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Visit to the Farm – Female Hucow Slut

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Chapter 1, Jen's Arrival

Sixteen year old Jen disliked the long car ride. Not so much the ride itself, the
destination bummed her out. Why her parents insisted that she
spend the summer at her Aunt's farm was beyond her understanding.
The thought of catering to smelly a****ls was beyond mere
dislike. Jen was a city girl. Not that the city smelled any
prettier. It was just that in Jen's late teen years she had
discovered the joys and wonders of the city. It seemed only
recently that Jen had blossomed out. Tall and full figured, Jen
put many of her fellow female class mates to shame, Jen had
attracted more than her share of attention from the opposite sex.
The beginnings of an adventure had been taken from Jen to
replaced the dullness and slowness of country life. At least
this was Jen's perception. A perception soon to shattered by

It was hot. The farm was located in an isolated portion of
central Florida. The car lacked such basics as air conditioning.
Sitting next to an open window Jen did the best that she could.
The top buttons of her blouse were now undone. Amble cleavage
was clearly evident.

Turning through a sharp right bend on the unpaved road leading to
the farm a white house appeared. Tall southern pines lined the
entrance on either side. Jen could see the farm extend from the
grounds behind the house. Jen could see a parallel pair of barns
behind the house.

A matronly appearing middle-aged woman greeted the approaching
car. "Welcome, Jen how you've developed! Pete, thanks for
delivering our Jen" Jen's aunt gave Jen a good look over as Jen
stepped from the car. Pete, who had done all of the driving
stretched as he finely got to stand. Pete had said little during
the long drive. Upon first sight Jen thought him to be rather
strange. All he wore was a pair of bid overalls and boots
without a shirt.

Jen's aunt guided Jen through the front door. Jen was acutely
aware of her aunt's arm about her shoulders. Fingers pressed
deeply into her upper arm as if to test the firmness of the meat.

Jen was shocked by the sight of a pair of naked toddlers.
Perhaps three and the other five, the older one male, and the
younger one female, Jen's entrance had interrupted their game of

Jen's aunt bellowed out, "Margaret, my niece Jen is here. Come
out and say hello."

A young woman walked from the kithen. Like the c***dren, she was
completely nude. Margerat wore nothing, but a dark all-over tan
and a few rings piercing her pussy lips. Jen could see a baby
cradled in her arms was busily sucking milk from Margaret's huge swinging
breasts. With a low demure tone of voice, Margaret greeted Jen.
"Hi. Welcome to the farm. Aunte will surely find something for
you to do." With that simple greeting, while making no apologies
for her nudity, Margaret turned about and returned to the
kitchen. As Margaret turned about, Jen couldn't help notice the
mark on Margarte's inner thigh, a lower case greek letter lambda.
Pete followed Margaret with his hand placed on her well spaced
buttocks, breeding hips. Pete's index finger pressed in-between
Margaret's anus crack to probe her twat. Margaret smiled as she
felt Pete's touch. Jen was unprepared for the open and
uninhibited show of affection. Jen surmised that Pete was the
father of at least some of Margaret's brood.

Not only bare foot and pregnant, but au natural as well, thought
Jen. This could be worse than she had imagined.

Seeing Jen's perplexed look, Jen's aunt attempted an explanation.
"We're very isolated here. That coupled with the year round hot
weather makes for quite a bit of informality, it‘s just easier going around naked most of the time.

Pete's my hired hand and Margaret is his wife. Pete needed someone and Margaret
was the answer. I'm so glad that I got her. It's such a joy
having the c***dren about."

Jen's aunt spoke of Margaret as if she had been property.

Jen quickly got settled. Jen's aunt invited Jen to the family
room for refreshments. Margaret, now having donned an apron, but
still bare-assed, served drinks. As Margaret bent over to serve
drinks, Jen couldn't help notice that Margaret's lower regions
were completely hairless. At first sip Jen could taste the

Jen's aunt started the conversation. "I do not know whether
anyone told you about our farm. Many things changed after the
enactment of the new human livestock laws."

Jen perked up. Jen had only once been to a human butcher shop.
Very high priced meat. Jen blushed as she remembered the
butcher's assessment of her, sized up like a prize cow fit for
slaughter. "So you're into human cattle?"

