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Don't Cum Inside Me - Repost

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My name then is Paul. I'm married to Susan. My best friend Terry had been having sex with my wife Susan before he got married to his wife Robin with my permission. I got off on it, and figured Susan couldn’t throw stones at me if she was getting laid on the side. I had been trying to get into Robin’s panties before she ever started dating Terry. This is the story of how I finally got between those long, previously faithful legs.

It was a year after they got married that Robin got pregnant. When she got to be about six months along Terry evidently lost interest in having sex with her. He was getting enough on the side that it wasn't killing him. Oh yeah, he strayed, but the rules are different for guys right?

The baby was delivered surgically. A c-section so Robin’s pussy stayed nice and tight. Something like another three months went by and they still hadn't had sex. So she's concerned that he doesn't find her attractive anymore or he's getting it on the side. He and I were just getting started drinking one Friday when she called, and the bartender asked who was there Terry said he was because it was still early. This was before cell phones, and the owner would lie for you because you helped keep the doors open.

She told Terry she was going to her mom's and then they were going shopping wouldn't be home until after nine so he could stay out and play with the boys. Great deal for us.
Phone rang a bit later and it was for me. Figured it was my wife asking how long it was going to be, but it was Robin. She wasn't going shopping she needed to talk to me about Terry and didn't know who else to call. I wasn't supposed to tell him of course, and I didn't, although I wasn't looking forward to talking to Robin because I figured I was going to have to lie my ass off.

Told Terry I had to get home and went over to his place instead. When she opened the door she looked like she had been planning on going out. As I found out later she had been planning on going out, but with Terry. This was part of the problem she gets all dressed up, and then sits around the house waiting for him to drag his drunken ass home.

Looking at her was when my opinion of the evening changed. I’d only seen her in a tube top once before. Her tits were just too big. It barely covered them and her nipples were poking out. They were full of milk too. She had on cut-off jean shorts that ended right at her ass cheeks. Her hair was in a beautiful French braid half way down her back and she had make up on. Her sandals were maybe three inches high. The shorts were unsnapped and she had the zipper pulled down about two inches. That was kind of a thing teenage girls did for awhile, not grown women.

She thanked me for coming over and turned in front of me to walk down the hallway and I started getting a hammer watching her cheeks just peek out from the shorts.

She got me a beer, she wasn't drinking because she was breast feeding her baby.
It started out pretty much the way I figured except I had no idea they weren't fucking.
She said that Terry wouldn't say so but he hated it whenever she leaked milk, and didn't like sharing her tits with the baby.

Bottom line was she wanted to know if he wasn’t having sex with her because he was getting laid on the side, or if he just didn't find her attractive anymore.

I lied my ass off. I told her you know he likes to flirt, but as far as I know he hasn’t screwed around on you at all, and I’d be the first one to know if he had been.

Don’t think she really believed me, but I was doing my best considering that all I wanted to do at that point was fuck her. Got me another beer, while I watched her tits bounce and ass move on top of those long legs. I had a full boner now.

She said that I obviously had found her attractive at one time, did I still think she was desirable. I told her the truth, which was the first time that night. Hell yes. I still think you’re beautiful.

More discussion about what she should do, say, act, etc. I really didn’t care about any of that but I was playing the concerned friend.

I was on my third beer when the k** started crying. If there ever had been a chance I was going to leave without trying to seduce her it ended when she brought the baby out.

She pulled out one of those milk filled babies and the k** started to nurse. She asked me if I minded. Duh. When she switched to the other tit she just pulled her top down. Now I’m looking at one totally naked breast with milk on it.

She asked me if I’d get a tissue which I did, but when I went to hand it to her she asked me if I’d get it. A priest would have gotten hard. When I wiped it off I squeezed her nipple just a little bit and she moaned.

That was it for me. I’m in sales and you don’t close without asking.

I just asked her if she wanted me to suck it to make sure all the milk was out. She acted stunned that I would do that because Terry would have been totally turned off. I didn’t even wait for an answer just sat down beside her grabbed her tit and brought the nipple to my mouth and starting sucking.

