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Blindfolded Wife.

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My wife and i have been married for a few years now and it has been great. She cant however match my sex drive, but thats ok. My wifes name is Jeannie. She is 5 foot 6 inch and a great looking latina woman. 36D breast with perfect size nipples and a nice round plum ass that make anyone think about grabbing it.

As any married couple we learned about each others past both sexually and family. Mine was Very normal. But my wife was not. her mother died at only the age of 28 and her dad was not in her life what so ever. Her grandmother raised her. She has recently gotton in contact with her father and to my surprise he looks a lot like me. I dont know why this surprised me because a woman with no father figure will always have daddy issues.They only Talk thru Facebook and him and i have began talking as well because i would like to get to know him.

One day i was in his neck of the woods and i ran into him the at a local store and we began talking. I took him to a bar that i went to a few times a month and we kicked back a few and really jelled with each other. He seems like a great guy i dont know why he wasn't around for her but thats not my concern. I noticed that it was getting late and as soon as i looked my watch my wife called and asked me were i was. i didnt want to tell her i was with her father in a bar so i lied and said i was with the fellas hanging out. later that night when i got home my wife and i was in our bedroom and we began to fool around. i was still a lil drunk and my eyes were a lil blurry. our bed is parallel to out sliding door closest which has full length mirrors on it. so the whole time im watching myself fuck my wife i was thinking about her daddy issues and this si what it would look like if her dad fucked her...i know its sick but it got me thinking...so in that moment i asked her if next time could we try something different. I said maybe blindfolded and tie your hands up, she said sounds a lil kinky..ok we can try. I was very happy.

A few days latter i headed to met her father again. this time it was a late Saturday night. Jeannie was under the impression that i was hanging out with the fellas again and she went out with her friends for a girls night out.

so now i am in the bar with her dad drink and talking about family and k**s and he was saying how he felt so bad for not being there for her and shit like that. I told him dont worry about the past because you cant do anything to fix it, all you can do is focus on the future. I then told him that he was a lucky man. he asked why. i said because you have a VERY beautiful daughter. He said thanks. I asked if he had seen pics of her and he said no because they only talk on Faecbook thru messenger and she has not approved him as yet. I already knew this.I was getting a lil too buzzed so i told him to lets get out of here so we got in my car and drove to the boardwalk.

So we are now parked by the boardwalk and i drop the windows and we spark up a cigg. So i picked up the convo from the bar. And said i cant believe you havent seen any recent pics of her . He said no i have not. she didnt approve me as yet . i said i know. I then took out my phone and said to him that i have pics of her if you wanna see. He jumped at the chance to see his daughters pics who he loves so very much. They were all normal pics, of her and i and six flags and parties and shit like that. it was about 25 pics. then he gave me back the phone. he said now i see why you said that about her being beautiful. i said yup, i told you. she when he handed me back the phone i looked at the folder he was looking at and i saw that he didnt see all. So i said you missed the rest.Here are a few more from when we went to Miami.(now in this folder i have a few pics of her in a towel and then in a thong and then the best pic of her yet is a wet tee shwoing her tits).....So as he is looking thru these pics i see his eyes and watching his breathing increase. So when he hands me back the phone he tells me that there are some pics in there that shouldnt be in there and that he should of seen. So i go to the pics of her that he was talking about and open them up and say what these??? these are nothing man. there is a whole album in here of pics you cant see. He aaid man you crazy and laughed.

Then we got out the car and walk down the boardwalk at this time it was about 1am. And i asked him if he smoked and i held up some week. He laughed and said son i grew up in the 80"s you should already know i do. I we found a branch and i rolled up a nice fat one. I let him spark it up and enjoyed it. Then my phone rang . it was jeannie she said that she was ok and that she would be home in a few. i said me to. He passed me the blunt and asked if that was her. i said yea, she gonna be hom in a few and she sounds drunk like us hahahaha. He laughed and then i said i am gonna have fuck tonight wit your daughter. Then he said in a stren voice HEY WATCH IT NOW...then i said listen. you are only her father by birth you wouldnt even know her if she was right here. he said that true. I then said listen man do you have a lady in your life you want me to take you to so u can get some sex tonight ....to my surprise he said no he dont. i then sai di would let you come to my house but you would only hear the sounds of you daughter moaning. then he said ( i dont mind) i said that funny. I then said to him if that true then do u wanna see pics of you daughters naked tits, pussy and ass and of her getting fuck by me? he said sure why not. So i got my phone out and got the file open and said to hime you cant unsee this now. he said fuck it let me see, so i handed him the phone.

he look thru all of our pics and said to me..( man if she wasnt my daughter i would do a lot of things to her)..i said i can make that happen...he said you crazy. i said no, no im not watch. I then texted jeannie in front of him and asked her if she wanted to to the blindfold thing tonight she said she was thinking that same thing. So i said to him come on lets go.while walking to the car he kept say that im crazy but i didnt see him stop walking for one second which meant to me that wanted to do somin. So him and i got to my house first and i told him to get undressed and hide in out bedroom closet. 10mins later jeannie walks in and head to the bathroom and said let me just freshen up a bit baby i was dancing.while she was in ther i asked him if he is ready and to come out when i tell him to. he said ok.

