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Sexfight Roleplay Stories

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Hello there, and thanks for taking a look. I am looking to roleplay out a sexfight story. I am willing to have a chat about it, if you're not into roleplay, but I am mostly looking to roleplay. If this post has been on here for a while, don't be afraid to message me. I am ALWAYS looking for a roleplay partner, and this is a general story post, so there is a lot of options for me to play with many people. Now, here is a massive list of sexfight scenarios that I've written up for us to roleplay:

1. One night a housewife discovers that her husband has been sexting and trading pics with his busty secretary. Furious, the wife storms into her husband's workplace to go tit to tit against her rival in a sexual showdown in the secretary's own office.

2. (Possible v******e) A woman is captured by her boyfriend's insane ex. She is told that the only way one of them will be leaving the room is when one proves her sexual superiority over the other... or if one of them dies. Well turns out they're both insane.

3. (Possible v******e) In an all women prison, two inmates spent almost all of yesterday in a fight. Both battered, cut, and bruised they fought to a standstill. Now, in the showers they agree that they are too evenly matched in strength, and decide to settle their mutual hatred for each other with their cunts in a sexual competition.

4. (Older women) An angry mother confronts her daughter's nun about spanking as a punishment, the mother is angry that the nun laid a hand on her daughter. The two powerful, sexy, women argue. This leads into a bitter catfight, and then as clothes get ripped off, an erotic sexfight breaks out.

5. (Selfcest) A double of every human on earth suddenly appears, and when you meet your double a switch seems to turn on in your mind; you want to prove which one of you is the real you, and an odd instinct makes you want to prove this through sex. Both of you think that they are the original you, and you know that the real you will be the sexual superior. Prepare to sexfight yourself.

6. (Non-human/human) A sexual demon who takes the form of whoever releases it, is freed from an ancient statue housed in a museum. It is hungry for mortal souls, and the only way to send it back is by beating it in a sexual competition. Can the lusty professor at the museum outfuck the supernatural?

7. (v******e, and **** themes) Two women, both sexual predators, stalk the same victim in the night. As they go to strike, they meet each other. Two r****ts attempt to **** each other in an angry, hateful sexual battle, as their victim gets away. This leads to a full on sexual war, to prove who the better woman, and the better predator is.

8. (v******e/blood Warning) A devious masked woman out for revenge against all women who use sex to get what they want, pits two women in a deadly sexfight-game where they must not only outsex each other to see which of them is the better slut, but must also punish her enemy by completely destroying the other woman's sexual future... No whore, home-wrecker, or seductress is safe from the masked woman's dark punishment.

9. (i****t themes) A girl with a sexual fascination for her father confronts her new step-mother. She is tired of how openly sexual the woman is with her father, and wants to show the much older woman that youth can outfuck experience. The step-mother won't back down, though, and will fight for the right to be as sexual as she wants with her new husband!

10. Two artists make massive marble sculpts of their breasts for an art competition. By accident, or maybe a prank, the two sculpted breasts end up presented as one work. The two breasts press nipple to nipple on the showroom floor, which leads to the two women getting into an argument about their marble tits, which leads to an even bigger, sexual, fight about their real breasts.

11. (Non-human) Two female monsters (Werewolf, vampire, alien, demon, or anything you can think of) are in heat, and attract each others scents. The territorial females clash in a monstrous battle of sex in attempt to prove dominance, and chase the other female out of her territory.

12. (Possible v******e, dark themes. Messy/dirty) Captured and afraid, two young women find themselves in a dark underground human trafficking station. Unwashed, hungry, unshaven, and dirty from months of neglect, the two terrified women are dumped in a wet mud pit together, and are told that only one of them will be able to leave tonight. The sexually superior woman is the only one that gets to see the sun again.

13. (Messy/dirty) In the back-alleyways of a horrible neighborhood, two prostitutes meet up to clash their used up bodies for the right to claim this area as their own.

14. (Muscular women, possible v******e) A cop tackles a criminal in a chase, and in their struggle the two muscular women rub their toned bodies together. Feeling turned on, and competitive, the criminal challenges the cop to a sexual competition for her freedom.

15. (Non-human) The Vengeful Spirit of a man's dead wife haunts her former home, after the husband remarries a beautiful woman. The dead woman challenges the living wife to a disturbing sexfight. Ex-wife Vs. Wife, in a sexual showdown that transcends the boundaries of death.

16. (Raceplay) In Japan, two prominent office workers have been moving up the corporate ladder, using their greatest weapons: Their perverse personalities, and their sex crazed bodies. They realize what the other is doing, and decide a sexual contest is the only way to stop their rival.

