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Sissy's first time at a busy gloryhole

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So i have had my fair share of hookups before, most from craigslist or something like that. But i had not until recently ever been to a gloryhole. Well, the other day i was super horny and didn't feel like waiting for responses online or something, so i decided to give it a try.

I put on my little plaid skirt and pink stockings ( its sort of my favorite outfit lol. Maybe i should get some new stuff... hehe) and i put on a white long sleeved victorias secret dallas cowboys shirt. I honestly don't care either way about the cowboys, but i 'earned' the shirt and some panties and other clothes one night, so i like wearing them hehehe. I had my black bra and silicone inserts, and looked pretty hot. Then i took out the inserts, put street clothes over everything and went to the porn shop. This shop is on a main road, but i can get to it from the alley.. its a small town though and i can be a little paranoid sometimes, so i walked in the back door in jeans and a light jacket.

Being my first time i was pretty nervous about doing this in public. Inside the back door was a hallway with booths on either side. I saw one with an 'occupied' light on it, so i looked, and the one next to it was empty... and there was a gloryhole hehe. So i went in and closed the door. I am not sure if i had to or not, but i put a dollar or something in the video machine so they wouldn't come snooping. Then i got on my knees and put my finger through the hole like i have read you are supposed to do. Within seconds there was a cock in my face. It was amazing, i had been in the building less than one minute and i was already face to face with my favorite thing hehe. He was soft, but i can fix that hehe. I started sucking... licking the shaft.... under the head =] soon there was a 6" cock in my face and it looked delicious. I licked the sides... slid my tongue into the slit causing the dried cum seal of his pervy cockhole to dissolve on my tongue... Then i slid forward and got as much as i could into my mouth. The gloryhole is a great idea but for the normal sized cocks it makes it difficult to get enough in my mouth!

That's why what happened next was so nice. He whispered to me "Hey, wanna come over?" for a second i though he meant to his house, but he clarified that i should come into his stall. I was so glad i got dressed, because as soon as i got in there i pulled my street clothes off and got on my knees and kept doing what i was made to do. Now i could feel the familiar feeling of throbbing cockhead pushing pushing pushing and then popping into my throat.... mmmmm. I put his hands on my head so he could take more control.. and he held my head balls deep on his cock. That seemed like the best time for me to swallow hard over and over, and i heard him moan and felt him try to jam more of himself into the cock-massaging sex-toy that was my throat.

Then he pulled me off, he seemed like he was shaking with excitement as he pulled me to my feet and turned me against the door of the stall. I heard a plastic bottle fall and bounce around. Then he said "Can i fuck you honey?" but i could feel fingers covered in cold lube already pushing into my cunt. It seemed pointless to reply, so i just lifted my skirt and pointed my sissy ass at him.

He wasted no time working into me. No thought was given to moving in and out smoothly with his rough knuckles... he only wanted to get me ready for use.

Unfortunately, he was an older guy, and as soon as my mouth left his cock he started getting soft again. Fingering me seemed to do the trick though, i felt him jamming his big fingers in furiously, and then heard him messing with a wrapper. Then i felt a condom covered cock poking around looking for home. I wiggled my booty around a lil so it would find its destination, but he was already getting soft. More rough fingering.. then he said "Bend over. no more. bend over more!" he was starting to get more impatient and nothing was far enough so i put my hands on the ground bending way over. "Yeah thats it!" then i felt the cock stabbing around a bit and then being jammed into me "OOoaahh that feels good girl! yeahhh" i squeeled a little and fell onto my elbows, my face on the floor now. I could see under the stall door people walking back and forth occasionally. then there was one just standing there. I stood up, thinking he was in so im ok. i told him "Pull my hair!" whispering a little louder than i meant to. He yanked my hair and said "Oooah yeah bitch! Take it!" but right then he slipped out. he let go and said i should just bend over and stay there this time... so i did. Then he said "Are you clean?" i said i was, and heard him messing with something... and then cock was in me again. but i could feel veins. and cockhead. Omg he just switched to bareback i though, and i had my mouth open.. wanting to say something.

Just then, the guy who's feet were still just outside.. he kneeled down and just looked right at me. Just watched me clearly taking cock. i got super red and avoided eye contact...

And right then, my current user grabbed my hips and buried himself in me and loudly whispered "Oh yeah bitch! ughh ugghHHHHHH i hope you like cum dripping down your legs all night!" He kept trying in vein to get more of himself into me, and he was pushing me so my face was moving forward towards the bottom of the door. i bit my lip a little and slowly looked up to see the guy in the halway, still squatting there.. grinning at me. Not a very friendly grin. Like.. look at this sex object... what a slut.

Finally i was empty... and i stood up. He put some money in the machine and told me to relax and watch porn for awhile. I sat on the stool. I was exhaling and thinking about how crazy it was.. when the door came back open and the guy from the hallway said... "My turn" and grinned that grin.