"Yes, we specialize mostly in the dairy", replied Jen's aunt.

"No barbecues?", asked Jen.

"Occasionally. Ever so often a human cow gets used up and needs
to be disposed of. We also breed them."

Upon her aunt's mentioning breeding Jen immediately thought of
Margaret. Jen felt her nether regions getting damp with visions
of forced mating, though perhaps not so much forced in Margaret's

"You need a tour. Pete, tomorrow come with us. I want to show
Jen around."

Jen had a difficult time sleeping that night. Besides thoughts
of what she would see tomorrow, sounds of sex could be clearly
heard. Pete and Margaret occupied a room next to hers. Jen
could not mistake Margaret's cries as she obtained orgasm. More
breeding, thought Jen. Uncharacteristic of Jen, she slept in the
nude that night. Perhaps her aunt's drinks had something to do
with how she felt. Jen felt flushed. The evening's encounter
was all too much for her. Jen's fingers located the sweet spot
of her nether region to bring her off.

Ch.2 Jen, the New Farm hand

Jen's tour began with the left most and the longest of the two
parallel barns. Jen had expected Pete to lead the way, but only
her aunt was with her. Jen wore a pair of jeans and a tight
fitting tank top. Her ample charms were well displayed. As her
aunt opened the double pair of end doors Jen was shocked by what
she saw. At the far end of the barn Pete was leading in the
herd. By the appearance of the centrally located apparatus this
was the milking barn. Pairs of suction cups hung from the
ceiling. Though Jen already knew that the herd was human “cows”, the
sight of over fifty naked human females being marched to be
milked, shocked her nevertheless. The naked women were young,
Jen's age or not much older, and they all had very large breasts, also just like Jen. Except for a crew cut, all were totally hairless as well, including their pussies and assholes. Jen's aunt explained that the herd had just had their heads shaved. They would let the head hair grow out for a tri-monthly harvest. Jen also observed that many of the
women, or cows as her aunt would refer to them as, were pregnant.
The cows very large breasts were tipped with two inch long nipples.
As the first of the human cows neared the entrance where Jen and
her aunt stood, Jen could see the same mark as Jen had seen on
Margaret, a lower case lambda, on the cows inner thigh.

The cows avoided Jen's stare. Walking up to their positions in
the milking barn the cows were intent on only a single thing, the
relieveing of the intense pressure in their swollen milk bag tits that they experienced twice a day.

Without taking her eyes off the scene developing before her, Jen
had a series of questions for her aunt. "Where do you get them?
None of my gym-class mates had breasts anything like those. I
didn't know that nipples could get so long. Is it a genetic

Responding to Jen's last question first, her aunt replied. "How
perceptive of you Jen. Well yes the breast modifications are
induced genetic changes. The udders tend to increase in size as
the cows start receiving regular milking. The long nipples are
created by us, we stretch them out with weights until they’re ready to be milked. They're easier to pump them that way. As to where we
get the cows, I buy them at auction. Condemned criminals, runaways,
or simply daughters from families that no longer want them, there
are many ways for women to become cattle." Jen bit her lip after
hearing the last condition. There was a fine line between being
an annoyance and becoming cattle.

Walking down the length of the milking barn, Jen watched Pete
hurry from cow to cow attaching the udders to the suction cups.
Each cow was secured by kneeling down upon a huge plastic phallus that
lodged firmly within their well lubricated cunts. Her aunt explained that the cows had their cunts and assholes stretched regularly so they could accommodate breeding with real bulls, to keep them in their place as cows. Jen could see
several of the cows achieve orgasm as they were milked. Milk
flowed in clear plastic tubes to fill a central collection tank.
The smell reminded Jen of her high school gym locker room. The
musky scent of over fifty sweating female bodies filled the
interior air of the barn. Jen was no lesbian, but Jen found the
smell pleasant nevertheless.

Jen also noticed that none of the human cows spoke. Stopping
near one cow, Jen spotted a scar on the neck. Without needing to
be asked, Jen's aunt verbalized an explanation. "We also cut
their vocal cords."

"What about Margaret? She has the same mark on her thigh.",
asked Jen.

"Margaret is an exception. I bought her at auction as a reward
to Pete and had her only partially modified. In this job market,
good handlers are hard to find. I needed to find something to
keep him here. A good employer finds non-financial incentives to
keep her employees happy."