17. A beautiful woman who is low on cash, and out of a job, is about to be evicted from her apartment. When the stereotypical seduction method doesn't work on her sexy landlady, who is incredibly sure of her own sex appeal, the desperate woman challenges the landlady to a sexual duel! If she wins, she gets to keep living there, but if she loses she is kicked out onto the streets without another word.

18. (Kinda non-human. Hairy. Dirty/messy) During the dawn of humanity, two different species of humanity, two cavewomen, clash thick primordial tits in a battle to see which hairy sub-human has the right to breed and continue their race on earth. Neanderthal woman Vs. Cro Magnon woman in a sexual war to see which human species is better!

19. (Titfighting) Pushed together by the crowed on a subway, perverted strangers, only on the subway car to rub and bump against other people, end up stabbing their erect nipples into each other. Neither backing down, they end up in a public titfight. Silently trying to crush the other woman's tits while also trying not to get caught.

20. (BBW, straight women) At a local gym, a chunky lady confronts another fat gym goer about a shocking fact: The other bitch has been fucking the woman's husband. Not wanting to get into a fight over the man at an expensive gym, the two straight BBW women decide to settle it by hiding in a changing room, and seeing which woman is a better lover for the man. Even if it means kissing, sucking, and grinding with another straight woman to do so.

21. (Nonhuman) Deep in space, the Nyarthians are an alien race that has a culture that revolves primarily around sex. When a Nyarthian comes of age, a great ritual must be preformed to advance the c***d into adulthood. A ritual of sexual conquest, and superiority. The Nyarthians capture adolescents in the same lifestage as the Nyarthian youth, and gives the other alien one choice; either become a slave to the Nyarthian empire, or battle a Nyarthian in its coming of age ritual. If the captured alien can outsex the Nyarthian, it is set free, but if the Nyarthian outsexes the other alien youth, then she instantly becomes an adult.

22. (Older/Younger) An aged coach, and a far younger sports star face each other in a new sexual sport after the cocky youngster mocks the older woman about her age, sexual activity, and stamina. Not letting the little bitch get the better of her, the coach calls her out to put her cunt to the test in the locker room showers! Experience Vs. Youth in a steamy battle of pussies, tits, and wills.

23. Two women applying for an important job are booked for the same hotel. They are rivals for the position, and both of them have an edge over everyone else applying. They have been having sex with the future boss. When they learn that they both fucked the boss lady, a sexfight becomes the deciding factor into who really deserves the job!

24. (Dirty places, hateful sex, interracial sex, raceplay, racism, drunken women, possible v******e) In a bar's filthy bathroom, a woman catches her lover having sex with a woman of another race. The lover is soon kicked out, as the two territorial women get into it after the sexual superiority of one race over another is brought up. Now, both women prepare to defend their race's sexual abilities with their own drunken, pissed off, bodies.

If you are just curious about how a sexfight works, or what it is, then here is an explanation for the lesser known fetish I've typed up:
Sexfighting is when two women try to prove who is better at sex. To do this they must test their bodies: breast to breast, mouth to mouth, ass to ass, and pussy to pussy, not only to see who has the stronger pussy, or better tits; but also to see who is better at kissing, cunnilingus, fingering, and other sexual acts. They will go body to body. Fingering, 69ing, tribbing, titfighting, kissing, and rubbing; all to see who truly is the better woman. Ideas of "sub" or "dom", "top" or "bottom" should melt away in a sexfight. The point isn't to prove who the dom is between two women, and yes, a sub can sexually be a better woman than a dom. There is no pinning the other down. This isn't sexual wrestling, or naked catfighting; they are trying to prove who is better at sex in an equal battle of sexual skill and endurance, not trying to see who is stronger. they want the other woman to touch them sexually; as they touch them. they want to see who is better, they are not trying to hurt each other, unless we agreed on that otherwise. Titfighting, on the other hand, is an act that can be done in sexfighting that IS painful. Titfighting is what happens when these two women need to determine who has the better pair of breasts. They slam, grind, squeeze, and pound their chests together, attempting to flatten the other woman's breasts with their own. Whoever gives up from pain in the titfight is the loser, but both women will normally be pretty bruised up in the chest for a few weeks. Titfighting isn't a must for whatever story story we pick, but it is pretty fun.

Here are kinks I like to add to sexfight stories: Selfcest, BBW/chubby, fake breasts, huge nipples, flat chests, massive breasts, lactation, older/younger women, messy sex, dirty places, squirting, muscular, sexual fluid, spitting/spit, watersports, insulting/racist/hateful talk, anal, fisting, hairy women, interracial, raceplay, mutual cunt busting, titfighting, straight girls in a sexfight with each other, blood/gore/mutilation, very sensitive nipples.

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