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Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking!

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Fan fiction that may contain content not suitible for people under the age of 18. Be Warned.

Celeb - Natalie Sawyer (Anal, MF BJ, FINGER, RELUC, SPANK, SQUIRT)

Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking!
Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking! 2
Natalie Sawyer - Breaking, Entering and Fucking! 3

Natalie Sawyer is a 35 year old Sky Sports News presenter and she had just finished her shift on Sky Sports news HQ. She was wearing a red dress (as seen in pictures 2,3 and 4 above) and beige coloured heels. Whilst on TV, she always liked to show a bit of cleavave, she was never afraid to show some while on air. She has shown some cleavage while on air for years.

There was a 26 year old called Jack who used to work at Sky Sports News for 3 years until someone called Michael Larson got a job their and eventually replaced Jack then later, Jack was sacked. He has been planning to get revenge on Michael and had a pen knife in his pocket and was ready to go inside of the Sky building to try and kill him. Jack had also been a huge admirer of the host Natalie Sawyer, he always had a crush on her and wished to meet her one day.

Jack has a black bariclava to avoid who he is, black sneakers, black shirt and matching black trousers and was ready to go and find Michael.

As Jack enters slowly wearing all black while the security was on their fag break, Natalie was opening the near by bathroom door and she see’s the burgler and Jack see’s Natalie. Jack panics and starts to think that his cover has been blown and Jack runs to the door and tries to open the door while Natalie is trying to close it but to no avail, Jack opens the door and firmly shuts then locks the door.

Jack angrily uses his strength and grabs both of Natalie’s arms and shoves her against the wall of one of the toilet stalls.

“Who are you and what do you want!!!” said Natalie said worringly

“My name is Jack and…well…I cannot even remember what I am here for”. said Jack as he looks a bit confused as he has forgotten what he is there to do.

Jack has her pinned to the wall of the toilet stall and looking straight into her eyes, he cannot speak as he starts to develop an erection which Natalie soon feels as her dress is pushed into her a little from his bulge and she looks down to notice. Jack is stuttering and slurring her words due to Natalie showing the normal but of cleavage that she normally shows when on TV which is causing his erection.

“Wait, I think I know exactly what you want” Said Natalie as she looks down as notices the bulge in his black trousers.

“No..no no no NO this is not what I want…Thats it!, where is Michael Larson??” Jack said sharply

“He is not in today, he is on holiday, let me see if I can calm you down.” Natalie says whilst still looking down at his erection in his trousers.

“No, I can’t do this, I need to get out of here.” Jack angrily says as he starts to go red in the cheeks and starts to let go of Natalie, as he lets go of her, he is about to leave the bathroom until Natalie grabs him by the hand.

“Don’t leave, I think I know why you are really, it’s not for Michael.” Natalie said with an expression on her face that Jack cannot look away from.

“I am not….here..for you…"Jack stutters as he is still red with his erection in his trousers.

"shhhhh, I can be very manipulative” Natalie said quitely with a wink

Natalie takes Jack by the hand to the nearby sink and Jack is facing away from it with his hands behind him resting on the edge of the sink, Natalie turns around to show Jack her behind then starts slowly moving her waist from side to side and in doing so she see’s a bulge in the front of Jack’s trousers.

Jack is finding Natalie hard to look away from and resist as she is slowly swaying her hips from side to side then turns around and to face Jack and to slowly rest her hand on his crotch area.

“I guarentee I am not here for that..I..I..I” Jack said

“shutup and let me suck that dick” Natalie said with a grin and commandly

“Oh god..uhhh ok then” Jack said while shaking nervously as Natalie begins to place her hands on either side of her black trousers.

Natalie pulls jacks trousers down and his black pants and takes out of his his 8 inch hardened cock.

“Oh my god, you are so big, No challenge for the sawyer though”

“I did not come here for this…but…fuck you look so good with a dick in that sexy mouth of yours.”

She cracked the sluttiest smile Jack had ever seen and then opened her mouth. She wrapped her warm lips around Jack’s cock and then started to take his cock into her lucious mouth. She sucked his cock for about 5 minutes and the longer she was sucking him, the bigger the smile Jack got on face.

“Oh baby, you are my favourite sky sports presenter, suck me baby” Jack says as Natalie has her sultry lips

Natalie pulls his cock out of her mouth and starts stroking it up and down.

“you like that?, you like that when this slut jerks you off?” Natalie said with a smile as she spits on Jacks dick as he looks down as his fantasy coming true.

“I love it when big titted sluts toss me off. You look like a natural with a big dick.” Jack says as he leans back and closes his eyes as he rests his elbows on the edge of the sink

“You feel so good in my mouth, iI wonder what you would be like in my Pussy, or even in my..my…."Natalie pauses while still stroking his Cock

"Even your what Natalie?”

