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Tricked my gf into a gangbang (True story)

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This is a true story and I will recount it the best I can ...it's been almost 20 years since this happened
I had been with Krystal for one year and she was a sexy little bitch of Indian decent and just barely 19 and for all purposes she was a "good" and loyal woman who would not think of anything immoral or sexually perverse .
She had a really hot thin body with long legs and was model material with the darkest nipples I had ever seen and when her pussy was spread it was so red it looked like a rose as she opened it in contrast with her dark pussy lips .
Well we talked about doing something kinky but it was difficult to get beyond the talking part .She would get all worked up and really horny as we lay there talking about the things I would like to see her do but if I tried to make them happen she would always back out.
Well over time I got her to experiment with some things, she was turned on by the idea that strangers could see her naked and would often take strolls out into our back yard without a stich of clothing on and it really worked her up when she did that and we would fuck like a****ls every time after she came back in. Eventually I got her to sit on the front steps late at night and masterbate but she would run inside every time she heard a car coming or saw anybody walking towards her ... but dam every time she almost got caught she would come inside and let me pound the living shit out of her and she would squirt all over the place
Over time she became a little more daring and would run out to the street and walk to back to the house slowly and again she would get all worked up and began to do this often . Well we had this front door with a big glass window and as she got more daring she would time the mailman coming up the stairs and walk in front of the door totally naked and she loved doing that because she knew he saw her and it was in the safety of her own home and couldn't wait to tell me about it when I came home from work.
As our sex life evolved we became more and more sexual and would often talk about doing kinky stuff again and I expressed myself about wanting to see her with other men but she would always back out when it came to actually doing it. She told me she couldn't see herself doing that and would spout out her famous quote "sometimes a fantasy should stay just a fantasy'
By now she was obsessed with being naked in public and started to dress for the lack of a better words "slutty" and would enjoy other men looking at her in lust She began taking showers with the bathroom window open and would request that I open the curtains when we fucked . She was into this exhibitionist thing and it became her obsession .and she really like the idea of being caught.
Well I worked in a industrial park where there are a lot of factory' s and occasionally drive up during my lunch hour to have lunch with me and as we sat in our car we talked about sex so I dared her to take her clothes off and step out of the car for just one second she almost did it but there were to many people for her to feel comfortable to do it she said if there was less people and maybe a little bit darker she would do it.
So later that night she did her usual thing in the back yard and when we got back in we started to talk about what we were talking about doing up at my job and that she really like the idea of being in a very public place totally naked . I let her talk this time all the way thru just listening on how it turned her on and that the danger of getting caught really made her overwhelmingly freaking horny. After talking a little we came up with a fantasy that got her worked up more than she had ever been and even after sex I caught her playing with herself thinking about it. What we talked about was driving to my job at night and having her strip down naked and me taking her cloths and getting in the car and driving away leaving her totally naked and alone for a half an hour to 45 minutes and that I would come back and pick her up afterwards . We decided to do that very thing and were going to wait till a Saturday night around 12 to 1 at night to do it so that there was almost no chance she would get arrested or something like that
I knew the biggest part of this fantasy for her was the chance of being caught and I started to toy with ideas on how I could safely make it happen and I had 4 days to figure how to make that happen.
I am an occasional drinker and sometimes I go to bars and have a few and by all means I am a light weight when it comes to hardcore drinking and was sitting at a table with two of my drinking buddies and after a few I start to brag about my wife and tell them the things she likes to do and then I showed them a picture of her to them and they get all into what I am telling them about her.

After a while I told them about what we were going to do on this coming Saturday and told them she wanted to get caught so in conversation I let them in on where and when she would be there . So now I was going make her fantasy of getting caught a reality.
As we sat at the table we started to talk about my gf and my sex life and during that I made an admission of wanting to see her with other men but told them she wouldn't do it Lets call him Larry for namesake (not his real name) came up with an idea what if I didn't come and pick her up what would she do? I was thinking and my answer to him was I didn't know ...So we came up with a plan
When I left her there the plan was to leave her there for almost 2 hours and that they would drive by and "find" her . He said he would try and talk her into going back to his house telling her he would give her some of her girlfriends cloths and give her a ride back home
I asked them to try and get her to do something if they could but I wanted some way to watch her doing this and he agreed to let me hide in his house while they tried to get her back to the house and try to get her to to do something Well Saturday came and we went thru with our plans I drove up to my job and left her there as we had talked about and she was a little nervous but very turned on for what she was about to do and I could tell she really wanted to do this. What she didn't know was I added to our plans and that this would be a night she would never forget. After leaving her I drove directly to Larry's house and as we planed I waited there they went to watch her (to make sure nothing happened to her) and to follow up on what we all set out to do.
This part of the account comes from my gf and from Larry after talking to them after our encounter so the accuracy might be a little sketchy for this part of the story After the two hours the decide to roll up to her and could see her from a distance sitting on a curb behind one of the factory's loading bays where I left her and they drove up real quite and when they where about a hundred yards from her so noticed them coming and darted to hide behind a dumpster parked near by and Larry casually pulled along side it and got out and pretended to be taking a piss on the dumpster . He said she tried to hide the best she could but he walked around and "found " her at first she was very shocked and very nervous and Larry asked her why she was out here with no cloths on and she replied it was a dare and that someone was coming to get her soon
At that point John (not his real name either) gets out of the van and walks and finds her too. They start trying to talk her into the van but she resisted saying she doesn't know what would happen to her if she got in They finally relaxed her telling her that if they were going to do anything wrong they would have just grabbed her and pulled her inside the van but they pretended to want to help her

