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How I got a serious onepiece swimsuit fetish pt2

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A quick foreword for you all, this series is the first thing I have tried to write for the entertainment of other people since high school. Everything you read in the "how I got a serious one piece swimsuit fetish" series is loosely based on TRUE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD, names and a few details have been changed/made up to protect my identity and the identities of other people. The masturbation scenes are embellished a lot, but all the key points are true.

Part two: a swimsuit of my own

This is a few years after part one of my story. I was now in high school and larger than I had been in junior high in every dimension. I was now accustomed to masturbating in a one piece swimsuit and had a hard time getting off if I wasn't wearing one, or at least thinking about swimsuits in general. I had gone through all the swimsuits in my mothers dresser drawer repeatedly and had good times with all of them. My favorite was still the red and blue one that I had first grabbed out of the drawer at random. Most of the other suits had liners in them, but this one did not. (If you don't know what I mean by a liner, it's a second layer of spandex sewn on the inside of a swimsuit that is usually black in color and is there to prevent a woman's nipples and pussy from being too easily seen through the swimsuit.) I loved the way i could see the outline of my entire hard cock and balls through that unlined swimsuit. My erection was right in the middle of one of the red stripes when it pointed straight up (with a bit of a curve to my left) and moving it side to side under the blue stripes was a sure way to make me cum. At this point I was jacking off in my moms swimsuits every afternoon when I got home from school, and maybe once or twice on the weekend if the opportunity presented itself. The spandex of a one piece swimsuit pulls up on your balls when a guy wears one and tries to ride up into your butt crack. Every guy has seen chicks pulling their swimsuits out of their butts at pools, it happens to guys as well if they try wearing a swimsuit. One piece or bikini it will happen, just walk around in it for a while (or better yet swim in it) and you will appreciate what I am saying. Something about the tightness across my balls, taint, and ass, as well as the tightness across my stomach and chest in a one piece just drove me wild. (Still does in fact.) I did not dare cum in the swimsuits I wore, but wished I could. I also wanted to wear them in the shower afterwards, or masturbate in the swimsuits IN the shower and cum in them until the hot water ran out. None of it was possible. Wet swimsuits would take a long time to dry and I had only about 20-30 minutes after I finished up before my mom got home. The possibility of getting my own mom pregnant via a cum stain scared the living hell out of me. (I had gone through sex ed at school around this time and knew that could happen. I could never cum in a swimsuit and just put it back in her dresser.) As I said before, cum stains are hard to explain when noticed, and if they were not noticed the possibilities of what could happen are best not though of too much...

I needed my own swimsuit that I could do whatever I pleased in and not worry about it being noticed missing or having stains on it. At the cum I believed that cum could leave huge white stains on every thing it touched.
Where I could get one of my own was easy, every Wall-Mart sells clothing, including swimsuits of all shapes, sizes and styles. But as a teenager with no job and maybe $10 to my name, I could not even afford to buy one let alone work up the nerve to actually go to a cashier in a store and buy women's clothing. What I needed was a plan. A plan to get a women's one piece swimsuit into the hands of a broke, but horny teenage boy, without ANYBODY knowing about it.

Plan A seemed like a winner, the store I chose was named for it. There is a clothing store chain in Canada called Winners and they mostly sell women's clothing, underwear, and most importantly... swimsuits. They also sell men's clothing and had a store near my school back then, giving me an excuse to hang around in there. I spent several lunch breaks watching the women's swimsuit section and wishing I had the nerve (and cash) to buy one right there in front of the whole world. 99% of the time I didn't know anybody in the store but was scared that someone would see me buying a swimsuit and tell everyone I knew that I was cross-dressing in one-piece swimsuits. Without the money or nerve to buy a swimsuit I gave up on buying one for the moment. I decided the only course was to find one for free. Having never stolen anything and not wishing to start now, my options were really REALLY limited.

Leaving the Winners parking lot and resigning myself to borrowing my moms swimsuits forever I noticed my plan B sitting in the back parking lot of the store I had just left. The open dumpster out back of the store had a small amount of actual trash in it but was mostly full of clothing that was either damaged or had sat on the store shelves for too long and was thus considered unpopular. Today that sort of clothing gets donated to charities or recycled, but in the 90s it was surely my way to sexual spandex ecstasy (with a couple of runs in the washing machine before use.) Thus I began dumpster diving behind Winners, hoping for a swimsuit that would fit my teenage body. I found several women's bras and some underwear, (interesting items to be sure, but not what I was after.) But I could not find a shred of spandex in there, let alone the one-piece swimsuit of my dreams. I went back a few times but stopped going after some woman yelled at me from the stores loading dock. I think she thought I was a bum searching the dumpster for scrap metal or something.

Scrap metal is way easier to find than a scrap swimsuit, you can find scrap metal everywhere. A worn, forgotten or unwanted swimsuit finds it`s way into the trash can and I did not want to go dumpster diving in real garbage instead of what was really just a pile of old clothes. I had no money, I had no options, I had no swimsuit. But someone told me a phrase back then ``If you want something bad enough... you`ll get it``. I think it might be from the movie Cool Runnings but I don`t know for sure. Anyway plan C paid off big time.

