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Studland beach dogging

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the year 2000 was a pretty good year for my dogging adventures.

I'd been told about a place called Studland beach and seeing as I was working not that far away I decided that I'd take a look one day after work.

It took me a lot longer than I expected to drive there, and once there I had no idea that you had to walk for quite a bit. Nor had I expected there to be so many people. Studland is a very popular place.

It might have been that I was there on the wrong day, or at the wrong part of the beach or that I was getting my leg pulled but it certainly didn't seem like the place for dogging.

I thought about it and decided that this was not a happening place, but once again it came up in conversation and I decided to give it another go.

This time it was late morning, mid week. I wandered along the beach and passed the warning sign that it was a naturist beach. There were many wind breaks up, so surely there were many people about.

There is an etiquette to nudist beaches and I learned it a while ago. If you're not nude then you will stand out. A lot of people on nudist beaches are there because they are nudists - NOT DOGGERS. Don't mix the two up. Don't stand over anyone and stare. Wait to be asked before approaching anyone and always bear in mind that not everyone loves public sex so if something does kick off, best to do it out of sight.

With that all in mind I stripped off and packed my bag with my clothes. I lay out on the beach and surveyed the scene. Nothing was happening! So I got up and wandered around a bit. It was your usual nudist beach. Nothing was going on here.

Climbing up towards the dunes, so I could get a better look towards the beach, I heard the unmistakable sounds of someone getting fucked. As normal as I could make it I stood up and wandered back into the dunes to where I thought the sound was coming from. Rounding a bend I came right behind the a white, white bottom bobbing up and down with great ferocity. Beneath this bottom lay a young woman, arms out making a sand angel and she made small shrieking sounds as she was pounded.

I was no more than 6 feet away. If I fell forwards I would have made contact with their feet. This was way more like what i had expected.

Then she realised that I was at their feet, watching. She shrieked and he stopped. He immediately pulled out of her and was transfixed. her pussy slapped shut, but her labia was as red as the sun. She had a trimmed pubic area and shaved entrance. He on the other hand had a twitching knob, that looked covered in her juice.

He rolled slightly off and said, "you've had a look, now fuck off". There was no mistaking that this was not a participation show and not wanting to be the cause of it's early termination I apologised and turned and left. Only to make my way around from another direction where I could once again watch. Only this time unobserved.

I hadn't the best view, but I could see her buck under him and grab at the sand as he made her cum. She grabbed as his fleshy arse and pulled him in deep. I think to stop his stabbing and to take as much of his cum as she could hold, but he obviously hadn't cum yet as he fought her to continue to push in and out. A few seconds later he made spasmodic stabs as he emptied his sack in her.

They lay together as he lost his erection. He pulled out. Spunk covered his cock and it started to form a globule of cum on his helmet. He bent down and lifted up his girlfriend, until she was inches from his seamen stained cock. "clean it" he shouted out, "clean it so all these wankers can see how much you like cum" and she dutifully obeyed and licked his cock clean.

It certainly was an exciting sight, but when he said so all these wankers can see, I did take a look around and there was indeed more than just me and them. there had to be at least 4 of us. I hadn't noticed any of them when I stumbled in.

Perhaps this was a usual show. never the less I was suitably excited and took hold of my rock hard erection and wanked off to the show of her cleaning his cock with the tip of her tongue. And she certainly did a good job.

It was some weeks later that I was once again in the dunes. I'd seen the odd show, and more than my fair share of guy lovers. Not my cup of tea but it takes all sorts. I'd by now gone and gotten myself a windbreak also. Seems that is the done thing. I was hunting in the dunes and not found anyone when I needed a pee. Taking one against a brush bush, a copper came up and asked what I was doing in the dunes. At first I thought it funny, but then when he got more inquisitive i realised that this could turn sour and quickly.

Seems that every now and then the cops do a sweep of whole beach and book gay men and doggers. I managed to convince him that I was indeed a proper nudist, that I had my stuff out on the beach by my wind break and that I came to the dunes to pee, not wanting to upset anyone by peeing in public. He found that amusing and because I asked why, he said I was prepared to be naked on a beach in front of total strangers, but not pee, I think that's why he let me go.

It soon went around that the cops were on the look out and to some degree that made the whole place a bit better. part time doggers and out and out exhibitionists disappeared and for a while it went back to dogging as I knew it.