This probably sounds pretty weird you’ve got a baby nursing on one side and a grown man nursing on the other but I wasn’t the one who asked for it she did. She told me how good it felt and if there was any doubt left about where this was headed that took care of it.

Then she did something that to this day still gives me a boner. Said she was uncomfortable and would I hold the baby for a minute. Not exactly what I wanted to do but what was I going to say.

I took the k** who wasn’t very happy.

Robin stood up. She took her shorts off. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she had a perfect trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

The best was still coming. She pulled the tube top down to just past her waist and then stopped like it was a skirt. Then she sat back down and took the baby from me.

I’m not often caught at a loss but I didn’t know what to do. Here I am sitting next to this huge, boobed creature with almost nothing on nursing her k** on one side with a totally exposed white breast on the other.

Robin said I don’t think it’s quite empty yet. I’m no genius but I’m not brain dead either so I went back at it, and she started to moan again. No longer any pretense at meaningful conversation.

After some more sucking I left her tit and kissed her. Tongue stuff. Then I did what
guys do I let my hand wander down to her snatch. It was a pond. My best friend’s
wife was soaked. When I thought it couldn’t get anymore deviant it had. She’s still
nursing the k** we’re making out, and I’m finger fucking her.

I don’t know how long it had been since she’d cum but it only took her about 30 seconds.
I thought she was going to drop the baby. The k** was evidently asleep. She said don’t
go anywhere. Like I was going to. Robin got up to put the baby down.

So picture this. She gets up with just her sandals, and tube top for a skirt on and walks away with half her ass cheeks showing and her mammoth jugs bouncing up and down carrying a baby.

It was all I could do not to cum in my pants. I walked into the master bedroom
stripped, and was lying naked on their bed with my cock pointing straight up in the air.

They had a king sized waterbed with a huge headboard that had a mirror in the middle of
it. Us Springfield boys always refer to the bedroom as the “stabbin” cabin. Hey, we’re not poets.

I heard her call my name, and I replied, “In here.” She walked in and just stood looking
at me for a minute. Said something to make herself feel better like we shouldn’t be
doing this, and then started to slide the tube top off. I told her to leave it and her
sandals on.

I don’t think my cocks any longer then Terry’s but it must be thicker. There wasn’t any
foreplay. I just pulled her onto the bed got on top of her and pushed my cock into her
pussy. I didn’t have to guide it with my hand she was that wet. If I hadn’t had the beers I would have cum in no time. I was able to look into the mirror and see her lying underneath me while I plowed her. For just a moment I wondered about birth control, but she hadn't said anything, and she came on the end of my dick while screaming.

I wanted her to take her like a dog when I did cum in her so I could see those big milk filled tits swing back.

Her tits were leaking milk again so I started to lick and suck on them. After awhile
she started to move her hips, and I knew I had her ass. I was aware from talking to Terry that she wasn’t crazy about oral but that was her problem. She didn’t want to take it. Really didn’t want to take it because it had her pussy juice all over it. I tried the nice guy approach but she kept telling me she didn’t do that sort of stuff. She’d nursed her baby on one tit while some guy other then her husband sucked on the other one, and finger banged her snatch to orgasm, but she wouldn’t do that sort of stuff. What bullshit. So figuring I had nothing to lose I just started in on her.

“Give me a fucking break would ya? You invite me over here because you’re worried
about what your husband is doing, and that he won’t touch you so I’m supposed to help
out. If you’d have had any less clothes on when I walked in you might as well as of had a
sign around your neck saying, “Fuck Me.” You’ve already spread your legs now spread
your lips, and suck my cock.”

I told her that she'd wanted to get laid, and she knew that I’d do it with very little encouragement.

“You can blame this on me if it makes you feel better, but we both know this one was all
your idea. Let’s face it Robin you’re doing the very thing you thought Terry was doing.
You’re cheating. You needed to get laid. So don’t start acting all holy on me.”

Then I grabbed my cock put it right in front of her mouth and said, “Suck it bitch.” She
still didn’t open her mouth so I started to rub it on her face. When she opened her mouth
to say something, which I suppose was going to be along the lines of “Don’t do that.” I stuck it in.