Plan C was the lost and found at the high school I was now going to. It had a public pool across the road from it. I figured that since girls a few years older than me were about the same height and size as my younger teenage self, I might be able to find a swimsuit from a girl in my school laying around the lost and found. The high school had gym classes at the pool and I figured if I checked often enough, there would eventually be a lost one piece swimsuit there that nobody would claim. Then I could take it and say to the desk clerk that it was my sisters suit or something. I don`t steal, but if you leave a thing in the lost and found for more than a week its fair game for anybody, the staff throw away stuff that sits around too long anyway. A sexy blue bikini showed up in there with the bottom tied around the top. It was one of those bikinis that you tie the strings at the side of the bottom and tie the strings in a bow between the tits. That thing would have fit nearly anyone, no matter their size or gender, but it was gone when I came back the next day. Still... I had my eye on a pink one-piece swimsuit with a dolphin on it. This swimsuit had a high neckline and back with a spouting dolphin printed on the chest and had a small rhinestone at the top of each shoulder strap. It was clearly too small for me, I mean like 3-4 sizes too small, but it had been in the lost and found since I started looking in there and it was at the bottom of the box meaning it had probably been there much longer than I had been looking.

After one week I took the pink swimsuit from the lost and found on my lunch break and went to the least used bathroom in the school. This was the bathroom near the shop classes and was normally full of jock strap wearing football players bragging about the size of their cocks or the size of their girlfriends tits. During lunch though, it was the farthest bathroom from the cafeteria and had nobody in there except me. I entered the farthest stall from the door, dropped my jeans and then realized a problem... To put on a one piece swimsuit you have to not be wearing anything at all, except socks I guess, or leggings, or pantyhose, or a bikini top, or many other things I did not have then. (Except the socks, I had socks and they are not sexy to me at all.) So I had to remove my jeans, underwear, shirt and shoes if I wanted to put on my new (to me), pink, dolphin printed one piece swimsuit. I had to hide what I was doing from any casual guy who might walk in and see something he should not under the door of the stall. The answer was to lift my legs up and take off my shoes, jeans, underwear and t-shirt. I hung each of these on the hook on the inside of the stall door, except my shoes, these I hid behind the toilet. Now totally naked in a school bathroom for the first time, I indulged in a fast but satisfying masturbation session. I started flipping my semi hard cock between my stomach and my balls. Whipping my cock up to my stomach with one finger made a loud smack sound, then letting it fall between my balls makes a much quieter, but more satisfying smack. I still use this as a way to get hard fast if I am in a hurry and not worried about the noise. It only took seconds to become hard enough to stroke with my full hand and I was happily pulling off and getting ready to put on the pink swimsuit when the door to the hall opened with a slight squeak. I instantly lifted my feet from the floor and placed them against the door of the stall. The socks on my feet holding the door closed were the only clothing I was wearing and being caught like this would be the end of my social life at school.

Nobody came into the bathroom for about five seconds and then two pairs of sneaker wearing feet entered. I swear this is true... after standing by the door for a few seconds, both pairs of feet entered the stall two doors over from mine and the bodies they were attached to began having what seemed like very noisy sex in the silent bathroom. (No moaning or even a word spoken between them. This must have been a regular thing for them.) While I cannot prove it, I was certain they were both guys in there, and guys having gay sex that close to me made me both hard as a rock and reckless as hell. Everyone in that bathroom was up to something they should not be, (by the school rules anyway) and I wanted to get off as bad as these guys did. Dropping my feet to the floor, I pulled the pink one piece from the pocket of my jeans hanging from the hook on the stall door and silently slipped it on. It was way too small for me and the straps bit into my shoulders, but at the same time the butt of the suit went into my ass crack a bit and I felt it compressing my ass cheeks together. My cock and balls felt like they were trying to press through my stomach, and the dolphin printed across the chest of my new suit had stretched out even more than my dick had. I kind of liked that, my chest was so broad and deep it stretched the chest of the suit out as much as my cock and balls stretched the crotch. Judging by the size, this suit had probably belonged to a girl about my age before it was lost. How could this fit over a pair of budding tits? All the girls in my year were out of training bras at this point. The suit was also lined only in the chest and crotch, kind of like a bra and panties sewn into the swimsuit. This meant my balls and the base of my cock were an indistinct bulge, but the upper half of my cock and my dickhead were even more clearly defined by the ultra tight spandex than my moms swimsuits could do. I could see all the veins on the end of my dick and even the slit in the end of my dickhead was clearly visible.

leaning back against the toilet tank, I listened to the guys two stalls over and rubbed my balls through the pink swimsuit with my left hand. The right hand was trying to get through the leg hole of the swimsuit and masturbate inside it, but the swimsuit was so tight that I could only put my fingers through and rub the side of my cock, not grab it and really get going. Not wanting to tear my new swimsuit, I took my hand out and cupped my cock through the spandex and stroked away. The ultra tight suit, the strange compressed feeling on my butt cheeks, the fact that I was wearing a swimsuit while at school, and the sounds coming from two stalls over made me as horny as I have ever been. I slid my hand up and down the length of my cock with a quick whisking sound, listening to the heavy breathing and soft slapping sounds coming from the other stall. My left hand went from my balls to my butt and began rubbing and squeezing, thinking of the girl from swim class a few years ago. I wished she was in the stall with me then. I kind of wished I was in the stall two doors over from mine. I was so horny and lost in my fantasies than I was shocked to realize I was coming almost without noticing.

