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My Holiday fuck with a Chav

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I guess I was always the shy kind. I was never particularly outgoing in many respects. I was the second c***d to a well brought up family. I had an older sister called Carli that was much more aware of life than me. I was in every respect a shy naive guy when I became 18. I was studious, a constant worrier and I think in many respects that is why mum decided after getting my A-level results to book a holiday in the August of 2011.

She had decided to book a two week break in Ibiza. Mum knew that this would be just the ticket for me to unwind and not to stress out before embarking to uni. So Ibiza she picked. I particularly was not fussed where we were going. To me, a pool and a book was all I required.
It was on the second day of my holiday that I was going to get a darn sight more than a book and a pool to sit by.

'Come on hurry up with those bags Chris' said mum as we exited the lift as we walked through the lobby to walk to the pool. I was wearing just boardwalk shorts and sandles. Mum was 45 and looked very attractive for her age. Like my sister she was sporting a matching green bikini and carrying a short handbag.

'Mum don't panic he is fine' replied my sister. Carli was 25 and sported a stunning head of flowing blonde streaks. All the boys back home fancied the pants off of her.

We marched out of the doors and mum turned to me.

'My its deserted here isn't it'

I looked around the pool and could see hardly anyone around. It was 9AM and to be fair it was odd no one was around. I could see that Carli was itching to sit next to three lads on loungers, maybe get a bit of chat and fun going.

'Can we be sociable mum and sit next to those lads over there'

'Sure' mum said in response.

We walked over and smiled at the lads as we walked past. They were honestly lads I would never have the intention to talk to. Why? Well they were laddish and thuggish in their appearence and attitude. Chavs. As simple as that. The lad sat next to me wore a white cap, a neckchain, summer trackie shorts and was completely topless. All down his right arm he had various tattoos that were footy related, including names of his ex girlfriends I assume.

I was not interested in talking as we sat down so picked up my book. No sooner had I started reading that Mum decided to be the most friendly person on the earth.

'Hello lads, you here on a lads holiday?'

The lad sat next to me leant forward crosing his hands on his knee and responded

'Yeah love, three weeks in the party capital aint it. Were going home day after tomorrow like, I work as a fucking chippy so money is gotta be collected jobs to be doing like.'

My mum put down her bag and started to chat while also putting in cream on my right arm.

'That sounds like you had a whale of a time.'

It turned out that the lad sat next to me was called Liam. He was 27 and worked as a chippy in Liverpool. It was clear that he was a scouse as the accent was so strong. As much as the smell of weed that he had been smoking. Why on earth my mum was striking up a conversation with these lads was beyond me.

'So why are you three here on holiday then love' he responded sheilding the sun from his eyes.

Mum replied, 'Oh my youngest here, well, he has just finished his A-levels and needed a well earned rest and break.'

He smiled at me, in a way that meant 'sucker'. I saw him chuckle to himself.

'Well looks like he has put down one set of book and picked up a fucking other.' He then directed the next at me 'Lighten up lad and put the fucking thing down your on holiday'

My sister decided to fill him in some more about me as i tried hard to read the page. I must have read the same sentence seven times.

'Oh you wont get him to put the book down babes, a right bookworm.'

I then saw Liam turn to his mates, who later I found out were called Lee & Mike and say,

'Who the fuck comes on holiday and reads a fucking book'

I start to shake as a I read. How dare I get picked on and while I am on holiday too. I dare not look. I didnt want to look. To make matters worse why was my mum talking to them. I must have sort have forgotten what was going on because I was able to read more. In that sense it must have meant the lads had stopped talking. They had. But being the scallies that they were they were actually planning something. Something that was a sign of 'up to no good'

They planned together to basically make me stop reading. Literally take Carli's words 'You wont get him to put the book down babes' literally as a challenge. The next thing I remember was weightlessness as Liam and his mates picked up my sun lounger and threw me into the pool. I remember the cold rush as I also struggled to breathe. I was a cracking swimmer but that was no issue. The problem was quite simply that the mixture of coldness and not tying my shorts. This resulted in them coming off. I frantically swam to the side of the pool. Where my shorts went I do not know. I later found out that they got sucked into the air vents of the pool.

The next decision I made was to change my life in many ways that day. I simply climbed out of the pool. I was stark naked. I stood there dripping wet, the water running off me.

'Mum pass me my towel!' I barked

Mum looked frantically around and responded,

'Where is the co-op carrier?'

I started to see red. I had left all the towels up on the hotel bed. Having been more interested in picking a book to bring down.

