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Sex Studio Secrets #2: Takako Tough Time

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Takako's first set of almost a dozen orgasms by double penetrations at my sex studio in A'dam

Takako's sexy satisfaction in my sex studio in Amsterdam for New Year really appealed to her
As she longs to become an internationally known sex star she asks for her second shoot at me
King Peter, please offer me double penetration! sounds her short sexy application to me
Always warm welcome to come at me love! Be prepared for a tough treat by me and my assistant
King Peter will penetrate both your yummy tight holy horny holes to test them again and tease
Only His Heiress to the Throne will be allowed to take part in our threesome to sandwich you!

She books a flight from Japan to Schiphol for only a long lasting love weekend of sexperience

Duty-free from flying she brings a bottle of best cognac and a rare single malt whisky with her
Offer her first a welcome drink and leave her in the care of pretty Petra to prepare her properly
Usual procedure Peter? - Better double it up and give our guest two enemas before we'll start!
By the time she re-appears on main screen in my studio she is completely clean in her anal canal
Lubricated well by my business-partner pretty Petra, tasty Takako is a tease I like to take tough
Extremely sexy to see that pretty Petra took the trouble to tie Takako's hair up, I grab her tail

Professor Peter's procedure is to grab the hips of his sexslave high and bite the back of her neck
Easy effort to make her back bend and arch to present her hot bums properly for penile penetration!
Ninetynine times he rides up and down her hot bottom with his sexy stiff seven inches mighty member
Easily tasty Takako comes a handful of times from that first fuck! We take a break to sip some more
Take two starts with me laying on my back and inviting Takako to mount my manhood, first facing me
Right position to invite pretty Petra to take part in the sexy action with our collection of straps
As almost always she chooses strapless ones where the other end is inside her pussy for best effect
The first is same size as my bent big brown banana, Takako loves our two wing attack, starts to kiss
I suck her tongue deep inside my mouth while we both bang her hard, she surrenders soon in an orgasm
Over to 'reverse cowgirl' now, turn around and mount my manhood by your sphicter, sexy sweatheart!
Now pretty Petra will take your tasty tight twat by an inch more in her next size of our 'strap-ins'

Inside she feels tight and tasty, so very sexy! What a way to massage her hot spot from both sides
Next time tasty tight tiny tit Takako comes hard in the sexy sandwich of Petra and Professor Peter

And we flip her around for the next take this time by a full inch larger, bang her without any mercy
My mighty manhood up her arse while Petra pounds her pussy till Takako comes hard, we turn her back
Systematically she is taken by ever bigger dildos by pretty Petra switching sides after every orgasm
Takako loses count of her coming as she is in seventh heaven from feeling the Zen and letting loose
Extremely exciting sight offers her thick sexily swollen love lips, her big clit proudly protruding
Right after her eleventh explosion tasty Takako loses conciousness, leaving me playing pretty Petra
Dear dirty great granddod pretty Petra tops Takako and offers me to chose among two hot holy holes
As I love her I first wet my mighty member with her pussy juices before I try to enter her anal canal
My dear doddie loves my awesome analyses in doggy style, her preferred position like almost all loves

Takako second set of sexy explosions amounts to another dozen receiving a proper present of me!

By the time pretty Petra has come half a dozen times Takako is still deep in the arms of Morpheus
You surely like to knock her up while she is still unconcious, isn't it you pervert Peter?

Professor Peter sometimes wonders if he hasn't erotically educated pretty Petra perhaps too freely?
Reading my mind, are you? I wonder who is the profoundest pervert of us two, tasty teen of me?
Of course I do love your sexy suggestion! Help her to present her pretty pussy in ideal position!

Fast Petra takes position to ride the fine face of tasty Takako while she pulls her hips upward
Easy entrance great granddad to knock her up and make sure your seed will remain inside her
Sexy smell she has, is it those feromones disclosing that it is now the proper moment to breed?
Surely she is fertile right now horny hottie! Turns you on to watch me making more relatives?
Of course it arouses me to watch for the first time how we can be having world wide off-spring

Really great erotic education I gave her, I realise feeling her hands at my balls and sphincter

Professor Peter is extremely excited by the tasty taboo to impregnate an unconcious wanton woman
Extra's added by his pretty Petra massaging him internally by fingering prostate by his backdoor
Tweezing tasty Takako's nice naugty nipples hard she returns to reality as from a very sexy dream
Erotic purgatory of mental state makes Takako obediently lick the love lips on offer to her mouth
Right away pretty Petra rewards her by an anal big dildo to conquer the amazing asshole of Takako

Aroused by the erotic event he bangs the tight twat of tasty Takako from above in great inspiration
Now is the moment, now is the time is a sixties songline by Dave Berry popping up in his mind
Dear do me a doddie, make me dad of a perfect mix of us in a long legged tiny tit cute beauty!

His great granddod shares the song Dear do us a doddie, make us more fam1ly for more fun here
I get one of the most enjoyable orgasms of my life, I empty my balls deep inside squeezed by Petra
She comes hard as well from bites by tasty Takako who still thinks she is only having a dirty dream

Hot Takako comes as well! But we keep her butt up in the air after her semi-concious impregnation
Offer to sew her cunny up to keep our seed inside her ponders Petra remembering our needles
Terrific idea dear! Use that new thread which solutes itself after a few days, which is long enough

Great time to take a break for dinner Japanese style with miso-soup some sushi's and sexy sashimi's
Real sake is the third gift Takako presents to us at the proper temerature, so soon we are very high
Awesome attractive and erotic tasty Takako kneels down to pour my glass and start to suck my member
Nice way to eroticaly express without words she lovingly longs for her second set of dozen orgasms
Dozen orgasms she gets from the combined efforts from pretty Petra and Professor Peter taken together
Dirty mind, a joy forever! she repeats in exaltation a line she learned at her visit to us two
Over a year we will have made enouh money to a few more dozens at her studio in Japan, my Petra
Dizzy still from awesome coming we bring back tasty Takako to the airport. She s1ept all fight back!

Taken together the first letters read:


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