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Grandpa Teaches Young Granddaughter - 2

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Scott roused about 6:00am after only a couple hours of sleep. His thirteen year old granddaughter was still cuddled up to him and it felt so good and he hated to leave the bed, but his old bladder gave him no choice.

After relieving himself, he looked outside and saw that it was snowing. He made his way to the livingroom and turned on the morning news and watched the school closings scroll across the bottom of the screen. Eventually, he saw that the county schools were closed. He turned off the TV and climbed back into bed with Amanda.

Without wanting to wake her, he nestled up behind her with his cock resting in the crack of her sexy little ass. He tried to remember back to the last time he felt a woman’s bare skin against him. His wife had been ill for several years before she passed away nearly 4 years ago and he really wasn’t sure when before all that they last had sex. All he could figure is that it had been at least 7 or 8 years since anything other than his hand touched his cock and now it was resting against his granddaughters bare ass.

He quickly got hard and instinctively started slowly rubbing it up and down Amanda’s crack. At first he moved very slowly so as not wake her, but as his arousal increased along with the copious amounts of pre-cum, he gradually picked up a little more speed.

A couple of minutes of fucking his granddaughter’s butt crack, Scott heard Amanda tell him how good that felt and then she asked him if he was going to cum all over her bum. He hugged her close and told her that he probably was going to squirt all over her cute little ass. Then Amanda asked if she could swallow his cum like she did before and without waiting for an answer, she disappeared under the covers and the crack of her ass was quickly replaced by her soft lips.

She licked along his shaft and ‘mmmm’ as she tasted his pre-cum. Then her lips started to engulf the head of his cock and rested just beneath the ridge. He told her to put one hand on his balls and gently feel his testicles inside and stroke the base of his cock with the other as she sucked on the tip. Like the good little granddaughter she was, Amanda complied.

Scott thought he died and went to heaven as her lips worked the head of his cock, one of her hands gently kneaded his balls, tracing the testicles inside and her other hand slid up and down the shaft of his cock. When Amanda turned to go under the covers, she moved her pussy closer to his head. Scott reached down and played with her little tits as he pulled her pussy close enough to kiss and lick.

He barely started his kissing and licking of Amanda’s pussy when he felt that familiar tingling in his balls. He warned Amanda that he was getting close to cumming and she mumbled something that let him know she understood. A few moments later his hot seed sprayed into her mouth. She continued to suck, stroke and swallow as he sprayed several more times and this time the young teen managed to swallow every drop.

She moved up to face her grandfather, opened her mouth to show him that she swallowed every drop. He kissed her on the lips and told her how proud he was of her. He told her that school was closed because of the snow and she that was great as it would give them more time together for him to teach her more about sex.

All caution had gone to the wind by now and Scott asked her what else she wanted to learn and she told him she wanted him to teach her about intercourse. Scott told her that he had to think about over breakfast.

During breakfast they talked about sex and Scott tried to answer all of her questions as honestly as possible. She asked about the definitions of words she’d heard from classmates and Scott gave her answers to most but there were some that were new to him so they looked them up on his laptop.

Around the time they were finishing up breakfast and looking up the last of the words, Amber’s mom called from the hospital. The surgeon was in and said they were going to do her surgery the next day because she had an infection associated with the gall bladder and they wanted her on antibiotics for at least a day. She asked if they were going to come and visit and Scott told her they would try but it depended upon the snow. Renee said she understood and didn’t want to put them in any danger trying to drive on slippery roads. Scott told her that he would watch to see when the roads were cleared and then they would come visit.

After he hung up, Amanda started giggling and when Scott asked her what was so funny, she said she could just imagine what her mom would have said if she knew that the two of them were naked together while they were talking to her. Scott reminded her that she could never tell her mother and she promised and said that she knew they would both be in terrible trouble and besides, no one else cares enough about her to teach her these things. Scott gave her a big hug.

He led her to the living room and set her on the sofa. Kneeling down in front of her he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth and began sucking and gently nibbling on her eraser sized nipple. Amanda leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Another new experience for the young teen and she was reveling in it. She told her grandfather that what he was doing made her pussy tingle and it felt really good. He made sure he gave the other nipple equal time and knew that his granddaughter was thoroughly enjoying it.