'Oh Chris, You havent left it on the bed.' Mum continues searching 'You have you know...'

Liam at this point decides to chip in. More for a laugh but he has something else hidden secret he plans to add.

'Fucking hell love we have all seen a naked body before, lad aint gonna die'

My mum comes back to the lounger having frantically searching underneath

'Yes he's right sweetheart, just sit down on..er...Liam's lounger...he's right what issue is there with a naked body.'

His mates are laughing hysterically now as I gingerly sit down on Liam's sun lounger. I am seething with rage and anger. But I try not to show it. His mate Lee speaks next.

'Say love...would it help if we all got our kit off like, make your lad more comfortable like. We kinda feel bad throwing him in.'

Mum peers over her sunglasses and says

'A.w.w thats such a sweet gesture. You sure you lads are cool with that?'

Lee stands up to start taking off his trackie shorts

'Nah not a problem atall darling, we was only joking like and feel a bit bad for your lad'

Mum mouths a thank you as i try not to stare at the lads as they start stripping off. Carli looks over at three lads with all their cocks on show in just their trainers, neckchain, bling and caps.

The day then appears to go on like normal as I sit bored on the edge of Liam's sun lounger. My sister mocks me

'Cheer up Chris it aint all that bad'

I retort to my sister that I am fine and bark at her to leave me alone.

'Mate dont have a go at your sister it was our fucking fault.' responds.

My mum decides to remedy the situation, 'I think the issue is boys he is bored now his book has floated away'
I cant see Liam smirking but I can feel it.

'Can I ask you a question love, do you have any issues if me and the lads make it up to your son?'

Mum responds 'No..thats a sweet thought'

Liam goes on, 'Can I also ask, does your lad have a boyfriend?'

Mum chuckles 'No...why?'

Liam clears his throat, 'Well I was thinking of killing two birds with one stone like....your lad can get his first holiday shag and we can apologise and cheer him the fuck up in the process.'

That was it. I thought instantly 'yes' Liam has overstepped the mark. Mum will be shocked, angry and tell the lads to buzz off and leave me alone. I couldnt contain my excitement and smiled. Was that the wrong thing to do. Oh it was.

Mum took one look at my reaction and said, 'A.w.w.w'

That was the cue. Liam grabbed my shoulder and patted it. Well it was sealed. I had hoped my first time would be romantic. With a girl! fate had different ways. Liam put his hand under my leg, cupped it and began to press his 8' hard cock into my asshole. I started to feel it push my asshole open. My sister and mum had completely vanished.

He grunted more and more as he pushed in as he said,

'you better enjoy this boffin...i want a rating outa 10'

He pushed in his 8' deep enough and then began to fuck and fuck and fuck. The sun lounger creaked as he began to plough my asshole for all it was worth. I was being fucked by a shit of a lad drilling my hole just so he could. But my cock was stiff as a board too. I wasnt challenging him. I was turned on by him. But he was a shit and my brain did not care.

He grabbed my hips as he fucked deeper and deeper, i sated to bite my lip and moan

'Your sister wasnt gonna put out mate, so your gonna'

I screamed Liam's name in a moan which the mates of his mates high five. And then the cock of his was pulled out. My asshole felt weird until i felt it plunge in again. But I freaked out when I saw Liam in front of me. My heart paced as I knew Lee had taken over. The fact his cock felt a little smaller. My first taking of my cherry was followed by a second cock in a matter of minutes.

My ass was taking a beating as Lee was quicker and more agile pounding away as though I was a sock.

'Fuck mate, how we pull that one off'

I gripped his hand as he fucked and fucked and fucked. Liam now grabbed my chin and spat in my face

'Open the fuck up'

I followed his order to taste his shitty cock in my mouth. It sank in almost to the back and I experienced my first spit roast. The two fucked and fucked, I was rock hard and began playing with myself. I could hear familiar voices, it seemed Mum and s*s had come back from their walk.

'Its a sweet gesture lads'

Liam is panting as he now ploughs my ass. 'Least..ugh..we could do..love..told you he would stop reading.'

My hands started to become sore as I was on all fours. And then it ended as much as it started. Just as i was getting into it the lads pulled out. They stood around me and began to spunk all over me. I started to panic. Was that it?

'Where are you going' I said to Liam

'Fuck off mate...were seeing a band at 2PM' he replied

He walked over to my mum 'Sorry we pushed him in pool love'

'Its ok...you more than made up for it..'

And that was it. It changed my life forever.

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