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Knocked up by Daddy

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I wake up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday in October. I sit up in bed wearing nothing but a pair of pink Victoria’s Secret panties. I reach over and turn off my alarm and get out of bed and look into the mirror, inspecting myself, admiring my 17 year old body. My 5’4 107 lbs. frame, my messy long black hair, tan body, and perky 30C size tits. The perfect body of an athlete like myself. I decide to start my day like every other, with a shower. So I grab my hip length robe, which is downright tiny. It does manage to close but just barely, and it doesn't cover my crotch. Of course I can't help but 'forget' that fact from time to time, I do enjoy tormenting the men in the house. As I walk barefoot down the hall to the bathroom, I see the door to Mom and Dad's room is cracked open.

The door is open several inches giving me an excellent view of my mom sucking my dad's dick. My dad is sitting up leaning on the headboard, more or less facing the door but looking down at my mom. My mom’s head is bobbing up and down on his dick. My dad's dick is impressive, around eight to nine inches long. I see my mom's neck swell out as she deep throats him.
I watch, amazed at my daddy's dick and more amazed that my mom can deep throat it. I am transfixed watching my mom’s neck swell out as she moves her head up and down slowly on his cock. I blink, and realize my dad is watching me, smiling. His smile widens as we make eye contact, and he motions for me to come in.

I walk in slowly, and my dad motions me to the side of the bed, next to my mother. As I tentatively approaches, my mom looks up at me and smiles. She slowly raises her head off her husband’s cock and says to me, "Daddy's about to cum, baby. I think it's time I start sharing that with you."

"What? Are you serious?" I said in shock.

My dad chuckles and says "Come on, sweet girl. It isn't like you haven't sucked a cock before. Come help your mom. I want to be looking into your beautiful eyes with your lips smiling at me around my cock as I come."

I giggle and say "Well, ok then. Daddy, if I would have known your cock was that awesome I would have been on it years ago!" I jump eagerly onto the bed beside my mom and both both my parents laugh at my eagerness. my Mom offers me the tip of his cock and I took it in my mouth.

"He was almost ready to cum, baby, you just suck and let mommy stroke him into your mouth." My mom says stroking the cock. My dad reaches down with a hand, I suddenly get worried that he's going to force me to deep throat his massive cock but he just takes my hair in his hands, caressing me tenderly. He was very close to cumming already, just as I get my mouth around him, he starts cumming.
My dad says, "Look up at me, baby girl, look at daddy while I cum." I look up, smiling, but blushing again for some reason.

My, mom kisses my neck, just under my ear and says, "Swallow daddy's love, Molly, swallow his love."

My father's oversized cock cums wave after wave of gooey sperm into my mouth, much more than I would expect from the smaller dicks I had experienced thus far. I had a hard time keeping the cum in my mouth and not swallowing it or letting It drool out of my mouth, but I manage to hold it in, my mouth filled to the cheeks. Carefully I remove my mouth from the still pulsing cock of my father who is panting lightly and turn my head to my mother who looks at me with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.

I pull my mom’s head to my own and gave her a passionate kiss, cum immediately start to drool out of the sides of my mouth, but mainly it just changes mouths as my mother eagerly sucks it out and swallows the cum. With one hand she presses my lips against hers, exploring my still half-full mouth with her tongue. My mom starts grinding her pussy on my thighs and begins moaning into my cum filled mouth.

"Yeah, gimme your Daddies cum, my cute little daughter!" she mumbles, her hand wanders further down and reaches my pussy.

"Daddy, could you help me please?" I plead.

A wide grin spread across my father's face, and he says, "It would be my pleasure, Sweetie." My parents quickly help me out of my clothes, and I lay down on the bed as my dad lines his cock up against my trembling entrance. My heart begins pounding hard, he's much larger than any guy I’ve had before, and the sense of anticipation is overwhelming.

With one quick thrust, my dad pushes himself inside and I throw my head back and cry out in pure pleasure. I can’t believe that my own father is having sex with me, and that thought alone has made it all the more dirty and exciting.

But then I remember what day it is, and say, "Um, Daddy?"

My father stops fucking me, but leaves his cock balls deep in me, and replies, "Yes, Pumpkin?"