Jeannie came out the bathroom and headed to the bedroom where i was already naked and laying down on the bed. She made a joke and said ( oh you want me to tie you up) i said maybe next time. i got up and kissed her and she lay down on the bed. I got the blindfold from under the pillow and tied it tight around her head. i then kissed her and played with her amazing tits for a few and the slid her thong off of her. i told her to spread her legs. she did. i then got up and put on some soft music as i always do. then i said wait something is missing she said what is that baby. i said i want to tie you hands up. she made a soft moan and ok go get it. I went to the closet and got the ties and i also motion to her father to come out. when he got out the closet i saw his cock was rock hard and a lil bigger then mine. He couldnt stop looking at this fine woman on the bed. I walked to her, got both her hands and tied them up to the bed post. i then took my dick and rubbed it on her mouth and told her to spread her legs far apart. she did. then i took my dick off of her and i motion to him to go for it. I watched him as he got lower and lower and closer and closer to his daughter pussy and the finally kissed it. and the started eating it. she immediately started to moan and wiggle a lil. as i watched this father eating out his own daughter i begun stroking my cock. I was very horny and wanted to get on there and join but i had to try and relax. then tapped him on the shoulder and he got up. i then moved to her mouth and let her take me in her mouth. i watched as she sucked my dick and i also looked back to see her father stroking his dick. i thought to myself he must be thiking the same thing i did. i took my cock out her mouth and asked her if she liked everything so far she said yea, swe should do this more often. I motion to him come get his dick sucked and he stood right next to me and i said to my wife ( you want more?...here take this) i watched and she kinda struggled to fit him in her mouth. as she was sucking her fathers cock i asked her does she remember that old fantasy that she had about her with two guys. she shook her head yes still filled with her fathers cock. I said we should do that . she she stopped and took out his cock from her mouth and said yes definitiely one day.i motion to him to go fuck her and he went on the bed and held her legs wide open and slid his thick cock in his daughter ( my wife) she let out a load gasp and said (damn baby you got bigger, this must really turn you on) i didnt respond because i was in the moment i wanted to see how she would handle is lager cock. she started saying ( fuck!!! fuck!! fuck me fuck me ...wow that cock feel amazing take it out let me suck it again)...her father looked at me to see what her should do i mnotion to him to keep fucking her.so he did. I asked her ( you want this dick in your mouth) she said ( yea let me suck that dick) so i went over to her head and shoved my dick in her mouth while he was still fucking her..she quickly moved her head away and said ( WTF?!?! are you k**ding me? ) i said your getting your fantasy. she said ( ok but i wanna know who is in me.) i said does it matter? he is still in you and you already sucked his cock so lets keep going) she must of agreed with me because she turned her head towards my dick and started sucking it. after a lil while i asked if she watned her arms free she said yea. i said ok but dont take off the blindfold...after were done you can take it off. so i untied her hands and he took his cock out and she said to him ( i wanna suck that big dick) so she got on all 4's and he sat down infront of her and she started sucking his cock and licking his balls and i went behind her and started fucking her doggy style. while im fucking her she asked him does she like the way she is sucking his dick. he looked at me and i said ( tell her if you like it) he said ( oh yea baby slap my dic on your face) she did just as she was asked. as i amd fucking her i normally put a finger in my wifes ass but when i did that this time she said dont do that we dont need that tonight we can use his cock. So i stopped fucking her and he slid down to lay on his back and she got on top of him very slowly because she wanted to feel his cock go all the way in her. i watched her ride him and he was sucking her tits. i asked her if she was ready for me and she said yea . so i got on the bed and spit on my dick for lub and slid it in her as slowly. and started fucking her slowly so she could get use to it. as i was doing so i could feel his dick in her pussy. he started moving his cock now and all jeannie could say was ( oh my god!!! oh my fucking God!!! YESSS this feel so fucking good) so now were both pumping her as much as we can, so u pull her hair, and in do so that brought her tits to his face. he grabbed them and started sucking and biting her nipples. then i saw her grab his face and start kissing him ( now this got me about to cum because my wife dont like to kiss) she says loudly ( ima bout to cum) and he said (me to) i waited for the right momrnt and then right when all 3 of us were right bout to cum i pulled off the blindfold and all 3 of us cam together......all i heard her say was OH FUCK DADDDDDDD

after we were all done cumming i got out of her and she got off of him very quickly and grabbed a pillow and covered up and said WTF is right with both of you. I said wait let me explain and the you can flip out pls....she said go ahead . i said to her that its only us 3 that knows about this and, you wanted a 3some with another guy and i dont trust just any regular guy to lay with you. i wanted someone that would ove you and never try to hurt you or talk bad about you. thats why i got him. and also you dont even know him because he is like a stranger to you ( well not now) . and like i said its done we cant take it back. then he said jeannie honey i love you. more so now then ever. then i said well what do you think. She said ( your both fucking nuts and i am very confussed but not upset because you are right. i dont know this man)..then i said baby he doesnt have anywher to go can he stay here for a few she said yea the dropped the pillow and went to the shower.

when she got out the shower i was in bed naked because that i sleep in the nude always. He was in the living room and she came to bed and said 9 you are fucking crazy. what if i would have freaked out) i said then this would of never happened, i know my wife. Your a closet Freak) she said ( i am, ma i?) the when under the covers and started sucking my dick. I reached for the remote to put some music on. while she was down there her father came to the door and stood there i said you can come in if you want. then when i said that she stopped, removed the blanket and said im not gonna fuck both of you again im sore. but if you want i will give you blowjobs. so he walked over and i stood up and she got on her knees and started sucking away. he cam firt and she swallowed it and the i did and she swallowed it. the she said good night i have to be at work in a few hours

TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!
TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!
This all happened 1/10/2015

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