It took over two hours for the milking to be completed.
Afterwards Pete directed the cows to an open air pen where they
would spend the day. Plenty of water and food, a special bend of
cereal grains, was provided for them. Promptly around three
o'clock the milking process would be repeated. The cows slept in
a separate adjoining barn.

After the milking, as Jen stood by the fence penning in the herd
of human cattle, her aunt approached her. She had an excited
look upon her face. "Pete informs me that we're in for a treat.
One of the cows is in heat. You're going to witness your first

Breeding occurred in the open air. In a fenced off area out of
view of the herd's pen, Pete had the female to be mated securely
tied to a wooden frame. Bent over at the waist, the human cow's spread
cunt was exposed for all to see. Jen could see the cow whimper
under her bounds. The cow continuously flexed the muscles of her
abdomen in anticipation of a trusting male appendage.

Jen wondered who would do the honors. She did not have long to
wait. Jen saw her aunt come from the smaller parallel barn with
a naked man. Guided forward with a cattle prod, her aunt
directed the man to within inches of the bound female. The man
was of moderate height and broadly built. Definitely a jock
thought Jen. Dark skinned, possibly a mulatto, Jen's eyes were
drawn to the man's sexual organ. The penis was giganatic, over a foot
long, already stiff and erect. The sight and smell of the bound
female was all that it took. Though Jen wasn't sure, she hadn't
been that sluty, the testicles seemed to be overly large as well.

Staring at the naked man, Jen asked her aunt a question. "Do you
genetically modify them too?"

"Oh yes, we breed the bulls to have extra large cocks and balls. Jen I'll need your help."

Jen hestitated with fear. She feared having to get involved.

"Jen, I need you to guide the bull's penis into the cow's cunt.
There's no time like the present to start helping out. Here
every body works."

Not wishing to be rude, Jen stepped between the bull and the cow.
The bull's hands were bound behind his back. Gingerly Jen
reached out and grasped the huge protruding male appendage. It felt
firm to the touch. With her fingers Jen felt the penis's length and width.
Jen felt the penis swell as her fingers massaged it. She
surprised herself by actually enjoying the penis's feel in her
hand. It felt more like a large sausage than a cock, even with both hands, her fingers could barely go all the way around. Jen knew that a pussy could expand at birth for the head and shoulders of a baby, but getting fucked with a cock that big would be real abuse if it weren’t for the stretching program the cows went through ahead of time. The stud’s cock was at least as big around as a bull cock and about 18 inches long.

"That's good. You're a natural Jen. Now guide the penis to the
cow's cunt. She's already wet and ready for him."

The bull seemed to know what to do more than Jen did. His aim
was good. With her fingers of Jen's other hand, Jen widened the
cow's vaginal opening and directed the penis to the entrance.
Jen barely had time to withdraw her hands as the bull thrust his
body forward impaling the cow with his stiff male shaft. Done
this before, hey big fellow, thought Jen.

The whole process didn't take long. After about a half a dozen
thrusts the male made a series of short rhythmic thrusts and
paused. All this time, the tightly bound human cow inhaled deeply
while matching, within the limits of her bondage, the bull's
thrusting motion. White semen leaked from the cow's pussy.

Jen's aunt commented on the outcome. "We'll repeat the mating of
these two over the next few days. My cows are very fertile, but a good vigorous fucking always helps get the semen up into the cow cunts. A
successful impregnation shouldn't take long to achieve. Pete
will take care of the cow. Jen, you come with me back to the
bull's barn. It's clean up time. The bulls need quite a bit of

So this was to be Jen's job, taking care of the human bulls.
With some trepidation, Jen dutifully followed her aunt to the
barn of the human bulls.

Jen's aunt showed Jen how to secure the bull. Another human
bull, lighter skinned, but having a build similar to that of the
dark skinned one, had already been secured in the cleansing area.
With the hands cuffed to a ceiling frame member and the feet
cuffed to rings attached to the cement floor neither bull could
do much of anything.

The cleansing room had the feel of a sauna. Humid and even
hotter than outside, Jen's clothes clung to her body. Jen's aunt
recommended a remedy. "I advise you to strip naked. It's much more
comfortable around here nude." With that Jen's aunt lifted her dress
over her head. She wore nothing underneath. Kicking off her
shoes, Jen's aunt was soon as naked as the male studs that had just
been secured. For her age, her body was in pretty good shape.

