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Mature White Wife's Young Black Stud Breeding

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My gorgeous 38DD-32-39 all natural with great curves, long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, mature white wife goes on an every 6 month "sow her oats" session. She was 60 when this story occurred, but she easily passes for 15-20 years younger. She likes to select a young black stud who's well endowed to breed with her, or rather, that's what the young men think! She's a magnet for these young black men, they simply can't resist a big breasted, full bush with big pussy lips, white mature lady. She'll go for a weekend or week and very rarely slightly longer.

She visited a nude camp site. After setting up she loves to go for a leisurely stroll, her big breasts clearly show their veins, she says young black guys find that irresistable. She's walking down the road checking any eligible well hung young black men and seeing who's paying attention to her. Didn't take long, young black man named Rodwell stepped up to engage her in conversation, he walked beside her for a while then suggested they visit the store/restaurant and he'd buy her a drink, she agreed. Sitting on the restaurants deck over looking the lake lent itself to an engaging conversation, 2 hours quickly passed.

Wife asked him if he'd like to come to her camp site for dinner? Rodwell eagerly said yes, they got up, started to walk back to their campsites. When they arrived at Rodwell's site he offered to accompany her to her site, she liked his manners. He walked with her, arrived at my wife's site and bid adieu until 5:00 for dinner. Rodwell started to walk away, wife stared at him, he turned to see if she was watching him, they had this 30 second long stare, he came back, gave her a tender kiss on the lips then walked away, wife called out to him, he stopped, turned around, wife walked up to him, kissed him tendely for several minutes, put her arms around him, he had an erection, she opened her legs so his penis shaft could slide between her pussy lips. She then pulled her face back from his, fixated on staring into his eyes as she slowly moved her hips forward and backwards feeling his penis shaft slide between her big pussy lips until his penis head was at her vaginal opening, she slide his shaft between her pussy lips once more until his penis head was at her vaginal opening again. This time his penis head slid inside. She smiled, slightly moved her hips, he slid completely inside, they kissed for 10 minutes. She whispered into his ear I want your baby this week, are you okay with that? He was speechless, but knodded yes with his head. She stepped back and his massive and thick 10-11"" fully erect penis snapped upwards. She stared at it for a minute its head glistening in the sun. He became embarrassed, tried to cover it, she blew him a kiss and said I'll see you for dinner. Wife relaxed for a couple of hours, then proceded to make dinner.

4:30 Rodwell shows up and offers to help, another plus in my wife's book. They eat around 5:00, have some tea, laugh and talk. Wife notices he takes regular stares at her big free hanging breasts, and seems to enjoy looking at her big pussy lips which she readily has her legs open to give him a good view. Rodwell offers to massage my wife. She lies on her cott, face down. He proceeds to sensually and with perfect pressure massage her back, neck, head, arms, legs, feet then asks if it's okay to rub her butt (another big plus in my wife's book, asking for permission), she says yes. She swears she feel asleep for a while, it felt so good and relaxing. He instrusts her to roll over. He started off perfectly, then got better by telling her the veins in her breasts are so beautiful. She gestures for him to massage them, she enjoys it. After massaging her legs he asks if he can massage her pussy lips (bingo, another plus for my wife, more asking for permission), she says yes. He starts then says they need more lubricate, he pushes some pre-cum out of his penis head onto his fingers, about 5 times, rubbing his sperm on her pussy lips, clit and her vaginal opening and just inside it, he asks if it's okay to rub some sperm inside her? She smiles and says that's fine as that's how he'll fertilize her egg! She noticed his erect penis boobed up and down several times! He takes his time massaging her erogenous areas, knows how to treat a woman, she breathes heavily, comes a couple of times over 30 minutes. She was impressed! She then leans forward, kisses him passionately and says she's really tired, needs to sleep and asks him if he'll visit her tomorrow? He shows good manners again, leans into her, tenderly kissing her for 5 minutes, gets up to leave and says he'll definitely see her tomorrow.

