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Playing with my cousin's YOUNG PUSSY

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Every year we have a reunion at the lake and everybody attends most times. I

have a couple female cousins, Deena and Susan that are really cute and since

they live not too far away, we see each other all the time. Their mom, my Aunt

Peggy is pretty hot herself so that seemed to reason her daughters (my cousins)

would be cute too.

We were all really young and hadn't even started high school yet and as far as

sex goes, I had no idea what to do or how to do it other than books I had looked

at that my dad had stashed away in the garage. My cousins I don't believe did

either, but who knew for sure?

Anyway, we all finally got up to the cabin at the lake and after a day of cooking

out, boating swimming, etc., our parents told all of us to go ahead and get to bed

since it was now past 11pm. The adults all slept in the 3 bedrooms the place had

and the rest of us shared a large room that was in the back of the cabin.

We had four air mattresses in there and we slept two to a mattress. I was stuck

with my cousin Mike and it was boys with the boys and girls with the girls.
My two female cousins I liked were sleeping on the same bed and right next to

Mike and I and I was closest to the girls, Deena being nearest me. They were

just a foot away and I could reach over and touch one of them if I wanted they

were so close.

As the night went on, I couldn't sleep and was looking at the girls laying there

when I noticed Deena was looking at me, I just smiled and reached over toward

her and she did the same and we kinda held hands for a second and then she let

go. She pulled the sheet that was covering her down a little and off to the side

and I could now see her pink panties. She was wearing a tank top t-shirt and her

little nipples were sticking through the material and you could see the outline of

them. I was now getting really horny and I reached down to touch myself but

didn't want Mike to know what I was doing so I was really careful about it. I

noticed at the same time, Deena was still looking at me and she did something I

have never, ever forgotten. She pulled her panties to the side and there before

my eyes was her little pussy. It was kinda dark in there but a few night lights

were on so I could at least see some of what she was flashing.

I smiled at her and she smiled back and I reached over toward her again but this

time, I was brave and put my hand toward her crotch. I figured she would slap it

away but I knew she was flashing that pussy for some reason. When my hand

slipped onto her tummy, she didn't do or say anything so I moved it down a little

farther till I had it on her bare pussy. She gently parted her legs and then she

pulled the sheet back over herself, leaving my hand where it was. I knew then

that I was going to at least cop a feel and she was more than willing. I massaged

around it, not really knowing WHAT it was I was touching but when I tried to stick

my finger in her, I noticed it was wet. Being young as I was, I thought at first it

was pee but I kept on feeling her up. She never said a word and after about 5

minutes, and fearing I would get caught, I pulled away and just watched her a

few more minutes before falling asleep.

When we woke up the next morning, nothing was said but she and I both knew

what we had done. All 20 or so relatives had breakfast and then lunch and

everybody packed up to go home. Much to my surprise, my mom and dad had

made plans to go somewhere else afterwards and asked my aunt and uncle if I

could go back to their house with them and stay the night. I was hoping against

hope they would say yes since they were Deenas and Susans parents. They

told my mom that they would be happy to have me over as long as they wanted

so I climbed in their car with the girls and my aunt and uncle and we went over to

their house. All the way there, all I could think of was was I had done with Deena

and I was hoping for maybe a repeat tonight. We arrived at their place and hung

out for the rest of the day and since it was summertime, we had no school that

next day. We stayed up late watching scary movies, etc. and listened to a few

albums too. It was just me, Deena and Susan and FINALLY her parents went to

bed and we were all three alone!