Oh what the hell thought Jen. When in Rome, do as the Romans.
Jen pulled off her tank top followed by letting her jeans fall to
the floor. Soon Jen too was bare assed naked.

Jen's aunt smiled as she instructed Jen on how to proceed. With
Jen working on the dark skinned male her aunt instructed on the
light skinned male. "First give the bull a good hosing down.
Then soap em up. Give particular attention to their cock and balls. Of
course that's the source of their value."

Jen had no problem with the hosing down part. Soaping up felt a
bit strange, particularly after the dark skinned bull, despite
his recent copulation, achieved a hard-on as Jen lathered up his
penis. Jen blushed deeply.

Seeing the state of Jen's charge, her aunt laughed. "hey, he
likes you. Don't worry, that happens all the time. You'll get
use to it. Just jack em off, it keeps em happy."

Jen had never given any of her previous boyfriends a hand job. A
first time for everything. With a smooth back and forth motion,
Jen proceeded to masturbate the human bull cock. After about a dozen
strokes a giant stream of white semen erupted from the bull's penis.
Jen felt the penis swell in her hand. Without thinking about it,
she licked the semen from her hand.

After the washing of the bulls the bulls were returned to their
cages. The daily care of the bulls would be Jen's job from here
on out.

The weather was warm and sunny. Both Jen and her aunt walked
back to the house nude. On their way the pair passed Margaret.
Margaret was working in the garden. Nude as usual, her young
c***dren assisted by turning up dirt with tiny shovels.

Jen and her aunt spent the remainder of the day nude. Jen hadn't
considered herself a nudist, but here on the human milk farm constant nudity
suddenly seemed to be the way to be.

Jen was beginning to like her aunt. As they sat in her aunt's
kitchen nude drinking coffee, Jen's aunt remarked about Jen's
patch of public fur. Jen always kept her lower regions neatly
trimmed. Without any hesitation Jen spread her legs apart to
offer her aunt a better view. "You should let Pete dip you.
You'll never have to shave again."

Sitting there stark naked, Jen was feeling adventurous. "What's
a dip?"

"Oh we dip all of out cattle in a hair removal solution. It
actually feels good. The effect is permanent. Just make sure to
keep your head hair out of the dip. I've got an old bathing cap
that will provide suitable protection."

For a fleeting moment Jen experienced a touch of apprehension.
To be treated like cattle was scary. The feeling quickly left
her. Once again feeling adventurous Jen agreed to being dipped.

At that precise moment, as if on clue, Pete came walking back to
the house. Without bothering to dress, Jen's aunt intercepted
him. Pete showed no reaction to her aunt's nudity. Apparently
he had seen her that way many times before. "Jen wants to be
dipped. Can you get the dipping bath ready?"

"No problem. Give me ten minutes and I'll have it set up."

A little while later Jen and her aunt walked outside to where
Pete had set up the dipping tub. The tub was filled with a thick
liquid. Not unpleasant smelling, the tub looked as if it might
be something one would encounter at a high priced health spa.
"How do I get in?" questioned Jen. Having donned the bathing
cap, Pete simply picked Jen up in his arms and set her into the
tube. Standing, Pete then proceeded to scrub Jen from her neck
on down. As he did so off came her body hair. As Pete reached
Jen's nether region, Jen couldn't help become aroused. With s
sudden boldness Jen placed her hand over Pete's crotch. Feeling
with her fingers Jen caressed the outline of Pete's penis.
Though certainly not as large as those of the human bulls Pete's
penis seemed quite impressive. Feeling very horny, Jen wondered
if Margaret would object. Pete made no attempt to remove Jen's
caressing hand.

Soon her public mound was perfectly bald. Jen noticed that Pete
had no hair on his arms or chest. Jen remembered her aunt's
comment. All cattle get dipped. Jen wondered whether that
statement extended to the hired help.

After Pete lifted Jen from the dipping bathe he took a hose and
rinsed Jen off. The water was cold. Jen did not complain. She
felt good after her hair removal.

Pete offered some advice. "You may tingle a bit all over, but
that should pass by tomorrow morning."