Well she finally got into the van and asked the to wait till I got there to pick her up They didn't know what to do so they sat there talking to her knowing I wasn't going to come and was trying to figure a way to get her back to the house. As she sat there talking with them she began to feel more comfortable with them and slowly stopped trying to hide her body with her arms and began to sit in the back seat exposing more of her body so they could get a good look at her ( later she told me she got off knowing they were looking at her)and they began to talk about how she ended up doing this and she told them everything and they commented how hot that was that she did this at this point she starts to put her hand on Johns shoulder and becomes a little flirty so he jumps in the back seat with her and tries to finger her but she pushes him away telling him she has a boyfriend and that she doesn't want to do anything with him and he backs off (later he tells me her pussy was sopping wet when he touched it) Now it's about 3 am and Larry says again that it doesn't look like I am showing up and that maybe she should go back to his house and get some of his gf clothes and he would drive her home and finally she agrees and they start to drive back to the house .
Now I am sitting in the house wondering what the hell happened because they were gone so long and finally I hear the van pull up and I run to the room to hide so she didn't see me and I cracked the door so I could watch them come in
To my surprise Larry walks in the door first followed by John with my gf in his arms and she had her arms wrapped around her neck because he had to carry her in because the drive way was gravel and she was barefoot . As he set her down he gives her a slap on the ass and she turns to him and says "your bad" Now I didn't know what to expect was she going to do something or not ?
Now I expected my gf to immediately ask for cloths but she didn't . Larry told her to make herself comfortable and asks if she wanted a drink which she replied YES at which point she sits on the couch and John sits down next to her and puts his arm behind her on the couch Larry came in with a round of drinks for everyone and I could hear them talking as loud as day and she was saying I had better have been in an accident or something because if I wasn't she was going to kill me .
The sight of me seeing my gf sitting there naked with two strange men almost made come in my pants alone but what happened next shocked the crap out of me . John turns to her saying that for being a hero that he deserved a kiss and she gave him a quick peck on the lips and he replies "that's all I get? So she says no and leans toward his and gives her a slow kiss that turns into a French kiss
( She tells me at that point that she was so turned on she knew that she was going to let them both fuck her)
Well I watched them kissing for a while then the kissing turned into a fingering and she leaned back on the couch and John began to eat her out. At this point Larry takes his pants off and walks over to the couch and sorta forces his cock into her face and she began to suck him while John was eating her out.I could hear my gf moaning and knew she was very turned on and Larry motioned to John to stop and get off the couch so he could open it up. After they opened the bed my gf let out a little giggle and jumped on the bed and immediately began to suck Johns cock, Larry already rock hard from Krystal's blow job comes up from behind her and puts it in her pussy and as he was going in and out I could hear how wet she was . After a while I watched he pull away from Larry and mounted on top of Johns cock and she was ridding him very hard and she started to scream out "Fuck me" with a passion I have never heard from her before . Her pussy was so wet that from my vantage point when she pulled up I could see her pussy cream sliding down his cock Larry was eager to get his to so he lay down next to them and motioned for her to ride him next and she got off John and mounted Larry next as Larry was fucking her I could her her repeating I am gona cum I am gona cum and she squirt all over Larry's lap as he continued to fuck her and I could hear him grunt as he shot his load into her . At this point Larry gets up off the bed and tells them he is going to go clean up and that he would be back and as he passed the door I opened it a little wide and told him soon I was going to come out soon
John was a younger man with a lot of stamina he rolled Krystal over and began to fuck her missionary and he was pounding the shit out of her I could tell she was about to cum again I decided to walk out and let her know I was there . I walked out of the room and stood right by the head of the couch at first she didn't notice me standing there and as she came she happened to look up and see me right there looking at her . At first she looked at me with shock and disbelief which she said out loud you mother fucker you planned this you bastered and smiled and went back to letting John fuck her till he came ... we spent the night taking turns on her and after that night I never had a problem with her doing anything kinky for me again

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