I sat still for a second.. then i got on my knees again and started getting out his cock. This one was really cool. I love bent cocks hehe. It went to the left, from my perspective. And he was already hard, about 7.5 inches. I did my customary taste test of his cumslit, sliding my tongue into it, and to my delight as soon as i licked off the dried pre-cum, a nice big jewl of it appeared, which i savored for a few seconds. Apparently this guy was impatient cause he grabbed my head and started fucking it. He was louder too. He kept saying "Yeah, suck that cock slut. mmm you like getting face fucked? Huh?" he was definitely a verbal guy.

I kept wanting to ask him to quiet down but he wouldn't let me off his cock. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled up.. not hard but with a steady pace so i got up. He spun me around and said "Mmm, you got a nice little ass for a little faggot, i see why that guy looked so satisfied!" Then i felt him slapping his cock on my ass "Here let me fix these" he said, and instead of moving my panties to the side, he ripped a hole in them... way bigger than it needed to be, but it was right on my fuckhole... Just as i was accepting that this guy was tearing my stuff, he jammed himself all the way into my cum-lubed hole.

I couldn't help it. i let out the sluttyest noise.. fuck. it was something like "uuUHHHGHHOhmygawd!"

I was so embarrassed, everyone in the store must have heard it... but no time to think because i was getting fucked hard. I was breathing fast, head hitting the stall wall, and some breaths came out with a little whimpery moan. It wasn't long before someone inevitably stuck their cock into the hole from the stall that this lucky man was fucking his sex doll into the wall of. Then a hand grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face down into the unknown cock.


I immediately parted my mouth and let it in. I stood there, legs apart and hands against the wall, and accepted my role in these nice men's night. I was being railed from behind, my head was held in place for another guy, who must have heard the noise and come over. The gloryhole cock was fucking my face, and my body was being fucked towards it, and pretty soon he let his cum go. some went in my throat, most in my mouth. God it felt good... the idea that i was savoring and tasting anonymous cum, while being ragdoll fucked against a wall.

Then i heard "Thanks cocksucker! Want me to send someone else in?"

"Do that!!" Came the voice from behind me.

And soon there was another cock there. Hard. It was kinda brownish... i don't think black but maybe mexican? I don't know i barely got to look before my head was put onto it. I sucked again, but soon i was getting fucked so hard i could barely keep up a rythm, and then i heard "FUUUCK YEAH BITCH!" and felt cum inside me... then he pulled out and i felt it on my back.

"Stay here!" he said, and i heard him leave. I was busy sucking cock and too dazed to think so i just stayed there sucking... the door was wide open.

There were a few voices...

"Oh shit is that a fuckin girl?!"

"No, just a little dressed up sissy fuckin faggot, but who cares, have some fun!" said a familiar voice. Then there was some arguing and they decided they would fuck me.

I was so embarrassed. My face was bright red and i refused to look towards the door. I didn't know what to do. So like a stupid slut, i just kept sucking. My ass right there for them to see.... ripped panties... flipped up skirt.

"Lets just do it, im fuckin horny and thats a nice little ass"

"Yeah. i guess your right.. i call first though!"

They were younger guys. college probably, there were dorms on the same block. i heard them run over and arguing.. then there were hands on me. I could feel my ass being moved side to side... they were both in there and pulling my back end towards themselves while trying to get their cocks out and into me first.

And soon i felt one.

"Hahaha YEAAHHHH haha this is MY bitch haha get your own!" then he pulled out and i heard something hit the wall... and then there was a cock in me again. but it felt like it was dry and just going in... and it was bigger.... omg they are totally tag taeming me! They were roughly fighting over my hole.. for the most part i was able to keep sucking, but sometimes they pulled me too far from the gloryhole. Finally i could hear the guy getting worked up and ready to cum and i was working my tongue all over the head of his cock.. and they yanked me back...

I don't know why i said it.. i didn't think... but i said in the tone of a pouting teenager "Hey hey! hes gonna cum, let go! Let me swallow it!"

Laughing. and then i was swallowing cum.

There was laughing behind me, and even laughing from the guy who i was swallowing. God damn it... i felt so dumb. I started crying a little onto the softening cock, cursing myself for saying it. Before i could get too wrapped up in it though, the boys behind me pulled me back to them.

"She's all ours now!"

"You mean it? Hahaha i mean its not a guy either...hahaha!"

And then i was on all fours, cock in both ends.

I realized then that these two hadn't spoken to me once, just to eachother. They just came in and fucked me without ever addressing me.

But what could i do about it now.

The only thing i could think of is arch my back and point my ass up. So thats what i did.

They switched places. Twice.

Then i felt cum flooding into my ass... and soon after my mouth.

They made some more jokes at my expense and left... and i got the fuck out while i had the chance.

Again.. started writing about something that really happened... and i got carried away... im sorry guys i cant help it haha, i get too horny while writing these!

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