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Moms Mistake Part 4

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Mom's Mistake

Chapter 4

Sharon took one look around the basement which now had been turned into a
torture chamber, and realized she was far from being out of the woods when it
came to the pain and suffering she would be forced to endure. Her eyes homed in
on the large wooden frame occupying one corner of the basement. and the heavy
wooden chair situated at the center of the room which had a sign atttached to it that read "reserved for Sharon with Tits out" They moved from these pieces of
furniture to the objects hanging from the walls. There were all sorts of Knives,whips,power tools,drills,clamps,a bench vice,
chains, leather restraints and other items that she imagined were designed to
do even more damage to a person's body than the other implements she had noted.
Fortunately for Mom, the nerds had planned to use only a few of the torture
tools during this session. Unfortunately for mom they planned to concentrate on
her big tits, with some side trips to her armpits, pussy and ass.

Tits was led to the chair and her eyes got real big when she spotted the
thick metal dildo, studded with bumps, jutting up from the seat. "Sit on it Sharon you stupid fuck".
It must have
been at least eight inches in length. What Mom didn't know was the dildo was
electrified; she would discover this much later, and live to regret it. Tits
secretly was grateful that the nerds had spent plenty of time widening her
asshole, it still was partially agape. Despite that, it was tough sledding for
her asshole to swallow the entire length of this metal monster. What made the
process so difficult and painful were the nodules that first her sphincter and
then her rectum had to adjust to on the trip down. It was a teary-eyed woman
whose butt cheeks finally settled onto the rough wooden seat of the chair.

Mom's ankles were clamped to the chair's front legs, spreading her
thighs apart so there was some access to her well-fucked cunt for more fun and
games of the painful type. Her arms, cuffed at the wrists, were yanked up and
then pulled over and down the back of the chair forcing her to arch her back and
more importantly, stick out her big tits. Her cuffs were chained to a ring
located on the back of the chair, fixing her naked body into this awkward

Sharon started sweating when a wooden plank was produced and fitted into
the chair in much the same way as the table of a highchair. Now her breasts were
lying on the plank, ready for all manner of mischief. Most of the nerds took up
positions surrounding her, waiting for Elf and another nerd to begin the show.
Elf's assistant grinned stupidly as he presented an open box filled with the
kind of tacks used for cork boards. The needle points were perhaps an inch in
length and capped with round plastic heads of different colors. The nerd made a
mocking bow in her direction and offered the box to Elf.

The nerd leader selected two pins with red heads and before Tits knew
what had happened, he drove first one and then the other into her nipples,
pinning them to the wood. Mom reacted to the pain (by her standards minor)by trying to move her tits,
but the pins held the nipples in place. To make sure that she couldn't tear
free, Elf drove a half dozen pins into the tit meat surroundng her skewered
nipples, making the nipple bonding secure. Then he stepped back and admired his handiwork.....the great "Sharon with Tits out" pinned down for abuse as she should be and swept his
arm out as he said, "O.K. gang let's make like those big tits are Gulliver and
we're the Lilliputians. I want to see those big bags nailed to the plank so she
won't be able to give us any trouble when we fry them with electricity and pump
those babies up until they're as big as her head. We may have to change your name to "Sharon with Tits out destroyed" you Cunt. Sharon just smiled thinking they were not serious.Had any of them taken a peek
at what was going on betwen her legs, they might have realized that Mom thought
she had died and gone to heaven.

As the old saying goes, "the best laid plans of mice and men, etc, etc."
The nerds quickly found out that the inch long pins could only be used on the
perimeter of Sharons big tits. Moving an inch or so inside made the pins useless as
far as helping attach her knockers to the plank; they were not long enough to
penetrate through her tit flesh. A hurried conference was called to discuss this
matter, and a pair of nerds were sent off to purchase longer pins, and lots of
them. In the meantime the rest of the boys amused themselves by smashing their
fists down on her tits, flattening them against the wood and gradually causing
them to swell and discolor. This brought wonderful screams of pain from Sharon for the next 45 mins as the nerds used her Breasts for punching bags. The boys enjoyed watching her Breasts compress under their blows and they loved watching Sharons struggle to free herself.