After a few more moments of having her nipples suckled, Amanda asked her grandfather to teach her about intercourse. He asked her what she wanted to know and she said she had studied it in school and had an idea how, but she had heard some descriptions at school and wasn’t sure what they meant. When asked, she told him terms like missionary, doggy, saddle and spooning. Scott did his best to explain each position but when he was finished, Amanda asked if he would show her.

The thought of being inside this young teen was exciting and his cock got very hard and began oozing. He led her to the bedroom and then told her that the first time would hurt of a little bit but it would soon pass. She said she had heard and still wanted him to take her virginity. Scott agreed and laid her down on her back and spread her leg, explaining this was called the missionary position.

Scott rubbed his cock up and down along her pussy, making sure she was well lubricated. Amanda already liked the feel of his cock rubbing her lips. Scott pressed forward just enough to part her lips and get the head of his cock inside. Amanda’s pussy was tight and Scott knew had to go slow. He gave her a few moments to get used to his cock and then with very small and slow strokes, he worked his cock in a little further until he felt the resistance of her virginity.

Amanda was staring at her grandfather’s cock as it worked its way into her pussy. She would smile, then grimace and then smile again. Scott asked her to let him know when she was ready for him to pop her cherry. She looked up at him, bit her lip and nodded for him to go ahead. Staring into her eyes, Scott pressed his cock against her virgin barrier, but when the young girl grimaced in discomfort, so he pulled back. Amanda looked up at her grandfather and told him it was okay and that she really wanted him to go through with it.

Scott figured that the best way would be to do it suddenly instead of slowly, so before the young teen could prepare herself, he thrust forward, tearing through her veil of innocence. Amanda reacted with a shriek and then managed to smile through her tears. Scott started to tell her he was sorry for the pain, but she told him the tears were more for joy than pain and that she was so happy that it was him to made her a woman. He knew that the intensity of the pain would soon subside, so Scott just held himself motionless inside his granddaughter for a short while.

Finally Amanda nodded to him that she was okay and that he should continue. He started with a very slow and deliberate motion, sliding in and out of the tightest pussy he had ever experienced. Another minute and her grimaces turned to smiles and Scott knew the worst was over so he picked up his pace and began pumping Amanda faster and harder.

Amanda’s pain had quickly turned to pleasure and she felt herself building towards an orgasm. Her pussy was so tight that Scott was also building to his own orgasm. The young teen arched her back and closed her eyes as her first intercourse orgasm overwhelmed her body. Scott was still watching her and seeing her cumming was the final straw needed to cause him to shoot his load of white hot cum into his once virgin granddaughter. He shot spurt after spurt as her pussy clamped down on his cock and seemingly suck out ever last drop of his semen.

When they both came down from their sexual highs, Amanda was so overjoyed at her first fuck. She told her grandfather that she loved him and hoped they could do that again. He said as long as no one ever finds out, that they’ll be able to continue for some time.

About that time Amanda loo worried and when Scott asked she asked what would happen if she got pregnant. Scott told her not to worry that he had a vasectomy some years earlier so it was impossible for him to get her pregnant. That made the young teen very happy.

As the snow continued to fall and most of the roads were closed, Scott and Amanda were forced to stay home. Renee called about an hour later to say that the surgeon was unable to reach the hospital and her surgery was being moved to the next day. She told her father to stay home and not risk his or her daughter’s safety by trying to come visit her.

After the call, Scott showed Amanda about doggy and in the saddle positions. By that time, Amanda was too sore to continue and Scott was too spent to go on, but that night he taught her was spooning was as Amanda slept with Scott. The next day she told him that she liked spooning best followed by doggy. They fucked one more time before dressed and making their way to the hospital to visit Renee before she went in for surgery.

Over the course of the next several years, Amanda and Scott had sex every chance they had. They both taught each other new positions and terminology. When Amanda got married, Scott gave her away, but knew that she would be back from time to time.

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