“my… my..Ass!” Natalie said with nervousness and intent whilst still stroking his thick dick.

“You dirty girl, you want it in the ass?, I always knew you sometimes looked like you done someone with the male presenter on an ad break but you want it up the backdoor?” Jack said confusingly while Natalie was tossing him off.

“I don’t know, i’ve never had it there before and if I did I would not want anyone to find out.” Natalie said with a scared look

“Less talking, more sucking” Jack said sharply and leans back, closes his eyes at Natalie sucks him off.

Natalie carried on sucking hm off, Jack reached the back of her head and grabbed her dark hair and used it as leverage for Natalie to suck him off harder and faster. Jack pushes her heads so far into his dick he is deepthroating her and causes her to gag.

“Damn Natalie, take that deep baby..oh shit!” Jack then pushes Natalie’s head on his cock again and Natalie takes the whole 8 inches in and then pushes out and begins to suck throughly on Jack as he holds his hand on her head.

“URGGGHHHH!” Natalie moaned and groaned taking his 8 inch hardened dick in her sexy, sultry wet mouth.

As Jack was getting sucked off, he leant down and pulled up the back of Natalie’s red dress as she was just on TV and he starts feeling her ass then slapping it a couple of times while getting a BJ from his fantasy woman.

“Stand up baby, stand up” Jack quickly pulled his dick out of her sexy mouth and helps her stand up and proceeds to take her by the hand.

“Cannot wait to see what you will do to me baby.” Natalie said whilst walking in her beige heels.

He starts moving Natalie towards the sink. He then turns her around so she has her back towards the sink and Jack is right infront of her looking intentsly into her eyes as Natalie is to Jack. They stare at each other for about 15 seconds until they Slowly they move they’re heads towards each other until they start kissing passionatly. they swirl their tongues around each others mouths while Jack has one hand under her dress and inside her panties rubbing her clit.

“Oh jesus, my pussy is so damn wet now.” Natalie moaned as her wet pussy gets fingered by Jack

“What you want me to do baby?” Jack said

“Fuck me, fuck me Jack in this bathroom” Natalie said sharply and commandly as Jack thinks quickly about what to do.

Without uttering a word, Jack sits Natalie on top of the sink and spreads her legs and pulls her panties to one side.

“I wanna shag you so hard Natalie you don’t understand” Jack said with a smile

“Shutup and take my Pussy” Sharply said Natalie

Jack waste’s no time and quickly shoves his cock right into Natalie’s tight wet cunt and starts slowly thrusting his rod in and out of her twat while

“I like it slow..more romantic…mmmm thats good mmmmm” Natalie softly groans as she is siting on the edge of the bathroom sink whilst Jack slowly in and out of her tight pussy.

Jack has his hands on her long soft legs as he starts to pick up the pace of fucking her.

“You like that slow baby?” Jack asks calmly

“I love it baby…..mmmm FUCK….thats it…FUUUUCK” Natalie moans and screams as Jack has moved his hands onto her fine hips and starts banging her hard on the sink.

“oh my god… OH MY Jack… you fuck me good..give it to me baby…Take my pussy you stud.” Natalie panted as she is trying to keep herself on the bathroom sink as Jack has his hands on her fine waist to easily pump his dick in and out of her pussy fast.

Natalie wraps her sexy legs round Jack as he fucks her hard and also digging her beige heels into Jack’s back, but he only notices Natalie’s sexy face and her licking her lips as she is getting fucked by his thick dick. Natalie looks straight into Jack’s eyes as he has both hands on her hips as he is slamming her and she starts moaning loudly.

“you like that Baby, you like that you sexy minx?” Jack said while raching up her body to grab her huge tits as he fucks her soaking wet pussy.

“I love It, Fuck! OHHHHH Fuck! mmmm” Natalie moans and groans as her wet pussy gets fucked for a further few minutes on the bathroom sink.

Jack pauses for a moment so he can get his breath back after fucking Natalie hard for about 5 minutes on the sink and kisses Natalie while using both his hands, he pulls either side at the top of her cut dress apart to reveal no bra with surprised Jack who’s day could not get any better.

“No bra?” Jack said surprised as he opened up her top to reveal her big breasts.

“All natural here, the male presenters do not even know I do not wear a bra, they would have a hard on presenting if they knew I did'nt.” Natalie said with a wink whilst Jack is stunned by how big her tits were.

“Fucking hell, you’re tits are huge, always imagined you like this when I see you on TV”. Jack sats as he is mesmorised by the size of her tits.

“It turns me on knowing men watch the news just to stare at my tits.” Natalie said with a grin.

Jack breaks the kiss and starts to thrust his rod in and out of her pussy as she sits on the edge of the bathroom sink and plays with her huge tits whilst her fucks her soaking wet pussy.