Jen thanked Pete for his labor and returned to the house. Farm
life may be agreeable after all.

Ch.3 Jen Settles In

Considering both Jen's work environment and the attitudes of the
co-workers, Jen decided to go her work on the farm in the nude.
Somehow walking around nude seemed the natural thing to do.
Jen's aunt's non-verbal signals indicated the appropriateness of
her decision.

Matings of the bulls to the human cows continued. An additional
duty bestowed upon Jen was the monitoring of the cow's monthly
cycles. Learning at Pete's side, Jen became adroit at predicting
the best times to bring the bulls over to sexually service the
females. Many new pregnancies resulted.

Though the days went by well, the nights were tough. Jen
continued to hear Pete and Margaret go at it. Night after night
Jen heard the pair's vigorous sexual activities. They made no
attempt to mask it. If sometimes seemed that they were teasing
her. Jen's needs continued to grow.

Things were made more difficult by Pete's professional attitude.
One might think that the presence of a naked young woman in one's
vicinity would alter one's behavior, not Pete. He remained
entirely geared to doing what ever was needed to get the job
done. Nothing, not even a pat on Jen's bare behind. At meal
times Jen would tease Pete by keeping her legs widely spread
apart while facing him. Obvious to everyone at the table, Jen
would alternatively dip a finger in the moistness of her pussy
followed licking off the collected juices. Jen was becoming
bolder as the days went by. Exhibitionism that only a few days
ago Jen would never of dreamed of became commonplace. Jen was
understandably beside herself. A plot to drive her nuts, Jen
thought. Though at the time Jen didn't know it, she was almost

One day after breakfast Jen paused in the kitchen. As was
Margaret's habit, Pete's bed companion had busied herself with
the post breakfast clean up. Her hands busied themselves washing
dishes while her baby, suspended in a sling like contraption
about Margaret's right shoulder sucked milk from Margaret's right
breast. It seemed all so natural, thought Jen. Jen saw this as
an opportunity to gather some background information. The two
naked women stood side by side and conversed.

"Margaret, my aunt tells me that she purchased you specifically
for Pete. Doesn't that make you feel a tiny bit odd?", Jen

Margaret replied, but without taking her attention from the
kitchen duties. "At first it did, but over time things changed.
I came to realize how lucky I was. You see I was a run-away."

Jen knew what that meant. u******e run-aways, particularly
female run-aways, were subject to the human livestock conversion
laws. "Things must have been pretty bad for you to become a
run-away. To take such a risk has to be an undertaking of last

Margaret nodded her head in agreement. "You don't know the half
of it. I don't want to get into specifics, let me simply say
that things at home were rather bad. Of course I got caught. I
was part way through the conversion process, on my way to
becoming some ones dinner, when your aunt picked me up. Then I
meant Pete."

Jen chucked. "Love at first sight?"

"No not really, at first I only went through the motions. I let
Pete take me. Either that or become a cow. Slowly my attitude
began to change. I came to realize that I could have something
here that I never really had before, a family. Over time, your
aunt's farm had an effect on me. I came to accept Pete and his
needs, which in turn became my needs. You stay here long enough
and you'll see. Now get going, I know how much fun it is to
chit-chat, but the bulls need your attention. The thought of
those long stiff pricks make me horny."

Jen hurried from the house to the bull's barn. She had been at
the farm for about a month now and most of the needed couplings
of the human bulls to human cows had been successfully completed.
Despite this the bulls seemed to require even more of Jen's
attention. The nature of her service to the bulls became more
sexual. No one commanded Jen to become the bull's whore. Like
so many things on her aunt's farm it seemed to be the natural
thing to do.