It was just after that event, when I followed a couple that I seen before to a nice secluded spot. I asked if it was alright to watch and he said it was. He lay a towel under her and immediately went to work on her pussy. So moaned and groaned as he set about making her very wet. She had to be wet as I discovered, the water bottle that contained iced water wasn't a water bottled at all. it was a make do dildo!

Once she was suitably lubricated, out came the bottle. "feel how cold it is"! he said to me, and I shuffled forward to hold it. I had hoped he wanted me to place it in, but he didn't.

Never mind, I was now besides her and I was looking at her dripping wet pussy. He lent forward and tipped some cold, ice water on to her nipples. She shreaked out in shock. "shove it in, shove it in" she demanded. So he did.

The neck was narrow and went in without even moving her lips. As the bottle went in further the neck of the bottle widened and now it spreed her apart. However even this wasn't enough to stop it's progress. The bottle continued to widen out until it would have been fist thickness.

Now, with the coldness and the sheer size her pussy was being forced. She muttered complaints about how cold it was and how it was splitting her apart, so he'd pull it back a bit, and she'd look more comfortable. then he'd simply push it back in, twisting it as it went, making it go that but further.

each time her face scrunched up, and as he pulled out it was as if her face was connected to the bottle from inside as the scrunched face softened. Then he'd repeat the whole process.

The ice inside the bottle crashed as he did this, making the water slosh about. Once he got a rhythm up the force of the water seemed to make the bottle go that bit further and further. Now the bottle was in all the way up to the writing, and her pussy seemed to close down onto the waist of the bottle.

With each thrust in she arched her back, allowing a straight line for the bottle to take, but it also pulled on her clit hood, which also probably gave her pleasure. There was no talk now, just grunts and mumbles. And I was still by his side watching. My dick stood out, proud and wanting attention, but the sight was also so inviting, so much so I didn't want to move.

Then a had came flapping my way. She sort my throbbing cock. I turned slightly in her direction, helping her find it. He looked at me, then her, then indicated that I should move towards her head. I shuffled around and she reached out and pulled me towards her face, "Move closer" she gasped and then wrapped her lips around my helmet and pulled me over her.

Her mouth felt lovely, but I so wanted to still watch her getting fucked by the bottle. I made a sort of table shape over her head with my dick pointing down into her mouth. she bobbed her head up and down and gripped my helmet with a suction like vacuum. it was lovely.

I turned to watch the bottle disappearing more and more into her. As it reached the limit I could see her pubic bone area rise as it filled her cavity completely. The more he push the more she sucked and the quicker her pushed the quicker she sucked. I could feel my cum start to rise, my sack tighten and I knew I was about to cum.

I wondered if I should say, and then I just had to. "I'M cuming" I shouted out and she pushed forward making sure I couldn't escape.

Wave after wave of ball tightening pleasure passed over me as I emptied in spurt after spurt, my cum. She coughed and gagged slightly and sucked me more. And again I came, this time less, and then dribbled. She released me, dropped her head to the sand and said fuck me. I sort of hoped she meant me, but of course knew she didn't, she mean her boyfriend.

He quickly pulled out the bottle and replaced it with his cock. "you are so cold" she shouted. I could see there was still some ice in the water in the bottle. "so cold and so fucking sloppy". He lifted her legs up so she was almost bent double and preceded to ram home his cock. "go on" he said, "see if you can close your wide open slopping wet cunt, see if you can actually feel me". "I can" she said, I can feel your hot dick in my cold cunt, I can feel you thrusting in and out".

This description and sight made me erect again. As he pushed in she slid on the sand and he griped her upper legs tight, marking her with finger marks.

"you're cuming, I can feel it" she shouted, "Cum inside me, cum deep inside me" and with that he held her tight and emptied into her.

For a second or two they remained locked in this position and then he rolled back, "come look at this" he said to me and I scurried around to see a wide open pussy, lips shrunken back until they almost had retreated back inside her and a open hole to her most inner sanctum. She was indeed still wide open. Although now it was all closing up. Then he placed two fingers from each hand in the closing hole and pulled her wide. She yelped out but there in the darkness of her vagina I could see a pool of his cum, sitting, lieing there. He released his fingers and her lips slowly slid back to their normal position.

He rolled backward towards her and I took this as my point to leave. This was not the best time I had at Studland, but ranks as being almost the best.

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