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Sissy thoughts 2: Questions From Sissies.

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1. I am about to have my first experience as a sissy with a Man! How can I make it more special for us both?
A: How wonderful! You are at the very start of your new sissy life. It will of course be special and memorable, but to deepen the reprogramming of your still-forming sissy mind, try dressing as a sissy schoolgurl. Not only will it drive your Man wild with lust, but the symbolism of your costume, and the reality of the loss of your virginity will combine to kickstart stronger, more intense, sissy thoughts. Also, make sure take photos and/or video.

2. My Man wants me to eat my own gurly cum after a sissy-gasm. Won't the testosterone make me more masculine?
A: Now, this is the kind of question that novice sissies often ask, so I'm glad this one did. Sissies are sometimes simple creatures, and this one has not quite understood how a sissy is different from a real Man. Only real Men have the Male hormone testosterone. Gurly-cum contains small amounts of feminising hormones, in fact, so eating sissy-cum is not only safe, but recommended: you will not become more masculine as there is no trace of the Male hormone in your gurly cum. Eating your own sissy-cum makes you more feminine by changing your brain chemistry. I hope that eases your mind; enjoy the feeling you get that your Man wants you to eat your own gurly-cum for His pleasure, while realising that you will become even more feminine.

3. My Man uses my gurly-cum as lubricant for fucking my sissy vagina. Won't the testosterone make me more masculine, and why is he doing this?
A: As per the above answer: Male cum = full of testosterone, sissy cum = no testosterone. In fact, once absorbed, your gurly-cum so deep inside you will turn you into more of a sissy-gurl. That's one answer to why your Man is using your gurly-cum like this. Another is that He is clearly enjoying the sensation of pushing your gurly cum inside you with His long, thick penis. If He also chooses to give you His own cum deep inside, the two types of cum will mix inside your sissy vagina, and once absorbed have an even more powerful effect on your sissy brain.

4. My Man shoots lots of cum in my vagina/mouth. His cum must have lots of testosterone!
A: That's right, sissy. A real Man's cum is completely full of testosterone, and you will be absorbing it all through your sissy vagina, and when swallowed. However, a sissy's brain chemistry is fundamentally different from a real Man's, and testosterone does not make her body become more masculine. The testosterone makes the sissy's brain crave more Male attention, and more Male cum. It also lowers her inhibitions, allowing her to experience more intense sissy-gasms. And, gurls, Male cum, despite being full of protein, does not make you fat. Enjoy swallowing it to the full!

5. My Man uses thick toys on my sissy vagina. Won't this stretch me out?
A: Indeed it will, sissy. However, if your Man is using large toys on your vagina, then it is because He wants you to have a slutty, gaping sissy-hole. Very likely it is because He has a very large Alpha Male penis, and your sissy vagina is simply too tight. His need to pump Male seed deep inside you may be more difficult, therefore. Or it may be that he simply enjoys seeing your sissy hole gaping and loose. He, of course, knows that He is giving extreme stimulation to your sissy G-spot with large toys. It is probably best to think of this rough sexual play as being a demonstration of His dominance, and a form of 'branding' of his property. Either way, it is not your place to question His motives. Hopefully, you are fully aware of Sissy Rules 1 and 2, and their implications for you.

6. My Man is very rough with me/My Man often humiliates me.
A: I'm not hearing a question, here, sissy... Sissy Rule 1, remember? Also bear in mind that through humiliating you, your Man is asserting his dominance over you, reminding you that you are His property, and deepening your feminisation. This is an entirely necessary procedure, and will continue through your sissy ownership.

7. My Man wants to put photos and video of Him using me on the Internet.
A: Your Man clearly feels that you need to be exposed as a sissy slut, in order to further your reprogramming. The photos and/or video of you will likely include your pretty face covered in His cum. Make sure to give Him a sweet smile and a thumbs-up to show Him your appreciation. Do not wipe the cum off your face unless your Man instructs you to. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are to swallow His cum, your Man will have anticipated this, and command you accordingly. Also, if your Man shows you the photos and/or video of yourself as a sissy, it magnifies the effect of the reprogramming: your brain must accept the new sissy thoughts, as this is the reality it sees.