My cheeks turn bright red, and I look away slightly embarrassed. "Um, could you not cum inside me? I’m ovulating today."

My parents look at each other for a second, before smiling. My father returns his attention to me and says, "I'll cut you a deal. If you don't cum before I have to, I'll pull out. But, if you do cum before me, then I get to cum inside you, how's that sound?"

"That sounds fair." I say. "But, on the condition that if I win, you'll do whatever I want for the rest of the day."

My father grins. "It's a deal then. Shall we begin?"

I nod my head, and my dad slowly starts to pull out of me, until the head of his cock is just about to pop out. But then he violently thrusts back inside, and I instantly have an orgasm on the spot. My dad groans as he feels my pussy walls clamp down tightly around him. "Well that was quick. I expected you to put up more of a fight than that. Oh well."

Shock overcomes me, I can't help but say, "W-w-what? How did you do that?"

My mom laughs and whispers in my ear, "You father knows the female body better than anyone alive. You never stood a chance in the first place, and should prepare yourself on getting knocked up."

Sweat trickles down my face, as I certainly didn't expect this and definitely don’t want to get pregnant. "B-b-but, that was unfair. You cheated, Daddy!"
My dad chuckles at your reaction, and says, "I'll tell you what. Since you aren't used to me, I'll give you two more chances. Okay?"

"If you think you can, give it your best shot, Dad." I confidently say to him.

My mom snickers which quickly turns into hysterical laughter. "Oh my, Molly, you have no idea what you've just done."

I look at my mom confused. "What do you mean?"

My mom rested her hand on my forehead and says, "You just challenged your father's sexual prowess."

"So?" I ask.

My mom shrugs her shoulders. "Well, don't say I didn't warn you."

I start to get a little nervous with those words, and I start thinking that this might not have been such a good idea. But I couldn’t dwell on it for long, as my dad suddenly starts to thrust his hips. It catches me off guard and I have my second orgasm.

"Shit!" I cry out, as moans fill my voice. "Dad! Warn me before you start!"

"Why? Are there rules here? You only have one chance left now. Better make it count." My dad says with a grin. He increases his pace, and seems to reach deeper and deeper inside me. His cock kisses my cervix with every thrust. He then grabs my breasts and starts to fondle them, and I scream in pleasure, but also out of fear as I feel my third orgasm creeping up on me.

"No! Daddy, stop moving so much! I don't want to cum again! I don't want to get pregnant!" I scream.
My dad chuckles. "You should have thought of that before you agreed to this. You only have yourself to blame."

I turn my gaze to, my Mom, and plead, "Mommy! Help me! He's going to impregnate me!"

But to my horror, she only smiles and I notice that she's been fingering herself this whole time. She's getting off on seeing her daughter succumb to her third and final orgasm and says, "Don't worry, Honey. Bearing a c***d is the greatest pleasure a woman can experience, and having sex while pregnant is like nothing else in the world. You'll love being pregnant, Molly. Trust me."

"Listen to your mother, Molly. She's carried three of you, and already wants a fourth."

"But..." I start, but are cut off as my mom presses her lips to mine and ravishes my mouth with her tongue. I thrash about and squeal against my mother's lips, but she holds my shoulders flat against the bed and I am unable to get free.

This is too much, I’m going to cum. Even though I don't want to. I have have to do something quick, or your Dad's going to impregnate me. Unable to think of anything quick enough, I throw my head back, breaking the kiss between my mother and I, and I scream as I have a powerful orgasm. My whole body trembles in aftershocks and my body falls limp as you lose all strength.

"Well, that's that." Daddy says. "Guess I win. Now, for my prize. Ready to get knocked up, Molly?"

"What?" I cry. "No! Daddy, stop!"

I scream as my dad pushes himself all the way in, bursting through my cervix. He grunts as his thick and hot cum pours directly into my unprotected, fertile womb. It sends me into yet another orgasm. His cum seems to be never ending, and is sure to impregnate me.

"How could you do this, you’ve certainly just knocked me up, you’re own daughter." I say with a cracked voice.

"Don't feel too bad, Molly. Just like your mother, you'll get addicted to my cock in no time."

Daddy then pulls out of me, and a stream of his cum follows him out. I curl up into a ball, and try not to think about the fact that I’m now pregnant.

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