In only a month Jen had become quite comfortable around the human
bulls. Though a cattle prod was at the ready just in case, she
never needed it. The effect of the bull's conditioning was too
great. This morning Jen directed the Caucasian bull out of his
cage to the cleansing area. "Get your hands up. That's a good
boy." With the bull in position Jen clamped first the bull's
wrists followed by the bull's ankles. After a quick rinse Jen
began to soap up the bull's body. This bull hadn't mated in
about a week. As Jen stood in front of the human bull her
breasts rubbed against his chest. Almost simultaneously both
Jen's nipples and the bull's penis hardened. Jen began to
deliberately rub herself against the bull. It felt so good.
Getting to the bull's penis Jen took her time. Rubbing
vigorously Jen surrounded the bull's penis with a rich lather.
The bull grunted as Jen slid her hand along the penis's length.
Speaking to the bull as if he could understand, though perhaps he
did, Jen wasn't sure how far the conversion process had been
taken, Jen commented on the bull's potential sexual prowess.
"You're quite well endowed. I think that I would like to do
something different today." Up till now when presented with a
bull in such an erect state she would of simply jacked him off.
Jen was getting desperate. Listening to Margaret and Pete do it
night after night was having an effect on Jen. No one bothered
Jen while she was attending to the human bulls. Jen was
literally holding in hands the means to her sexual salvation.

Jen positioned a cot in the center of the cleansing room.
Working quickly she released the bull from his bounds. Laying
down upon the cot Jen spread her legs apart. In the hot dampness
of the cleansing room perspiration dripped from her body. Her
hair hung in disheveled clumps about her head. Taking the
fingers of her right hand Jen probed the inner region of her
vagina. She was already moist and ready. Speaking to the human
bull, Jen commanded, "Come here".

For a moment the bull just stood in front of the prone Jen. His
penis stood straight out, throbbing as blood was forced into the
hard staff of flesh. Conditioned for basic maleness the bull
needed relief almost as much as Jen did. Falling upon Jen the
bull aimed his fleshy staff to the entrance of Jen's cunt. Jen
cryed out as the bull's aim was true. Jen’s pussy wasn’t as stretched out as the cows, but it soon would be. With powerful thrusts the bull forced himself ever deeper into Jen‘s cunt, widening it out with each thrust. Jen reciprocated, meeting the bull's retraction with an upward thrust of her hips.
Soon the bodies of Jen and the human bull blended together into a
single rhythmic smooth motion. Jen was amazed that she had as little
trouble accommodating the bull's sizable member, her horny pussy must be making it‘s own sex juice.
She pushed up her hips to capture more of the bull's penis. Deeper and deeper
Jen sought the penis to penetrate. Then feeling her release at
hand, Jen hastened her movements. As the bull matched Jen's
speed Jen wailed as her orgasm pulsed throughout her body.
Almost immediately afterward jets of white creamy semen began to
pump into Jen. Its voluminous quantity leaked out of her pussy
to drip down her thighs. Jen had finally found what she needed.

Jen made sex with the bulls a regular part of the cleansing
process. Sometimes she would have the white bull, sometimes the
black one, and sometimes both at once. Jen loved having one bull
take her from behind while she sucked on the other's penis. No
longer did Jen shackle the bulls in position for cleaning.
Obediently the bulls would stand at attention as Jen washed them,
both before and after their daily sex act.

Besides the satisfaction that came from ordinary intercourse, Jen
became particularly addicted to the human bull's semen. Jen
couldn't get enough of the white stuff. In her previous life,
before the farm, Jen had performed oral sex on her boyfriends.
She had never enjoyed swallowing the after effects. The bull's
semen was different. Jen couldn't quite make what it was that
made the human bull semen so special, but whatever it was Jen now
likened the human bull's semen to the sweetest candy.

Besides having sex with the human bulls other aspects of Jen's
behavior changed. Previously Jen would put on at least a few
garments in-between her duties with the bulls. Now Jen spent her
time on the farm continually nude. She didn't even notice when
her aunt discarded Jen's entire wardrobe. "You no longer need
these", her aunt had remarked. It was as if everyone, but Jen
herself, knew that something about her had changed.

After a few months Jen's appearance hand changed. Besides a dark
all-over tan, Jen's breasts had become firmer and fuller. The
nipples were longer and stiffer. Jen briefly wondered what had
precipitated the changes to her body, a change of diet perhaps.
The thought brought a smile to Jen's face. There definitely had
been a change of diet, she was now getting a lot more protein,
bull protein.

One day Jen's aunt had an announcement to make. "I think that
this is an appropriate time. Jen needs to be marked. Pete, get
the branding iron ready."

Upon hearing the words, branding iron, Jen tensed. Having
completed her morning cleansing session with the bulls, with of
course the usual sexual part, Jen had been relaxing in the sun.
Jen's legs were spread apart letting the warmth of the sun sooth
her ravished, yet satisfied, inner parts.