The wet spot on my swimsuit started at the head of my dick, but spread quickly up to my belly button and halfway down my cock towards my balls. My semen was not the thin, watery stuff that I used to come when I started with swimsuits. I could feel my thick white cum sliding down the right side of my cock as I leaned on the wall panting. The quiet rubbing noises and heavy breathing from two stalls over never skipped a beat. They were in their own teenage fantasy and would probably not have noticed a bomb go off in the sink next to their stall. I held my feet up against the stall door waiting for them to go away, feeling the cum starting to pool around my right ball and the cold, wet spot on my swimsuits stomach as my hard on slowly went down.
The pair in the other stall finished up what they were doing (frotting I think) there was the sound of the toilet paper dispenser then a flush and they were gone. Getting my arms out of the too small swimsuit was tricky and careful as I was, there was still the sound of a few threads popping in the shoulders before I could get the straps off. I pushed the suit down my chest intending to take it off, then changed my mind. Rolling the straps and the torso of the swimsuit inside it, I made a kind of bikini bottom out of it and pulled my jeans on over the swimsuit. I could not wear it properly under my clothes, the straps were so tight they made dents in my shoulders that could be seen through a t-shirt. Pulling on my shirt and shoes, I pocketed my underwear and headed to my first afternoon class. The tightness of the too small suit compressing my ass and my slippery, spermy crotch felt wonderful as I walked down the hall and I thought to myself that I was probably going to need a hall pass on a permanent basis for all the bathroom breaks I would need in the future.

I did not masturbate again at school that afternoon and was feeling my cock getting hard in my swimsuit as I walked home to my parents house. I could feel the dried cum on my cock breaking loose from where it had glued me to the crotch of the suit. When I got home that day, I bypassed my moms dresser and went straight into the bathroom. Stripping off, I pulled up the straps over my shoulders and inspected the cum stains around my balls and below my belly button. They were not nearly as bad as I had feared. Having never cum on a swimsuit before and always instantly washing away the evidence of my wet dreams, I had never seen cum dried into cloth before. Just a minor darkening of the pink spandex under my belly button and beside my balls, although the fabric there felt a little rough from the dried semen.

I turned on the shower and while I waited for the hot water to come, I teased my teenage dick out through the right leg hole of my swimsuit. My equipment was as large then as it is now and I was ready to blow my load there and then. I lay down on the floor and felt a few bits of dried semen flake off my foreskin as I began gently stroking, edging my way towards release. My balls were still inside my suit and I rubbed them with my left hand, feeling the soft smoothness on the left side of my balls, running my fingers down under them to my taint, then up the right side and over the slightly rough cum spot to the base of my cock. I took great pleasure in rubbing a bit of pre-cum off on my spandex wrapped stomach in a long arc, knowing I would soon have the swimsuit clean and drying, ready for next day. Steam was now filling the room from the shower, but I was lost in ecstasy and too busy to turn on the fan or turn down the hot water. My slow measured stroking picked up speed and instead of rubbing my balls with my fingers, I cupped them in my left palm and rubbed up and down on them in time with my stroking right hand. When I came, i did not cum in my hand or on a tissue as I usually do, but let it fly all over my chest and stomach, jerking my cock frantically and pressing down on my balls so hard it almost hurt.

Exhausted I just lay on the floor, watching the steam billowing out of the shower, casually wiping the head of my shrinking dick on the stomach of my pink swimsuit. I got up after a moment and turned down the hot water in the shower and switched on the fan. Wiping the fogged mirror with a towel I studied the effect my second orgasm had on the swimsuit. Laughing to myself I got in the shower, the stretched out dolphin on my chest was spouting more than just water now.

I watched the pink suit turn a light red as the warm water darkened the fabric and began washing the blobs of semen down my swimsuit clad body. A few threads popped in the seams as I shimmied out of the suit and began to wash it under the warm water. I didn't know how long this too small swimsuit would last, but I would make it last as long as possible.

The end, for now.

If their is no "I" in "tEaM" there is still a "ME". And you can't have "SpandEX" without having "SEX". (the letters are even in the right order, unlike the "team" thing.) Spandex, me, sex... with myself. That is still a great thing. The only thing that could improve it is a teammate. Maybe in part three or four...

Sneaky_31 signing off

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