not hear me closing the door over the noise you two were making upstairs?”

John pleaded and swore up and down that he would never cheat again, that he loved Amelia, that he would do anything for her. She stared intently at John, tears welling up in her eyes—it wasn’t hard to conceal her real intentions with her real feelings of hurt and betrayal—but she would not accept his apology. Not yet, she told him. He understood, but went to bed bitter, remorseful, and dissatisfied. Amelia feigned sleep until John’s breathing slowed and deepened, and then she quietly slipped out of bed and retrieved John’s new chastity device from her purse.

She cautiously peeled the blanket off of her husband’s legs and crotch, moving her face close to examine his moderately-sized member one last time before it was imprisoned. A soft kiss and a silent click later, John slumbered on in utter ignorance of his new impotence. When he awoke, Amelia explained his circumstances to him: she would call him Gina, not John, for as long as he was in chastity, he was to answer to “sissy” and “bitch,” he would take an indefinite leave from his stay-at-home job, and he was never to pleasure himself. She had, of course, hidden the key to his cage in an undisclosed location, and he had been much more faithful to her ever since. Except when he made these pathetic attempts at masturbating when he thought she was out.

“Amelia, please listen—”

“Miss Amelia.”

“Miss Amelia—”

“No, Gina, you listen now. This is three times, baby, and you know that means six months. I know you’re desperate for release, but honestly—three times in just two weeks? I can tell you’re going to need an outlet for your little sissy frustrations. What do you have to say about that?”

“Yes, Miss Amelia… I can’t bear it any more… Please unlock me and let me have release!” cried Gina. Amelia had to laugh at this. “No, no, sissy. You’ll get no such quarter from me. I am sympathetic though, Gina baby, honest,” she cooed, “I’ve brought you a little gift today.” She reached into her purse again and withdrew a brand new, 8-inch, realistically painted dildo and placed it gently against Gina’s lips. Gina’s eyes widened and she didn’t move a muscle, especially not to look away from the dildo. She was visibly frightened—Amelia knew that Gina had never expected things to go this far.

She waved the dildo in front of Gina’s rapt expression, ran it up and down the bridge of her nose, and basked in the feeling of control she had over the sad, locked sissy of a man before her.

“Now, Gina, honey, open up that pretty mouth of yours.” She did as she was told, and Amelia promptly pushed the length of the shaft past her lips, deeper and deeper until 7 of the 8 inches were inside, and withdrew again, savoring the look of utter shock and humiliation in Gina’s face as she simulated a nice, slow rhythm for her sissy husband’s first “blow job” ever.

“Don’t be so passive, now! Move your head and lips around the shaft. Run your tongue along the edge and around the head, and kiss the tip each time before you swallow the entire length!” Gina tried to follow instructions, but she was so bewildered by the sudden change in circumstances that she could hardly get a slurp in edgewise before Amelia pulled out of her mouth again. The dildo popped wetly back through Gina’s lips, leaving them suckling at the air for a moment. She leaned close to Gina’s ear and whispered, “Bend over, baby. And say ‘thank you’!” Trembling, Gina turned onto her hands and knees and faced away from Amelia, who took the opportunity to remark about how lovely Gina’s sissy clitty looked, so tortured in its rigid confines.

“Thank you, Miss Amelia…”

It was only then that Gina even noticed that she had been aroused by her wife’s dominant action—or was it by the feel of her tongue and lips on the dildo? she thought while Amelia teased her sissy hole with the head, pushing against it, but not inside; Gina’s clitty throbbed with pain as she struggled to gain control of herself.

Miss Amelia and Gina repeated their ritual every day for the next month. After the first week, Amelia allowed Gina to experience the pleasure of sissy penetration at long last, showing her promised mercy and allowing her to cum exactly once, and after the entire month was done, Gina could barely walk most mornings and evenings when Amelia finished with her.

To Amelia’s delight and Gina’s dismay, Amelia had once again caught her with her fingers on her chastity device; two months were summarily added to Gina’s sentence, of course, and Amelia refused to pay any attention to Gina’s suffocating sex drive for an additional week, instead forcing her to wear a butt plug and do house work for at least four hours each afternoon. Gina began to wonder how she would ever be freed if she couldn’t keep her desperate fingers off her little cage, and as the days passed now, she nearly grew accustomed to the chaste sissy lifestyle. Amelia’s wicked streak had surfaced again, however, and after Gina’s fourth offense she had called up an ex-boyfriend of her own. Mark, who had left Amelia after coming out as a gay man, was only too happy to stop by for a visit with Amelia’s new friend.

