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Father Daughter Camping Trip

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Ray grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and surviving off the land so it was no surprise to his family that he ended up in an elite special forces unit in the military. He married his high school sweetheart and they had one daughter, Tiffany, before his wife died from an aggressive form of cancer.

Tiffany grew up idolizing her father and became the consummate tomboy. She learned how to hunt and fish, gut a rabbit and clean a fish without the slightest hesitation. Following in her father’s footsteps she learned how to survive in many different environments and really loved being in the outdoors.

Whenever possible, Ray would take Tiff out hunting, camping, hiking and camping and she absolutely loved her treks with dad. However, the past several years those outings were few and far between because her dad had been deployed overseas. When Ray was gone, Tiff stayed with his parents who also helped teach her about the great outdoors like they had taught their son.

This summer, Ray was returning home after an extended tour and Tiff was excited about their upcoming 2 week wilderness adventure. Ray had arranged for the two of them to be flown by helicopter some 60 miles into a remote wilderness area and then the helicopter would pick them up at a designated location two weeks later. This was an outing that the two of them had talked about for several years and now it was time to become a reality.

The day arrived and Ray and Tiff and carefully packed their backpacks and headed off to the heliport. It was the first time she had ever flown in a helicopter and she loved it and the scenery. Eventually they reached their destination and the pilot found a clearing where he could land. Ray checked his satellite phone to make sure it was working in case of an emergency and they watched the pilot lift off and disappear over the ridge.

The father and daughter donned on their backpacks and set off on their hike. On the second afternoon they approached a small lake with crystal clear water. They circled the lake and found a perfect place to camp. Tiff commented to her father that there wasn’t any sign that anyone had ever been there before and Ray smiled and said that’s one reason he chose this area was avoid other people.

They set their backpacks down and proceeded to find some rocks to build a small fire pit. Then they scouted for wood and Tiff built a fire. Father and daughter sat and listened to the sound of the wood crackling and birds singing.

After a few minutes of resting, the pair broke out their ultra-light fly rods and started trying to catch the days dinner. The trout weren’t big, but the caught enough for dinner, put them on a string and left them in the water.

The afternoon sun was hot and Tiff asked her dad if it would be okay to take a dip in the lake. Ray said that sounded like a good idea, so the pair started stripping down.

The last time father and daughter had been in a location similar to this, Tiff was 9 years old and they thought nothing of stripping nude to cool and clean off. That was 7 years ago and once again the father and daughter stripped down to get ready to cool off in the tiny lake.

Ray knew his daughter was growing up but he didn’t realize just how much until he saw her naked body. He shocked to his little tomboy daughter developing into a beautiful young woman.

She let her blonde hair down and Ray watched as it cascaded off her shoulders like a shimmering waterfall. His little girl now had a womanly figure set off by her long legs and full b-cup breasts. Her deep green eyes sparkled when she looked at her dad and noticed that he was staring at her. She asked if anything was wrong and he stammered and said nothing was wrong and then admitted that he never realized just how grown up she was.

Tiff adored her father and took the flattery to heart. She pirouetted in a circle and told her father that she could tell he liked what he saw, pointing to his growing erection. For the first time Ray felt embarrassed in front of his daughter and started to cover his cock with his hands. Tiff laughed and reminded him that she’s seen him naked numerous times before and that there was no need to be embarrassed or to hide. Then she told him that she wasn’t embarrassed.

The teen stepped up to her dad and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and urged him to follow her to the water, and he did. The water was cold and refreshing and like a cold shower, helped Ray to get rid of his erection. They swam around for only a few minutes and then got out because they were getting colder in the water.

They laid down next to each on the grass to warm up and let the sun dry them off. It wasn’t long before her heard the deep breathing of his daughter, letting him know that she had drifted off to sleep. He looked over and stared at her firm breasts, rising and falling with each breath. His gazed followed down her slender toned body to the tuft of blonde hair that rose up from her protruding pubic mound.

Looking at his naked daughter brought back memories of the first time he had seen her mother naked. They were about Tiff’s age and had gone skinny dipping in a stream near where they lived. It dawned on Ray that his daughter was the spitting image of her mother and seeing her lying their naked stirred feelings of desire and wanting that he hadn’t felt in years and once again his cock responded to those memories and feelings.

He knew his thoughts were wrong so he laid his head back down and closed his eyes, trying not to think of his daughter the way he was. Without realizing it, Ray also fell asleep only to be awakened by a gentle caressing of his cock. He opened his eyes and saw his daughter softly running her finger up and down the length of his erection. All thoughts of it being wrong left him as he watched his daughter bend down and run her tongue around the head of his cock.

Ray couldn’t help but let a low moan escape and Tiff looked up at her father, smiled and said she was glad he was awake, and then took the head of his cock into her mouth, still running her tongue around the head. Ray managed to whisper that they shouldn’t be doing this, but his daughter ignored what he said and continued to work more and more of his cock into her young mouth.

Instinctively, Ray laid his head back, closed his eyes and allowed his hand to rest on his daughter’s bare back. Lost in the moment, he didn’t realize that his hand began caressing her back and worked its way down to her butt. He explored her sexy cheeks and crack and then his hand slid up her side, under her long hair and cradled her breast. His thumb and forefinger found her young nipple and rolled it between them.

Even though he was feeling the naked body of his daughter, his mind was replaying memories of doing the same thing to her mother so long ago. The memories were strong and it wasn’t long till he felt his balls draw up tight. He quietly warned her that he was getting close to cumming and Tiff responded by sucking more vigorously and cradling his balls with her hand. Her touch of his balls was enough to send him over the edge and he tensed up as the first spurt of his seed fountained into his daughter’s mouth.