I’d never used the cunt word before because it really pisses them off, but it just kind of
popped out.

“Suck it cunt.”

Not only did she start to suck it, she started moaning. Wow! She gets off on being
treated like a slut. Never would have thought it.

She got me rock hard. Much as I would have liked to have dumped a load down her throat I wanted her pussy more. I told her to get on all fours. That must not have been her favorite position. She more or less said she found it demeaning. I think she didn’t like it for the same reason guys want it. Made her feel like she was an dog, and her big tits would be flopping around.

It was too late to worry about demeaning. I mean I’d already called her a cunt.

“Move your ass you cheating whore. Fucking your husband’s best friend and you’re
worried about what position you’re going to cheat in.”

“I have to get my birth control…wait…can’t cum in my pussy…especially right now. I’m fertile. Just let me get it please...stop...Paul...can't cum in my pussy."

I couldn't fucking believe it. On top of everything else she lets me get this far knowing it's not safe. Fuck her.

"Gonna blast a load right into your cunt...knock you the fuck up with my bastard...fill you with my baby makers...pregnant...best friend's wife gonna carry my k**...making him a cuckold...oh yeah...take it bitch!"

"Ohhhhh....don't....no....Paul pleassseee no!"

It was a bona fide, grade A, fuck. Lasted about 30 minutes. I did anything I wanted,
and she just got hotter. I milked her tits with my hand. I slapped her ass. I pulled her French braid so she had to look in the mirror while I took her. I made her play with her clit which was really something she didn’t want to do but it didn’t take long before she got into it.

I sprayed her womb with my thick, white, potent goo. I'd impregnanted her I just knew it.

We had to slow down after she got off the first time because her clit was too sensitive to
keep going. After we started up again I told her I was doing all the work, and she
needed to move her ass. She’d obviously never had to do that before either. We were
both sweating by then, and there was slapping noises when our bodies came together.
I finally felt it coming, and really started pounding her, reached around, and flipped her
big clit. She started to cum again. She made it before I did, and told me to stop. I was too close to stop. She actually started begging.

“Paul, no, no, please I can’t take it, stop.”

Stuff like that. I wasn’t having any of it. I came as hard as I’ve ever cum in my

It wasn’t until I was done that I realized she had quit making noise, and had collapsed.
She actually passed out. Thought for a minute she was dead. The phrase, "Fucked her to
death," ran through my brain. I called her name, and she just moaned a little, but hey, she was alive.

We both rested for a bit, and then I told her I had to go. I’d had all I could take. She
hadn’t said anything. I told her to get up and walk me to the door.

“What for?”

“Because I told you to bitch.”

She got out bed, and opened up her closet to grab a robe.

“No, no, no, Robin. You don’t need anything, but your sandals.”

I really didn’t think she was going to do it, but I slapped her ass and told her to move it.

“Walk in front of me so I can watch your cute little ass.”

It was great. She had cum leaking down her thighs, and milk leaking out of her tits.

We got to the front door, and she started in with the same sort of shit I usually am telling the babe I’ve just had sex with, “Paul, please don’t tell anyone. Nobody. Not your father, your brother, and especially not Terry; please. No one can ever know. I’m not like this, you know that. I was just so lonely.”

All the cover your ass stuff.

I assured her I wouldn’t tell anybody. I couldn’t leave it at that though because I had her in a such a helpless position.

“You loved it didn’t you Robin? You got off what four or five times? I heard you say,
“Better, so much better than him.” You sucked my cock, and played with yourself. You loved every fucking minute of it. You let me cum in your pussy, and now you're gonna have my baby. So quit playing my ass, and tell me the truth Robin.”

I’m sure she’d have said anything at that point just to get me out the door, it didn’t make me any difference why she said it, I just wanted to hear her admit it.

“I’ve never been fucked like that before. I’ve never cum so many times. I feel like a
complete slut. Is that what you want to hear? I loved it, okay?”

Yep. I went to open the door and she started to back away. I grabbed her wrist and
pulled her in for one more kiss. Then I told her that I was going to open the door, and
leave but she wasn’t to move until I drove away. That in and of itself was pretty bad, but then I gave her the kicker, and thought she was going to wet herself.