“mmmm..oh god….mmmm harder….harder…” Natalie moans as Jack holds her sexy legs whilst giving her what she wanted.

“You want to keep fucking this naughty pussy?, I have been very bad.” Natalie said with a sexy grin as Jack stops fucking her but still has his hands on her sexy legs

“I want to take you from behind babe, taking girls from behind is my favourite.” Jack says with a smile

“One of my favourite too, I love that dick pumping me from behind” Natalie said with a sexy smile and soon waiting for Jack to turn her over.

“bend me over this sink, fuck me in the Arse” Natalie said commandly

“In the Arse, you sure?

"Yes, take me up the Arse and do not be afraid to be rough, I love it rough” Natalie said with a sexy wink

Jack quickly grabs Natalie’s legs and tosses them over so she is standing straight in her beige heels and Jack bends her over the bathroom sink, lifts up her red dress up over her ass as takes her white lace panties and pulls them down to her ankles and see’s Natalie in the mirror looking back at him with a sexy smile.

“You have been a very very bad girl?” Jack says as he lines up his hardened rod with his left hand and slaps her big juicy ass with his right hand.

“Show me how bad of a girl I have been, shove your dick up my arse and have your way with…OHHHHH God!!!!! OH FUCK!!!!!” Before Natalie even finished with what she was saying, Jack has shoved his dick straight up Natalies arse.

Her mind still in turmoil, she could only allow her body to jolt forward with
each thrust, causing her tits to swing in motion with Jack’s movements. He grunted, gripping her ass cheeks as he pushed in and out of her gorgeous tight ass while she licks her lips while getting fucked.

“HOLY SHIT!!! It feels so Fucking damn big!!!, pull me back on that cock…shit!” Natalie moans as she looks over her shoulder and licks her lips at Jack who is pulling back and forth on her hips driving his dick in and out of her sultry ass.

Natalie has her left hand rubbing her pussy while Jack slowly thrusts into her ass.

“Take it you minx, take it you dirty girl” Jack says with a grin

“Mmmmmmm…ohhhh damn it…ohhhhhhhh!” Natalie moans and grits her teeth as Jacks stunning thrusts rock her forward at a quick pace
against the bathroom sink


Jack increases the pace of his thrusts as Natalie’s sexy sultry ass bangs against Jack’s waist and at the same time has one hand grabbing her left tit. She looks straight into the mirror infront and looks intentsly back at Jack while licking her lips and closing her eyes in ecstacy.

“You look so hot when getting fucked” Jack says looking at Natalie in the mirror as he pounds Natalie whilst reaching round her sexy body to grab her left tit.

“Oh yeah Jack, grab my titties and Fuck me!”

Jack Lets go of Natalie’s tit and puts his hands on Natalie’s hips and starts fucking her sultry juicy ass really hard making Natalie scream and moan loudly.

“Jesus Christ, fuck me like a dirty little girl, Fuck me like a SLUT!!! OH SHIT” Natalie screams. Jack takes his dick our of her Ass and shoves it in her pussy and makes her shriek instantly and jolt forward still in her beige heels.

“Oh Shit! You are fucking me so hard!, it feels so damn good! Grab my hair while you are pounding me!” Natalie shouts in ecstasy

Jack quickly grabs the back of her dark hair and pulls back a little so Natalie is standing upright infront of the mirror with her head tilted back

“Fuck yeah baby, yea you love that naughty pussy don’t you” Natalie moaned

“You love it rough don’t you sexy, you love that hair being pulled and fucked from behind don’t you? Jack said

"OH YE, treat me like a whore.I fucking love it….I’m Cumming! Fuck me hard make me explode all over that dick!…mmmm Fuck!”

“I’M CUMMING OHHH SHIT!!! Fuck!!!!” Natalie screams as she wildly flips her hair while getting rammed over the sink.

Jack starts sweating as he is banging her harder and faster than any girl he has fucked before. He makes her cum all over his big dick and makes her scream loudly as his balls are banging against her clit.

“Oh Fuck, You made me cum so hard! Now let me sit on that fat dick” Natalie says commandly

Jack takes his trousers completely off and Natalie’s panties and goes to sit on the toilet

“Ready and waiting” Jack said with a smile with his erect dick in his hands waiting patiently

Natalie faces jack as she goes over his lap and lowers herself onto Jacks dick. Natalie still has her red dress on but her breasts are completely out.

“Ohhh god, give it to me, slam me into your shaft!” Natalie says as she is still in her heels and with both feet on the floor as she is bouncing up and down as her wet pussy is fucked hard by Jack’s hardened cock.

“Oh Jack….mmmm…mmmmm oh god” Natalie moans

Jack has both hands on Natalie’s hips as he bounces her and thrust his dick out of her soaking wet pussy at a fast pace and managing to keep eye contact with her.