Tiff choked a little but continued to suck and swallow her dad’s seed until there was no more left. When she was sure he was empty and clean, she stopped and laid up next to her dad. Ray asked her where she learned to do that and she said she had watched oral sex on the internet and then practiced using a cucumber. He was shocked by her admission and asked why she felt she had to practice.

Tiff leaned up on one arm and told her father that she knew they would be naked just like on other hiking trips and that she had dreamed of sucking his cock for a long time and figured this trip would be her chance. Thinking he already knew, Ray asked her what else she had been dreaming about and she looked him in the eyes, smiled and told her father that she also dreamed of him making love to her on this trip. Before he could say anything, Tiff told him not to worry that she had already broken her hymen with a hairbrush handled and that she was on the pill. He asked her if she had been sexually active and she told him the pills were to help regulate her erratic cycle and that they only sex she’s had has been with her fingers and hairbrush.

The thought of making love to his beautiful and sexy daughter was very tempting and his spent cock began to respond to the thought. He told her it was wrong and she said only according to society but in some cultures it was perfectly normal and that if they both wanted it, then it really wasn’t wrong between them, was it?

Then Tiff asked her father if he would like to make love to her. She could see the turmoiled look on his face and she told him that she knew he had been lonely since mom died and she also knew from pictures that she looked just like her mom and that since mom was gone, she wanted to fill that void in his life and let him once again be fulfilled.

After hearing his daughter’s logic, all thoughts of being wrong left him. He rolled on his side towards her and told her that he would love to make love to her but after he had the chance to explore her young body. Tiff kissed him on the lips and laid back and told him to explore away.

Ray leaned down and passionately kissed his daughter on the lips and cupped her breast as their tongues entwined. Then he kissed down her neck to her breasts. After kissing completely around her firm young breasts, Ray kissed her nipple and then drew it into his mouth. This was the first time that anyone had kissed and sucked on her sensitive nipples and the sensation sent waves ecstasy coursing through her body, especially surprising her at how it made her pussy tingle.

Ray had always been a breast man and took his time caressing, kissing and suckling on her perfect breasts. As his lips explored her breasts, his hand worked its way down to her mound and pubic hair. He cupped his hand over her mound and just held it there with his middle finger resting on the hood that covered her clit, sending electric shocks radiating out from her pussy throughout her body.

Several minutes later, he started kissing his way down Tiff’s stomach and stopped at her navel. He knew that kissing and tonguing the navel used to drive her mother wild and he soon found out that his daughter was no different.

When his kisses reached her mound, Tiff arched her body and it shook with her first orgasm. Ray moved so that he now laid down between his daughter’s legs and found himself gazing directly at her young pussy. He started kissing up her thighs, around her pussy and back down her other thigh. Then he kissed his way back to her pussy and circled it with his tongue.

The aroma of her young sexual excitement filled his nose and acted like an aphrodisiac, making him want her all the more. His tongue then licked up her slit, giving her dad his first taste of her innocence and it was like ambrosia on his tongue. He repeated his tongue swipe of her slit and then wormed it in between her lips.

This was the first time anyone else had ever penetrate her private sanctum and knowing it was her dad’s tongue brought her to her second orgasm, causing her to grab him by the hair and pull his face into her. Ray felt her already tight pussy clench around his tongue and he could taste the release of her sweet nectar. He savored the taste of daughter’s essence and it made his cock throb with want and anticipation.

Tiff’s young body shivered when her dad kissed her clit and took it between his teeth. The electrical shocks shot through her young body and quickly brought her to another orgasm. He was still sucking and nibbling on her clit when Tiff begged her dad to make her his woman.

Ray moved up over her and rested the tip of his cock against the outside of his daughter’s pussy and asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted. She assured him that he was the only one she has ever wanted to take her. Staring into each other’s eyes, Ray slowly pushed forward and felt the head of his cock slide between her outer lips.

Tiff’s eyes welled up with tears and Ray was afraid he was hurting her and started to pull back out. She stopped him and told him the tears were joy, not pain and that she has wanted this moment for several years. With that, Ray pressed forward and worked his length deep inside her. He stopped and just held himself inside her depth, feeling her pussy pulsate around him.

He leaned down and kissed his daughter on the lips and she reached and pulled his head to her lips and just about swallowed his tongue. In Ray’s mind he wasn’t kissing or loving his daughter rather he was making love to a beautiful young woman whom he loved very much. It was as if his long dead wife had been resurrected in his daughter.

Ray started slowly at first and gradually picked up speed and force. Tiff’s tears continued to flow as her dream was being fulfilled. For the fourth time, her young body was rocked by another orgasm, only this one was the most intense yet. Her pussy tightened around Ray’s cock to the point of holding it in place. He could feel the walls of her pussy spasm around his cock and the feeling was so intense along with the realization that he was making love to his daughter again pushed him over the edge and he began spraying the deepest reaches of her pussy with his hot seed.

Tiff’s pussy convulsed and Ray’s cock convulsed as father and daughter climaxed together. The sharing of that moment together was to forever forge a bond between then that no one would ever break.

When Ray was empty, he rolled of his daughter who kept saying that she loved him, over and over. He told her that he loved her also.

In the afternoon heat, they had worked up quite a sweat so they again took a dip into the cold waters of the tiny lake and once again they laid out on the grass and let the sun dry them off.

They made love every day of their outdoor adventure. They also spent many hours lying naked in the sun together. Upon their return home, Tiff slept with her father in his bed unless they had company and then she would stay in her own bedroom and dream of being with her father.

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