Tits was beginning to realize that she was in real trouble. The odor from the cunt juice oozing from Mom's
pussy became noticeable. One of the bolder k**s stuck his fingers deep into her
dripping snatch and then made Tits lick the juices from them. It was monkey see,
monkey do, in no time flat. The nerds lined up and scooped up Mom's pussy juice
as fast as she could make it, feeding it to her or rubbing it on her tacked-down Breasts.

Elf and a couple of his buddies rummaged around in the basement torture
chamber to come up with other stuff to try out on their guest. They came up with
a small hand-pumped glass tube with a mouth large enough to accommodate mom's
nipples or her clit. The principle of operation was simple; the attached pumping
bulb could be used to evacuate most of the air from the tube, thus creating a
partial vacuum that was sufficient for their purposes. The loss of presssure on
one side of her nipple or clit made it swell as it attempted to arrive at
another state of equilibrium or balance between the two differing pressure
levels. They oohed and ahhed as Sharon's nipple would grow big as the air was drawn
away from the tube. It reached its limit in growth fairly quickly and then no
amount of pumping would change matters. However the swelling was decidedly
uncomfortable for their captive. They grew tired of this game and Elf allowed
his buddies to use the pins to once more tack her nipples to the plank. Mom
groaned loudly as they clumsily replaced them

The other item they came up with was truly a tool of the devil. It
didn't look like much, but the squat cylinder made of metal featuring what
looked like a spout located on the top would in truth make their captive Sharon sincerely and
loudly beg for mercy when it was used on her. This device was a small steam
heater that was used in the kitchen to remove dried food stains and the like. It
took a cupful of tap water and within a minute the electrical heater element
would bring the liquid to a boil, creating the steam source. The jet of steam
could be focused to a very small spot, something less than the diameter of a
dime. The first time they used it on Sharon's breast, the pain was so intense she nearly tore free of the
pins holding her Breasts to the wood. The area affected by the steam quickly formed a blister that was easily burst, bringing another strangled gasp from the helpless cock teasing whore.

Within half an hour, Mom was turned into a babbling, crying, pleading
mass of twitching flesh begging for mercy. "Please nooo...I'll do anything you ask". O but you already are doing anything we want Tits. Her big tits were pock-marked with small craters that
were formerly blisters created on her tit meat which had burst from handling or
the over zealous application of the steam jet to her skin. Just as they were
attempting to bring the jet to bear on her dripping cunt, the nerds returned
with a selection of sewing needles capable of totally penetrating Sharon's 36C Tits.

Two lines of nerds quickly formed at her pinned tits and started
hammering the sewing needles through her tit flesh, further securing her fun
bags to the wooden board.Anther needle was shoved thru her nipples connecting her two Breasts and a leash installed between her Tits for later use. Mom's cunt dripped steadily as row after row of
needles punctured her once perfect Breasts. A small pool of cunt juice formed between her
spread thighs and began to drip to the floor. Mom was really getting into this
nasty torture that her big titties were receiving. Elf had picked up on the fact
that this treatment was not producing the desired effect and that the Cunt was actually enjoying this. So he intervened and
suggested that they should concentrate on seeing how many needles they could
shove under her finger and toe nails without breaking them off. Then he stood
back and watched the fun.

Sharon started to scream her head off as needles were driven haphazardly
under her toenails by pairs of nerds, while the same treatment was being dished
out to her fingernails. It got even worse when one of the nerds decided to heat
up the five needles he had managed to force under the nail on her index finger.
Her screams went up another octave; this was major pain and even a dedicated
masochist like her had limits.