“mmmm…FUCK!…YOU feel so fucking good!, you love it don’t you babe.” Jack says as he is having the best sex ever"

“I fucking love it, Pump my pussy” Natalie moaned and screamed as her wet pussy got a pounding. Jack moves forward a little and starts playing with Natalie’s tits as she is still bouncing on his dick.

“More baby, keep going…Holy Shit!!!!!” Natalie is wildly tossing her hair back and forth as her wet pussy is going up and down on Jacks stiff dick.

“Fuck Natalie…you ride me good. Oh shit.”

“Ohhhh man…. Ahhh…. Awww…” Jack groans as he grabs hold of Natalie’s hips as she starts to rock her hips back and forth while she rises and falls repeatedly on his dick.

Natalie cutely closes her eyes and licks her lips as her wet pussy is bouncing on Jack’s thick hardened shaft and Jack is close to releasing his load.

“Natalie, I want to take you from behind again, I am so close babe” Jack says happily.

“Sure sweetie, anything for someone who fucks me this good” Natalie said lifting herself off his dick and looking straight at Jack who sits off the toilet.

With them completely naked now and the clothes all over the bathroom floor, Natalie and Jack start kissing and using their tongues. Jack has a hand down her pussy and starts running it as he is playing tonsil hockey with Natalie’s mouth.

Jack notices from the corner of his eye, the toilet stalls. Jack takes Natalie’s hand and leads her towards one of the toilet stalls, he break their kiss and walks her in with her, Natalie turns around and closes the door and locks it and as she does that Jack immediately pushes her against the door so her boobs press against the door inside the toilet stall and quickly slides his dick straight into her tight pussy from behind causing Natalie to scream with enjoyment as she is about to cum again and Jack is minutes from doing the same.

“Damn girl you feel so good” Jack said while having his hands on her sexy hips whilst she is standing upright still in her beige heels and loving every second getting fucked by his tool.

“Holy shit, I am going to cum again Jack, keep going, pound me hard and fast Jack…OHHHHH SHIT FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE! You are fucking me so damn hard!.” Natalie screams as her backside is slapping agianst Jack’s waist as she is cumming a 2nd time.

“take me, take me..fuck me hard..Ohhhh Fuck I’M Cumming OH SHIT Pound my pussy!!!!” Natalie starts shaking as she starts to cum onto Jack thick dick after the pounding she has just recieved.

“You are a great shag Nat, I love you from behind, you are my favourite” Jack says as he tilts his head back feeling the cum from Natalie’s pussy on his hardened rod.

Jack starts slapping her ass leaving a red mark but then proceeds fucking her with his hands on her fine hips.

“Slap my ass, Oh Shit!! Give it to me baby, give me that dick, Oh shit! Natalie screams as she has just cummed a 2nd time.

"Your ass feels so good you slut.” Jack said with a grin as he is moments from cumming from fucking her wet puss..

“I want that spunk Jack. Put your load all over my tits, all over those big tits you love looking at, at home.”

“oh god…get on your knee’s you minx..oh fuck.”

Jack pulls his dick out of Natalie’s soaking wet pussy and Natalie then turns around to go onto her knee’s and to use both hands to stroke Jack hard, she is making it easy for Jack to climax in a few seconds with her smile looking right up at Jack.

“I want that hot sticky cum all over me baby” Natalie says stroking his thick dick.

“Oh Shit baby…oh fuck thats it baby oh fuck!” Jack groans as his balls clench as he releases his load and splatters it all over Natalie’s big tits and chest.

“You taste good baby” Natalie says as she puts her index finger on her cum splattered tits and chest and licks some off her finger.

Natalie stands up and gets some of the toilet paper in the stall and whipes off the sticky cum from her huge tits and chest and Jack goes to sit on the toilet as he uses some toilet paper to whipe the sweat off him and at the same time he is trying to catch his breath.

“That was fucking great, you really know how to please a woman” Natalie said while looking at Jack.“

"You felt fantastic, my life is complete after being with my fantasy shag.” Jack says happily

“Glad you liked it.” Natalie said with a wink at Jack

“hopefully we can do this again some time.” Jack said

“maybe..maybe we can arange another fuck session somewhere…sometime.” Natalie said with a sexy grin.

Jack and Natalie exit the toilet stall to put their clothes back on that were s**ttered all over the bathroom floor.

“Stay here for a few minutes” Natalie asks Jack so there is no suspcion of what they have just done for the last 25 minutes.

Jack leaves the toilets 5 minutes later and quickly leaves the sky building and see’s Natalie waiting outside. Natalie then gives Jack her phone number on a piece of paper.

“Cya later sweetie” Natalie smiles and winks as she walks away in her red dress and beige heels.

Part 2 soon

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