“Oh, Gina! We have some company. Come out here, baby!” Gina shuffled out of the bedroom and into the entrance hall, eyes downcast. Amelia had given her advance notice that Mark would be visiting this week. “And don’t be so rude, look our guest in the eye, Gina. This is Mark.” She complied, and Mark gave her a winning grin obviously filled with the most sensual intentions. Her heart both skipped a beat and sank into her stomach at once.

“His name is Gina?” asked Mark, bemused.

“Oh, yes,” replied Amelia, “ever since she forfeited her right to be addressed and treated like a male, she’s only responded to that name. Or ‘sissy,’ or ‘bitch.’”

“Hot,” Mark noted. “Well, Amelia, I find your friend Gina here exceedingly enticing—look how cute her cock cage is!—and I think I’d love to entertain her for a while.” Mark gave Gina the same grin as before, with a note of hunger flickering in it, as he removed his belt and unzipped his pants, advancing on her slowly. “Kneel down and open up, baby!” chimed Amelia from the doorway with a giggle.

Gina knelt; she was panicking, but all she could do was follow instructions if she hoped to regain her manhood, she thought. She simply had to endure…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Mark’s proud cock rising up directly in her face. It was significantly longer and thicker than the dildo, and Mark’s musky scent was overwhelming her already. He nudged her cheek playfully with his rock-hard shaft and chuckled at how her eyes, though full of fear, would not leave his pulsing member.

“Go on, then, baby,” said Mark finally, grabbing the back of Gina’s head and pulling it back towards the monstrous mass between his legs. Hearing Mark call her ‘baby’ was too much; Gina could no longer hold back. She began sucking Mark’s cock tenderly, starting with her tongue at the base and moving slowly up its length with delicate kisses, just as Amelia had trained her. She took Mark between her lips and moaned as her nostrils overflowed with his smell and her mouth was filled with hot, throbbing flesh, so much more impressive than the sad sissy clitty now bulging against its enclosure between Gina’s legs.

Mark caressed Gina’s shoulders as she dreamily sucked away, her eyes closed and her hands clasping his buttocks. She responded immediately to Mark’s sighs and grunts, quickly learning the difference between a dildo (so boring and unimaginative) and a real man’s penis with a seeming will of its own, thrusting hotly and more enthusiastically into her mouth than any imitation ever could. Suddenly, he pulled out, hoisted her face down onto the bed, and grabbed a handful of her buttocks to spread her cheeks. Gina cried out in surprise and feeble protest.

“Ohhh! Oh god! Mark, pl—aaaaaahhh!” she managed as he pushed deep into her welcoming, dildo-conditioned sissy hole. He made no reply besides his renewed moans of satisfaction, and in moments he was truly, rhythmically, deeply thrusting in and out of Gina, laying his smooth, solid chest against her back so that she could feel every ripple of his abdominal muscle, every shift of his powerful arms, and every throb of his heavenly cock. Her moans of pleasure mingled with sobs of shame and humiliation while Mark’s pace steadily increased. He closed his eyes and made one final push, sighing roughly while Gina’s moan trailed off with a whimper. He turned her over once more, his eyes showing tenderness, and he forced her lips right against his, passionately kissing his chaste and bewildered conquest. His fingers found Gina’s nipples and pinched just hard enough to make her squirm and let out a muffled pleasured sigh.

She returned his kiss with gusto, wrapping one arm around his neck, dr****g herself across his chest, while the other arm drifted casually downwards to stroke him off. Any notion of unwillingness with Mark on her part was gone.

Amelia had long since abandoned her giggling for staring at the spectacle of her husband’s homosexual throes with a mixture of curiosity and sadistic satisfaction. As she watched the two figures entwine, it became clear to her that John had totally lost himself in his new imprisoned identity as Gina; that Gina was here to stay, as long as Mark was, too; and that she should have indulged her domineering side with her would-be husband far, far sooner.

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