Wife slept soundly realizing she knew young Rodwell was going to do some breeding that day, or at least that's what he thought,she loves them not knowing her real age! She woke up at 6:30 went and had a shower, came back to make a coffee. Rodwell showed up bright and early at 7:45, tenderly kissed her and offered to buy her breakfast at the restaurant, she accepted. They held hands as they walked down the paths and road towards the restaurant. She noticed he no longer had any reservations about her seeing his big penis, he wasn't fully erect but it hung straight down for it's full 10-11 inches with it's large head. She looked every so often and made sure he noticed.

They ordered breakfast, talked, laughed, another 2 hours flew by. My wife liked that, she can't stand a man she can't talk easily with. She invited him to her site for the day, he gladly accepted. As they walked back towards her site my wife flirted and teased him. She kept touching his arms, chest, face, back, hipped checked him a few times. He played right back, they laughed at everything the other one said. Arrived at her site. Rodwell offered another massage, wife readily accepted. He gave a great back massage, then her front. Next her took a beer and poured some into her belly button, sucked the beer out. Poured some over her feet and sucked/licked them, she laughed and loved it! He then poured some inside her vagina, then sucked it out paying special attention to her big pussy lips and clit, again, wife orgasmed, loved it!

She instructed him to lie down, gave him a great massage, he turned over onto his back she focused on his fully erect penis with it's glistening head loaded with pre-cum. She gently slid her nails up and down its shaft, drove him crazy! Same thing to his big, heavy and fully loaded balls! She asked if they're fully loaded? He said 4 weeks of sperm as he was hoping on impregnating a big breasted, gorgeous white woman on his vacation! Rodwell stood up, instructed my wife to lie down on her back, she did leaving her legs over the sides of the cott fully exposing her pussy lips which have spread apart, this naturally happens when she's excited. Rodwell said they look awesome and why do they do that? She replied when she's excited enough to breed. She could tell he liked that! Rodwell sat down on the end of the cott facing my wife, she moved close enough so his now long penis lying in front of him on the cott with its head touching her open pussy lips. They kissed for several minutes, she slid another 1-2 inches forward causing his penis head to completely be inside her. They tenderly kissed for quite some time, again, he's not rushing it, wife loves that! He asked her to slightly lean back, he leaned back then started to slowly move his hips sideways. This caused his penis head to rub her g-spot. They kept very focused eye contact. This went on 20 minutes, wife rolled her eyes back, breathed heavily, twitched then orgasmed. He then bit his lip and started to deposit a massive load of sperm. She could feel it blasting against her inside vaginal walls and cervix.

She immediately asked him to pull out, he did. She then raised her hips and asked him to fist her. He was shocked his hand fit inside, she gave a seductive smile and said that's what happens when you've had 5 c***dren! She asked him to massage her cervix head, thus causing her cervix to pull his sperm up into her uterus and fallopian tubess. After 10 minutes he pulled out, she returned her hips to full lying down position. He said this blows his mind, he busted a nut inside her but virtually no sperm is oozing out! She said his massaging her cervix pulled his millions of sperm up inside. She smiled and said my waiting egg is now swimming in a sea of your sperm, one sperm WILL get lucky! But, it's only one of many loads of your grade A, young, vibrant, black sperm!

She gestured for him to slide in, he didn't hesitate. She looked into his eyes and said you're big and thick, I like that. She instructed him to remain balls deep and not move. She started to slowly rotate her hips in a circular motion, while sliding her nails down his back, occasionally squeezing his butt. They tenderly kissed, he lasted about 15 minutes, then deposited load number 2 deep inside her. She moved his face away from her lips, held his face in her hands and said she's 46 and ovulating. Wants him to fertilize her waiting egg. He said his mom is only 43, he's 20 and would love to impregnate a gorgeous mature white woman. He said it's what every black stud dreams about!! She said good, then may we have a very successful breeding session! She knows he liked that because he fired another load of sperm.