Before Jen could get up Margaret was upon her, pinning down Jen's
legs. Pete already had the branding iron ready. Unknown to Jen
he had been forewarned. All morning the branding iron had been
heating up in an old cook out grill. Jen stared in horror as
Pete brought the branding iron close to her unblemished flesh.
The iron glowed red hot.

Pete got ready to do the deed. "This will only hurt for a
moment." Knelling above the prone Jen, Pete aimed the iron at
her inner thigh. Margaret held Jen down. As Jen's aunt held her
face away, Pete pressed forward the branding iron. Jen screamed
as the pain of the burning iron seared into her. After a count
to ten, a time that seemed like an eternity to Jen, Pete withdrew
the iron. Jen was marked.

Jen was released from her duties with the bulls for the next few
days as her new mark healed. Margaret, relishing the task,
filled in for her. Jen disliked the thought of Margaret taking
care of her bulls. Margaret was always quite the slut. Jen's
aunt tended to Jen. Jen was too weak to protest as her aunt
injected Jen with an unknown fluid. "It's Medicine", her aunt
told Jen. Dazed in a half stupor Jen wasn't in any condition to

When Jen finally fully awoke as she got up she felt different.
Her breasts, normally large, felt particularly heavy. Jen felt a
pressure within her breasts unlike anything that she had
previously experienced. Her nipples were hard, rigid, and a bit
longer than normal. Lifting her right breast with her left hand
Jen caressed the nipple with the fingers of her opposite hand. A
white fluid escaped from the simulated nipple and dripped down
Jen's chest. Jen was lactating.

"Aunte, Margaret!", Jen cried out. As Jen walked to her bedroom
door, which had remained open during the entire time since her
branding, Jen felt a minor cramp in her lower abdomen. A wave of
nausea then swept over her. With one hand on her stomach, Jen
steadied herself by leaning against the door frame.

Margaret appeared at the entrance to Jen's bedroom. "Careful
girl, you need to take it easy. No sudden moves for a person in
your condition."

Jen responded angrily, "And just what condition am I in? What
did you people do to me?"

Jen's aunt appeared beside Margaret. "What you did to yourself
is more like it. I just speeded things up a bit. You made the

Jen appeared confused.

Her aunt continued. "You lie with a bull, you get a calf."

In the parlance of the farm, Jen understood what her aunt was
saying. She was pregnant. Jen had thought she had been keeping
her escapades with the human bulls a secret, how wrong she was.
"I'm already producing milk, is that your work?"

Jen's aunt nodded her head in the affirmative. "Sooner or later,
sooner is better. Besides you'll produce much more milk now,
more than your offspring will need. By all rights I should have
you fully converted. Your parents wanted just that. On the
other hand, I've always liked you. From early on I could see
that you had potential. I think that I'll let you keep your
voice and have you become our house cow. There is nothing like
fresh milk straight from the udder for one's morning cereal."

Her aunt's words stunned Jen. Her parents wanted her to become a
cow. She had never realized.

Margaret helped Jen to the kitchen. Placing a pan underneath
Jen's breasts Margaret directed Jen to lean forward so that her
tips of her breasts aimed for the pan. Standing behind Jen
Margaret reached around her to rub Jen's stiff nipples. Margaret
knew just what to do. She started milking Jen’s teats and jets of white milk shot out into the pan.

Jen looked aghast as Margaret hand milked her swollen udders. "Are you going to
have do to this every morning?"

Margaret smiled. "No, only for now till your nipples grow more.
Then you may be machine milked, just like the two-legged dairy

Jen, the milk cow house slut. In the days that followed Jen resumed her
duties taking care of the bulls. Each morning Margaret would
milk Jen. Jen came to enjoy being milked. Besides relieving the
pressure the process was sexually simulating. Fortunately the
addition of a new batch of cows necessitated more couplings with
the bulls. It was just as well, as the girth of Jen's belly
increased so did her sexual desire decrease. Everything in its
season, the bulls would need Jen once again. She would be their relief slut, fucking all the bulls to drain the excess sperm in their cocks.

As her time to give
birth grew near, Jen felt the mark on her inner thigh. Thinking
to herself, Jen reflected on her situation. There are many ways
for a woman to become a cow and she loved being a milk slut hucow.


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