“I want you to suck your nipple while you stand here naked, and don’t quit until my
trucks out of sight, or I will spill my guts.”

She didn’t really have any choice if she wanted me to keep my mouth shut. They lived
on a small lake. There were no houses across from their front door, so in order for
somebody to see her they would have had to driven right by her front door.

I wish I had a picture of that. There she stood totally nude, cum on her face, and thighs
in the front door with both hands holding her big milk engorged breast up to her mouth
while she sucked on her own nipple. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if she went back to the
bedroom because she had to get off again.

Yeah. She was well, and truly fucked. Two months later Terry walked into the bar beaming as he bought a round for the house. "Robin's pregnant! My boys are so potent they got her and it wasn't even prime time."

Not everyday the guy you made a cuckold and whose wife was carrying your baby buys you cocktails.

First time I saw her after the announcement was in that very same bar, and she was nervous as hell. My wife, Terry and Robin. My wife was dressed to impress, and I'd told Susan to make sure she got, and kept Terry's attention so I'd be able to do a little one on one with the expectant mother, who by the way was wearing a skirt that just managed to keep her privates from exposure and she'd stuffed her globes into a denim vest that buttoned up the front.

"It's mine isn't it?"

"It most certainly is not." Pretty indignant for an adultress.

"How about I bend you over the bar, push your skirt up, rip your panties off, and fuck you in front of your husband...you'd like that wouldn't you cunt?"

"Don't...talk to me...call me that...bastard."

"You calling me a bastard or our baby growing inside your womb...slut?"

"Paul please my husband might hear you."

"Can't wait to watch our baby sucking on those big ass milk bags."


"Sucking my cock while you nurse our baby Robin."

"Stop please."

"The truth then...right now."

In a whisper she finally answered. "Terry and I didn't have sex until two weeks after you...you and I...did it."

"Fucked. I fucked you slut."

"God...yes...after we fucked. It's yours. I'm carrying your baby. You knocked me up with a bastard. You made my husband and your best friend the ultimate cuckold. I think about you when I play with myself, and while Terry fucks me. You're a better fuck than my husband. Are you happy now is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Pretty much. What should you say when someone does something nice for you?"


"Yeah, I gave you my seed, and the best fuck of your life. Be polite and say it."

"Thank you."

"Expand on that a bit would you big tits? Thank you for..."

Her chest was heaving, face flushed. Combination of pissed off, and unless I was mistaken she was getting hot again.

"Thank you for the best fuck of my life, and getting me pregnant."

"Hey no problem. Glad to do it. Least I could do for my best friend's wife, and don't you worry about a repeat. Next time he's ignoring you just give me a call, and I'll play with your tight, wet, hot twat again."

She moaned.

"You're wet just thinking about it aren't you honey? Do you want me to play with your pussy baby? Want me to finger fuck you right in front of your husband?"

"No." She said as she spread her legs revealing her blue panties.

"Too bad you're married otherwise I'd tell you to take those panties off in the restroom, and get you off on my fingers."

"Can't I love my husband."

"Your husband looks like he's about ready to jump my wife, but then he'd never cheat on you would he Robin?"

"Uh...no...please...can't do it. Not right in front of him. Can't betray him again."

"So if he wasn't here you'd already be on your way to the can wouldn't you?"

"Yes...no...I can't help it...please don't make me do it."

There it was again she needed to feel like she didn't have any choice. Helpless.

"No problem baby, you can leave the panties on." I didn't even have to push her skirt up before I pushed her panties to the side with one hand and sinking my middle finger into her soaked snatch.

"Uh...uh...uh, uh, uh, uh...oh no..." She came on my finger, and loud enough to get Terry's attention.

"Honey are you alright?" All he could see was her back so when she told him she'd just swallowed her drink down the wrong pipe he quickly went back to talking to my wife.

As soon as she was composed Robin excused herself and went to the restroom where I was sure she had to dry off her wet privates. We were ready to leave and go to dinner when she returned. I opened the car door for her. She thanked me, and then placed her wet panties into my hand.

I owned the slut now.

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