8. My Man wants me to be used by His friend(s), in front of him. What does this mean?
A: There are three possibilities:

a) perhaps your Man is just being 'showy'; yes, like all true Men he wants to show-off something He owns that pleases Him.

b) you have done such a good job of satisfying your Man by relieving His sexual frustration, that He would like His friend(s) to enjoy you, too. You must have been working very hard to please Him, so you should feel rightly proud.

c) or the opposite: your Man feels that your progression towards being a sissy is too slow; your brain may be resisting the reprogramming, and your Man knows that a hard jolt of humiliation will restart the process. If He deems it necessary, both He and His friend will shoot Alpha Male seed inside you, one in your sissy mouth, the other in your sissy vagina. The effect of these two loads of hot Male sperm will be unstoppable; your brain will be sissy-fied.

Whatever the case, being used by His friend(s) may only be a one-off, so you should make the most of it: use the experience to practice your skills for your own Man's pleasure. Also, consider that if you do a good job, your Man's friend(s) may then seek a gurl of their own. You will have opened the way for another gurl to become a true sissy!

9. I love having sissy-gasms - I feel so humiliated and feminised! How can I make them more intense?
A: An excellent question, sissy; you are clearly becoming your true self, and thinking like a sissy-gurl. Sissy-gasms do indeed degrade and humiliate you, reprogramming your brain to accept feminisation. There are several ways to increase the effect:

a) make sure to swallow as much superior Male cum as possible. The effect of the testosterone in Alpha Male semen on your partly-sissy brain will make each of your sissy-gasms more intense, as your humiliation deepens. If your Man enjoys shooting His potent seed on your pretty sissy face, you may humbly ask if you may swallow His cum. While a sissy should not ask questions of her Man, this type of request will not be misinterpreted by your Alpha Male, and in fact will further delight Him.

b) watch as many sissy hypno/training videos as possible. These are an excellent way of deepening your sissy reprogramming, strengthening your need for Male dominance, and increasing your desire for large Male cock inside your tight sissy vagina. You will notice that your next sissy-gasm humiliates and feminises you even more than usual.

c) if your Man allows you to toy your sissy vagina when you are alone, stop short of having a sissy-gasm. Your frustration at being denied will make your next sissy-gasm with your Man incredibly intense.

d) ** Warning! This is an advanced technique, suitable only for experienced sissies. ** For the maximum intensity, combine the techniques in b) and c) above. Watch the strongest hypno/training videos you can find as you toy yourself, but deny yourself a sissy-gasm. As mentioned, this is not suitable for novice sissies. A novice attempting this will accelerate her sissy reprogramming too quickly, which will result in her mind breaking. On her next sissy-gasm, she will almost instantly become a completely depraved sissy slut whore; there will be no way back from this, as her fractured mind craves the most extreme humiliation. The almost certain consequences if a sissy should misuse this technique are: desiring being 'pimped out' for pennies; gangbangs involving dozens of Men; and continual breeding while in bondage. And these are probably only the tip of the iceberg.

10. I have heard that 'kinky' sissy programming is very effective; what does this involve, and does it work?
A: There are many very effective kinky programming techniques, that also have the advantage of being deeply satisfying to your Man. Here I list two of them:

a) eating your Man's cum in your food;
b) public - yet secret - consumption of your Man's cum.

Let's look at the techniques in more detail.

a) By being ingested with food, your Man's cum is 'hidden' from your system, the testosterone enters your system more easily, increasing its power in reprogramming your brain to accept sissy thoughts. If the Male seed is in or on a favourite food, the effect is magnified still further. Whether it be in tea/coffee, on top of a slice of pizza or toast, or a biscuits or cake, this kinky method is proven to work quickly.

b) The simplest method of secretly eating your Man's cum in public is to ask your Man to shoot one or more loads of His potent seed in some fruit juice. Pour the cocktail into a small drinks bottle and keep it in the fridge until the next day. Then, when you are 'disguised' as a man, perhaps at work or on public transport, give the cocktail a shake, and enjoy a long drink. If you are wearing sissy clothes under your disguise of male clothes - and especially if your gurly clit is locked in chastity - this powerful programming technique has a profound effect, especially on novice sissies.

If other sissies have had different techniques successfully used on them for reprogramming, please detail them in comments.

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