This was much better in Elfs opinion and the boys cheered her on. She passed out repeatedly as one after another,
each nail was treated to similar torture. The stink of cooking flesh soon even
got to the nerds and they finally discontinued this terrible treatment and stood
back in awe as her u*********s body continued to react in convulsions to the pain that radiated
from the burned flesh beneath her nails.

Elf decided that their guest needed a change of scenery, and so he
directed his gang to see about detaching her tits from the plank so they could
transfer her to the wooden frame which would allow them much more access to her
naked body. Prying her tits off the wooden board proved to be a daunting task.
It was fairly trivial to yank the corkboard tacks from her swollen titties, but
the needles were another matter altogether. Many of the needles were completely
buried in her tit meat at angles going from acute to obtuse. Those that weren't,
required that they be individually removed with needle-nosed pliers.

In some cases buried needles could be accessed by use of knife blades,
the kind used for dining rather than carving, that could pry up a section of
breast, forcing the flesh to be pulled free so that the needle could be bent
down to prevent its reentry into her fun bag. The corollary to this approach
worked for the other needles. Here her Breasts was pressed flat, causing the needles
to become exposed so that they could be pulled from her flesh with pliers. By
the time her tits had been freed from the plank they were stippled with blood
blisters from the cruel techniques that had been used on them. However mom's
cunt was juicing once again, a sign that she was digging this level of pain.

They dragged the rubber-legged woman over to the frame and attached her
naked body securely to the corners using plastic ties, the kind designed for
industrial applications such as holding heavy weights in position on a pallet.
These bit into her wrists and ankles to the point that trickles of blood ran
from some areas. In this configuration mom was placed in a semi-squatting
position, her thighs spread wide, offering total access to her dripping cunt,
her arms pulled taut at an angle tha allowed her armpits to be brought into

The nerds waited for their leader to come up with some ideas for hurting Sharon. Elf now faced the challenge of providing mom the kind of pain that was toointense for her to enjoy, yet not to the level that would cause serious damage
to her body or disfigure it in any permanent way. This was the kind of problem
that the gang of nerds could really get into. So they held a discussion while
their captive hung from her bonds blinking and mumbling from the residual pain
that she was still experiencing from having her breasts and nails so cruelly

For openers he had them use some of the ties to noose her tits
individually. They twisted them tight until she began to gasp from the pain.
Then they backed off by one turn and let nature take its course. With time, as
the blood circulation was reduced, her tits would begin to swell, thus cutting
off all circulation to those big bags of flesh. They would swell further and
turn colors, finally becoming near black. At this point she would be only a few
hours away from tissue death. Depending on the risk that her tormentors wished
to take, they might wait another hour or even two, before loosening the ties and
allowing the blood to rush back into the bloated black bags of boob flesh. Once
sensation began to return, she would be in agony, the pain peaking after a time
and then slowly subsiding as the breasts returned to something akin to normal.

While this process was playing itself out, there were other interesting
things that the gang of nerds could do to a rapidly weakening mom. A group
decided to expand their knowledge of the female genitals. They pulled up a
couple of chairs and took turns probing mom's fleshy cunt lips, clitoris and the
entrance to her pussy, using some of the very needles that had been embedded in
her tits. They were now wise to her and paid close attention to the amount of
cunt juice that oozed from her twat.

They quickly discovered that piercing Sharon's outer cunt lips only caused
her to secrete even more of that gooey fluid with its cloying aroma. However
when they began driving needles into her inner lips, especially around the
region close to her hooded clit, the flow dried up rather quickly. Skewering the
clit itself made her scream in genuine pain from the sensory overload her mind
and nervous system weren't able to handle. At one point her clit had six needles
penetrating that sexual hot button. Naturally it was only time before one of the
brighter members of the gang got the idea of heating those metal skewers and
soon the stink of her sizzling clit slowly cooking in its own sex juices
permeated the area. Elf said,"Lets cook us up some pussy meat boys and serve it as appetizers" seeing if his threat would make Sharon scream. Well, Mom's eyes rolled back into her head, her body shuddered and twitched, then she fainted.

(To be continued)

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