He became flacid, she knew how to fix that. Wife started to ask him these questions as she kept rotating her hips under him: How do you feel about impregnating a woman who's 26 years older than you? If only he knew she's actually 40 years older! Did you want a boy or girl? Did you want a black or white baby? Do you have a favorite baby name for a boy and girl? They discussed all sorts of silly baby names, laughes a lot, that did the trick, he was hard as rock! He soon deposited load numbers 4 & 5. She then instructed him to pump as hard as he wants, she stopped rotating her hips. She said sometimes it hurt, his head pushed against her cervix, he offered to slow down, she said no, keep pumping, no pain no gain. If I need to feel some pain to have my black baby, so be it! That got him fired up, pumped harder depositing more loads.

They went for a swim, made love before dinner, made love after dinner. Both were exhausted at 9:00, sat by the camp fire then he stayed the night. At 10:00, just before they fell asleep my wife asked Rodwell how many deposits of sperm could he give her every day? He said about 10, she laughed and said he'd already given her 11 that day, but what about for the whole day? He said maybe 15? She said you're on! 15 it is!

Wife woke up at 3:00am, woke Rodwell up and said let's go into the men's shower and take some risks by making love. So they left, made love a couple times, as they walked back to her site, wife jumped on top of Rodwell facing him, he slid right into her. He fired another load, back at her site they made love for another 2 hours. By 8:00am his load count was already up to 6. They fell asleep into each others arms. He hit 17 deposits that day, next day 19. For the whole week his penis spent more time inside my wife than outside her.

After a week he held her tight, thanked her for letting him impregnate her and offered to assist with the baby, wife said that wasn't necessary. He didn't want to leave her, she said she could stay another week. Rodwell jumped at that, pumped her with renewed vigor that day.

After two weeks of making love in every position imaginable, all over the camp ground Rodwell had deposited 234 loads of sperm averaging 18 times per day. Rodwell bemoaned that his deposits were small particularly at the end of each day, but my wife would cheer him on saying he'll never know which sperm will get lucky and fertilize her egg! It could be one from a large deposit, or one from a small deposit. She reminded him a lioness needs to be impregnated every 15 minutes to conceive, so numbers count! So maybe her old ovaries need frequent repetition.

They lied in each other's arms for the final time, he cried in her arms thanking her for letting him impregnate such a gorgeous and beautiful woman! She asked him to notch his bed posts back home, he asked why? She said to celebrate our successful breeding vacation! His eyes lit up! She thanked him for planting his seed in her! He stood up, she smiled than winked at him reminding him to notch his posts! He pumped his fists, yelling Yes! Yes! Yes! My little guys did it!! She asked him to take a few pictures of her so he can show her off to his friends as his conquest! He loved that. He took full frontal, sideways (he commented on how great her big free hanging, veiny breasts looked) full back pictures and a few of her lying down with sperm oozing out of her pussy lips, she yelled; be proud of the mother of your c***d!! They held each other, kissed, she said to him he's really rock hard again! He said we still have 3 hours before we have to vacate our site, how about we go for 240 deposits of sperm? Wife smiled, lied down, opened her legs and said give it to me! They made 241!

As Rodwell went to leave, wife started to rub her belly, he said are you alright? She said I'm fine, just rubbing my belly imaging it growing over the next 9 months with our c***d! He jumped again fist pumping, grinning from ear to ear! Wife called out to him, remember the bed posts! That was one happy young black stud leaving, wife didn't want to spoil his vacation by telling him her real age! Besides, my wife was very sore, but felt on cloud nine, here a 60 year old white woman had been the sole affection of a 10-11"", big balled young black stud! She thought to herself, yeah, you still got it baby!! Then had a good laugh thinking about her choice of words, "baby"? She told me after wards, if she could have gotten pregnant, she would have been fine with that as she could feel his millions of sperm swimming deep inside her looking for an egg to fertilize!

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