We all three decided to just get some blankets and sleep in the den which I

thought would be fun and I got in between the girls and we turned out the lights. I

could feel them both up against my skin and all I could think off was getting

another feel from her. I gently reached over to Deena and put my hand on her

little ass. All she was wearing were some shorts and a t-shirt as was Susan and

I had on just my shorts, underwear and no shirt. I left my hand on her butt

expecting her to move it but instead, Deena took my hand in hers and guided it

toward her crotch. I slipped my fingers under her shorts, then under her panties

and finally felt her little pussy. I did as before and started rubbing it and inserted

my finger in it too. She moved a little so I knew she was liking it and that's when

she reached over to me and pushed her hand under my shorts. Her hand was

warm and when it reached my little cock, I felt myself getting a hard-on and she

rubbed my balls, cock head and even reached way down toward my asshole too.

We were having a blast, albeit a quiet one, and I was in heaven playing with her

pussy while she felt me up too.

Suddenly, Susan raised up and looked at us both and whispered that she knew

what we were doing. I jerked my hand back and acted like I didn't know what she

was talking about as did Deena. Susan said she wasn't stupid and knew we

were playing around under the covers! She said it was gross, blah..blah...blah

and after that, I thought the night was ruined but I got another surprise. She told

Deena to tell me what THEY did at night! Deena then told me that the two of

them like to play "house" as she called it and they would get naked under the

covers at night, take a flashlight and look at and touch each other. I was

REALLY hard now and wanted to hear more details and I asked them if they had

ever kissed each other before. She said yes they had, so I then dared them to

do it again while I watched!

Deena got up and went to the den door and closed it, making sure it was locked.

She grabbed a flashlight from beside the sofa and took the largest blanket and

had all three of us get under it. She turned the light on and had me hold it. That's

when she leaned over to Susan and I watched in disbelief as they did an open

mouthed kiss! I had only seen those on TV much less in person and my cousins

no less. After they pulled apart, Susan asked me if I'd like to see her pussy and I

said yes. She pulled her shorts and panties off and I shined the flashlight on it. It

was pretty and pink and naturally wasn't covered in hair like the one's in the

magazine. She then dared Deena to do the same which she did. Deena then told

me to get naked too so I pulled my shorts and underwear off. There sat all three

of us butt naked (except for the girls t-shirts). Deena then told me to watch this.

She leaned over and kissed Susan on the pussy and Susan did the same to her.

Now they said it was my turn so I kissed each of their pussies and actually tried

to stick my tongue in them both but they were too tight for me to get it in I guess,

but I did get a good taste and licked them a few times. Susan then dared Deena

to put my cock in her mouth! Deena said that was gross and she wasn't going to

do it but we both kept daring her so finally she did! Now THAT felt really good and

she left it in there for about 30 seconds. Susan then did the same and she kept

in in her mouth for at least a full minute!

We fooled around for about an hour, looking at each others body parts and even

our butt holes! I tried to get either one of them to kiss my asshole but they

refused to do that. Deena even asked me to kiss the bottoms of her feet which I

did and one of the best things was me sticking my finger in both their pussies at

the same time and playing with their assholes.

Just before we decided to stop, I heard the den door burst open and suddenly,

the blanket was pulled away and their stood my Aunt! Man was she pissed and

when she saw us with no pants on, she got even madder and told me that she

just might kill me...yep, that's exactly what she said. She grabbed the girls by the

arms and dragged them off and down the hall. I could hear them crying and her

yelling at them and while I was trying to get my underwear back on, my uncle

came in and started to spank my little ass! He slapped it several times and told

me that he was going to call my parents and that something must be wrong with

me. I started crying and got my shorts back on and he left the room but told me

to sit there and shut the fuck up. I could still hear Deena and Susan crying and

my Aunt yelling.

About an hour later, my dad showed up and they were all talking in another room

when finally dad walked in and kicked my ass too. Anyway, he took me home and

it was several weeks before I saw the girls again but when I did, they said that

they were not allowed to be alone with me anymore. Guess what?...Just a few

weeks later, we WERE and we did it all over again except this time, we did it at

grandma's while in her old barn and granny was too old to know about it


Now we are all older and I haven't done anything more with Susan, but Deena

and I fuck on a regular basis and both look back at what we got caught doing and

we have a good laugh about it now!

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